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Geraldine Ferraro, calling Barack Obama "sexist," may not back him

Might fully one-third of the six surviving Democratic vice presidential nominees end up opposing their party's national ticket this November?

Former Democratic vice presidential candidate Gerladine Ferraro says she might not vote for the frontrunner for her party's presidential nomination, Barack Obama That possibility arose today based on comments Geraldine Ferraro, the 1984 Democratic veep candidate, made to The New York Times.

Sen. Joe Lieberman, who occupied the No. 2 slot for the Democrats in 2000, months ago declared for presumptive Republican White House nominee John McCain.

And Ferraro, a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter who sparked a brouhaha earlier this year over whether she made a racially dismissive remark about Barack Obama, apparently is no longer a reliable Democratic vote.

Ferraro, in the NYT story, terms Obama "terribly sexist." And, as a result, she says she may not be able to cast her ballot for him if, as anticipated, he gains the Democratic presidential nod.

On the positive side for Democrats, no signs of apostasy are emanating from the four other one-time party veep candidates still alive -- John Edwards (the '04 nominee who officially signed on with Obama last week), Al Gore (the nominee in 1992 and '96), Walter Mondale (the 1976 and 1980 nominee) and Sargent Shriver (George McGovern's running mate in 1972 -- they may have gotten trounced by the GOP's Richard Nixon/Spiro Agnew pairing, but their longevity is impressive).

-- Don Frederick

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I'd like to see the evidence that Obama is "terribly sexist", as Ferraro puts it. Is he sexist because he's winning and he's a man?

Maybe she was saying that Obama is "terribly sexy"!

Ferraro is an Archie Bunker racist. Who cares who she votes for. If I were running for office, I wouldn't want her vote.

I am a white woman who is proudly supporting Obama because he is an extraordinary talent and it's time for a change.

Poor Geraldine, is she at it again? It must be difficult when you look in the mirror one morning and suddenly realize that you have become irrelevant.

Geraldine, Just because you are a racist and a sexist does not mean that the people you hate because of their race and sex are racists or sexist. Not everybody is as brain impaired as you. Let's see if Hillary rejects or denounces Ms. Ferraro.


Why keep printing this RACIST stuff from these OLDER racist people like Geraldine Ferraro thereby keeping this country divided. These young people are ready for CHANGE. We need a President smart and wise enough to take this country into the 21st century and save us from disaster, or all these racist viewpoints want matter any longer anyway.

Please, Please stop giving these older racist people a platform! These OLD people don't even understand the technology shift in this world, and we're going to be left behind if they stay in charge.

Good idea to write in Hillary's name in Nov. I won't vote for pretty boy Obama, and I hope he looses to McCain even if I won't vote for him.

Has Ferraro lost her mind? Is she oblivious to the fact that McCain once called his wife the C word in public? Surely she'd rather be called sweetie than that.

jeffs, just because you voted for Clinton because of her gender does not mean that everyone did or that those who voted for Obama did so because of his race. If you check out his website, you can find thousands of reasons to support Barack Obama and thousands of people who support him for different reasons.

Just because the worst is true for you and Ms. Ferraro doesn't mean you should think the worst of us.

>> Thank you Geraldine! I totally agree. If Hillary is not on the ticket, I will write her in. Obama will never get my vote!>>

And by doing so, you and Ferraro would be helping out a man who opposes a woman's right to choose, and who responded to the question, "How do we beat the bitch?" with laughter and the line, "That's an excellent question."

But I guess that's not terribly sexist by Ferraro standards.

Are we evolving or becoming frustrated because we want to belong by suppressing our natural inclinations?

Whats next? Hillary didn't win because the world is round?

This is disappointing. Ferraro stood for something very good until this campaign. There is absolutely no evidence that Obama is sexist, in any form or fashion.

Obama never claimed that Ferraro was racist either. He simply disagreed with her absurd characterization that he was only where he was because he was black. He was absolutely right to debunk that notion. Hillary also publicly debunked that notion as well.

It is sad to see Ferraro stain her goodwill in such a peculiar way.


Lauren, do you really feel that McCain represents your views better than Obama? You do know that McCain has promised to appoint ultraconservative Justices don't you? A couple of old liberals being replaced with ultraconservatives could keep the courts leaning far right for decades, if not the rest of your life.

