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Confirmed: John Edwards to endorse Barack Obama tonight

So, it was a revealing slip the other day when, as reported in the Ticket, former Sen. John Edwards said he was going to endorse the Democratic presidential candidate he had just voted for in the North Carolina primary and then referred to that person as "him."

Ex-Senator John Edwards of North Carolina slipped up on national TV and revealed who he's going to endorse for the Democratic presidential nomination--Sen. Barack Obama

Tonight, according to sources in the Obama campaign, Edwards will endorse Sen. Barack Obama at a rally in Michigan, a crucial state for Democratic plans to recapture the White House Nov. 4.

It's perfect, and not accidental timing, for the freshman senator as it will shift the political conversation away from Sen. Hillary Clinton's lopsided victory in West Virginia Tuesday.

In public and in private conversations today in Washington with potential campaign donors, she was trying to use the win to show momentum and raise questions about Obama's. It's a bitter pill for Clinton, who had adopted several of Edwards' campaign themes, including fighting poverty, in an effort to win his endorsement.

But now the prime-time focus will be back on the Democratic front-runner, who will let other Democrats and the media ask the recurring question, "Why doesn't she just give up in the face of the unconquerable delegate math?"

In her victory speech last night in West Virginia, the New York senator indicated she would stay in the race until "everyone" is heard, possibly including settling of the Michigan-Florida vote-counting morass.

In a campaign appearance today, Clinton's spouse, ex-president Bill Clinton, remarked he never thought it would be the Democrats who would not be counting votes from Florida.

Now, that leaves only one big kahuna out there ...

... who's not yet endorsed, former vice president Al Gore. He's likely to await a grand entrance and proclamation at the national convention in Denver in August.

(UPDATE: Clinton campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe issued a brief reaction: "We respect John Edwards, but as the voters of West Virginia showed last night, this thing is far from over.”

(Mike Duncan, chairman of the Republican National Committee, also issued a statement equally full of joy and praise: “Barack Obama and John Edwards share an out-of-touch agenda that would raise taxes on families while cutting funding for our troops. The only question is why didn’t Edwards endorse sooner?  Edwards’ endorsement of a candidate he previously blasted as inexperienced, hypocritical and lacking substance will not help Obama with voters looking for real change.”)

-- Andrew  Malcolm

Photo Credit: CNN

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Yay! Obama for pres and Edwards for vice pres!!! We can do it, America!!

Ummm ... it would be helpful if people here would remember Sen. Obama has more pledged delegates and a greater number of the popular vote than Sen. Clinton.

Additionally, anyone suggesting West Virginia is a bellweather of the nation ought to move there. Obama will not win West Virgina, Hillary would not have won West Virginia.

I support Obama because I think Washington needs to change the way it does business. I don't think Obama will solve many of the problems in Washington, but I believe he will, and that is why he has my vote. So demonize him all you want, it just shows me all the more that the system is dysfunctional and the level of discourse needs to be raised.




Eat THAT one Hillary!

Ask Billyboy if he's had any good cigars lately.

You should have divorced him years ago rather than attempt to feed off of his laurel (such as they are).

You snivel and purchase your way into New York in anticipation of shooting for the presidency and get your a$$ beat fair and can not abide by the rule re: Florida and Michigan. Rules you yourself agreed upon.

You feel you have the right to order change mid way through ANY agreement... no wonder Bill is a cigar smoker!!!!!

You are a race baiter along w/ being an overbearing static individual who pretends to be a human being.

You are a liar, sneak, and pathetic individual and it is SOOOOO appearant that you learned your campaign ethics from your husband.

If Billyboy and Chelsea had not been running your campaign for NEVER would have gotten as far as you have.

YOU ARE PATHETIC..please hang it up dear!!!!!!!!


Realize it for the party...stop being so well as idiotic.!!!!!


Well .... It is really sad for John to come out and endorse Obama but I don't think it matters that much. It is also clear that his selfishness made him do that. He will never be a president, if his intent is for 2016. We will have smarter and younger Democrat by then. After all, who cares weather he is southern or white. Please, forget those losers; for sure he is not getting my family vote. I may for the first time vote Republican.

I really believe that it is a time for change in America, you see, I come from small Pacific nation and being from such a country we have a lot less news about ourselves, and more on you guys and the outside world, and besides most of the television channels/ programs are Amerianised or have some form of American influence on them.
Everyone wants to be like the United States of America. However that spin on things has worn thin on a lot other countries around the world, just look at it this way, everytime there's a conflict in the world you always make it your business for it (the conflict) to be your business. Maybe with Senator Obama's policies like troop withdrawal from troubled spots around the world and more focus on home issues, is the way to go.
Cleaning up your own back yard before cleaning up others would earn more respect from your own people and the world. Be a super-power at home rather then else where, besides the United States of America is already known as a super-power you don't need to prove it anymore, thats old news. You know, for myself at one point in life, I envied the United States; sadly, this has long gone (the envy). Now with these policies Sen. Obama's got, I'm sure the worlds people will again begin to envy the United States of America.
Former Sen. John Edwards has probably seen the light, good move senator.

Women have no business in a mans world.
Their job is to make sure the kids are raised properly, and the house is clean, and oh yeah...have dinner ready!
So is this what you ladies think this is all about, man vs. women?
Here is a fact, that seems hard to swallow, Obama has won this race, no matter what happens from here.
He is in the lead in ALL categories, popular vote, delegates, super delegates, states won. Unlike Clinton, Obama is not 20 million dollars in the hole(and that doesn't even include the 11 million she loaned her self). If so many of you think she is more popular, than why does Obama have so much more money, where are all those Clinton supporters?

