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Patriotic Barack Obama lapel pins unveiled honoring all 57 states

Yesterday The Ticket broke the stunning news of America's acquisition of seven, maybe eight, new states, according to future president Barack Obama.

He was speaking at the start of a two-day swoop through Oregon, which is already a state.

In Beaverton, which is not a state yet, the Democrat let it slip that during this marathon 16-month party presidential nomination struggle against a bunch of dropouts and this female political zombie from New York who won't surrender short of a silver stake, he had already visited 57 states with one more to go.

That's not counting the existing states of Alaska and Hawaii, he said, which his staff decided aren't important enough to visit. Unless maybe you're Mike Gravel or Dennis Kucinich, who weren't very important either, come to think of it.

Here's the spoof-proof Obama video as evidence:

Has this aging freshman senator -- he'll be almost 60 in 13 years -- lost his bearings? Are the eight new states caucus or primary? And will Howard Dean bar them from the convention too?

Obama's gaffe caused a noticeable stir online during the day and even the respected Marc Ambinder at The Atlantic anticipated that the political media would kindly write the Democrat's mis-statement off to fatigue. But he wrote if, say, the Republican nominee-to-be had uttered the same silly fatigue flub, it would surely be added to eager suspicions of senility.

Besides trying to noodle out what the new states are, some clever campaign folks over at the phenomenal Suitably Flip blog got to thinking right away.

Patriotic new lapel pin honoring Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's 57 United States of America

And they've now unveiled a new patriotic lapel pin that anyone can wear with pride even, say, a Harvard-educated senator from Illinois who's been trying to make a point about opposing a war before it even started.

Here is the new pin replete with all 57 stars:

You'll probably want to order several for friends and family. And any Chablis-sipping senators you might know.

--Andrew Malcolm

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This article says more about the writer than it does about Obama. Other articles explained that Obama meant 47, not 57. This one is only mocking and derogatory, never clarifying the 57. It's unprofessional when news reporters mask as "news" their personal opinion.

Utterly usless article.. This guy get's paid to do this.. he is obviously pushing Clinton or McCain... what ever happened to being an objective reporter/blogger.

This is typically what is wrong with the media.. if this guy isn't smart enough to figure out that he meant 47 states then he shouldn't be working for the LA TImes.

Is this important?

Obama is losing his bearings.

Whar kin I git me one of dim there purty pins wit our 57 states on it?

>>>>>So if this is the idea of trying to swift boat Obama, try again!!!<<<<<
Hey, Jenn, you are aware that 'swift boating' means telling the truth? The left is trying to change its meaning. You're the perfect example of that.
Hey, Jenn, try again. LOLOL

Much ado about nothing. Oh, but to wish that the only thing at stake here is how few or how many states make up the USofA.

Robert: "...driven by guilt...?"

Guilt about what? You sound like a bushie, who attracts the kind of voters whose choice is driven by fear.

I detect fear in your post. You sound like you fear Obama.


It's LUDICROUS for a bushie (assuming that's what you are) to talk about qualifications in this context. You need to steer very, very far away from that road, Robert.

As bush has tragically demonstrated, there is absolutely no comparison to be made regarding bush or Obama's qualifications for the presidency. No bush supporter should EVER mention qualifications or a lack thereof when complaining about a presidential candidate other than george w. bush.

Do yourself a favor. When the subject of qualifications comes up regarding Barack Obama amongst you bushies, change the subject --- quickly.

Sounds like something Bush would have said. Bush went to Yale. Obama went to Harvard. Give me the Big Ten anytime.

But can the man spell "potatoes"? Now THAT was a heinous mistake, and Dan Quayle DESERVED the knee-capping that he got from that, NEVER MIND that the misspelling was on an NEA-approved card which supposedly had the correct spelling.
No, no - the audacious man of taupe merely "misspoke", which is Dem-speak for "Let me eat my waffle."
Can we say "double standard"?

This report is so shallow, small ,little, How many tiimes have you seen Pres. Bush VP Chaney, Pres Clinton, Sen. Clinton, John McCain, all of the US Sen. and Congress wearing their lapel pin?. this is so sad LA Times, and all of MSM you all clearly showing your racist double standereds against Sen. Obama..

