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Fox News in trouble again over Obama smear: 'baby mama'

Fresh from its fist bump flap, Fox News is taking new flak for a screen caption that referred to Michelle Obama as her husband's "baby mama."

Even conservative commentator Michelle Malkin, who was on camera Wednesday afternoon when the line "OUTRAGED LIBERALS: STOP PICKING ON OBAMA'S BABY MAMA" flashed underneath her, has distanced herself from the phrase.

In a posting Wednesday night, Malkin wrote: "I did not write the caption, and I was not aware of it when it ran (the Baltimore studio doesn’t have a monitor). I don’t know if the caption writer was making a lame attempt to be hip, clueless about the original etymology of the phrase, or both."

Still, Malkin goes off on a tangent on how Michelle Obama, in the past, has referred to her mate as her "baby's daddy" (the point being, presumably, that the phrase was thus in play). You can read Malkin's post here; it includes some of the nasty e-mails she received following her Fox appearance.

The folks at Fox are developing something of an obsession over Barack Obama's wife. Tonight's Bill O'Reilly show, according to network promos, will include a discussion of her by conservative radio talk show host Laura Ingraham.

The other recent brouhaha ...

... involving the network was sparked by a segment it did on the fist bump the Obamas exchanged on stage last week as he prepared to proclaim that he had secured sufficient delegates to win the Democratic presidential race.

A few days later, Fox anchor E.D. Hill, reading words on a teleprompter that someone else had written, wondered whether the gesture might be interpreted as a "terrorist fist jab." Hill later apologized.

Perhaps Fox hired a few too many summer interns to handle some of its behind-the-scenes writing chores.

-- Don Frederick

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It's not enough to simply reply to the stream of hate mongering, lies and slanders that is emitted by Fox TV incessantly. We need to withdraw the station license for inciting hate, disseminating incendiary propaganda and threatening America's stability.

People are missing the point about the term "baby mama." It's a term used in Black America to refer to a woman not married to the father of her child. It shades off into a derogatory connotation in two directions: first, that the woman is of low or casual character; and second, that the father of the child is irresponsible, negligent, and detached from the child's life.

As applied to Michelle and Barack Obama, the term is not merely false. It is intentionally defamatory. It applies a racially tinged term of disparagement in an attempt to cultivate racial antagonism against a respected and successful couple in public view. It is, in short, cl;assic Rupert Murdoch filth.

Fox sucks! and Rupert Murdoch is an idiot, but everybody knows that already.

Listen, This comment was amplified by the media, regardless whether it was a typo or not.... Of course it shouldn't have been used..... but it was and when comments become public... many people from all walks use them.....As African-Americans we have to be careful about how we define ourselves..........What defense can we have when we make up these concepts about ourselves, then get mad because other cultures decide to use them....We(African-Americans) are under the microscope more than ever so dont expect anything less from society... Expect more from yourself and the community u serve.. The storm before it gets calm.... For the officer who hears this comment alot... We live everywhere not just in the mentally poverty stricken areas...We live in good, materially rich communities that would be offended if anyone mention some baby mother stuff...Some of us work hard to be called Mothers and Fathers... This is not exclusive to African Americans.... Some EuroAmericans are absentee Mothers and Fathers too....As well as Asians or any other cultures for that matter...Lets not be fooled..... Always trying to plant the seeds of hate...
The Old play book of divide...Wake Up HUE-MAN

This is why people think Americans are STUPID.

Barack Obama for President of The UNITED States of America.

A Pox on Fox!!!

Welcome to Hillary's world Michelle!

She had an entire convention dedicated to her in 1992!

But now the leftist media will be outraged!!!!!
Gimme a break. Deal with it!
Write in Hillary 08"

Apparently, jon, you weren't paying attention during 92. The attack on Hillary helped Clinton's campaign; it didn't hurt it. So, yay, go neocons, go! Attack my candidate's wife, and pay the price in November.

Mrs. Obama introduced her husband as her "Baby Daddy" when he won his senate seat. Why this sudden outrage from the Obama's when someone speaks of her in the same terms she herself uses?

Why are people talking about the Obamas' response to this? I'm pretty sure I saw "blog" at the top of this webpage. Which means this is one person's opinion about the incident, not a response from the Obamas.

Fox's choice of words to describe Michelle Obama were in poor taste, that's a fact. However, let's move on to more important issues. I'm sure the Obamas have.

I get really irritated at people who shrug this off as "how come Black people can say whatever they want about White people, but not the other way around?"

