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The "thing is far from over," key Hillary Clinton aide says

Terry McAuliffe, chairman of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, issued a terse statement in the wake of John Edwards' endorsement of Barack Obama today.

"We respect John Edwards, but as the voters of West Virginia showed last night, this thing is far from over."

We suspect there might have been stronger views expressed within the Clinton camp when it learned of Edwards' decision which, of course, took the edge off her crushing win in the Mountain State.

-- Frank James

Frank James writes for the Swamp of the Chicago Tribune's Washington bureau.

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PEOPLE POWER! PEOPLE POWER! PEOPLE POWER! Let's let WV decide the nomination because of their people power. None of the other states matter, so let's just let WV decide. If WV represented the total demographics of the United States, man would we suck.

crat3, stoooooooooop whining....the media isn't pro-anything. the loser is you, because you felt it was your obligation to make such a comment. Your comments are the reason why Hillary is in the rut she's in; think about that, loserrrrrrrr!!!

Eww Edwards is creepy and fake. HIllary doesnt need him. Shes stronger than both of them combined. Keep going Hillary.

PEOPLE POWER??? I'm not really a big fan of either candidate, but Obama has the popular vote and VOTED ON DELEGATES and last I checked, Clinton needs superdelegates to win. I think sometimes people in the heat of the political process say some things that are pretty ignorant. You my friend are a prime example. The fact is both democratic candiates are pretty weak and that is why neither can close the nomination. However, luckily for them George Bush is a republican and i seriously doubt that a republican candidate will win. Just please, try to be rational people, Obama is winning based on elections and even if Florida and Michigan were seated he would be ahead. He's not swiping anything, he's simply beating Clinton. Not sure if that's a good thing, but its a fact. Educate yourself and stop making ignorant, baseless statements. Ok??

Hillary is through. And thank God. We are tired of the old Karl Rove types running the country and real change is needed. Clinton is counting on the uneducated to support her. What can you say about that? She voted for the war and shamelessly moved to NY to become senator. She has no scruples and cannot be trusted. The quicker she goes away the better.

Hey peoplepower: I think you should have cut eye slits in your white cape before you started typing. Just another angry AWM. Average White Moron..
Thats my opinion and I am sticking to it.
This is America, Right?


I swear that sounds just like the format for an Onion article on the subject.

“I want to be crystal clear … Hillary Clinton is going to one place. She is going to Denver as the nominee of the Democratic Party,” campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe said Wednesday.

A cornered animal is most dangerous....

People Power? More donors = Obama = More popular vote = Obama = more delegates = Obama = more states = Obama

Sounds like you are adopting a Bush mentality - "If the vote doesn't turn out the way we like it, find a way to change the math."

crat3 wrote, "Obama and his superdelegates are taking the Democratic Party down the path of a train wreck in November."

Those are my thoughts precisely. If Barack Obama is nominated by the Democrats, John McCain will become president in January 2009. This nation cannot survive four more years of Republican rule.

Who expected Obama to get any votes in WV , so to receive what 25 % is GREAT!
After the negative Racially charged speeches she and her husband have given in WV, I dont expect too many of the Obama people to vote for her.
She doesnt stand by her word.Her word is worth nothing.She changes her opinion with the wind.
Hillary ASSUMED that the people would fall in line to vote for her.
Then out of the blue this little nobody grew from nothing and he has surpassed Mrs Clinton.
Mrs Laura Bush should run for President, after all doesnt she have 8 years experience in the Whitehouse?

Cart3 seems to be too crazy about hillary.

Well, the fact is PEOPLE POWER is nothing but popular vote. Its simple OBAMA leads that count.

HILLARY IS FULL OF DIRTY POLITICS! ready to sink the democrats!! Did anyone observe that speech after w.virginia. They put a black guy in the background just so that they want people to feel that she is winning everyone, when everyone knows that West virginia's has nothing but lower class whites. Her every speech ends with an ad about her fund rising website hillary clinton. Her every speech contains negative campaigning to put smears on her opponent.
She is full of washington's dirty politics..

Wish she was gone sooner before she got the dumb witted West virginians.

