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Patriotic Barack Obama lapel pins unveiled honoring all 57 states

Yesterday The Ticket broke the stunning news of America's acquisition of seven, maybe eight, new states, according to future president Barack Obama.

He was speaking at the start of a two-day swoop through Oregon, which is already a state.

In Beaverton, which is not a state yet, the Democrat let it slip that during this marathon 16-month party presidential nomination struggle against a bunch of dropouts and this female political zombie from New York who won't surrender short of a silver stake, he had already visited 57 states with one more to go.

That's not counting the existing states of Alaska and Hawaii, he said, which his staff decided aren't important enough to visit. Unless maybe you're Mike Gravel or Dennis Kucinich, who weren't very important either, come to think of it.

Here's the spoof-proof Obama video as evidence:

Has this aging freshman senator -- he'll be almost 60 in 13 years -- lost his bearings? Are the eight new states caucus or primary? And will Howard Dean bar them from the convention too?

Obama's gaffe caused a noticeable stir online during the day and even the respected Marc Ambinder at The Atlantic anticipated that the political media would kindly write the Democrat's mis-statement off to fatigue. But he wrote if, say, the Republican nominee-to-be had uttered the same silly fatigue flub, it would surely be added to eager suspicions of senility.

Besides trying to noodle out what the new states are, some clever campaign folks over at the phenomenal Suitably Flip blog got to thinking right away.

Patriotic new lapel pin honoring Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's 57 United States of America

And they've now unveiled a new patriotic lapel pin that anyone can wear with pride even, say, a Harvard-educated senator from Illinois who's been trying to make a point about opposing a war before it even started.

Here is the new pin replete with all 57 stars:

You'll probably want to order several for friends and family. And any Chablis-sipping senators you might know.

--Andrew Malcolm

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Are you people blind. He has an agenda and its not for the good of our country. If you didn't know this already there are 57 Islamic states. Less you forget he was raised by an extreme Islamic step father. He probably got it confused with out 50 states. OPEN YOUR EYES AMERICA. don't be so blind by his "policies" and his "color" he's an evil man. don't be stupid. He won't even pledge allegience to our country and he swore in with the Qoran. Its like i'm the only one who can see past his color and his smile to what he really is.

OK, on the surface, what Barack said was not THAT big a deal.

But, if it was a Republican (see Dan Quayle with "potatoe") who said that, the media would be ALL OVER this.

So, it is an example of media bias and how they hate Republicans but love Democrats. There can be no argument.


There certainly are more than 50 states in the world of Mr. Obama and many of his followers. There is the State of Entitlement, the State of Perpetual Victimization, and the Nanny State, just to name a few.

I think he was thinking of the "states" of Mexico, Canada, Honduras, Guatemala, etc. - You know, what with the North American Union and all.

51.) Puerto Rico
52.) The Marshall Islands
53.) Guam
54.) Saint Croix
55.) Saint Thomas
56.) Saint John
57.) American Samoa
Ending the status of territories is a brilliant idea and will end the taunts of colonialism. Even when this guy makes mistakes he is smarter than GWB.

Coincidentally enough, there are in fact 57 Islamic States...

Hmm, or maybe it's not a coincidence, so much as a Freudian

Like all good MUSLIMS, the 57 (FIFTY-SEVEN) states of Islam are always on their minds...

there are 57 states in Islam...

Your all right - but especially what is the charactar & morals of Mr BO? Go back and read the piece on Mrs. BO that Newsweek did in February. All her college chums remember her as bent that she had to work so hard (of course based on her color) and that the white students got a different deal than her and her friends. Her college thesis which is supposedly along the trail laid out by Reverend White are "under lock and key". Maybe Mr. BO didn't know what Mrs. BO was saying and doing? Yeah that's the guy for the presidency "plausible deny-ability" already practiced and ready to go! Every valid piece on this canidate screams his wish to even the score. He is for taxing each and everyone of us into submission. Every voter out there who thinks he is the next Kennedy better get an eye check up and a cat scan to check for grey matter. Also his staffers "told" him he couldn't go to Hawaii & Alaska? Who is going to be holding his hand for him if he gets the job that he can blame for his decisions, he is not enough of a man to admit to his own decisions. Good luck fellow Americans - you sound like your going to need it.

