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Patriotic Barack Obama lapel pins unveiled honoring all 57 states

Yesterday The Ticket broke the stunning news of America's acquisition of seven, maybe eight, new states, according to future president Barack Obama.

He was speaking at the start of a two-day swoop through Oregon, which is already a state.

In Beaverton, which is not a state yet, the Democrat let it slip that during this marathon 16-month party presidential nomination struggle against a bunch of dropouts and this female political zombie from New York who won't surrender short of a silver stake, he had already visited 57 states with one more to go.

That's not counting the existing states of Alaska and Hawaii, he said, which his staff decided aren't important enough to visit. Unless maybe you're Mike Gravel or Dennis Kucinich, who weren't very important either, come to think of it.

Here's the spoof-proof Obama video as evidence:

Has this aging freshman senator -- he'll be almost 60 in 13 years -- lost his bearings? Are the eight new states caucus or primary? And will Howard Dean bar them from the convention too?

Obama's gaffe caused a noticeable stir online during the day and even the respected Marc Ambinder at The Atlantic anticipated that the political media would kindly write the Democrat's mis-statement off to fatigue. But he wrote if, say, the Republican nominee-to-be had uttered the same silly fatigue flub, it would surely be added to eager suspicions of senility.

Besides trying to noodle out what the new states are, some clever campaign folks over at the phenomenal Suitably Flip blog got to thinking right away.

Patriotic new lapel pin honoring Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's 57 United States of America

And they've now unveiled a new patriotic lapel pin that anyone can wear with pride even, say, a Harvard-educated senator from Illinois who's been trying to make a point about opposing a war before it even started.

Here is the new pin replete with all 57 stars:

You'll probably want to order several for friends and family. And any Chablis-sipping senators you might know.

--Andrew Malcolm

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What? He forgot Alaska? The guy's tired--give him a break. At least he didn't rail about the hard-working white voters.

Oh the irony. Robert speaks about ignorance from the depths of its blissful embrace.

Obama has almost identical political credentials to those of Abraham Lincoln and similar professional background to John F. Kennedy. He also shares many of their political ideals and principles. I challenge anyone to come on this blog and try to claim that these two men were somehow inadequate Presidents.

One other thing – Obama is renowned for the fact that he writes all his own material, and that includes his books (had you read them you would not be able to ignore his signature style). No presidential candidate since the sixties has done that, and none this century who have done so half as eloquently as Obama.

Sure, this thread is a cheap shot, but when you make a silly mistake those in the media are entitled. For a man who has meticulously crafted his _own_ message, it's a credit to his oratorial acumen that he makes such a gaff so rarely.

Take your willful ignorance back to Rush Limbaugh's home page, Robert – this is the LA Times.

Hmm, let's see when McCain "confused" Sunnis and Shias, Obama supporters had a field day.

Now that Mr. Obama has made a mistake no first grader should make, it's time to ignore his mis-speak.

Can't have it both ways.

Obama's rise to Presidential candidiate reminds me of the Carol Mosely-Braun Senatorial election cycle.

Not because they are both black. But the quick political rise out of essentially no where.

The attitude at that time was change! Throw the politicians out! And Illinois elected Carol Mosely-Braun.

Then 6 years of ineffectiveness later, they fired her.

It would be a shame to have someone elected that has little experience at getting things done.

Oh well, this country continues to go down the tubes...with the so called effective leaders. Maybe throwing an innefective and unorganized leader will make it better.

But looking at the history of Illinois...maybe not.

How absurd! No, not Sen. Obama, the L.A.Times! This is indicative of how far you have fallen as a credible source of reliable news. To make such a big deal out of an obvious mental slip makes you the joke, not Sen. Obama. Let's see, who owns the paper...? You have just lost many more readers, I am sure. I doubt you will publish this though.

Mr. Zarcufsky

Obama sounds much more like Mss US Teen from South Carolina.

Please don't ask him the following question before he buys himself a map:

Question: "Recent polls suggest that most American do not know how many states are part of the US and that most Americans can locate the US in a world map, why do you think this is happening?"