If this were true, there would have been no controversy over Rev. Wright.

It's not that Fox News *can't* say whatever they want (because they can and do), it's that it's a conflict of interest to do so while pretending you're an unbiased news network. Fox, just admit who you play for and be done with it!

Furthermore, I can't recall any presidential candidate getting insulted all the time for being White by the news media, can you? It may have something to do with the fact that EVERY American president has been White and the idea of a Black (half Black, for that matter) president is just too much for some people to handle. Even though he is exactly the kind of candidate we need right now, regardless of ethnicity, color is all people are concerned with.

And yes, Moots, "My babies' daddy" is completely different from "his baby momma". I don't understand what's not to understand about that for some people!

Baby Mama, hmmm? What is the original [street] definition of baby mama? Let's look at that and then we will KNOW why Fox was wrong in displaying the caption as are the folks who wrote the movie Baby Mama. Ignorance is bliss, ain't it?. For those who don't know, please refer to for bridging from your world to ours. For a true experience and understanding, immersion is highly recommended.

Would it be okay to refer to Bill Clinton as Hilary's Baby Daddy?

Michelle nor Hillary should refer to their husbands as 'Baby Daddy'. The terms Baby Mama and Baby Daddy should not be used to describe spouses. If they were never married then it would be applicable.


No-I didn't think so! I don't give a flim-flam if she called him that FIRST how dare a media outlet who is suppose to be objective be so SUPPRESSIVE!!!!

It's ironic that MM is talking about 'cheap shots' not taken as the words baby mama fill the screen.

Dirt is actually used to help something grow or rise. There is the story of the old goat that fell down into a well. The owner, having given the goat up for dead, began to shovel dirt into the well. As the dirt would hit the goat's back, he would shake it off and stump it under his feet. The more dirt that the owner would shovel into the well, the higher the goat would rise.
Eventually, the goat had risen to the top, avoiding death. So all you Obama haters, keep shoveling the dirt. It's just going to make them grow. They will look so good as they rise to the top. Thanks for the dirt!

Part of the quote...she stated she is "Really Proud of her country"

We understand that whites are afraid...they are always afraid of the power of an African American. Deep down inside they know that the African American is academically smarter, creative and can get the job done. See depriving the slave an education was their way of stopping the black man/women from becoming equal or above the white man....HE WAS SCARRRRED and he had every right to be for her knew he was not the dominant one. Their tactics worked for many years but now he has to face his fears, because OBAMA is going to be our first African-American President regardless what Jetthro thinks!!!!!

It's unfortunate that in this time when even the smallest children among us may find love for those unlike themselves; opinion-leading journalists ideally tasked with the mandate of objectivity - sometimes find themselves among the greatest mongers of divisive action and language.

Ultimately, there is no middle ground with racism. An appeal to even the subtlest of stereotypes, serves to reinforce that which invariably keeps us apart. There is no good for America and Americans that comes from such behavior.

As a person of color, I hold great optimism that journalists everywhere may rise to the highest of ideals. Inevitably in a culture of rich and poor alike, of informed and uninformed; journalists are entrusted with forming the objective thoughts of those who don't, can't or won't think for themselves... a great responsibility indeed and one which trusted keepers of public opinion may never take lightly.

So what.

Blacks make up only 13% of the United States (which means that black men make up less than 6%), but less than 6% of the United States somehow commits over 52% of the murders and over 34% of the rapes every year!

Look at the crimes reported in any newspaper, read the headlines about the murders, rapes, robberies and other violent crimes - then, before even reading the stories, ask yourself: "So was the criminal a Black or a Mestizo?" Because at least 80% of the time (usually more) it will be one or the other.

According to the US Department of Justice, at this link:

(go to the linked document, and under "Victims and Offenders" download the pdf file for 2005 and do the math if you don't believe me),

in the United States in the year 2005 alone, at least 37,460 (that's thirty-seven thousand, four-hundred and sixty) white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, while in the same year, between 0 and 10 (zero and ten) black females were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man!

What this means is that every day in the United States, over one hundred white women are raped or sexually assaulted by a black man!!!

Why don't we ever hear about this fact every single day in the LA TImes, instead of constantly having to read about a bunch of blacks and guilty white liberals whining about supposed "white racism", while totally ignoring the fact that in the year 2005 (again according to the United States Department of Justice), of the roughly 8,000 blacks murdered in our country in that year alone, at least 93% of them were murdered by other blacks????? So it is now shown beyond doubt that the real danger to blacks is from other blacks, and not from even the most extremely racist of whites.

