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Patriotic Barack Obama lapel pins unveiled honoring all 57 states

Yesterday The Ticket broke the stunning news of America's acquisition of seven, maybe eight, new states, according to future president Barack Obama.

He was speaking at the start of a two-day swoop through Oregon, which is already a state.

In Beaverton, which is not a state yet, the Democrat let it slip that during this marathon 16-month party presidential nomination struggle against a bunch of dropouts and this female political zombie from New York who won't surrender short of a silver stake, he had already visited 57 states with one more to go.

That's not counting the existing states of Alaska and Hawaii, he said, which his staff decided aren't important enough to visit. Unless maybe you're Mike Gravel or Dennis Kucinich, who weren't very important either, come to think of it.

Here's the spoof-proof Obama video as evidence:

Has this aging freshman senator -- he'll be almost 60 in 13 years -- lost his bearings? Are the eight new states caucus or primary? And will Howard Dean bar them from the convention too?

Obama's gaffe caused a noticeable stir online during the day and even the respected Marc Ambinder at The Atlantic anticipated that the political media would kindly write the Democrat's mis-statement off to fatigue. But he wrote if, say, the Republican nominee-to-be had uttered the same silly fatigue flub, it would surely be added to eager suspicions of senility.

Besides trying to noodle out what the new states are, some clever campaign folks over at the phenomenal Suitably Flip blog got to thinking right away.

Patriotic new lapel pin honoring Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's 57 United States of America

And they've now unveiled a new patriotic lapel pin that anyone can wear with pride even, say, a Harvard-educated senator from Illinois who's been trying to make a point about opposing a war before it even started.

Here is the new pin replete with all 57 stars:

You'll probably want to order several for friends and family. And any Chablis-sipping senators you might know.

--Andrew Malcolm

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This is the lamest article I've read. You think him making the smallest mistake like that is such a big thing, haha... stupid. Sorry but we are still with Obama, and we base it on policies.

Let's think of other big gaffes the candidates have made... Hillary on Bosnia, and McCain Mistakenly Says Iran Allowing Al Qaeda Fighters Into Country, Later Corrects Error.

So if this is the idea of trying to swift boat Obama, try again!!!

P.S. I'm sick of people saying Obama doesn't get the white vote, I'm white not rich... and not the youth vote. Majority of his voters have been white!

(Who said it was a big deal? It's hilarious! Lighten up.)


This guy is so lame! BOYCOTT CNN & MSNBC for manipulating the Presidential election with the biased pushing of obama before researching.

Obama needs to tell us more about his relationship with Ayers. It’s important because voters might well wonder whether that relationship, coupled with Obama’s longtime relationship with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, is just the beginning of a pattern, a pattern in which Obama seems quite comfortable with people who really, really, really don’t like the United States of America. If you question him or his values or policies, you’re part of the “divisive, distracting” practices voters associate with Washington. If you become an unquestioning, adoring political groupie, you’re not. Them’s the Obama Rules.
One day after being drubbed by Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania to the tune of 200,000+ votes, Obama’s chief political adviser David Alexrod was on National Public Radio claiming that white working class Democrats barely exist and hardly matter.
Axelrod said, “The white working class has gone to the Republican nominee for many elections, going back even to the Clinton years. This is not new that Democratic candidates don’t need or rely solely on those votes.”

That was funny! It probably feels like 57 states after how long this primary season has gone on...LOL!

In terms of McCain, he has done some gaffes himself on the campaign trail as well including mixing up Shia and Sunni not once but thrice, holding his microphone upside down while speaking, as well as countless other things.

I think the "losing his bearings" comment from Obama has NOTHING to do with McCain's age (McCain needs to stop whining about every little thing that is said. I thought he had a "pair" but I guess not. He is turning into "whiner in chief"). I saw the interview and I thought Obama was talking about McCain was losing his "moral compass" since he said he was going to run "positive campaign" but obviously he isn't by saying that Hamas endorsed Obama when that isn't the case at all. Just one Hamas guy complimented Obama by saying that he reminded him of JFK. If the KKK or the Nazi party endorses McCain I am sure that Obama wouldn't stoop so low as to tell the media that this was the case.

McCain is a fraud. I thought he would be different but obviously he is not. No wonder his favorability ratings are going down in the Rasmussen poll. He now has less favorable ratings than Obama in that poll.

I had written off the LA Times as a mouthpiece of the Democratic party. Reading this blog--which seems to provide some balance--has me giving the LA Times a second look. I hope this blogger is also a reporter.

Mr. Malcolm,

Please stop exasperating me. Judging by your luminous career, people might start to worry about your character changes.