I think that's exciting. Maybe they have oil, those 8 new states. I just hope they are agreeable. It would be a shame if we had to take them militarily, what with being stretched thin and all.

Oh, never mind. I'm stuck in the past and present. After we pull out all the troops from Iraq we'll have plenty of soldiers to use in the "new state" occupation.

I agree. This article is stupid...It is funny how the writer of it spins it so much....and so the article is largely based on things that were NOT said by the video provided. Way to go Mr. Author....It looks like you should work for Fox news.

Maybe he visited some states twice.

It figures that the ANTI-AMERICA Obama wouldn't even know how many states we have. Perhaps his brain turned to mush after listening to his hate-filled preacher, (and "uncle"...spiritual advisor...mentor...friend) Jeremiah Wright, bash the US for 20 years. Of course, he's blatantly unqualified to be president, but this just further proves its. And people are actually supporting this buffoon? Amazing.

At least he had the common sense and courage to stand up against the war in Iraq.

This country needs change and he is the best candidate to provide it.

We all have our flaws such as bias and prejudice.

Brandon.......McCain is a fraud? Are you fidding? You need to read Robert's post at 5:58 AM.

Those of you who believe that O'Bama is your savior are truly ignorant. This man is a joke and a media creation. He has no credentials for him to even qualify to be POTUS and especially Commander-in-Chief of our brave military.

What the hell is wrong with you people?

Of course with liberals it is always "Do As I Say, Not As I Do" Hypocrites!

The point is that any tiny gaffe John McCain makes is news for days. GET IT? The only policy obama has clearly articulated is that he wants to take my hard earned money and turn us over to his buds, the muslims. He is a glib anti American who has dual citiznship with another country, Kenya. And folks, let me remind you all; we are still in Germany, Japan and Korea. Don't let the facts get it the way.

It's incredible how people are so entranced by Obamamania that they are blinded to the humor of this blog entry.

I thought it was great, thanks for the laugh.

Harrette, stop getting your talking points from Sean Hannity. He's the only one obsessed with Ayers. No one else is. Well, except you.

Please white America. You think white candidates in the past (before the 80's) really gave a damn about polls?

It's time to reciprocate, baby! Clinton symbolizes your typical "European-American-Persuasion".

Those who are from the X-generation, or educated used thier brains and observations to see the America they grew up in. Multi-colored-cultural-ethnici-lingual and mobile.

Catch the wave....So, HIllary is the more experienced candidate with solid platform issues. No doubt. She's a pollitician as is Obama. In this case, nothing will really change, except the color of the skin of the poliltician. That, in and of itself, is CHANGE for me and many Americans who can't really explain why they choose Obama over Clinton....


To people who question Obama's credentials, I ask what credentials did Bush have ?

Can anybody do worse than that guy. I think not. I believe almost any man off the street could do just as well as Bush, therefore; Obama or anyone else is an upgrade.

That pin is pretty funny! I am an Obama supporter and come on, it's okay to share a laugh - we don't have to be all so serious. He's won it, so it's time to just savor the victory before the party healing has to begin in earnest. 57 huh? Let's see if we can get there - we have American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, Washington DC, two Texases (primary and caucus), Denial (the state hillary is carrying 100% to 0) and Reaity - that's Obama's headquarters. So there you have it - 57 states!

Is Obama is thinking of Heinz pickles and running with Kerry? Here is more on the number "57" (from Wiki):

It's been said that the easiest way to get Ketchup from a Heinz 57 bottle is to tap the 57 that appears on the side of the bottle.

"Heinz 57" is sometimes used as a slang term for mixed-breed dogs; which are more often called "Mutts" or a "Mutt".

In the film The Manchurian Candidate, the character of Johnny Iselin gets the number of "confirmed Communists in the State Department" from the back of a Heinz 57 bottle.

National Hockey League players Steve Heinze and Shawn Heins wore #57 for several seasons in the league.

Joe DiMaggio was going to be offered a sponsorship when his hit streak reached 57 games, but the famous streak ended at 56 games.

In the UK a complicated 57 way bet on horse racing is referred to as a "Heinz."