Obama: "I personaly believe that most americans do so because they don't have maps. But in my campaign I've already visited 57 states of America even though I don't have a map. Such as South Africa and Iraq. That is not counting Alaska and Hawaii yet which my staff decided aren't important enough to visit"

Ha ha ha ha ha

"Sorry but we are still with Obama, and we base it on policies."

Umm, and those "policies" would be........?

At the rate your guy is ditching his advisors (he just canned another one for meeting with Hamas), Pretty Boy will hae to develop his "policies" all by his lonesome self (unless he gets help from his wife, "Bitter Michelle").

All the people who claim this is meaningless / not important probably thought misspelling potato was a big deal... whatever guys!

Posted by: DrRay from Ohio | May 10, 2008 at 05:51 AM

"When McCain talked about the 100-year-war or when he said Iran was supporting the Al Qaeda in Iraq (Iran is Shiite and AQ is Sunni), he was not senile. He was just showing his ignorance. "

and the only examples you could come up with are bogus and spin.

The 100 years, spin. He specifically compared it to Germany and Japan… vs a 100 year ‘war’… unless we are still ‘at war’ in Germany and Japan.

Iraq and Al Qaeda, bogus. They have given them support. The only place Sunnis and Shia won't work together is in left wing partisan imaginations.

A special performance to share. Written by John Smart of and performed beautifully by Lisa V

They captured what millions of democrats feel.

Clearly he meant 47 states, with 1 to go (48) and not Alaska and Hawaii (49 and 50). Come on folks, he just 'misspoke'.

How about Dan Quayle's "potatoes"? He didn't even mispeak, the incident was made up by a reporter, and it stuck. So lighten up. Have some fun, there's a long way to go. Remember what they say about people protesting too much?

re: the handful of early comments freaking out about this post: people, relax, Andrew is just having fun. Jeez you're as thin-skinned as your candidate.

If Obama were as skilled as his supporters say, he would have come back moments later with a joke about it. Its okay to laugh at yourself: everybody knows you're exhausted from this greulling death march of a primary campaign.

In the alternative, perhaps Mr. Cloudo President of Heaven knows something the rest of us don't. In his magical administration there will indeed be seven new states: Harvardstan, South Chicagoville, Further-North North Carolina, as well as the new states of East, West, North and South Iowa. :)

Perhaps he was thinking of the 57 varieties of condiments. States, ketchup... whatever, it is only for the little people™ - remember "we are the change we have been looking for"



The whole point, which I believe to be accurate, is that if McCain had made the same slip, the media would be playing it up big time. They would probably act as though they thought it a funny slip of the tongue, but it would still be used to dig at McCain's age, just like Obama did with the "bearings" comment.

I agree with Jenn and McAdhominem Clintonhater: We're for Obama because of his policies! Such as Hope and Change! He's gonna change America! He's already looking forward to his vision of America, Heinz '57 States!

Just like he knows history better than anyone! He knows that Roseveldt negotiated with Hitler without preconditions, Truman negotiated with Stalin and Kim Il Jong without preconditions, and Kennedy negotiated with Castro and Ho Chi Minh without preconditions, so he will, too! (

He's our hero and nothing can change our hopeful devotion to following him wherever he may lead us!

There have been 57 contests on the Democratic side -- 50 states plus Guam, American Samoa, DC, Dems Abroad, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands PLUS that extra caucus thingy in Texas.
The real story is not Obama's misstatement -- it is the process-driven, micro monitoring of every candidate's gaffe as a great way to avoid a discussion of the issues facing our nation. It's much more fun to look at this stuff than to contemplate what we should do about Iraq and our failing economy.
We claim to be the most powerful, important country in the world and yet we approach our election campaigns like carnival sideshows.