You know, I thought the fist bump was something new, until I saw it on on the special program, "Carrier”.
A special program about the lives of the military people who work and live on the Nimitz Naval/air warship. I have been seeing this gesture everywhere since Michelle & Barack did it on the podium. And, I have seen it between every ethnicity on TV, whether they are white, black, Latino, etc., etc, etc.

It is sort of a sign of agreement, good job, etc. that the younger generation has used to replace the "high five"!


Oh and by the way, to the commercial advertisers on FOX NEWS, I no longer watch their bigoted and one-sided news reporting stations. I prefer my news delivered with a modicum of intelligence (ABC, CBS, CNN, BBC, etc.) Albeit, these stations may also intimate some variations of the truth, that you, FOX, report in a very derogatory manner, "baby mama" they do not insult my intelligence.


Quit trying to get over with your old, familiar, tired and worn out tricks! Give me a break! In 15 years you have not changed your childish and ignorant practice and tactics to influence the American public. It is a darn shame that you own so many stations that take up airtime which pitch the same junk and rhetoric several times during the day, everyday, and have the nerve to call it NEWS. Your news is more like the soap operas, full of drama and impossible and implausible situations. You have the most negative news reporting in the country. No wonder people begin to think they have nothing to live or die for. You're probably the reason for so much depression and attempted suicides in this country today. The FOX "THE NO HOPE" TV STATIONS.
Stay ignorant FOX, and watch the rest of the country pass you by for more intellectual news reporting and reading! Give me the Brian Williams, Tim Russerts (God Bless Him) and Anderson Coopers, to name a few, styles of reporting any day. CHANGE IS INEVITABLE! This means your days are numbered, as you are incapable of taking the pulse of the people and understanding the dyer crises we are facing today! LOST FORTUNES, FORECLOSURES, BANKRUPTCYS, AMERICAN BUSINESS CLOSURES, MILLIONS WITH HEALTHCARE, HOMELESSNESS OF HISTORICAL PROPORTIONS!

God Bless the AMERICAN public who can see through your thinly veiled disguise of "divide and conquer" for profit, no matter whether it means the end of our freedom and the American Dream for the millions of American people. Remember English (British) History? Two classes. Aristocracy and the poor!

Remember, why this union was formed as the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? Possibly you don't know. You pander to the DIVIDED STATES OF AMERICA.

Well, we AMERICANS, black, white or brown, are ready to put away our differences to raise the ideal of the U.S.A to its former glory or better. We can carry on our petty grievances and attitudes after we seat a government that has our, the AMERICAN PEOPLE, best interests at hand. OUR ECONOMY, OUR HEALTHCARE, OUR CHILDREN DYING AND FIGHTING WARS IN FOREIGN LANDS, OUR GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT, OUR FOREIGN POLICY, OUR DEPENDENCE ON FOSSIL FUELS, just to name a few.
This country has, in spite of the challenges of racism(not only between whites and blacks either, whites have racism amongst themselves, Irish, English, Italian, Jew, etc., etc., etc) big corporations, big business and a crooked federal government system trying to monopolize everything from utilities to natural resources and whatever, we, the people, are still large and in charge!



I think Fox News should be barred from journalism and news broadcasting do to their inability to broadcast non-bias meaningful coverage. We the people deserves honest, non-bias news coverage on any and all issues concerning the American people and more importantly racism. If you are going to be a racist at least be man or women enough to admit it, don't hide and don't be a coward and more importantly keep your poison to yourself. We the American People want no part of it. I have seen the devastation and toll it has taken on many white americans in their efforts to keep other ethnic groups down. Nevertheless, I feel that Fox News needs an immediate makeover with new people who can support the Change of America concept. We the people are in great need of liberation from racism. Enough is Enough. I also believe the American people would like to see shorter work weeks like in Europe; more time for family; higher wages; accessible education for all citizens to meet their highest potential; making companies accountable for elevating employees to hire levels within the companies in a timely manner (without failing victim to mistreatment and broken promises). White people must stop finding ways to divide and conquer and explore mainly afro-americans based on pure hatred. Learn how to build the Universe with the American people and not against the American people for personal greed.


Fox has let too many blunders "slip" to make me believe this "error" is truly an error. They hold no credibility to me. They obviously don't care about being upright and fair; proper news reporting gathers information from varied sources and Fox only seeks sound quotes from those diabolically opposed to the Democratic party.

Shame on you, Fox News.