GF was WRONG about why Obama was successful. It had nothing to do with his race or Hillary's gender (when this began and Clinton was the runaway favorite to be the nominee, everyone knew she was a woman and he was African American). He was successful because he was better organized in Iowa and had a better post-Super Tuesday strategy. He also had a better fundraising strategy, a simpler/clearer message and a more consistent tone.

Ferraro can reduce his success to whatever she sees on the surface, and that's fine. But all of these dinosaurs will be extinct if they don't learn and adapt.

Remember the words of Yoda the Wise:

"Worry not, Barack. Crazy she is."

I am so glad to read this. Go Geraldine. The vile remarks written here about "hot flashes" or "menopause" drive home the point better than anything I can type here. Sexism is alive and well in America, and Ms. Clinton--of whom I am not a fan--was the victim of it from the media, pundits and, most of all, her opponent. I hope women wake up from the glittery gauze at which some of them are gazing at Obama through. It's a false, tinsel shine that gets duller every day.

Geraldine Ferraro I understand your feeling. Have you ever before seem a presidential candidate know and have so many criminal friends, and attend a church 20 years with a racist pastor who hate america? Obama is a danger to thsi country. Terriorist around world want him in office because they see how weak he is and they know they can easily lead him their way. Wake up republicans, do something to help stop this.

He plays the racist card anytime he wants sympathy and his wife doesn't even respect America. Is this the type of (Americans) we want representing us to the world.

I can't believe this woman still have stuff to say. She was the one to start all of this racism business and feels she has a right to say anything? As far as I am concerned, she cost Hillary the race.

Geraldine is the only one around with enough gumption to describe things as they really are. When Obama calls a reporter "sweetie" and refuses to answer her question, what does that say about his true character?

Not surprising. What should we expect from a country club Democrat?

It takes depth of character to hold a principled stand. Anyone who would vote for the guy who wants to install judges to overturn Roe v. Wade (or abet it by abstaining) was never pro-choice. Geraldine never was a feminist, just a bossy busybody who treats party affiliation like a bridge club.

Mrs. Ferraro, You are 100% correct. He knew exactly what you were saying,when you said it because he knows he is where he is because he calls himself black. Susan Rice led the attack on you. She was the instigator of most of the racist Sharpton digs. We all know it. And yes, you were put on the ticket because you were a women. Since 1492, no women at the top spot, still.
Now the Republicans are not expected to lift up any of us minions, but now we see the Democrats allowing Republicans to disrepect and degrade Hillary because she is a women.We need to remind DNC that this is unacceptable, they do not even notice.
. Hey GF, wanna be VP to Hillary? Alright, we will just go to Tennessee and get Mr. Ford. He could work rings around Obama and it would be difficult for the GOP to critisize because of his record. I bet he and his wife are not listeningto hate sermons every Sunday for 40 years.

Barack Obama is clearly sexist because if he did love women he would have affairs with lots of them, impregnating them and therefore spreading his blessed, beautiful children all over America. How could you deny us the benefit of bearing your gorgeous spawn, Senator?

Also, he wants equal pay for equal work no matter what your gender or race which is CLEARLY sexist against affluent white males who deserve more for their work based on their historical contributions to society like Lawrence Welk and Larry Bird.


agree with many of the posters that Geraldine Ferraro is too old and out of touch to be in a position of any importance anymore. Once she realized people get mad when she makes racist comments, she spent her time trying to come up with a good plaly to villify Obama, and now she has. He's sexist because he used the word Sweetie. What other evidence can anyone even site for calling him a sexist? He seems to love his wife quite a bit, and she is not a cowardly, submissive, stay at home mom who doesn't stand up for herself and express her views. On the contrary she is independent, strongly opinonated and she has lots of conviction. What the heck is going on here? I wish she would stop getting press.....

The difference between Barack and Geraldine is that Barack is being chosen by the voter. Geraldine was chosen by the party establishment. So when Geraldine says that Barack is benefitting because he is black, is just not true. And as she pointed out herself, if anyone benefitted because of affirmative action, its Geraldine Ferraro.....