We needn't worry - just wait a year or two. This gaffe will begin to show up in updated Bushisms lists as further proof of W's chimplike idiocy.
Callow college students will fervidly email them to each other, Republican-hating journalists will chuckle and move on, and the fact that Obama actually uttered it will be far down the memory hole.
Come to think of it, I'd lay 10-1 odds Oliver Stone will have W do the gaffe in the upcoming biopic.

Wow...I had no idea that the LA times was this low. I followed a link here.....I won't make that mistake again.
Not a supporter of Obama..but....I didn't expect this kind of brainless hate from the LA times.
I'm serious when I tell you all that I had to check my address bar ...twice....I could not believe I was reading the LA times. that I think of it.....if this is what the Republicans have to offer....let it rip.LOL

I, too, don't usually click on latimes links because of the one-sided (and sometimes just nutty) reporting. I have to say, though, that this is some pretty funny stuff.

The flag pin is flawed. Obama clearly thinks there are 60 states. Do the math.

LOL....I can see this happening, yeah, yeah, it will work......... this crap is linked all over the internet....the brainless sheep read it.....jump with glee.....regurgitate it over and over....oh.....the wacko right...there is nothing quit like it !!...LOL

It appears the candidates "all" need a day off. LOL
McCain can't figure out which end of the microphone to use and Obama just added 7 states to the USA. LOL
Aha The late night comedians hit the Mother Lode with this election

So maybe he's really 'thinking ahead' just like he's always been doing. Obama '08!!!

Obviously, Obama is planning to drop out in favor of the husband of Teresa HEINZ Kerry.

No, you can not assume that anyone wearing a 57 star pin is a neo=con. You can conclude that the wearer has a sense of humor, someting oddly foreign to our friends on the left.

Everyone knows there are onlt 56 states! Jeessee!

Dr. Ray,
AQ is being supported by Iran, your argument is baseless.
Iran supports Hizbollah, also a SUNNI organization.,2933,87778,00.html
You ought to do some reading before spouting the thinkprogress party line.

In the meantime, Hillary's camp is hard at work trying to seat delegates from those extra 7 states. It's not over yet! No, really...

Lets stay in Iraq for a hundred years. We have been in Cuba for about 110 years. We have been in Germay since 1944, in Japan since 1945, in Korea since 1949.

Why is there such a drive to pull out of Iraq?

Answer: It is the only way to salvage a defeat, just as it was the only way to salvage a defeat in Vietnam after the South Vietnamese Communists were dead, and the North Vietnamese Communists were defeated.

All of us with IQ in the triple digits knew that Obama meant that he had visited some states more than once.

I wish people without college degrees would just stay their asses home on election day. Why must you all run this country down with your hiding behind your Bible and you bitter - YES BITTER - attitudes.

It is amazing to me that people who were more than happy to scream about every time Bush "misspoke" are so thin-skinned about their own guy's errors. Lighten up, people, or in the unlikely event this fool does get elected you're going to give yourselves strokes.

Umm - where can I buy one of those pins??

The difference between McCain and Obama: Obama would like to have conversations with Iran while they provide weapons and training to terrorists who bomb US soldiers, Marines, sailors, airmen, and our allies in Iraq. McCain understands that discussions can actually make progress only when the terrorists and their allies are first soundly defeated.

That is die hard hilarious. I'm ok with bringing a few more states into the union.

Has it really been so long since public political figures were able to crack jokes? Why does everything have to be a pre-scripted, result-oriented talking point? Can't a guy say "wow, this campaign has been grueling" by being witty instead of literal?

Just watch the video, and for a moment try to remember that Obama's an intelligent guy who hasn't been a politician his entire life. The way he stretches out the syllables, and inserts a "wait for it..." -style pause before the word "seven" makes it clear that he's making a joke about just how many stops the campaign has made, and how long the process is.

Give him some credit -- he's clearly giving his audience credit for knowing there are 50 states. The idea of there being 57 states IS THE JOKE. Okay, it's not the very sharpest comedy ever, but it's nice to see a politician assume his audience is astute enough to catch on that he's making a joke. Jeez, Internet, lighten up.

Hey! How can I buy some of those Flag Pins??