Barack Almighty is nothing more than the Sanjaya Malakar of the primaries...

Barack Obama is fraud. I am so tired of this man who think he can say and do anything he want and not be scrutinized or questioned about it. His supporters and the media makes an excuse for everything wrong that he do, but they attack Hillary, Bill and McCaine for much less. Obama's statement was not because of fatigue, it was because of his lack of good judgement on what to say and how to lead this country. He does not unite, he divide in a clever way. I pray that he does NOT become president.

But inquiring minds want to know if Mrs. Obama was proud for the first time of her country now that her husband was being worshiped in all 57 or 60 states for the first time?

The question is not will Obama loose the general election, it's will he rival the defeat level of George McGovern in 57 or 60 states.

The new Democratic Party motto: Defeat from the jaws of Victory!

So - McCain confuses Sunni / Shia and he's losing his bearings. McCain says troops to be in Iraq for 100 years and He Who Does Nothing Wrong immediately misquotes this as a 100 year war and his supporters won't be corrected (Sen Biden, Dr Ray, etc)

We know that He Who Does Nothing Wrong would never confuse Sunni and Shia because his advisers are meeting with Hezbollah.

He Who Does Nothing Wrong says 57 states (an error of about 13%) and anyone who points it out is now a Republican Hack / RACIST / Lame. When will the He Who Does Nothing Wrong-ites open their eyes and see that Politics as Normal has not changed and will not change?

After Obama gets through adding Gaza, Syria, Puerto Rico, Washington D.C., Kenya, Mexico, and Iran as new states it will be 57!!!

He hadn't been to Alaska & Hawaii. He'd been to 47 states, with one left to go--the 48th. That adds up to 50. He's tired; he said "57" instead of "47."

Obama is clearly the Idiot that we love to put in a white house, he is just like bush.

Michelle, the wicked witch is still talking, and sinking her husband's candidacy, now she want's to scratch Bill's eyes out, what class she has.

Just wait til November Obamaicans, sweet revenge awaits you when the chickens come home to roost for all the hate you have spewed to the other people, (non-black).

McGovern all over again.

It's amazing what "news" agencies will reach for when they run out of real stories.

C'mon guys... high school journalism students can do better than this.

WAKE UP OB ---------- Seems Obama don't know the number of states in his own country. What kind of president would he be? ----------- SCARY.


LATINOS FOR MC CAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NEW YORK (AP) — Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said Thursday that Republican John McCain was "losing his bearings" for repeatedly suggesting the Islamic terrorist group Hamas preferred Obama for president.

Looks like it's not McCain who's "losing his bearings"

It's funny how people can make anyone look like a Militant or anything else when they disagree with them. Americans are hypocrites we can tell another country like South Africa that they need to free blacks from oppression but when a black man runs for President he is militant, labled a terrorist and other names. White people have had years of running this country it is time to give a black man a chance. If McCain is so great where has he been the past 8 years.

Come ON. This is pathetic. Can't you find some real news to write about?

Somehow this is more significant than Hillary saying Barack shouldn't be given the nomination because he can't win white voters (which is blatant racism)?

And Robert, I am curious what exactly Hillary Clinton has accomplished. She keeps saying "experience" but all I can remember is a failed attempt at health care reform and a vote to invade Iraq without reading the intelligence report. As for McCain, he doesn't even have a clue for the difference between Shi'a and Sunni. If that embarrassment doesn't disqualify him to run our country in the middle (hopefully end) of a war in the Middle East, I'm wondering how low the standards are.

Obama has a TON of information about his policy ideas on his website All I'm trying to say is that a lot of us voted not because we're ignorant (after all the college-educated seem to be voting for him across the country) but because we have genuine reasons, just as I'm sure you have reasons to support whoever you might support. I'm kind of sick of people who haven't done their research accusing anyone who voted for Obama as being caught up in his personality.

Harette, the key word there is "SOLELY." As in, they matter but are not the only people who matter and you shouldn't overturn the rest of the votes just because he lost that demographic in a couple states to another democrat.