(Thanks for the concern, Mia. But don't worry about me. Having too much fun over here. Thanks for reading!)

When McCain talked about the 100-year-war or when he said Iran was supporting the Al Qaeda in Iraq (Iran is Shiite and AQ is Sunni), he was not senile. He was just showing his ignorance.

Hillary claiming repeatedly that she came under sniper fire in Bosnia was not due to fatigue as Bill and other Clintonistas claimed. It was a pure and simple lie, told repeatedly at all times of the day.

Obama as a teacher of constitutional law knows that there are only 50 states. His slip won't and shouldn't get much attention because it is a slip. This is very different from the ignorance and falsehood of McCain and Clinton respectively.

BO for Primeminister of the 57 states! Oh.. wait ..

Maybe in the La Raza AbSolut world of the Obamessiah there are 57 states.

Clearly he meant 47 states, with 1 to go (48) and not Alaska and Hawaii (49 and 50). Come on folks, he just 'misspoke'. There's always Ron Paul.

People voting for this candidate are driven by ignorance, guilt, and ignorant hate but mostly ignorance. He has no credentials that show his qualifications to hold the office. He is a media created rock star. He is influenced and surrounded by people of dubious character. He has held no real job that he has ever been held accountable for results. His own books written by his ghost writers confirm this and the beat goes on. Sorry he is not the one.

Harvard grad????
Jethro did better when he grad gee ated 6th grade.
:) :)

If gas is $4.00 a gallon, If the Iraq war is still going bad, If President Bush's approval rating is at 30%, Who really cares if McCain is too old, whether he voted for Clinton or not, whether he can't tell sunni from Shia, Whether or not Reverend Wright or Ayers will hurt Obama, whether Obama thinks there's 57 states or not,whether we care if Clinton came under fire in Bosnia. Let's talk real issues. IT'S TIME FOR CHANGE!!!!

Of course he just misspoke, but that doesn't make it any less funny! I'd hate for him (or either of the other candidates) only to misspeak in a prosaic way with no avenues for later mocking. These sorts of mistakes happen often on the presidential campaign trail, and thank goodness for that - it's pretty much the only thing that makes the drawn out primary process entertaining. Now, are they selling those flag pins?

Are there two Obama's?

One Obama tells us that, as commander in chief, he would listen to his generals re: troop withdrawals from Iraq, but that he would be the MAN and the rate at which we withdraw was his decision alone.

Another Obama, the one who appears on YouTube in the blog, tells us that he wanted to campaign in Alaska and Hawaii (the 58th and 59th states), but that his staff wouldn't allow him.

Pray tell, what happens if the MAN, as President, and his staff disagree re: troop withdrawal rates? Does the staff prevail again?

RED HERRING!!!! Classic Republican misdirection. What is news worthy about this stupid article? We can now assume anyone wearing one of those idiotic lapel pins shown above is a neocon. And NO if this story was written about John "Gramps" McCain I would feel the same! At long last have you no sense of decency?

You people voted for him....

He may have visited 57 states, but he only wants to count the votes in 48 of them. Unless, that is, Dean & Brazile decide to split Michigan and Florida 50/50, or, better yet (Brazile's idea), just declare both states a win for Obama.

The article IS LAME. Clearly he meant to say "47" states. He mentions that he has "one more to go" and that he "wasn't allowed to go to Alaska or Hawaii". Do the math. Is that the best you can come up with to criticize the future President of the United States?

If this is the most damning thing that Andrew Malcolm can find to blather on about, it's no wonder he's a hack writer for a dying-on-the-vine paper like the LA Times. Next time, Andrew, see if you can find something substantive to write about.


What does this MORON have to do to convince people it doesn't take a genius to give good fricking speeches?

He's a moron. Dumb as Bush, only with Reagan's speech-giving talent. And Reagan was senile and riddled with Alzenheimer's the ENTIRE TIME.

ObamaNation... every bit as stupid as Obama is. Let's all pretend racism doesn't exist anymore in America and suicide ourselves against the old white guy.


Everyone chill! - if you actually watch the video you can see that Obama himself was making the joke about it seeming like he's been to 57 states.

Nice fun jumping in on this Malcolm. You have a future at the Onion!

So, naming 57 states is just an error? How pathetic are you people? All you Obama fans out there should rent the movie "Being There" It might will give you some necessary insight into what life with your "inspirational and hopeful and change candidate" would really involve.

57 primaries. 50 states plus Guam, American Samoa, etc.

By spending 2 seconds thinking and even less time doing some research, Mr. Malcolm could have figured this out.