Regarding Scotty's comment about moving his family to England - obviously you have not been educated. England is full of immigrants that are not white. You cannot escape other ethnicities and you shouldn't attempt to do so. How sad your life must be, so full of fear of the unknown. Get out and truly learn about people of all races. You might change your mind!

"....Whites can talk about whites; Blacks can talk about whites; Blacks can talk about blacks..."

for some possible education and enlightenment please read:

Why Whites Can't 'Get Over' Color
By Luke Visconti

i can't believe how many responses here have this all based simply on race. that's so not the case! so let's sort out the facts here...michelle obama is the mother of their two children, born into wedlock. so far, conservatives shouldn't have a problem with that. but OMG, they're black! I the ONLY ONE who remembers that Mr. Obama's mother is WHITE?!

I'm having difficulty wondering why race comes into this at all! He's half-black, half-white. So Ralph Nader, saying that Mr. Obama "Tries to talk white", what's your point? God help us all when we're around educated and well-spoken black men?

And to all that are Hillary supporters...try to spell her name correctly. sheesh. it's not that hard.

Fox News is a sham, a pathetic racist, hate filled "news" organization that is nothing more than a mouth-piece for the White House and the GOP. They should be ashamed of themselves, but I'm not that worried about them...If the Dem's win in November, they won't have access to anything from the White House.

Hang in there Fox-haters...November will be here soon enough.

How dare you inflict on the public your short-sighted, fragmented, personal perceptual distortions as you react to isolated statements made by either Obama or Michelle. The truth seems to be that you are the perpetrators of imposing your own individual opinions and biases on the American public for your own personal gain for ratings and popularity, rather than considering that the public can choose for oneself and would be far better off turning off the rhetorical hyperbole that you offer without common sense to the sensible. This is not news, nor helpful to the American public but rather sensationalism that distorts and confuses issues and thereby cheats the American public out of hearing facts in which they can make educated decisions for themselves. This is truly out of control!

I think Fox Noise is hiding WMDs...

This is for 'So What', You say that black men commit the most crimes? You say that they are the majority who rape white women in America? Well, BOY, have you ever asked those white girls/women why they cry RAPE every time they get "caught" with a black man? NO! Because you already know why. Because if "DADDY" or "BIG BROTHER" caught her with a black man he'd beat her "black" and blue!! Because they know that you would turn on your own people to (so called) maintain control. Most of you are BROKE! And the small minority of you that are rich/wealthy (there is a difference), are always getting caught with a black woman or "other". But for someone who "is superior", you all are so insecure. As an african-american woman, I'm not inferior to SHIT! Because, let me tell you something BOY: WE WERE YOUR NANNIES, WE COOKED YOUR FOOD, WE PLOWED YOUR FIELDS, WE HELD YOUR BABIES(with love), WE SMILED AT YOU CHILDREN, WE LISTENED TO YOUR CHILDREN, WE BREAST FED YOUR BABIES, WE CREATED MOST (if not all) OF YOUR CONVENIENCES, WE WERE SEPERATED AND INDURED, WE WERE BREAD TO BE THE BIGGEST AND THE STRONGEST (thank you), WE SCREWED YOUR MOTHERS/ FATHERS (because they didn't marry for love), WE WASHED YOUR 'SECRET' SHEETS! In return: YOUR CHILDREN TAUGHT US TO READ (your language, as if...), YOUR CHILDREN SHOWED US WHERE TO HIDE, YOUR CHILDREN HID US IN THEIR BASEMENTS AND FIELDS. So, BOY, if we, in fact went "back to Africa" and all the immigrants left, what do you know how to do for yourselves, huh? (Note: I'm so glad they review these comments before they are read, because unlike dopes like you, I can follow the rules!) If all of the people you use as scape goats leave, then where in hell would America be? Well, I'll tell you BOY. America would be "obliterated". Because , if it wasn't for us, the other nations of this world would eliminate your asses. But, they don't want to hurt their own, like WHITE MEN do. So do yourself a favor and go try to throw up the FOOD AND BREAST MILK that my ancestors gave yours!!! FOOL! Why don't you POLL your people. and those who don't agree with you might teach you something. And as far as the "black on black crime"...get over yourself and watch C.O.P.S. every now and then. Oh, and tell the "ladies" (and I use that term lightly) from GIRLS GONE WILD, that I said WATTS UP!!! They'll know. Sometimes, the "student surpasses the teacher", BOY!!! Now, tuck your little "ego" between your legs and go try to sex "ANY" woman, so she can laugh at your ass. WE DID! (without the laughter of course).