One-third of six is two. Good use of hyperbole to inflate the number two; bad use of journalism to inflate the number two.

The Democrats need to be more careful who they pick for VP.

Geraldine and Lieberman - go register Republican! It's where you belong.

And for those who think the racists will make a difference, look at the three "safe" Republican Congressional seats just won by the Democrats - two in the deep South.

The overriding issue in the general election will be George W. Bush and whether the country wants more of the same, or real change.

The three Congressional elections are the forerunner of what will be a landslide of historic proportions sweeping not only the first African-American into the White House but huge Democratic gains in both houses of Congress as well as governors and state legislatures everywhere.

wow, this has blown out of proportion, he called somone sweety- what is the big deal, its not even important. Everyone does this to everyone all the time, will it actually make a difference in real life... NO

"...fully one-third of the six..." in other words, two.

This illustrates just how divisive this race is becoming for the Dems. Hillary needs to bow out, back Obama in no uncertain terms and accept the vp position. Otherwise it's another four years of crusty, out-of-touch Republican politics.

Sexist? No.

Sexy? Yes!

Yummy Obama

Geraldine Ferraro and Robert Byrd.

The former VP candidate makes another racist comment.

The former KKK leader endorses the African-American.

Take a look at whose comments more closely represent your opinions to see where YOU stand on the scale of progress in racial tolerance.

To Obama: Sorry, "Sweetie." If you are the nominee, I am voting for McCain.

Dear Democrats,

dear Hillary and dear Geraldine,
thank you so much for letting me win the presidential elections. You did a magnificent job at deviding the liberal scum, and having them fight one another! I would never had thought I could win these elections, given the liberal scum's loathing of the Bush administration. But against all odds, you are making it possible! Thank you again, I so hope that you, Hillary, will run again in four years and thus secure my second term.

Love, John McCain

We never heard of Ferraro afer the early eighties after Mondale lost the election. Has she made any contributions to this country? I dont think so. She can stuff her vote wherever she wants. This country is not counting on her vote anyway.

And, and, and if Hilary is not on the ticket I am going to hold my breath until my face turns blue. Then, then, then....I am going to vote for the party that will take away my choice, limit my opportunites, withold my my rights and place members on the supreme court that will ratify all of the opposite things from which I believe. That will show them.


Run as an independent, HIllary. You have my vote. Let's send a message to the DNC that they cannot be the party of sexism ... the party of not counting votes... the party of "putting down the working class."

I agree... If HIllary doesn't make it, Obama will not get my vote either.... I will be forced to go to McCain...... Gee, I guess you guys will call me a sexist, racist, both, but gee again.... I don't care.

What would be the downside be to Obama of a non-endorsement from Ferraro? Is there anyone who really CARES what Geraldine Ferraro thinks to the point where it would influence their vote? She's obviously cranky because Obama is going to get the nod. The Democratic party needs a lot more Obamas and a lot fewer Ferraros.





Barack Obama is not being chosen by the voter, he is being chosen by the democrat voters. That's a subtle but important distinction.

Dear Democrats!

Dear Hillary, dear Geraldine,
thank you so much! I hope that you, Hillary, will run again in four years and make my second term possible. Thanks for dividing the liberal scum, and making it possible for me to be president against all odds, and despite everybody hates the Bush administration. Thanks, all American women, for uniting with us! Never will a liberal negro be president, that's our common purpose. See you in four years!


John McCain

I've learned over many years that people would much rather believe a convenient lie than to believe the truth. Geraldine may have some sour grapes because of Obama's attacks on her, but in this matter she is right. Let the truth be the truth and the lies be the lies.

I will L_A_U_G_H when the republican take the white house yet again. I will laugh harder when the democrats cry like children and ask for recounts again and again and...

That's good.

Dear Sir




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In the past 48 hours, John McCain raised over $9 million for his campaign and the Republican National Committee. While we're choosing our nominee, the Republican machine is working their way across the country, raising money and expanding their bank accounts.
What are they going to do with that money? Attack. As soon as we have our nominee, they'll unleash a flood of expensive negative attacks to try to define our candidate.
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....Wasn't she a regular on the Golden Girls?

Poor Geraldino, its just the Alzaimer or sever depression.

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