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Sneak Peek: Jon Stewart actually presses John McCain on a topic

John McCain tipped his hand on his running-mate choice during his appearance tonight on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart."

Jon Stewart of the Comedy Central Network welcomes Republican presidential candidate John McCain of Arizona on his show where he asked him about President Bush  Pulling a white card from his jacket pocket, he announced it would be ... Dwight Schrute, the nerdy, insecure No. 2 to the Steve Carell character, Michael Scott, on NBC's "The Office." (No word on whether Rainn Wilson, Schrute's portrayer, has it in his range to play a different type of second banana).

McCain got his customary warm welcome during his 13th appearance on Stewart's Comedy Central show, which he’s often described as an avenue to young voters.

Stewart (often described as uncharacteristically in the tank for McCain) ribbed his guest -- who he says usually shows up with his “bookie and a couple of guys” -- about his new contingent of Secret Service agents. He suggested several code names for the presumptive Republican presidential nominee: “McDreamy? McSteamy? How about this –- Grumpelstiltskin?”

McCain got his biggest laughs with his response to the following Stewart tangent:

“Everybody knows Sen. Barack Obama has a problem with the Rev. (Jeremiah) Wright issue,” Stewart said. “You, sir, have your own person -- religious, I don’t want to say zealot, but religious person endorsing you -- that Americans have expressed greater concern" about.

Stewart continued, “Will you take the opportunity right now to repudiate and denounce President Bush?”

McCain swiveled his chair and ...

... pretended to walk off stage with a wave to the crowd.

“Sit down, sir!” Stewart shouted.

“What do you think of that, though?” Stewart said after McCain returned to his chair.

McCain pretended to have technical difficulties with his microphone.

“More Americans are concerned about your relationship with President Bush than with Obama and Rev. Wright. Don’t you find that fascinating?” Stewart pressed.

“I think that the president’s poll numbers are obvious,” McCain said (dismal, actually, is how they are generally characterized).

The Arizona senator then ticked off several issues where he differs with Bush.

McCain passed on picking which Democrat he'd rather take on in a game of bean bag: Obama or Hillary Clinton.

And asked for comment by Stewart about watching the Democrats "beating each other over the head,” he played it coy.

“I hate to watch,” McCain said wryly. “My heart goes out to them.”

-- Maeve Reston

Photo credit: Associated Press 

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It's really sad when a Comedy Central fake news show host is harder on McCain than our press. As softball as this may have been, it's still a question no regular reporter seems to be able to ask McCain. My theory is, they think he smells too good to be asked hard questions.

it is obvious that mccain has no business running for office, for a whole multitude of reasons; and that he's propped up as an easy target for obama, to avoid recognition of, and confrontation with RON PAUL, the legit republican presidential candidate - who's still managed to get out his solid message for a better, constitutional america to millions of people, despite all massive censorship and hateful adversity. and his support is growing by the minute. so mccain's clowneries will soon come to an end; as serious discussion of the pressing issues will take place, although without mccain.

At least McCain also acknowledged that Ron Paul is still in the race in this interview. Stewart looked stunned and said "Really?!?... I like him! He was on the show. He's an interesting guy."

I just ordered a sweet Dwight Schrute for President shirt from They have tons of stuff from The Office. They said not to tell anyone, but here is a 10% discount code, “pts10“ (it’s case sensitive, so copy and paste it). Enjoy!


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