The truly funny part of this is that at the end of Malkin's commentary she talks about how republicans and conservatives have focused on substance and have not taken cheap shots against Michelle Obama, while the caption is running below her. WAY TO PROVE HER WRONG FOX!

Congratulations to Michelle!! Maybe she can get tickets on the Morey P show to get public confirmation!! She is bragging becuse she is one of the few that can ID which DADDY... George W's fault probably,, everything else is..from soccor moms driving SUV's until the gas was depleted, stupid kids not learning simple interest lessons in school,, and cannot figure a simple mortgage payment..ALL GEORGE W's fault... Now we have to pay back some dummies mortgage becuse their momma did not unterstand parenting... That is ok...I mean GEORGE W was responsible for them poor dumb "victums" of KATRINA that made the choice of sitting in a below sea level house, with car in garage..and did not leave like good god given common sense would tell even a monkey the hurricane will destroy all in its path. So now we are still paying those as they set dormate in the crack filled trailers trying to figure how much more George W owes them.. Maybe Osama Obama will take care of these poor monkeys forever...with a paid up mortgage and free gas for their 1970 Olds forever..AMEN BRO!! LOVE YOUR MAMA!! MAGABE for vice president!!

Wow. I have been out of the loop on blogs since Obama clinched the ticket and I am applauded by the comments made on FOX (not surprising) and here. The racial anger and Hillary supporter anger is intense.

I am sure Michele can handle the comments but lets not compare her to Hillary. The comments about what whites and blacks can or can not say is also not the point here.

The point is that big media's responsibility is to report the news in an anti biased manner. The American people need to know the facts about what is occurring in the world. Intelligent opinions are necessary ways to discuss news topics. But are loaded key phrases a way to deliver information or a way to cause a hooplah that is clearly aimed to raise ratings.

The issue is that the media is divisive and FOX has repeatedly acted as an irresponsible venue for the news. This is disgraceful.

So Malkin is saying: "As long as you stick to the substance of what she is saying" while "OUTRAGED LIBERALS: STOP PICKING ON OBAMA'S BABY MAMA" is running across the screen?

You can't make this kind thing up.

Michele and Sen. Obama are legally married. The Baby Daddy comment usually refers to unmarried baby daddies. I have not seen FOX referring to Cindy McCain as the recovering drug addict, or as the thief who stole millions from her onw non- for profit organization. Yes Michelle should be able to take the heat, but why is it that Cindy McCain is not feeling the heat of the press or from FOX. Is because she is rich and white. Or is because her husband has the power to keep them off of her.

It is beside the point, whether Clinton drew more sexist fire or the Obamas are drawing more racist fire. To the point is that neither Democratic candidate has gotten decent treatment from Fox News.

Clinton and Obama both have deserved our sympathy and respect.

We NEED one of them for president in 2008! One of them has the party's nomination. Surely no one who has voted for Hillary or Barrack thinks that one of them is more dangerous to this country than Bush or his successor.

Don't expect fair play from Fox News or the Republicans. Don't forget to speak up about it.

I'm concerned for the safety of the Obamas, especially when people make jokes about killing Barrack. Racism and sexism are both alive, and the Obamas are the brunt of both.

Fox is great with "Smoke Screen" news on Democrats but avoids true facts regarding their fellow Republicans. Question, Would you want someone who has attempted suicide as your President? What kind of thought process goes into those kind of decisions and would you want that person answering the phone at 2 a.m.?

A little something from McCain's Vietnam captivity past for you FOX News folks.

During the experience, McCain's outlook darkened considerably. After a particularly brutal period of beatings, McCain attempted to take his life several times. And when his communist captors finally beat a political confession out of him, McCain was left an emotional wreck.

The FOX "news" station is not reporting truthful, realiable, nor airable information. Its repugnant, prejudicial jabs targeting Barack and Michelle Obama are disdaneful. And its recent racist and fear mongering tactics show once again the inferior rag journalism for which the station is known . Apologies are not enough and do not serve the public trust!!! There should be a limit to how many news stations, publications and cable networks Rupert Murdoch be allowed to own that broadcast his slanted and predjudicial views! The only FOX I trust are the four-legged kind!

FOX should run adds for the KKK! The remark one female FOX commentator made about Obama, referring to him as an HALFRICAN, would be ideal to show what FOX really stands for.

Fox news symbolizes the dumbing down of America and appeals to the worst part of our culture which is consumed by fear and hate. NOt news, not balanced, not good.