Did anyone ever think they would see the day when the Democrat Party would abuse the political process, ignore the voting public, demean a female candidate who is a leader in the womens' bloc under the "big tent", and manipulate an election? Do they really think this is the way to win their election in November? I have never seen such pathetically inept leadership. This is one thing I simply cannot do for Hillary and that is to unify for November and support "the party". They have trampled all over my rights as a woman and as a voter.

Crat3 is delusional, just like McAuliffe and the Clinton clan.

Wake up and smell the roses, babe. The world is onto the Clintons at last. She's so over and we hope she takes her family with her to some island off the nowhere coast.

"PEOPLE POWER"? Lol. What about the hundreds of thousands more "PEOPLE" who have voted for him since this thing began? It isn't about who gets the most votes in May. Actually it isn't even about who gets the most votes at all but I will concede the popular vote gives even more credibility...good thing he is winning that too. Even if you count Florida he is still way ahead. He wasn't on the ballot in Michigan so if you give him the "uncommitted" votes he is still ahead counting both Fla and Michigan.

Is this about blackmail for the VP slot? I doubt it. Is this about leveraging Obama to fork over millions of $ to pay for her campaign debt? Maybe. Most likely she just doesn't know how to lose gracefully and is acting like a child who is hearing the word "no" from her parent for the first time ever.

Hillary, you are a good candidate and would make a good president, but you lost (note past tense...this is over). Now move aside for the benefit of the country and let the winner have his fair shot.

Please don't use the term people power in describing hillary's victory in West Virginia. In my country, the Philippines, where the term has been coined, using people power to describe hillary's victory would make you a laughing stock. Hillary's victory in Virginia is not people power. It's a fluke to describe that sense of racism in that state.

Not to flame anyone, as I come from a small town - which has alot of pride in itself too, but West Virginia was one contest - in a very big race. And yes, she won hands down, as expected - since - well, she promised them what they wanted to hear.

America unfortunately has heard nothing but want it wanted to - the entire time the boomers generation was growing up, working and now greying. West Virginia being mostly toward the greyer these days. We need a President who wants to tell us something different, and get us to listen to it. Maybe even somethings we don't want to hear.

Hate to say it, but the President does not have the real power to make those promises real - only the influence to motivate the people to demand Congress make them real. Obama seems to get this point - as he expresses hope, one thing a President can influence. Its part of the built in check and balance system, Congress does the will of the people, and the President is supposed to lead the people toward good goals - even ones they don't like, but are good for the next generation.

Clinton just wants to be President - and will do anything - even destroy her party to get it, and you can expect she will try to wield her influence - not the peoples - and fail on getting anything substantial done, except another term to "try more".

@crat3 WV's entrenched racism will make little difference. Watch the comments shown on The Daily Show of WV voters who thought he was a Muslim and/or related to Saddam Hussein.

If you look at the true "people power" of the popular vote, Obama will win unless the Hillary Clinton is able to make an end run around the will of the people.

People Power backing a habitual liar only goes to prove the masses are asses. How can so many people have such a short memory of political power obviously being used for personal gain? How do you make $110 million in 8 years being a Senator and retired Politician? Hello? Speeches and book royalties aren't worth that much. It couldn't have anything to do with 260+ pardons in the last hours of a certain Administration.

Enough said..

Umm, crat3, it sounds more like your statement forgot a word. It should be WHITE PEOPLE POWER. That is what you are saying, right?

Hill already lost. People power. LOL

How much power can the 10 people who live in West Virginia make?

Well Crat3 I hate to tell you but the so called "people power" of America vetoes the "people power" of one state, West Virginia. Sorry Obama has popular vote no matter how you slice and dice it; this includes Florida and Michigan too. If Obama didn't have the lead on every area and the super delegates were still endorsing him I'd be pissed, but he has rightfully earned the nomination with his efficient campaigning machine.


Who knows what "PEOPLE POWER" you talk about means. Obama is winning the popular vote, delegate count and the super delegate count. To bad for you that WV is not representative for the entire US.

Good for the US that neither Obama nor Hillary will win the presidential nomination. I just love watching Hillary getting whooped even before making it as the nominee. She couldn't even win her parties vote.

