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Geraldine Ferraro, calling Barack Obama "sexist," may not back him

Might fully one-third of the six surviving Democratic vice presidential nominees end up opposing their party's national ticket this November?

Former Democratic vice presidential candidate Gerladine Ferraro says she might not vote for the frontrunner for her party's presidential nomination, Barack Obama That possibility arose today based on comments Geraldine Ferraro, the 1984 Democratic veep candidate, made to The New York Times.

Sen. Joe Lieberman, who occupied the No. 2 slot for the Democrats in 2000, months ago declared for presumptive Republican White House nominee John McCain.

And Ferraro, a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter who sparked a brouhaha earlier this year over whether she made a racially dismissive remark about Barack Obama, apparently is no longer a reliable Democratic vote.

Ferraro, in the NYT story, terms Obama "terribly sexist." And, as a result, she says she may not be able to cast her ballot for him if, as anticipated, he gains the Democratic presidential nod.

On the positive side for Democrats, no signs of apostasy are emanating from the four other one-time party veep candidates still alive -- John Edwards (the '04 nominee who officially signed on with Obama last week), Al Gore (the nominee in 1992 and '96), Walter Mondale (the 1976 and 1980 nominee) and Sargent Shriver (George McGovern's running mate in 1972 -- they may have gotten trounced by the GOP's Richard Nixon/Spiro Agnew pairing, but their longevity is impressive).

-- Don Frederick

Photo credit: Associated Press

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So, who cares what six losers think? Is this a slow news day?

Ferraro was a female politician who happened to be in the right place at the right time, but her luck ran out when the electorate got a good luck at her sleazy hubby.

No wonder Mrs. Ferraro supports Mrs. Clinton, their resumes are congruent.

We dumped Geraldine, now let's dump Hillary!

Ferraro has been outrageously vilified for making a true comment, that the public and Dem. elite were in the mood to make a statement by picking a black/ bi-racial candidate more than a female one. If Obama had had a shred of decency he'd have stood up for her and acknowledged the truth of what she said; instead, he whined indignantly about how his obstacles and path had been so much harder than Hillary's, and went on to brand Bill a racist, too.

Obama's black when he wants to be, like how he defended his pastor Wright's racist/ anti-American/ wacko 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist comments, as reflecting the black point of view -- as with his wife Michelle's that she'd never before been really proud of her country.

But when anyone else mentions his race, they're "racist." Some "open dialogue about race."

must be menopausal hot flashes

What's wrong with Ms. Ferraro? Why is she so hateful? Why is she putting fuel in this fire instead of acting like a leader and telling Hillary supporters to wisen up? The game is over. Like it or not Obama played by all the rules and won fair and square, against incredible odds and ugly tactics from the other team. Why can't she accept this? Is she really a democrat, does she care about our future or is she so insane she's willing to spew her hate to damage the party?

I think she's lost it.

Thank you Geraldine! I totally agree. If Hillary is not on the ticket, I will write her in. Obama will never get my vote!

Umm..Ms. became irrelevant a long time ago and you're looking like a bitter old woman so please by all means..cast your vote for whom you please..if you think you're going to hold the Obama camp hostage with your threats please think represent one vote..that's all so if you'd prefer McBush over Obama..more power to you!!

Geraldine Ferraro is really making herself popular. She is part of the failed, pathetic, spineless, gravy-sucking Democratic Party of yesteryear.

Obama will bring change. People like Ferraro have gotten so happy being losers that a winner like Obama scares them and makes them feel inadequate.

Time for you to exit now, Geraldine, you've done enough damage.

I can't imagine that anyone not institutionalized would care about what Geraldine Gerraro thought about anything. She is a rich, nasty, ill-tempered person who is angry, angry, angry.

If ALL Hillary Clinton supporters WRITE HER IN, and there WILL BE A MASSIVE MOVEMENT to do this, SHE WILL OBLITERATE BOTH McCain and Obama.

This is the HRC supporters' NUCLEAR OPTION, and it will work, because most of us will ignore any attempt of Hillary's to rally us behind Obama WHEN ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS WRITE HER IN TO WIN.

So I suggest the DNC superdelgates consider their options, AND THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE MAP, VERY carefully.

The Racist calling him a SEXIST? Funny, tell that dinosaur to go sit down, one open seat on the convention floor.

It is truly sad to see this coming from Geraldine. She seems to be obviously very biased. I find it somewhat disturbing that Obama says that Michelle keeps him "straight", that he was raised by a single mother, and has a long history of supporting issues like women's right to choose... but Geraldine says he is sexist???!!!???

Is this because her own world view is so completely sexist? Is this her own personal biase speaking out? I think so as it seems unfathomable otherwise.