Obama and his supporters are trying to steal this election. Obama blocked efforts to revote in Michigan and Florida. 93% of blacks support Obama, however any comments regarding this fact, or mention of blue collar white workers for Clinton, is met with accusations of racism. Obama has taken the lead by outspending Hillary 2 or 3 to one, and his caucus wins don't reflect a true lead in popular votes. In addition, early calls for Hillary to drop out show a ploy by Obama to circumvent the democratic process. As a result of all this, the less qualified candidate may end up as our leader ... what a shame.

"Obama really thinks there's 58 states! Hardy har har! Boy, he must be pretty dumb to graduate from Harvard and think there's 58 states! Ahyuck!".... was that supposed to be my idiot yokel reaction? Stupidest article ever. Your sense of humor is ancient and irrelevant. About as funny as a can of peanuts with fake snakes popping out or a rubber chicken. F-

Don't worry guys, I love Obama and I think this is pretty funny too. Mostly because of the context, and how his handlers had to take him out of the room before he said anything else that sounded a bit off. Everybody, first and foremost, these people are politicians, not idols, heroes, or other objects worthy of worship. If you aren't able to laugh at them when they make little mistakes, perhaps you're being just a little too defensive about them?

We all want change, but at the rate this campaign is going, a change in direction could just as well be for the worst, and who would assume otherwise considering that the democratic senator's running in the name of progress want to spend over a trillion more than we already are to fulfill promises our deficit can't afford.

This is going on mind you, while all the mean while the classless high class rich government officials running are targeting the poor with threats of going to jail if they can't find a way to squeeze blood out of a turnip while living from paycheck to paycheck? Going after the poor in the name of progress? I have heard of robin hood, but this is ridiculous, steal from the poor to give to the rich?

This is exactly what our liberal nominees are doing, in their scratch my back while I scratch yours tactics that have the rich getting rich, and the poor poorer. These politicians having their pockets lined by filthy rich insurance companies who are loaded to the hilt at the expense of the poor children they are denying coverage too, while threatening the poor is going too far~!!

The Insurance Companies are insisting that these government officials get the poor to pay for their greed that has them living in mansions, sailing on yachts while uncorking bottles of Don Perion Champaign to celebrate how they dooped the public into going after the poor rather the rich in order to deal with the health crisis our children are facing in th wake of all the resources available to them. . Its amazing…

The Insurance companies need to cease and assist. The system is broken and in the process of being broken it has sent the rate of health costs off the Richter scale. It is time that we had one insurance system for all, by transferring all the companies into one where you don’t have a bunch of executive middle men making billions of dollars at the expense of the Children who are our future. future

We are talking about here is, Government run insurance, not Government run Healthcare. It is time we put the doctors back in command of fulfilling what the patient needs without having to allow the patient be forced to be dictated by what can and can’t be done to him based on his insurance coverage.

There is a big difference between government run health care and Government run Insurance where doctors get the final say. The difference is a change in the right direction for children rather than the right direction for the heartless rich who want to get richer at the expense of the children as well as our government going further in debt.

You want change be careful of the direction the change takes you in. Right now the change is aimed at sending the poor to jail, simply because they are too poor to make up for what the insurance companies are blowing in the form of all the money they are making at the Children’s expense...

All the Billions of dollars the insurance companies have been dumping in campaigns all these years are aimed at doing nothing more than framing the argument without having them being put tin the picture. Well I say get them out of it completely money being dumped in their campaigns to get our votes. The officials are too busy catering to the money rather than the people, while trying to force even more money from the people that they don't even have to give, with threats of jail sentences.

This redundancy of the rich getting richer at the poor’s expense is taking its toll on this nation and this world, IE oil prices going off the hilt while the billionaires use the money to fill their bank accounts instead of building refineries so we can fill our tanks and bellies without having to break the bank…

This direction for change is more of the same and sad fate we face with this change isthe only thing changing is the rate at which this country is being taken down in, thanks to the greed of those running the show…

If you had been campaigning as much as he had, and as tired as he is probably, you would be making more slips than that!

Get a life and a real job. I have rad better opeds by posted replys to many of the negative articles I have seen in the news media from the start of this campaign. Maybe the papers and media need to start firing a few and hiring a few from the list of replies.