She lost - you're delusional. people power. LOL

you are completely correct. the left wing is throwing the kitchen sink to stop what the people keep voting for. She continues not just ot win the swing states, but trounce obama. she is the core of the country, and he is the elite left wing choice, the racist 92% african-american vote, and the brainwashed college far left liberal disciplines. He will be running out of big name opening acts soon to attract people to his rallys - stevey wonder... what other positions can he promise his endorsers: richardson, edwards, kerry, etc.

what a joke

PEOPLE POWER. Do you mean like having the majority of the popular vote... you know... of the PEOPLE? I like both candidates, but your statement is assinine regarding PEOPLE POWER.

Virginia, in no way, is any kind of omen of things to come for Clinton anymore than South Carolina or North Carolina is for Obama. Clinton needs to through her support behind Obama and encourage all her blue collars to do the same unless they want 4 more years of the Bush regime.

Dear Anne J.

You are a victim of brain washing. You are so far removed from this plane that you just called the candidate leading the nomination process one of the losers.

Take a step back and realize you have been the target of very specialized propaganda that has you talking about up being down, and you seem very angry nobody else can see it.

Senator Clinton's team have pushed every emotion based button you have in an attempt to get you feeling so much that you can no longer think.

Obama is 44.

^^^ Translation: Bitter Hillary supporter

Since when does West Virginia represent all America?

Does Hillary think the hundreds of thousands of young people, new registered voters and others in the majority of popular voters who have voted for Obama will suddenly permit themselves to be ignored and disenfranchised if she steals the nomination? She and her supporters have blinders on (they see what they want to see). The country has changed, the politics that Clinton and her misguided advisors are playing are old style Republican politics. The country is no longer a wealth deciding, SUV driving, Suburban large house living white "democracy". It is increasingly multiracial, insightful, tradition unbound and activist. The politics of the past are over...for everyone but Hillary and the most destructive of her narrow minded supporters. How is it that West Virginia is such an important state but North Carolina is not?? Or, for that matter, any of the other 30+ states that Obama has won. And how do you fairly count the votes (other than using old Kremlin Style voting standards) in States where Obama was not even on the ballot? Most people are willing to listen to rational arguments, but the Clinton camp keeps grasping for straws and insulting the intelligence of the average American voter. Shame on them.

Rep. Anthony Weiner from New York, one of Hillary Clinton's loyal supporters, recently remarked that, a year ago, if someone had said that the Democratic nominee was going to be the person who DIDN'T win California, DIDN'T win New York, DIDN'T win New Jersey, DIDN'T win Massachusetts, DIDN'T win Ohio, DIDN'T win Pennsylvania, DIDN'T win Florida, DIDN'T win Michigan (and now, I might add, DIDN'T win West Virginia -- by 41 points), nobody would've believed it. The trouncing Barack Obama received in West Virginia should be a huge wake-up call to the remaining undeclared (and even the declared) superdelegates that he's going to have seriious trouble winning many of the states in the fall he managed to lose during the primaries -- important states like West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and Michigan. States that Hillary Clinton won handily. Just because Obama says he has a different map, one that has him winning New Mexico and Nevada and Colorado and other states in the general election Hillary Clinton could just as easily win, that doesn't mean he will. But he's almost certain to lose many of the swing states to John McCain that Hillary could win, simply because, as West Virginia proved, while for many, Hillary Clinton is their first choice, John McCain is their second choice, and their third choice is to simply stay home. Why take a leap of faith that Barack Obama can turn red states blue while at the same losing important swing states necessary to win the presidency when we've already got a candidate -- Hillary Clinton -- who can turn those same red states blue (if any Democrat can), and be much more liketly to win the swing states at the same time? If the superdelegates ultimately give Barack Obama the nomination, we can look forward (or, more accurately, resign ourselves) to the likely outcome of President-Elect John McCain in November. But I guess the superdelegates and Obama supporters will be secure in the knowledge that everyone in the country who didn't vote for Obama is a racist, and just pat themselves on the back for being "progressive" enough to inadvertently get John McCain elected.