I'm a life-long Republican, white, over 50 who's never seen such a candidate as Senator Obama and anxiously await his election. I can't believe I have lived long enough to witness this dynamic, refreshing politician. President Obama will usher in a third millennium of peace and prosperity like we've never experienced before.

Come on' everybody! Can you spell "potato"?

Snap! Yeah I just made that crap up.

Obama is a joke.

"a skilled politician", are you kidding? his staff is made up of ex-judas-Clinton-staff-haters.

Obama and his wife are full of hate.

Obama and his wife are America haters!

Dumba "won" TX? Okay, Hill got the popular vote then Odumba gets the he "wins"....okay...can anyone say Gore?

Same thing with with caucaus states!

I have Democratic blood and if the DNC GIVES it to Odumba then I will vote for McCain - no threat - reality!

The DNC thinks they are going to force us Dems to accept Odumba cuz we're afraid of who McCain will put on the Supreme Court? Well, it will be a good kick in the pants for all those who voted for Odumba to learn a little lesson about "experience" and what voting for the good of our country means and not just because the only thing he has going for him is that he is a Half-Black Charlatin!!!!!

Yeah, I'm pretty sure he was joking you morons.

You all haven't figured it out yet have you?

According to Senator Obama there should be 60 states (the 57 he's visited, the 1 he's not and the 2 they won't let him go to) Hello! We're taking over Canada (which has 10 provences and territories).

At least I'll give the man this he wants to expand United States interests.

Well, folks, I think we can safely say what was on BHO's mind when he said "57 states":

From the Organisation of the Islamic Conference Website:

"About OIC

The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) is the second largest inter-governmental organization after the United Nations which has membership of 57 states spread over four continents. The Organization is the collective voice of the Muslim world and ensuring to safeguard and project the interests of the Muslim world in the spirit of promoting international peace and harmony among various people of the world. The Organization was established upon a decision of the historical summit which took place in Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco on 12th Rajab 1398 Hijra (25 September 1969) as a result of criminal arson of Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem."

Freudian slip perhaps?

I'm Barack Obama and I'm the front runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, but I'm not smarter than a fifth grader.

Thanks, Jeff.

Ooo I need your love, babe
guess you know it's true
Hope you need my love babe
just like I need you

Hold me, love me, hold me, love me
I ain't got nothing but love, babe
57 States

Love you every day, girl
always on my mind
One thing I can say, girl
love you all the time

Hold me, love me, hold me, love me
I ain't got nothing but love, girl
57 States

Andy Malcolm is such a breath of fresh air at the LA Times! After the NY Times goes under perhaps Andy can come back to NY and revive the moribund "old grey left lady". Until then Angelenos and blog readers worldwide are fortunate he brings skill and humor to his column.More and more he's being quoted here in NYC.

(Well, Dr. Banks. Aren't you nice to leave such an unusual comment? You've made my day. I hope you'll return often. Thank you again, sir.)

He did not refer to 7 more US states...he was recalling his Islamic teachings, as there are exactly 57 Islamic States in the world, as all students of Islam know well.

57 states, change we can all believe in.

He misspoke you say? I would buy that from an average american but not from a SENATOR!!!! This is the quality of person running our country into the ground and he is the best one they have to put forward! SCARY indeed.

I pitty the fool that votes for Obama! Mr. T ain't got time for fools!

Who should you vote for? Good question, none of the 3 canidates left are worth a darn. Write in a vote for a random person, I am sure anybody could do a better job than the 3 we have to choose from.

Maybe you've never heard of hyperbole. It's when you exaggerate something to make a point. Kind of like the Beatles song: Eight Days a Week.

A tired mom says she's fed a hundred kids today. She knows she only has three kids, but the remark expresses how hard she's worked. I wouldn't want to be the husband who corrects her math!