HAHAHA. I bet even Barack is laughing at this. Best blog\article I've read in months!

LOL what a great way for him to innocently appease the flag pin whiners AND show that he doesn't take himself too seriously. Buy one now, Barack! It'll be a hoot. :-}

Middle-class republican white woman, originally from WV & now in VA, over the age of 50, who is now a signed & sealed Obamacan.

Truly, this is much ado about nothing. The Republican smear machine must be running out of gas.

Once the nation has had a chance to see Barack and old man McCain go head to head on the debate floor, the polls will swing solidly in Obama's direction.

Obama's verbal miscue was not a gaffe in the normal sense, McCain, however, doesn't know Shiite from Shinola and he doesn't seem to care about it. For John McCain, all Muslims are the enemy and Israel is our spiritual and political mentor. Joe Lieberman is making the snowballs and McCain is trying to hurl them.

John McCain is a doddering old tool of the War Lobby, half senile already, he would make an excellent, Reagan-like trol for the Energy, Defense and Israel lobbies.

If the Mossad doesn't snuff Barack, America might just wake up and realize that Israel's national interests are not at all congruent with the national interests of the USA. Barack offers hope that a vital realignment might occur.

"He has held no real job that he has ever been held accountable for results"

Well, he taught law at the University of Chicago for 11 years, while also working as an attorney, and was elected and twice re-elected to the Illinois Senate.

Oh, that's right Robert. People who support Obama do so out of ignorance. That's why his figures look so fantastic among people with college degrees.

What a silly non issue. People are really grasping at straws.

Robert - please check your facts. He wrote both his books himself. The people who used ghostwriters are the other 2 in this race (Clinton and McCain)

Funny article about a genuine slip - this election has been so full of ridiculousness that I won't be surprised if the "serious" media start running it and have their "expert" talking heads jabbering away on how this raises serious doubts about Obama.

Obama is the best candidate I've seen in a long time - we are lucky to have someone who is brilliant, even-tempered, a skilled politician and charismatic, all at the same time.

Thank you for exposing this "important" story. You have shown the importance of your column and your career, if this is what you use your writing space for. Boy that Obama is so stoopid. Haw, haw, haw... I'm a gonna vote fer McBush, Haw, haw, haw. He's one of us, haw, haw, haw. Bomb Iran, haw, haw, stay in Iraq forever.........

Wow, gotta love that President Obama.

That's the kinda "change" we need - 7 new states!

He's sure got the intellect and the ideas to lead this country forward.

Better him than that Ron Paul fellow, you know, the one we only talk about in blogs?

How is he different than Obama again?

Mr Malcom, being sarcastic to Mia or trying to divert/belittle her comments is not the way you should go. Of course, we are concerned about what is posted here because it carries subliminal messages that try to influence people's mind. Probably the honest thing to do is to state which particular candidate you support just after you sign the article. In that way you declare your interests and people will be aware of your intentions and will understand your character. I am an ex-Republican baby boomer close to retirement and although we had leaders in the past I think that we will hardly have another opportunity to see an emerging leader as Sen. Obama. I decided not to be defined again as R or D but as an American. Sen. Obama is a third-milennium leader and if it is quite obvious for you, no past or current leader will compare to him. For those who are asking for credentials or what are his plans for change, it's easy: start changing yourselves, think globally and stop thinking as if we were still in the past. Finally, Mr Malcolm this is not funny! Perhaps the outcome of this political process will not affect you but for us who are facing gas prices, shrinking buying power and predatory health costs, it is damn serious!!

John McCain has proven himself in the halls of congress and the US senate; in the skies over North Vietnam and in the prison camps of Hanoi.

Barak Obama has proven himself ________(fill in the blank).

Fun. Too bad some people are so passionate they miss the joking tone of the article !

Go Obama, president of 57 states or more !

Hilarious !!! Obama is lovable and inspirational enough to live through a few mistakes, as are we all. At least he wasn't inventing sniper fire to make himself look heroic.

“We need to elect someone who understands how Washington works and is ready from Day 1.”
You are absolutely right Hillary; YOU have been at 'center stage' for the past 16 years and N-O-T-H-I-N-G HAS CHANGED !!
May be IT IS time to move on - - -

It looks like he was joking. Some people have no sense of humor.

"Chablis-sipping"? What do YOU drink? Seriously, what's the deal with associating wine with liberalism? Where did this come from? I be the Mondavi and Gallo families vote GOP, and there certainly are a whole lot of beer drinkers who vote Democratic. Comments like that make you look foolish, not the people you're trying to lampoon.