Bloomfield, Iowa

Obama is lame, lame, lame. Why can't we elect QUALIFIED people in this country? In France, for instance you have to have written volumes on political science, had some actual achievements under your belt that are well documented and that EVERYONE knows about. Obama has NO credentials, and is basically getting a free ride from the guilt-ridden media. Larry Elder for President!

Poor, Baracky, he gets so TIRED campaigning. Why can't it just be over? Why won't that smart girl with all the answers just go away?
This guy never worked hard for anything in his life. Great way to pick a president. Didn't we just do this? He's just a smarter version of Bush....but I bet even Bush knows how many states there are!

Oh, yeah, and the Great Lakes are in Oregon, too.

I love these Democratic primaries and would vote for either Clinton or Obama in November, although Obama is my first choice. I would be thrilled with an Obama/Chris Gregoire ticket and Clinton as the Senate Majority Leader.

Limbaugh’s Republicans will be in deep shock when all Democrats (old, women, whites, blacks, educated, uneducated, latte drinking, beer drinking, Prius driving, whateveeeeer) will come together and sweep in November. We are like two packs of dogs fighting for a bone right now. Let McWolf get in the cage and you will be amazed at what happens.

I want to know about McCain's medical records. Do they include testing of his short term memory or are they are a celebration of his hiking and cardio vascular state? I dont care about his hiking.
I want to know if he submitted to thorough testing for both Alzheimer's, incipient Alzheimer's, and a battery of tests of short term memory with the results compared to Naval aviators still on duty, not to other 71 year old men. I am sure he is in the high percentile compared to other people my age. I am 65. I have times when I cannot recall the names of the various leaders of the factions in Iraq, with their names in foreign languages, but I am not running for commander in chief. I dont want another Ron Reagan (Alzheimer's in office) and his excuses, like when Reagan was asked to give testimony on the possible treason of others in Irangate, and he had to confess he could not recall at all. No thanks. This health report better be more than McCain's blood pressure and cancer treatments. He was testy about the counter-attack after McCain's nasty remark on Hamas. He thought the response was about his age. It wasnt. It meant, losing his moral compass. Losing his bearing means losing his moral compass, by engaging in unethical comments. However, the fact that his people spun the comment about unethical comments and took it to mean Obama suggests that age may be a factor of McCain's fitness for duty must be evaluated openly and without distortion. The back and forth claiming moral compass means old age is so far off the mark, I suspect they have something to hide. Why are they postponing release of the medical records? They were promised April 15th, tax day. Now they are promised on the day May 20th, when Obama and apparently the Republicans, think Obama will clinch a majority of the elected delegates. If they are published that day, we still wont be satisfied if it is just about his resting heart rate and blood pressure. We need the Alzheimer test and the short term memory tests, compared to healthy young bright cadets, not to old people. I am sure he compares great to other people his age. That is not the question.

have both Obama and McCain submit to a battery of tests for short term memory and Alzheimers. Publish the results.


It seems the republicans have there people out on these boards.
Ignorance cannot continue running us. Wake up and get informed before you spew information that is not correct .
Obviously, Robert is one of those people. No facts, just baseless opinions.
We must become smarter as a country. 5th grade arguments should stay in elementary school.
Lets pull together and remember that we are all in this together.

Go Obama!!

Obama's problem iis not as scary as it seems. He subtracted 3 from 50, on the fly, and got 57. At least, he does not avoid orignial thinking as does Bush. On a related subject, why does Bush seem to think that we care about his daughter's wedding. Whey our son was killed in Austin by a taxi driver carrying a concealed weapon during Bush's term as governor, he couldn't have cared less. You see, Bush and Texas believes that this was an acceptable cost of being able to own an arsenal of weapons, silencers and dismantled submachine guns and carry concealed weapons. The killer, by the way, was a Timothy McVeigh type who spent considerable time in the Phillapines and whom the the police suspected of burning down his own apartment with his mother inside. Not surprisingly, he died mysteriously in prison after being indicted for capital punishment--way too much baggage to be allowed to live.

Sen. Clinton is within reach of the nomination, that is why the opponent is calling for her to step down. Isnt that always the way for men to get rid of women ?

She wont quit guys get over it !

Do you think he might of meant to say 47? At least he hasn't lost his bearings.

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