Barack should have said he's visited 157 states, then maybe you losers could figure out what he was trying to express.

That statement about 57 Islamic states got me to thinking.

There are also 57 varieties in the Heinz 57 slogan. John Kerry was married to a Heinz.

This is huge! Put on your tinfoil hats, folks. Obama may be the antichrist!!!

That flag is not representative of what Obama really believes. He says he's already visited 57 states, with 1 more to go. That's 58 states. Then, there's Alaska and Hawaii - 2 more makes 60 states. Of course, since Alaska and Hawaii are so insignificant to not even be worth Obama's visiting them, then maybe they don't count as states, to him and his managers.

I do not listen to Rush Limbaugh, but he read on his radio show that there are 57 Islamic states....

Here. Read.

I also read where Obama was fired from his job as a spell checking in an M&M factory!

Wow... I am amazed at how every little nuance is being picked at... Do people really believe that Obama doesn't know there are 50 states?.. The questions at the ABC debate were so sad, it was like they were waiting for Obama to rip off his mask, and scream.. OK.. YOU GOT ME.. I AM A SLEEPER CELL TERRORIST WORKING TOWARDS JIHAD!!!... AND I WOULD HAVE GOTTEN AWAY WITH IT TOO IF IT WASN'T FOR THOSE MEDDLING REPORTERS!!!

The guy is for real... So Real, that flag lapel pins, and a nutty preacher, and devisive "GOTCHA" politics like this, aren't going to fly this election...

And Hillary Supporters who support McCain over Obama?... I pity you for your lack of judgement...

The news has been cancelled!!!

You cry baby DEMS.. Lighten up you panzy asses!!!

Yah.. he screwed up and said 57, with 1 left to go then listed two he didn't go too...

So what this guy is a total TARD!!! He is still your TARD!!

Maybe he was just having a bad day after a call to HAMAS or IRAN..

It seems that Obama's supporters could forgive their candidate anything - ignorance of his own nation, oppression of lawful gun ownership, support of bigotry against whites, sentiment for terrorists - anything at all. Why is that? I'll tell you why: because he represents them and their narrow un-American interests. He is a cleaned-up, polished, more sophisticated Malcolm X or Louis Farakan but underneath he is the same old black-pandering politician that the average African American loves to vote for in the confident belief that he will give them something for nothing. That, to them, is the American Dream. But it's never going to happen. America is starting to wake up.

Hey you dumb, ignorant, stupid American hating liberals.

Why do you hate so much when you tell us all how tolerant you are and how accepting you are? Libs are absolute hypocrites.

Let's see . . . much worse Presidents than President Bush. Bill Clinton and his wife. Both crooks and more than likely accessories to murder, not to mention their absolute appeasement of criminals and terrorists that put President Bush in the position in the first place. Yes great historical Presidents, i.e. Reagan, always have to clean up the messes left by liberal President’s(Can you say Jimmy Carter?) who seemed hell bent on destroying this county (he is still doing it today!). Jimmy Carter, the worst one of all. Do you libs remember double digit inflation, unemployment and interest rates when there was a commie president and the commie libs running congress? And there is some lib on here spouting the typical liberal lie that the "rich get richer on the backs of the poor". For once will one of you poor people go get a job from a poor person? Oh doesn't make sense, but it "feels" right. Typical libs. Every problem is someone else’s (usually those rascally conservative Republicans) and libs always demand that someone else fix the problems that libs makes up, i.e. Global Warming Hoax, with someone else’s money. Libs never fix anything. They sit on their high horses and demand that the people they hate and despise (and say so in all their talking point ways) fix everything. Well here is some news for you libs. You are attempting to destroy this country for one reason. Because you have such self hatred for yourselves that you have to drag down anything good.