Yes let's follow West Virginia's lead! That state has always been at the forefront of the American scene. What a forward thinking successful bunch of yokels. WV is the state that candidates go to pander to uneducated down and out folk that had their future strip mined by their fore fathers. People need to remember that although the election seems to be linear but its not. The politics across the board are rather static. Racially polarized poor W Virginians weren't ever gonna vote for Obama. The separation came from the Clinton's going into their DemocratRepublican (there the same for those who still believe in fairies and dragons) bag of wedge issues. Racism an ole favorite from the former black president. The Clintons once again show how Clinton=Bush. Obama is not a second coming but better than we deserve

Clinton's campaign is dead, dead dead. Sure some undeducated, inbred, rascist, rednecks love her, but she is done. And after eight years of the Obama presidency she is gonna be so old she'll be farting dust. He's gonna win without her stupid rascist states cause he is a KING! LONG live the new King. She better STFU or he won't help her pay her debts. It's been a great campaign. Obama has destroyed Hilary's chances of ever being president and simultaneously destroyed Bill Clinton's legacy. BRILLIANT!

Maybe Terry is concerned that Edwards will now be considered for the Vice Presidency insteady of Hillary.
Admire Hillary's staying power but time to consider the need to unify the democratic party so we don't have to learn to say President McCain.

Hey Crat3, don't you find it little weird that everyone else is wrong and you're the only one that is right? I mean, with all that public service experience of yours, and being a representative of the people, you'd figure that more would share your point of view? But they don't, do they? In fact, outside of yourself and her hard core supporters, everyone else has the opinion that this contest is done, and she has lost. But, I can imagine that before Hitler died that there were a few supporters around still telling him that Germany was still wining. Or, like good old Baghdad Bob,doing all he could to protect Saddam and his supporters from the crushing reality that was surrounding him.

No, it is not over!
We want Hillary Clinton. And if that means we go from Democrat to Independent, then that it what we will do. This is not about a "Party", Democrat or Republican. It is much more important than that! It is about America, our country, and who is most qualified and champions for this country and Americans every day of their life. And that is Hillary Clinton. Hillary carries women, Seniors, blue collar Americans, middle class Americans and Hispanic and Latino Americans and Asian Americans. She has shown she CAN carry the swing states and the large states. She is a champion for ALL Americans and has been ALL of her adult life. You can trust Hillary with this country and to protect the U S Constitution. Hillary is the candidate that will be at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as the next President of the United States. What party is not important. But Our Country is!

PEOPLE POWER would appear to mean "the will of a minority", since it is clear that the majority of American citizens prefer Sen Obama to Sen Clinton. Seriously, just go back up to crat3's post and replace PEOPLE POWER with "the will of a minority" and it works perfectly.

Now, unless you think we should give special preference to minorities...

I agree on the train wreck analysis. If Hillary does not get the nomination I'm switching to Independant.

I voted for Kennedy in 60 and have voted for the Democtatic nominee since that time with exception of Carter for his 2nd run. I voted for Andersen. I voted a straiight Democratic ticket when McGovern ran as I knew the Dems were going to lose by a landslide.

Get ready folks History is about to repeat itself.

PEOPLE POWER? So the votes that Obama has received aren't coming from people? Do we really want misinformed rednecks deciding our next president? Isn't that what got us into our current predicament? I can't even tell you how many people I've seen interviewed at this point claiming Obama is muslim and that he's somehow not American. He must be American to run for president. If these people had made it through 6th grade civics, they would know that. And somehow it's Obama – the one who's winning – who is leading the democratic party "down the path of a train wreck?"

PEOPLE POWER (AKA overall vote) is getting Obama nominated and elected. Whoops, crat3, whoops. :)

LOL... this is just posturing to try to get Obama to pay off Clinton's campaign debts.

Game over, Mrs. Clinton. You lost. There is no possible way for you to win this now.

Please "crat3", you didn't see "people power". You saw the largest mass of uneducated old people in the US voting. This isn't a jab at West Virgina, this is a demographic fact. West Virgina's has the one of the highest proportion non-college educated people in the US. They also are one of the oldest populations in the US. Certainly, this demographic group is important, but I hardly want to decide the future of the US based upon the whims of old uneducated rural folks.