I went back and found that address, for the site that showed the female FOX commentator calling Obama a HALFRICAN. Her name is Julie Banderas. I think that is an Hispanic name. But whether it is or isn't, that is clearly very racist. The video is 2 parts. Here is the two addresses for viewing them.
h t t p://

h t t p://

This slur aired on FOX spews is particularly inapt since Barack has made a point of going out into the Black community to challenge black men who would have "baby mamas" not to behave that way. This is exactly the partt of Obama's message that Rev. Jesse Jackson was complaining about on FOX when they caught on a hot and broadcast a more inflamatory (although less obscure) version. Jackson, who often expresses similar sentiments, was complaining that people felt Obama was "talking down" to them by the manner in which he expressed this concern. I suspect he was angered because the Obama campaign had not accepted his input, and he decided to try to go around them. Doing so on FOX was a particularly bad idea that backfired, but then going around the campagn to the general public is not what you do to somone that you support.

What happened to Jackson is a cautionary tale that liberals need to think long and hard about going on FOX, as their trolls will use any opportunity to bash you, even for the kinds of things they cover up or deny if their own side says them.

I stopped watching Fox (GOP) News years ago. I am a better man for it.

Neva has fox referred to hillary clinton as bills babys mama so why must they do that to obama and michelle. Its not walken on egg shells its haven respect for ppl we are not goin on news channel labeling mccains wife as any thing so why must u label michelle as obamas baby mama. NOT COOL!

"What can you expect from the white trash network known as FOX? Might as well run this after NASCAR so the ignorant closed minded demographic could of had another good racist laugh.
Posted by: steve | June 12, 2008 at 04:19 PM"

What's the difference between ridiculing a person of color and your "white trash' & NASCAR comment? Need a hint? Nothing...

If you just look at these comments, you can easily see who's black and who's white based on reactions to each controversy. The fact that the majority of America is white has been statistically proven. However, the fact that the majority of white Americans are racist has not been proven by traditional statistical numbers but by the reactions to problem they create with other races. This proves a high majority of whites are truly ignorant and capitalize on the saying, "strength in numbers" because, for every (5) white bigots, there are at least (2) whites who sympathize with, date, marry or genuinely assist people of another race. Those (5) white bigots only becomes a problem depending on what he or she controls in this country and how significant it is to the masses - News and Media, Law Enforcement, Military, Presidency, etc. When this country spirals so far out of control; a race war will take place and only then will ALL whites realize they are the true minority...but, until then, they will always maintain their ignorant level of control that IS failing. After all, as hard as our racist leaders tried to prevent it throughout the decades - how was Obama even considered for the U.S. presidency?

..."And yes, Moots, "My babies' daddy" is completely different from "his baby momma"...

Posted by: Danyell | June 20, 2008 at 06:51 AM

Well said.

I don't believe that "baby mamma" is inherently racist, as "baby mamma" can and is applied to women of either race, but it's a term that has negative connotations in terms of the subject's economic standing, character, and morality. This is, however, the first time in my memory that the term has been used for a political figure, and she does happen to be black. A socioeconomic slur used towards an African American?

Racism? No way.

Joseph Decker

I'm 22 years old and I am Black, African-American, so forth and so on. I believe that the term 'baby mama' shouldn't be used because it's disrespectful, no matter the race because it's aimed directly at a woman who isn't married to the child's father and who is also fairly 'loose' or projected as 'loose' in the community. I don't watch Fox 'snooze' because it doesn't deliver any real news for me, it doesn't tell me what I NEED to hear. It was terrible judgement on their part to even run something like that, even if Michelle used it in the first place. Two wrongs do NOT a right make. I'm not even going to play the race card here because I just want us all, as people, as a nation, to just move forward and stop seeing the color of someone's skin. That doesn't get us anywhere. If anything, it's taking us backwards some decades. Leave the slang alone. Leave the race card alone because we'll all just go on and on about it, bickering about it and ending up right back where we started. I'm proud to be a Black woman but I'm not proud that we haven't advanced with the times.

Baby mama is considered deragatory in the Black community . That was why Fox news said it. Are you really surprised?

I was so outraged by the "Baby Mama" comment! They went way too far this time!

That is such a disrespectful , derogatory term and to use it for Obama's WIFE Michelle Obama, was insidious!

Michelle Obama is his WIFE, not an arbitrary woman who conspired to get pregnant by him to "trap" him.

This was a very offensive term used to describe an honorable woman who might just be the next 1st Lady of this great country.

FOX NEWS hit an all-time "low" with this one!

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