Isn't it amazing, that when anyone claiming to support Obama, he's Democrat, and if anyone (like Ferraro) says anything otherwise, s/he is not???

Fine, Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi can have whoever they want, but I'm going to vote with my feet (and my vote), if they persist in pushing Obama as nominee.

So much for Dem.

It's great how she backs it up with absolutely nothing.

People need to start growing up and realize that this election has to do with the future of our country and the lives of both its military and citizens. Instead, you see another person looking to throw a tantrum to get attention because they didn't get their way.

I can't wait for these dinosaurs to die off. Their views that are marred in the politics of the 60's and 70's do not speak for my generation.

As a 61 year old female I must say Geraldine my dear, you are acting sexist. It works both ways you know. Or perhaps you have switched parties and forgot to tell us.

This is the reality for November!

The Democratic party is now broken, and they have no one else to thank for it but themselves!

This is the most divisive campaign they have ever waged... pitting democrats against democrats. "Humpty Dumpty had a great fall... all the obama horses and all the obama men, can never put humpty dumpty tgether again".

You don't gang up on someone, pummel them to the ground, then extend a hand saying: "oh, I just remembered, I need your help..." and expect them to welcome you with open arms!

I have paid very close attention to what Ferraro has been saying in this campaign, but what was the racially-dismissive comment Ferraro made about Barack Obama? I missed that.

McCain can make this election really easy on himself and pick a VP like Olympia Snowe.


Obama can make this election really easy on himself and just pick Clinton.

How exactly is Obama "terribly sexist"?

Sorry, I don't get it. I understand being a bit disappointed that your preferred candidate is not doing what you expected but this seems to be pulling something from thin air

Now Obama is sexist? How and why Ferraro, because Obama appears to have beaten the Clintons?

So vote for McCain then even though you just exposed that it's personal and you are willing to put what you believe is politically correct aside. To think you almost because VP of this country.

Rest assured, if disgruntled Dems like Ferraro think they will contaminate this years election so Clinton can get in 2013 think again. If that turns out to be true it will be the end of the democratic party and none of Obama's supporters like me will vote for Clinton in 2013.

Shut your trap Ferraro, your a discrace to the democratic party not to menton a bigot. Do us all a favor and jump in bed with Libermann already. We don't need you or want you in our party.

Geraldine Ferraro has just made herself the Al Sharpton of the the feminist movement, officially doing more harm than good for women's rights with her silly groundless claims. Good to know there is no gender gap when it comes to being a poor loser.

Whis is sexist? Look in the mirror Geri

Of course she won't back him. After all, Geraldine Ferraro is racist and thinks that black candidates can only get elected based on their race and not on their platforms, insight, knowledge, track record and proven leadership.

So yeah - no big surprise out of granny today.

I think the Freudian slip, calling a female reporter "sweetie" speaks to that point. It may not have been Freudian...he said that he calls a lot of women sweetie.

Ferraro claims Obama is "sexist" and yet she turns a blind eye to that womanizer Bill Clinton?

She's the Rev Wright of feminism.

Ferraro thinks Obama is a sexist leader and because she is too old to play sex with him, she is not going to vote for him! She must be feeling too bad because she was unable to be a Bill's running mat and enjoyed the BILL'S SEX when she was some what young.
Do not worry, Ferraro, still there is time to enjoy sex with an old and medically handicapped John McCain. Nothing wrong in requesting him for a dtae!

The Democrats have always known how to lose elections. Why should this time be any different?

And Ferraro is relevant these days why?

Oh, yeah, that's right, she's not.

She;s just another Democrat has-been-and-never-was trying to get back into a spotlight.

Quick, somebody go interview Gary Hart next!

Geraldine Ferraro...must be tough to feel entitled and then be disappointed by an outsider, huh? So the next best thing...apply a label that you hope others will embrace so that you can perhaps pull support from him.
The world is changing, and clearly you haven't...L O S E R!

One can just hear Obama's reply to Ferraro. "OK, sweetie, whatever makes you feel good!"

Geraldine, use your power for some purposeful end. Like helping the rest of Hillary's supporters negotiate the VP slot or something that honors Hillary's lifetime of work for this nation. She's not going back to the Senate to toil until 2011 or the DNC is not going to get my vote. I'll write Clinton in instead. But no one should be thinking of those options unless Hillary is completely shoved aside by the DNC. I spoke to a friend last night who is losing her home to foreclosure. She wept as she spoke about all that people have lost in the past 8 years. I'm going to do what I do in my business all day long, which is to broker a powerful deal for my candidate Hillary Clinton. But at the end of the day, we have to help Americans get back on their feet. And that means doing something outside of ourselves to make a difference. So stop sparring with Barack and get out there and do something positive for Hillary's future position with this nation.

You are not alone Geraldine --- I've been a Democrat my entire life but I WILL NOT VOTE for Barrack Obama! He is a fraud.