Hillary is truly done. Even if by some act of god Hillary managed to overturn the delegate count, the popular vote, and the overwhelming momentum of Obama and by some act of god claim the nomination... even if all those things happened, it would simply mean that the democratic party would implode and make the riots of 1968 look like a little camp fire. The only way Hillary could claim the nomination and still win the general election is if someone assassinated Obama. Short of that, she is done. The best she can hope to do is ensure McCain's victory by damaging the party enough.

Gentlemen, the only way HIllary has a chance of winning is to galavant around the country, or in the remaining states, with a bikini, lace stockings, high heels and a tiara. Perhaps, she might woo in some badly needed delegates. High heels and lace always did it for me! Of course I'm legally blind, so what the hell!

Well: All through History, Vast Empires have been seen fallen, after their Leaders hooked their support to one person, simply because he/she told them only what they wanted to hear! As P.T. Barnum (who founded the now famous Circus); declared, "THERE'S A SUCKER BORN EVERY MINUTE!" Well! This is America's "Sucker Hour"! They've been snookered into backing a man whom the Kenyan Government hold's his ACTUAL FIRST BIRTH CERTIFICATE! A foreign born President!? The Manchurian President! If Hillery doesn't win the nomination, we're voting Mc Cain! At least we KNOW he's not a foreign born Marxist taught Rev. Wright following politician.

Duh. I thought he was 'too smart', now he's an idoit? Come on. Clintionian ethics. If the facts don't add up your way, spin them or lie until they do. This is 55% of the country rolling our eyes, because we're certainly not surprised at this point.
You can capitalize PEOPLE POWER all you want, but you need to take a look at your AmGov 101 notes again. People power is the Republican method. Democrats have a proportional delegate system, not winner-take-all popularism. If Hillary wants so badly for the popular vote to be the deciding factor, overturning decades of Democratic procedure, that's fine. The Rep. party is on THAT side of the isle.
But that's not the case. She's a democrat, through and through. This is just yet another example of Clintons whining that the rules should be changed for them so they can have their way.

Here's a tissue, Hillary.

How do you expect to run the country when you can't even run your campaign? You're so far in debt, its unheard of. People here in Iowa who worked on your campaign are STILL waiting for you pay your outstanding bills. Your only point of argument is that most educated people support you. You think that's good enough? Hardly. Maybe if you'd ran a more organized campaign, inspired more young people to register and vote, and payed more attention to the delegate math that CAN and WILL decide the nominee, that nominee would have been you.

You're so worried about disenfranchising MI and FL voters, but still demand that the will of the majority of dems, the majority of states, and majority of superdelegates be overturned so you can have your way. You think all those people you now have to anger to win won't be disenfranchised? Hypocracy. But we're used to that by now from the Clintons.

Oh you beloved supporters of Ms Clinton. We really do love you and what you stand for. We are so ready to welcome you back to the democratic party when this is all over.

Better luck next time.

"crat3" you're delusional. What "people power" are you referring to when Clinton is behind in the popular vote (even counting a disingenuous claim to count MI AND FL), behind in earned delegates, and behind in states won. What kind of people power is that? Clinton's argument for the nomination is fundamentally flawed, essentially saying 'lets keep voting and giving people their say until, in the end, they don't have their say and superdelegates hand this thing to Sen. Clinton.

There's is only candidate supported by the majority of the people, and the results show that he is winning the nomination. Obama 08.

crat3, I'm trying really hard to not be sarcastic.
The "resounding defeat" in West Virginia netted Clinton all of 15 candidates. She trails in the popular vote, delegates, and superdelegates. I'm all for Clinton continuing to run so she can try to erase some of her campaign's debt with last-minute donations, but please don't call it "PEOPLE POWER" when it's actually "MINORITY OF THE DEMOCRATS POWER."
And please read up on the primary process so you don't express such ignorance among your friends and in public: this is not a popular election--it's the Democratic Party primary. It is impossible for superdelegates to make an "end run" around the process by which Democrates decide on a candidate. By their very nature, superdelegates can endorse whomever they choose. As superdelegates, they are not obligated in any way to follow the will of your mythical "PEOPLE POWER." In fact, no delegate is bound to any candidate.
You're sounding like your candidate: desperate and out of touch. You walking door-to-door for Clinton's campaign will do much more for her than posting inaccurate, uneducated comments for the world to see.

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