You ignorant, down right nasty libs, say President Bush is the worst President in "100 years", yet there have been no terrorist attacks on our soil since 911. Oh I forgot libs don’t like facts. Facts get in the way of their lies. In fact, libs never lie do they? It is only the people that disagree with their cockamamie ideas that lie. You know us "right wing extremists (funny how you never hear or see the term "left wing extremists" do you? I think the libs are projecting. In fact, every time libs open their mouths, they are talking about themselves, even though they are complaining about someone else). Maybe this "stupid" President has been doing his job (and how hard have you American hating libs made it for him to do his job to protect your sorry asses?) despite you libs who seem to hate everything unless it is a government check put in your pocket, or free health care, or tax the rich to the hilt which makes you "feel" better, but does absolutely nothing for you personally, ever. Yet you libs don't rail against Bill and Hillary for making $50 million, since they left office for basically doing nothing and when it comes to charity, Bill and Hillary and all you libs are the cheapest people going. You don’t give squat, yet you sit there and complain that America doesn't do enough. Well maybe if you libs actually chipped in, maybe we would meet your demands.

Libs love higher taxes on everyone else, yet you never see one just offer more tax money to the government, do you? Come on libs, show us the way. Flip your paycheck over (that you get from that “rich guy”) and write on the back, "Pay To The Order of the Federal Government" and just sit back and wait for them to take care of you. You know, put your pool in, buy you the car and the house and everything else you feel entitled to like health care, paid family leave (from that evil rich guy again). And yes libs do feel entitled don't they? Look at Obama. A know nothing who was handed his Senate seat. He is a disaster. Worse than Carter. Worse than McGovern, yet you libs support this idiot. (Oh see now I will be called a racist, you watch. Why, because that is all libs see . . . skin color, gender and ethnicity). Libs are the greedy ones that you say conservatives are. Libs are the bigots that you say the conservatives are. Libs are the racists, you are the dividers, you are the liars and what is very strange is how you attempt to destroy the very things you depend on. Or maybe not so strange? Isn’t that what self destructive people do?

Bill Clinton pardoned criminals and terrorists. He took campaign money from the commies. They had FBI files illegally of Republicans and got away with it. They made the United States a mockery around the world. They had White Water, Travel Gate, Cattle Gate, perjury, a stained dress, they destroyed the office of the U.S. Presidency for 8 years, etc. etc. and now the libs want Obama in there? It is laughable, but not surprising that libs want crooks in government. Bill Clinton had how many terrorists’ attacks that he did nothing about? Oh but the libs will tell you he was a “great” President. He did nothing, zero, nada, zip. The only reason Clinton could take any credit was because of a conservative, Republican congress, facts that can not be denied. Thank God he wasn't President when 911 happened or we probably would have been nuked by now (and some how the libs would blame that on conservatives too, their standard practice). Then you libs lie about the Iraq War, you undermine your own American citizen troops who are fighting to protect your asses and right to tear this country down and what is it all about? Liberals own selfishness and greed. You could care less about our country. All you care about is your own selfish motivations and agendas and all that these lib politicians care about is power, so they can live off the millions of nipples they have created off the hard working people our country, as they have simultaneously trashed the Constitution.

Liberals are what they always have been . . . self hating, ignorant, brainwashed, dumb funks that hate this country, but for some reason, they never leave it. They always do their protests in this country where they are protected. Such courage they show when they protest a war in the country that is out there protecting their greedy, selfish asses, so they can pretend they care about "Iraqi Civilians" and call our troops "baby killers" and "torturers". Libs side with the terrorists, yet the dirty little secret is that the terrorists are going to take them out first. What an existence you liberals have. A total waste of life. You liberals are an embarrassment to the human race . . . and you know it. You prove it every time you talk or write and it is amazing to witness the arrogance and stupidity of the American hating left. But trust me it is very calculated. The government has the power to tax us and that is what liberal’s desire. The power to steal your money, your living, your quality of life, so they can ride around in their private jets, limos, eat their snails and sip their lattes . . . while they lie and say they “care about the poor” (no they live off your votes and then keep you poor), they care about this and that, when in reality they only use those issues (and most are made up lies) as smoke screen’s to obtain power. And most of you sheep libs fall for it hook line and sinker. It is amazing to watch the absolute ignorance and stupidity of liberals. Hey libs go buy some carbon credits from Al Gore, make him rich as he scams you.

