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Obama fans overshadow trophies at BET Awards

Yeah, OK, so we're a little late. Hey, there's 40-some blogs around this website now and it's hard to keep up with everything fun to read.

Over in The Guide at Soundboard, the music blog, Ann Powers writes about the BET Awards, which she approached crazily thinking it was an awards ceremony.

How ridiculous was that?

According to Ann, the ceremony -- and even much of the clothing -- turned the evening into pretty much a pep rally for Barack Obama, the Democrats' presumptive presidential nominee. Another stunner!

-- Andrew Malcolm

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It's almost unbelievable that so many black leaders and blacks in general, seems to think that all of us black people should vote for Barack Obama. Some of us blacks see Obama as a candidate with views we don't share, and plans we don't trust. Gender and political party ties are not what I base my voting on. I'm black and Obama being black too doesn't influence my voting. All candidates talk issues and make promises, but I vote for the one that I thank have leadership ,and whose views are closest to mine. Barack Obama cannot get my vote.

After watching the Bet Awards, I think that if Obama is elected president, this country might have bigger problems than it has now. I'm hearing in some talk a bit of militant and entitlement tone like, It's the blacks turn now, give mainly us what the government owe us . I believe no one will be allowed to question anything that Obama do, whether it's right or wrong. To do so might cause protest marching, boycotts, and innocent people being called racist and getting fired from their jobs. I live in the hood, I hear this talk.

I got all the way through the article and you did not mention Hillary's name one time. Good for you, just keep practicing now.

After seeing the BET awards show, I remember feeling so sad by some of the things I saw. There were some African American celebrities that were allowed to rip on the Caucasian race on national television. There was one moment when a comic was making fun of white celebrities that adopted black children from other countries trying to do a good thing. The celebrity comic turned an act of kindness (adoption) into a white versus black joke by bringing her fake white family out on the stage. Are you kidding me?!? This is something I do not understand, why does it always have to be "white versus black" with many African Americans? This would never be tolerated in today's society if a Caucasian person did an act like this. I felt so hurt by what I witnessed that tears swelled in my eyes because I could not believe what I was seeing. Then the camera showed the audience and they were all laughing and agreeing with the comedian. Many African Americans claim they cannot be racist because they are part of a minority group, but honestly, a lot that was said or acted upon during the BET awards was racist, or could have been looked at as a form of segregation. Also, I could not believe that a BET awards show was used to promote Barack Obama for President. I believe Barack Obama has a lot of good views and might make a good president if he is elected, but I am concerned about all the people I have talked to who say they are voting for him just because he is black. That should not be why a president is elected. Since Obama has been running for president, I along with several others have noticed the increase in bitterness, defensiveness, anger, and segregation amongst many African Americans towards the caucasian race. I am not saying all African Americans, but many. All of this is so unecessary and I am afraid it will lead to more issues and segregation in the future because of how the African Americans are representing themselves and the actions some are taking. One prime example is the song about Obama by Ludacris. Seriously, are you kidding me?!?! If a caucasian person ever did something like that we would be shot. That song outraged so many Caucasian people and the fact it was allowed on air and utube is awful. African Americans claim they want equality, but they seem to be all about being noticed and heard. How is this going to create equality? Minority groups need to stop feeling like the caucasian race owes them something. Instead, they need to realize there are several good Caucasian people that are not racist and care about equality and want to help them achieve it. Also, African Americans need to quit pointing fingers and approach the situation of racism in a more appropriate way that will not offend the Caucasian people who truly care about equality and want to help. By doing this, African Americans are truly losing allies for their cause. The unfortunate thing is so many African Americans cannot forgive the Caucasian race for what happened so many years ago. I will admit, there are still Caucasian people that are racist, but there are just as many AFrican Americans that are racist against Caucasians. Most of the Caucasian people I know are afraid to speak up because some African Americans take what they say and twist it to sound racist or accuse them of being prejudice. All of this needs to stop before it becomes a bigger issue than it already is. People claim to act the way they do because they want to prevent racism, but really, through their negative actions they are promoting racism. I really hope this message is approved because it is the side that is usually not represented or heard.


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