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Hillary Clinton and the race card, revisited

The debate rages, both within the chattering class and among folks in general, about whether Hillary Clinton was out of bounds in remarks this week on her appeal to white, working-class voters (see the comments generated by this posting).

New York Times columnist Bob Herbert has his mind made up, and the result today was an Op-Ed piece that eviscerates not only Hillary but Bill Clinton as well.

Herbert pulls no punches, especially in his last paragraph: "The Clintons should be ashamed of themselves. But they long ago proved to the world that they have no shame."

The entire commentary can be read here.

A news article in the N.Y. Times, meanwhile, reports that aides say Hillary Clinton "regrets the comments" that have sparked the controversy.

-- Don Frederick

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Bob Herbert ###### What about the comment Obama said about Hillary Clinton calling her quote ( this female political zombie from new york who want surrender short of a silver stake?) How much more insulting can Obama get. Was this a slur against Hillary? It's ignorant the way you and others accept insults and racist remarks when it comes from blacks, but call everything whites say racist. Can't you see how comments like yours and Obama"s are dividing blacks and whites more since this election started? Just like all the other candidates, the Clintons have faults, but I know the good they have done for the american people, especially the blacks. Today most blacks have turned their backs on Hillary because they want a black president even if he could be worse than Bush. Obama is untested , in part unknown and dont' want to be questioned before the public about his background. I hope the republicans completely scrutinize him so the voters can know who he really is now.

Mary, you are so wrong! Furthermore, when did Sen Obama call her a zombie?! It's okay to defend your candidate, but it's another thing to blatantly LIE to get your own dig in.
I too believe Sen Clinton did that purposely! She knows she has to appeal to the demographics that favors her in both West Virginia and Kentuck and wanted to plant that seed more!
I am black and I for one like many other african americans DO NOT tolerate racism or as you put it reverse racism. I do not support Barack Obama simply because he's black and don't insinuate that WE do not have a brain in our head to discern and differentiate between the two candidates.
I am a hard-working American, like millions of others and to feel that you have it locked up simply because you are white is a racist comment. And Mary, not just BLACK people are saying this!

>but call everything whites say racist.


Divisiveness suits you well. That consideration isn't genius.

You got a problem with Obama, don't wonder why anyone else votes for him. Those voters skin color or gender doesn't matter.

Whites are voting for Obama, Einstein, understand the numbers from every state.

He leads because a Majority of all Democrats want him to beat the Clinton's. Beat both of them, it's been that way since the campaigns have started.

A lot of guys nationally don't want Bill back in the White House!

Clinton's have done extremely well financially for themselves while NAFTA created manufacturing job losses in many states after they left.

Many won't be as silly as you when considering their choice for President.

Conservatives need to scrutinize McCain, can he do their bidding like Bush has lead this country into the hole financially and ethically. McCain spouts more Conservative Judges on the Supreme Court without details. Did those Conservative Judges he likes, sign a loyalty oath to the GOP?

He said about Katrina damage while touring there, "If Katrina happened on my watch I would have landed a plane at the nearest Air Force base and gave support in person.

That's poor genius by McCain to believe he wasn't part of Bush policies that failed the Gulf States. Anything that happens in America is on Congress watch!

Many Republicans think Obama is better choice . Their smart enough not listening to Rush Limbaugh either.

Mr. Michele J ------- Why do you assume that if someone speak out against black racist that they are white? I am a black democrat and I don't make up lies on anyone. Read all of Obamas comments in (seven new states maby eight ) and you will see the quote I stated. Open up your mind and think. There are some of us blacks voters who are tired of this race hate from blacks as well as some whites.Yes blacks can be racist too. Also some of us black voters do not think Obama is qualified to be president and we will not vote for him in the general election. --------- Loosen up.

To Michele J ---- Sorry, I gave you the wrong headline on Obama's ugly statement. Read ( PATRIOTIC BARACK OBAMA'S LAPEL PINS UNVEILED HONORING ALL 57 STATES.


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