Libs . . . could you just leave and move to the socialists and communist countries that already exist? Get out. Just leave. We don’t need you at all. Your are parasites on our lives. You hate it here anyway. Just get out. Oh what’s that? Oh you say 70% of the world’s lawyers are here ready to sue at the drop of a hat because of what? Oh yeah, free markets are where all the money is . . . and that is what the libs are after . . . the money, without earning it. Make laws to steal money either through the tax code, fees or laws that always seem to have some financial penalties to them. But think about it. Without the private sector and “rich” people, what would libs do? Is there a lib on this bog that would like to answer that? Why are you always demanding that you get something for nothing from people you hate? Like it or not libs, you survive off conservatives, because your ideas and beliefs can never make it in the real world. Ask China and the old Soviet Union. Ask al those really poor people in the 3rd world countries that have no freedom.
Go ahead and even ask Europe and their socialist states. It ain’t working and never will.
Libs are on their own Titanic and seem to like it!

I love how everyone is using Barack's ignorance as a means to attack other candidates...the point of this article was to show how unqualified Barack is - how can he run a country if he doesn't know how many states it is made up of. ..soooo....Yes, lets put this guy in charge of a country hanging in the brinks of a nuclear disaster. Its elementary - its like 2 and 2 equal matter how many hours of sleep I miss 2 and 2 will never equal 23? This guy is a joke - laughable! I really dislike Hillary, but at least she loves this country and has some sense of knowledge...and at least McCain has experience and half a brain!

Hal is so self-hating, he just wasted a chunk of his sad life composing the psychopathic drivel. His beloved Bush is the worst President ever and a war criminal.

Hal also has a wide stance.

I think the real problem here is that he says his staff wouldn't "justify" his going to Alaska or Hawaii. Way to make them feel like they count. What else is his staff telling him to do?

Why is everyone being so critical of Sen. Obama. Perhaps we all need a refresher course in U.S. geography.

Lets not forget about the states of East Carolina, West Carolina, East Dakota, West Dakota, Older Mexico, Newer Mexico and East Virginia.

As for the confusion about whether there’s 58 or 59 States - everyone knows that Hawaii is a suburb of Alaska!

Campaign fatigue or not, this is still a pretty big (and funny) error. Couple that with the fact that Obama keeps talking of change and yet rarely ever says WHAT change, and I'd say you're looking at a "kid" who may mean well but has no business trying to lead a nation.

Obama is by far the most dangerous candidate simply because we know little about what his policies actually are. At least with Clinton and McCain there is some idea of what EXACTLY they would CHANGE.

And for those who wish to sidestep the error by pointing fingers at other candidates' mistakes... this doesn't compare on the simple basis that this kind of "misstep" is something that elementary students wouldn't make.

Mr. Malcolm, all fun aside, thank you for addressing such an egregious gaff.

It's funny how the article tries too much to be funny, and ends up being anything but.

Try serious journalism once in a while to get some fresh inspiration?

This is the basis for that joke…

There are 50 states in the US….

Six US territories.

1. Puerto Rico
2. Virgin Islands
3. American Samoa
4. Guam
5. Northern Mariana Islands
6. Minor Outlying Islands (Wake Island and Johnston Island)

And one US-Administered region:

1. Guantanamo Bay

How about the District of Columbia????

It's obvious he meant to say 47 states seeing as he subtracted Hawaii and Alaska. Geez big deal people. Its not like he mistakenly said that Iran was working al-Qaeda 5 or 6 times on like 3 different occasions.

Now if he said that I would be scared.

Who cares if Obama wants to put you in a 50% tax bracket? Who cares if he afiliates himself with a hate-mongoring, racist church that hates white people? Who cares if he is a recovering Cocaine addict? Bush isnt any of those things and all we want is CHANGE, right?

(Yes I am being sarcastic, down with Barack Hussein OSAMA!)