@ darter "Clearly he meant 47 states, with 1 to go (48) and not Alaska and Hawaii (49 and 50). Come on folks, he just 'misspoke'. There's always Ron Paul.

exact on point, nothing more nothing less. Some folks are seeming with bias and will grasp at any little thing.

@Harrette obvioussly cannot deal with the fact that a black man will be president. Its sad to see people like you. For God Sake, Ayers did what he did when Obama was 8. I would be more concerned about the true hatered coming from Pastors endorsing Mccain. To srat turning the way Black Churches prey, partly to let of steam against the fustration they have to deal with, is wrong.

I would be more concerned about statements McCain makes which can end up being a lot more signigicant damaging National Secutiry:

There are 57 states if you count Puerto Rico, Gitmo, Colombia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Taiwan and Israel.

After the dirty campaign he has been running, criticizing everyone else, saying every little comment was racist or they've lost there bearings. Claiming he doesn't take money from oil or lobbyist when his had is in the same pot of money as everyone else's. How does he like it now, it appears he's not as perfect as he thinks he is.
Obama has enough dirt on him that I wouldn't trust him with a boy scout troop let alone the country. Take the blinders off America you've been had.

I'am with Robert. We are voting for the Presidency of the United States not some local village trustee.

This reporter has nothing to report but some mis-spoken worlds by Obama. This reporter is so biased and has no professional ethics.

And the writer of this article is the current problem with politics. What a waste of time.

I'am with Robert. We are voting for the Presidency of the United States not some local village trustee.

There is absolutely no doubt that the media would be dumping on John McCain if he had said this. No doubt whatsoever. The media is completely biased and unfair.

Malcoln, Malcom, Malcom

You had to have reached pretty deep for this!
I fear however it suffers from one flaw, ITS STUPID!

Oh but you thought it was dry and witty, Did you not?

Take a geritol and get some sleep

Oooohhh .. Yeah OBVIOUSLY Barack thinks there's 57 states! How can the US elect a president who misspoke? You guys are going to misunderestimate him.

As an outsider, I am SHOCKED at the attention that Americans give to Rev. Wright and other "friends" that Obama has had that have either done or said wrong or even incendiary things. GET OVER IT. Focusing on such petty issues is what got you guys in the situation you're in now - a war with no purpose, an economy in the tank and no moral authority in foreign affairs. Obama can at least mend these issues better than any other candidate. Does that matter to Americans? No. They're more concerned about superficial immaterial aspects like whether a candidate wears an American flag on his lapel or that he clearly mistakenly said '57 states' instead of '47 states'.

For the sake of the world and a prosperous America, I beg the American media and people to get over the petty politics that the Republicans have used so successfully since Swift Boat Veterans to cripple the American psyche, allowing their party leaders to mislead their population for their own misguided and even criminal personal gains (either economically or ideologically). You allowed the Republicans to portray John Kerry, recipient of a PURPLE HEART, as "unpatriotic" - even though Bush and Cheney didn't serve a single day in Vietnam and did all they could to dodge it. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?


You guys should get a grip on life and move on…

The guy was joking…

He was born in the USA, He graduate from Harvard; he was in charge of Harvard law review; he was a constitutional Lawyer; he was teaching law in the university; he was a state senator for about 7 years; he has been in the US senate for about 3 years…..

Do you guys really thing a guy with such a history does not know the number of states that are in the US.

This is the basis for that joke…

There are 50 states in the US….

Six US territories.

1. Puerto Rico
2. Virgin Islands
3. American Samoa
4. Guam
5. Northern Mariana Islands
6. Minor Outlying Islands (Wake Island and Johnston Island)

And one US-Administered region:

1. Guantanamo Bay

If you do the maths, the US president is in charge of these 57 states, territories, regions

Schizophrenic Clintonians: you are traitors! You are financed by Al-Qaeda, and we are hunting you down OUT OF OUR COMMUNITY! Because we are REAL AMERICANS and we hate your drug-dealer LATINO people! Down with Hillary Escobar!
Regarding what banana-bama said it is called IRONY, but he usually outsmarts all you pathetic losers, and all the pathetic press (usually one becomes a journalist when he is not smart enough to get a job on a cafeteria, for example...). Anyways, if banana-bama can't crush you, WE will crush you! Big Mac and Rice will destroy you and better for you, Clintonians, to find a place in Mexico or Canada, because our witch-hunt will make Zimbabwe look like a kindergarten party...

Well, technically he's right.
He're the list of unofficial US states after the 50th.
51: Canada
52: Puerto Rico
53: Guam and the Pacific Islands
54. Iraq
55. Denial
56. Apathy
57. Warmongering.

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