I remember watching Ferraro's pathetic performance in her vice presidential debates. As a Democrat, it was hard to watch. Then came her recent remarks about Obama's race, that forced Clinton to dismiss her... She has become an all-around embarrassment, and I, for one, am thankful that she won't be connected to the Democratic nominee in this Fall's election.

I guess they want a Republican President for four more years of McBush.

People like Ferraro do a great disservice to Hillary. I don't think 3 people care who Ferraro endorses. Hillary will show class and fight for the Dem nominee. Pity Ferraro can't follow her lead.

Geraldine who? When was the last time she was relevant to the mainstream democratic party, let alone mainstream America?

Accusing Obama of being sexist while Clinton touts herself as the only one who can bring in the white vote is disingenuous. While there has been plenty of sexist comments made about Clinton(none by Obama that I know of) the fact is, most of the people who don't like her, don't like her because of her record and things she's done.

Her congressional record of supporting the Bush agenda lock step until it became politically expedient not to is what does it for me. She voted for the war and the patriot act and then wants me to believe that she's different now? Probably the most disturbing thing for me regarding her character are the history of lies(or untruths) that she has told in marketing herself. The most well known of the recent ones being that she was under sniper fire, like she was some kind of first lady action hero. It was pure fiction and she knew she was lying when she said it. She had no control, caught up in her own hype, believing her own fantasizes about herself and her imagined character that she sells to those who don't critically analyze her actual record in politics.

That she has to rely on these embellishments to sell herself(like the claim way back that she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary, which turned out to be not true) speaks volumes of the kind of character we can expect her to show in the whitehouse. We need someone with more depth than that. That she happens to be a woman is completely irrelevant for most of us who don't like her.

Because of her known history, Obama's relative inexperience is actually a strength. Who wouldn't, when given a choice in hiring, prefer the inexperienced person with stronger communication skills and persuasive arguments to manage their company over the proven liar with experience that strongly indicates they won't do the job you want done? I'd rather take the chance on the new blood as they might do the job I want done, rather than hiring someone I know for certain will not do the job I want done.

While I respect both Ferraro's and Clinton's life time of work in politics and in furthering the cause of women, comments like these dont help anyone.

Thankl You Geraldine for not Backing Barack Obama. I am sure that he will do much better without you.

Sexist? What's wrong with being sexy?

Geraldine Ferraro is the sexist one. Listening to the ignorant bile and vitriol coming out of this woman's mouth in defense of her indefensible is precisely the kind of nauseating experience that has driven the majority of Democrats in this country to vote for Obama.

Ha Ha! Mr Ferraro funny. She no like Obama. Obama bad. Clinton trick. Say sniper shoot her. Ha ha good trick! Funny funny Ferraro. Funny funny Clintons. Me want beer with Clinton. Me want beer with Bush. Bush make funny trick too!
No weapons mass distinction. Funny Bush! Obama bad. More Bush! Me want beer with McCain!

Ms. Ferraro has clearly become a bigot. The perfect mate for Archie Bunker.

I read the times article you linked to. Geradline Ferraro doesnt call Obama sexist in it. Stop being inflammatory. It's helpful to neither women, America, HRC, BHO or Ms. Ferraro.

Why anyone would care what Ferraro said is beyond me. She is not dealing from a full deck, is vaguely racist, and should know better, having been painted darkly by allegations about her husband's activities. Just an ill-tempered former politician with very deep pockets. But not much real depth.

Terribly racist Ferraro calls Obama terribly sexist.

How relevant is this in the grand scheme of things? Is Geraldine Ferraro really going to vote for McCain? Somehow that seems unlikely.

"Terribly sexist?" I know "sweetie" was a little sexist, but I know of no other sexist comments from Obama. His followers, on the other hand ...

Let Geraldine and all the other dinosaurs fade away in to extinction. There's a new DNC and come January 08 a new America filled with hope.

Obama 08

How has Ferraro surfaced? Is it Groundhog Day ? Does anyone really care about her opinion ?

Funny. She's mad that she was called a racist and now that her candidate is losing she is acting like a child, picking up her democratic ball, and sucking her thumb as she walks away from the political playground. funny how she couldn't wait to call Barack a racist for no reason whatsoever now that he is the nominee. Now I hear Hillary wants to run as an independent. Her and her constituancy sure as hell don't care about the democratic party, and I honestly think when Hillary says it isn't over, she means she and her campaign of sorelosers aren't finished tearing Barack Obama down. When I say this, I don't mean to offend any honest Hillary supporters, because I know many of you are, but there are many Hilary supporters iout there who are racist, elitist, "remember the ol' days" ancients who can't stand to see a more popular candidate get elected. Shame on Hiillary. When will she stop?

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