Now some one said this reporter is what is wrong with politics today.. Is this reporter running for publlic office? This reporter pushes to first ammendmant rights.. For one freedom of press and for to freedom of speech.. As far as the wine comment it wasn't a hit against democratic voters but a hit against elitist officials.. Now it is easy to see what he meant but it's still funny.. He was at one point talking in the thrid person and that was funny.. can you smell what the Brock is cooking?

You say potatoe, I say potato...

There are 60 States according to Obama's words.
57 plus one to go plus Alaska and Hawaii.
I am not an Obama's fan but I think this was an "honest mistake" He probably tried to say 50, and then you can see he stops like thinking how many he hasn't visited and the tonge twister begun. Of course it is something funny to talk about it.

My List of the 10 Missing states:
Puerto Rico, Guam, Palau Islands, Virgin Islands, The North Artic Pole and Antartica, Israel, and since we are talking Obama, he may be considering also Iran, Venezuela, and Cuba

And this guy wants to be president? Actually, too much cocaine use has messed up his brain. Anybody with an ounce of brain, will never vote for a man that wants to be friends with Chavez in Venezuela, Castro in Cuba, Islamists of Iran, yet, wants to mistreat Colombia's Democratically elected government which enjoys over 85% approval. What can be expected from a man that has Wright and Ayres as friends.

This is neither a simple gaffe nor an attempt at humor. All too often, when Obama the (extremely good!) Orator wanders off script strange things emerge. Race, party, and ethnic origins aside, this man is simply not up to the office of POTUS. He is left of everybody, has virtually NO record of executive or legislative accomplishment, and seems to be intent on building "fairness" in the national government -- i.e., taxing success and rewarding mediocrity. Perhaps this reflects his own life experience. Learn Obama; it is enormously important!!

There are 57 states.


Freudian slip?

Is it totally beyond your mental capacity to imagine that he meant 57 visits to various states? If that's all the ammunition you have, against the protege of a man who reads books upside-down, you're sunk!

I can't believe how many people are blowing what Barack said out of proportion....did any of you even think that perhaps he visited a few states more than once....he could've been counting that way.....meaning 57 stops, not necessarily 57 states...he probably meant stops, and then said states...who knows, but cut the man some slack....geesh!!

Right on Big Mac! Obama's childhood is showing......

And Dan Quayle got roasted for misspelling potato??!!!

Finally the brock has come back to east dakota.....

he's running for president.. The guy that wrote this and the people here mocking his statement can.. Now I think some people are pulling to much out of it as some seem to really go for the freudian slip theory but what would the world be with out conspiracy theorists? As far as the people jumping in so strongly to show brock support I suggest you get some exlax because if he takes it in november you are going to be dropping bricks when SNL and comedy central start to slam him.. Personally I feel if Obamma says there are 57 states then there damn well ought to be because he is after all running for POTUS. Now can you smell what the Brock is cooking?

It is my understanding that there ARE fifty-seven Islamic States. OOPS!

It's ok, it will all clear up once he becomes president, he is the second coming of Christ you know? We'll have it made, somehow he will stop social security and medicare from losing money and make a brand new healthcare system in 4 years or less. And even though he has never been heard of before this election he will be as great as JFK was. Until he's assassinated. You know, it's sad to say it, but i believe we live in a world that if there is a black man president, he will be shot. Wake up America. He's a tool. He's all scripted. Say another writers strike happened, he'd have to go on reruns till they come back. He says what you want to hear and makes empty statements and promises. I can't wait 'till Mccain defeats him. The Democratic party has said themselves that he is "Un-electable".

Perhaps you all should go on the web and look up '57 states' and see what you come up with! I did, and believe me, it's VERY interesting reading. There are exactly 57 states, and I don't think his 'slip of the tongue' was done on purpose...I think he was thinking of something else. Please, America! wake up! you will be voiting in someone who doesn't deserve the vote, and you will see, if he does get elected,,,,all your dreams come true,,,,yeahhhhhhh right. You will see just how he will turn against all the very things that he has been winning you over with. Just like Clinton,,,the 'white women' are entrhalled with his looks...and I am a white woman, over 50,,,so don't go there with me. He has nothing that I would even think of voting for, and neither did Clinton.

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