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Does Barack Obama really want all of Hillary Clinton's donors?

Our blogging cousins over at the Swamp have an item up raising an interesting question about the rapprochement between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton: Does he really want all her financial supporters?

Obama, of course, has made a splash by raising a boatload of money from individual donors while professing to eschew cash from the "politics as usual" crowd. Clinton was less discBarack_obama_and_hillary_clinton_drriminating in her cash sources. But how does Obama heal the party and move forward if he winds up telling big Clinton supporters such as Sant Chatwal that he might not want his money? As the Swamp put it:

"Obama's in an awkward spot. At the moment anyway, he doesn't need Clinton's money -- though campaign money is like good pitching in baseball: You can never, ever have enough. But Obama does need the goodwill of the Clinton faction of the Democratic Party and that means ego massages for Chatwal and company. How Obama handles this kind of, what some would regard as, compromising outreach could help voters decide if indeed he represents 'change we can believe in.' "

The delicate dance continues.

-- Scott Martelle

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The strings attached to Clinton's money in nothing short of a spider's web.

There is a ten foot pole recommendation in dealing with the Clintons.

Barack Obama will never get all of Hillary Clinton supporters. Obama changes his views on issues to get votes, have his campaigners attack McCain and refuse to have any debates with McCain on issues. Instead, he gives another lecture speech to people, talking like he's already president and knows how everything in america should be viewed. He has too many shady friends & asso., his own background is too checkered, he lies, make promises he can't keep and where is his leadership? Why would anyone vote for Obama ?

I am a Hillary Rodham Clinton supporter and I have not desire to vote for Barack Hussein Obama for president.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is the right president for America.

However, since Hillary Rodham Clinton was cheated out of the nomination ---- I will be voting for John McCain instead.

GO----JOHN MCCAIN!!!!!!!!
GO----JOHN MCCAIN!!!!!!!!

JOHN MCCAIN is the only candidate to vote for now.

Barack Hussein Obama DOES NOT have any respect, manner, no experience, and he doesn't even use his real name. Sorry --- I have already had enough of Barack Hussein Obama.......and his wife as well.

GO-------JOHN MCCAIN!!!!!!
GO-------JOHN MCCAIN!!!!!!


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