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Clintons reported to keep an enemies list just like you-know-who

June 12, 2008 |  1:56 am

This might shock you, but Bill and Hillary Clinton's people are still seething over Hillary Clinton's defeat in the Democratic primaries. It's already been -- what? -- five days since she surrendered after XX years of planning, working and dreaming of winning the biggest political prize in America.

Now comes word that those close to the Clintons are reportedly keeping lists of disloyal former associates who have defected to the camp of Illinois Sen. Barack Obama. A less polite term might be "traitors." Or even "enemies."

According to a new article, "the Clintons get hundreds of requests for favors every week," said Terry McAuliffe, the chairman of Hillary Clinton's recently deceased presidential campaign. "Clearly, the people you're going to do stuff for in the future are the people who have been there for you."

McAuliffe emphasized that "revenge is not what the Clintons are about." The accounting is more about being practical, he said, adding: "You have to keep track of this."

These details come from a New York Times story, since denied by the Clintons, about how the pair track those who cross them. High on that list would have to be New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, who was given several plum jobs by President Clinton, only to turn around and endorse Obama.

Good luck living long with that kind of anger bottled up inside. Oh, wait, the lists don't exist.

-- Andrew Malcolm