Obama for The NEW 57 United States of America!!

Obama forgot to include Zimbabwe

Wow! Ivy League not quite what it used to be??? Unbelievable. Should prove who has the brains in the Dem primary race. He's pretty and he'll be great for the ambassador work abroad, but we need Hillary on solutions. I love this comment, because it slaps the media who have caused such a huge rift in this country by reporting "educated, affluent" people vote for him. "Poor, uneducated" people vote for her. Let's stop slicing and dicing people and call it one America. And how lucky are we that such great, courageous people step up to serve. Hillary '08

Mr. Malcom,

In your news story you report that he said "he had already visited 57 states with one more to go," and that makes 58 states, not 57.

So why does the lapel pin have only 57?

And why is the headline "Patriotic Barack Obama lapel pins unveiled honoring all 57 states?" All 57? What about the last one, number 58?

Are you against the 58th state joining the union?

This report shows that Canada, Mexico, Guam, Puerto Rico, American Virgin Islands, Kenya, Iraq, and Washington DC (no. 58) are going to become states during Obama's presidency. So you don't want Washington DC to become a state, right. Neither do I.


This is mean. The author of this article might try to do some real reporting, but I doubt if he, she, knows the meaning of the word.

Who's gonna pitch in to buy McCain a 13-colony lapel pin to remind him of his youth?

Obama was reaching out to Hillary's less educated supporters.

much ado about nothing. Really this is quite silly

Karl Rove. You turn a slip of a tongue (47 to 57) into a full essay, and a top active blog on line, with head lines celebrating it on right wing machine?

Is this what the GOP has become? a bunch of grumpy old drunks, pretending to be Nazi comedians on the air waves and on line?

Maybe, just maybe, if you; Mr. Karl Rove, would actually have Sen.McCain start fixing this slip of a tongue from Sen.Obama

How? Maybe if Sen.McCain would say he'll fix this slip of a tongue from Sen.Obama by making our stand in the world so good, that by the end of his presidency, we will have 7 more states join our state of the union.

What states? Maybe if Sen.McCain is convincing enough, he can convince the next states to join the state of the Union; Philippine, port Rico, Jamaica, Israel, Guam, Baja, and Baja Sur. After all, without US, they would incinerate in less than a week.

Thanks to you Karl Rove, we have members in the state of the union, that are almost refusing to participate in the state of the union activity, without huge financial bribes.

(Just curious, Samuel. Where did you see a Karl Rove connection in Obama's slip of the tongue?)

Not actually "senility", this type is correctly referred to as "Premature-onset Alzheimers", tragic in one so young . This may very well account for his failure to account for what he heard about black racism and anti-Americanism when in the pews of "Rev." Wright's "church", halting explanations of his flaws, failing to recognize that people like Ayers who bomb government buildings in this country are bad, and his failure to understand that he has a "snowball's chance in hell" of being elected President! Sadly, in his case, there is no cure, his delusions will continue to worsen until he sinks from the public view, into the hell that awaits under the bus, with Gore the ignorant and Kerry (ecch!) the malignant. Such a tragedy!


THIS is a perfect example of how Obamabots will discount anything negative to Obama, BUT would BLOG with such NEGATIVE VORACIOUS VERACITY IF this comment were attributed to HILLARY and especially to McCAIN!

My my the perfect ones followers can't take much.HILLARY 08 BET HILLARY KNOWS HOW MANY STATES THERE ARE. LOL

The pseudo intellectual Obama supporters that call Bush “stupid” are missing the point. Obama’s campaign is based upon catchy slogans without factual basis. However, when Obama tries to state a simple fact, we find "he is not smarter than a 5th grader"!

This is easy, the first 50 are real states and the last 7 are various states of confusion!

Wow, the universe really is expanding! Maybe he's including Syria, Iran, Iraq, Indonesia, Kenya, Cuba and Libya? Or he's suffering from early-onset senility? No matter, Ted Kennedy will be the shadow president anyway. He's in total control and pulling all this puppet's strings.

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