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A John McCain win would put a spring in the step of one world leader

Barack Obama no doubt could have lived without the nod he recently received from now-retired Cuban President Fidel Castro, who called the Democratic presidential contender "the most advanced candidate" in America's presidential race. And today, John McCain received the type of backing from a foreign leader that he would just as soon Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi cites the age issue in saying why he favors presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain in the U.S. elections forego.

Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi, at a joint news conference with President Bush in Rome, initially demurred when asked about the U.S. election, saying, "I cannot express any preference with regard to an electoral campaign going on in another country.

But he then quickly added, "I suppose I could express my own personal preference for one of the candidates: the Republican candidate. And this is for a very selfish reason, and that is that I would no longer be the oldest person at the upcoming (summit of the eight leading industrial nations), because McCain is a month older than me."

McCain turns 72 on Aug. 29 and, as much of the nation will be able to recite by the time the November vote rolls along (and as a website we recently wrote about is devoted to spotlighting), a victory would make him the oldest person to win a first White House term.

Berlusconi gets points for doing his homework -- he is exactly one month younger than McCain.

-- Don Frederick

Photo credit: AFP/Getty Images

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Oh, he doesn't want to be the oldest...awww....

Yes, let's be sure to continue government by old white men. See what that has gotten us these last thirty or forty years?

How lovely...

Stupid article; really makes no sense. LA Times is really dowing downhill, huh? Start printing the hard news in an unbias way (that is if your people can even be unbias).

This article proves clearly that older is better or even Italy would not have Silvio Berlusconi for a leader. :)

if his age is the only thing people can say against him, then he must have done a pretty good job as politician in so many years. cant say the same for obama, i wont vote for someone to represent my country when its obvious he hates it in the first place. amazing someone like him is even allowed to run.

I would rather have an older wiser white man in the oval office then a child that doesn't know what color he is.

McCain may be a month older but he looks at least a decade older. Maybe being tortured will do that to you.

I think that's great. John McCain sees clearly and we have alread long since included a means for the VEEP to slide on over into his seat should he become disabled.

But one thing is for sure, if we do not take advantage of all those years of experience now we may have lost them forever.

These days we are living in a cultural climate where Men and Women are living longer than ever before.
Seventy two is the new fifty two, and John McCain has all the virility and energy of a middle aged Man, NOT an old man.

John McCain is clear and concise and energetic in his delivery.
He is youthful and is mentally and physically more agile than many men half his age.
This is 2008, not 1008.
There is 0 tolerance for Agism in America these days.

In our current cultural climate, people are living longer than ever before. These days, seventy two is perceived as being the new fifty two.

John McCain's delivery on the platform is energetic, clear and concise, and he is physically and mentally fitter and more agile than most fat , slow and heavy men half his age.

I am a forty year old woman, and if John McCain were not married, I would haul him in with a net.

Mr. President, you are one GOURGEOUS and very HEROIC MAN> EAT YOUR HEART OUT RAMBO.

Japanese prime minister Fukuda is slightly older than Berlusconi and McCain.


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