People power? Lemme ask you, who was it who gave obama a 150 delegate lead? the people! that's people power too u know. Everytime you win a primary you can't use that as evidence that you have overwhelming support to stay in the race, nevermind the 51% of the democrats who have voted against her. She carries on saying the people should decide. Clinton, the people have already decided! he has 150 delegate lead! They've decided, and they've decided AGAINST you!
And what do you mean this type of politics is unfair. It's strategic, announcing an endorsement to overshadow her victory, that is politics, and frankly the Clintons are guilty of much more dire transgressions than Obama's opportunistic timing. You obviously don't like it, but in the game of politics it was a smart move, and one that is allowed.
And shockingly, to all the old feminists who somehow think people are voting for obama to keep a woman out of office, that's just not true: Her base are the least educated lower class, the least liberal. The people voting for Obama are the college educated liberal elite, not a bunch of sexists. I don't think all the students who have rallied behind obama and hate clinton are doing it because of sexism: students are known to be the most liberal and accepting voting block in the country. They're doing it cause she's a slimy politician and you are too blinded by your desire to see a woman in office to see otherwise.

Way to go John Hillary put us on notice she plans to take it to the DNC floor in August. I noticed every time she invoked the white hard working blue collar worker term her voter amount went up and then she'd murmur oh I'm sorry it was an honest mistake. PETERFPAUL.COM will show just how sorry you really are Bill and Hillary.

Long live Obama!!! Enough with all this political elitism!!!
Why do we have to follow a pattern drawn up by those arrogant liars?
If we elect Clinton II this time, guess who we are going to have after her? Bush III.
NO THANK YOU!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! It is time to save Democratic America!

This is the winning ticket

Obama & Edwards 08'

It's a crying shame Hillary didn't divorce Slick Willie years ago and run for Governor instead of the Senate. Those two things would have put her over the top by now in this little primary contest. Nope! She's just too tainted! Don't know which was worse, Willie or the Senate. (Wouldn't have been bad to have lost some weight and stop bleaching her head too.)

For all you so call democrats, if you don't vote for the Democratic nominee you are doing what the republicans what you to do. Be smarter than that.!!!!!

Wow, folks... Bitter much?
You know, it is possible that Barack Obama just won more votes than Hillary. I know it sucks if you wanted her to win, but have you ever considered that maybe, on this one, you might really just be in the minority? And that it isn't a male/female thing? Or a back-stabbing thing? Have you considered the possibility that fewer Dems want Hillary to be the nominee?
Think about it for a moment. Maybe it'll help calm you down...

If these primaries have done nothing else for us democrats, it has exposed the absurd, convoluted, and totally un-democratic manner in which a nominee is "elected". Why bother with the whole pretense? Why waste the publics time to provide an illusion that our opinion actually counts?

There are actually some good lessons democrats could learn from the republicans. I am totally turned off.

Please tell me that some of the people reading this are not actually considering West Virginia to be representative of this country. The majority are white, un-educated, and poor. It sounds like most of them voted based on race which is not what this election should be about, or sex for that matter. How about we just pick the best person for the job and as much as I hate to say it, that person is not Hillary Clinton. It certainly isn't John McCain (he has yet to make anything better in Arizona - how is he going to improve a whole country after the mess Bush has us in). I say who cares who makes history as long as we make history. I find it very sad that some people will not vote if the person they most want to see win the nomination doesn't get it. They will be the first ones whining when McCain screws us up even worse. Read up on where the two stand on the issues and you will find that for the most part they have the same ideas, but Obama makes people excited and Hillary makes people want to throw rocks at her - I think we should prefer the first option.

As an outsider, neither a republican or democrat (based in Sydney, AU) I am amazed at the polarisation of the two candidates - to the benefit of the opposition.

I cannot state I truly understand US politics, but I would have thought the ideologies of Republicans and Democrats were sufficiently divided to at least agree which party I'd vote for.

My only assumption is that the individual is bigger than the party in deciding voting preferences.

Hello Mr John you do this kind of the politics is very unfair for Mrs Hilary. I hope you stop.

Hillary's win in West Virginia may have been a boost to her campaign, but in the long it won't make a difference. West Virginia had 28 delegates, Clinton took 20 while Obama took 8. In the space between the North Carolina Primary and the West Virginia primary Obama picked up 25 super delegates. I think the best thing for the Democratic party right now would be for Hillary to drop out. By staying in, she is dividing the party. It is alarming to see people who claim they will sit out this election if Hillary doesn't win. Sitting out the election will only hand the election to John McCain, and i don't think any Hillary supporter would want to see four more years of a Republican in office.

Edwards snubbed the poor people of West Virginia, he joined the hypocrits, Kerry, Kennedy and Obama.

Who do you think would do more for ovarian cancer and breast cancer?

Obama could go on his 50 State concert tour and bring his group to the Democrats this November. Tlhis is the dumbing up of the Democratic Party.

No, Hillary cannot change her group to vote for Obama, it is much bigger than her. PEOPLE POWER will bring all the disinfranchised voters all 17 million with a boycott.
The long time Democrats will not forget how unfairly they are treated. Obama sent two attorneys to Michigan to prevent them from voting. Florida and Michigan will never forget.

funny how many of these hillary supporter think that they can blackmail the party into selecting her by acting like they'll vote for mccain or stay home come november.

typical spiteful women. don't get their way, so they burn the whole house down...

Edwards was going to endorse someone, sometime. So what's wrong with endorsing the candidate of his choice when he feels it will have the most impact?

I can't possibly believe that there are many democrats, especially those who are out of work, or on low wages, who will vote for a 3rd Bush term for McCain, ensuring that they will be suffering for another 4 more years.

I mean, cmon, its time to re-consider and think about your family and your country. And you have to think about the kids in your neighborhood as well. If there's a hundred year war in Iraq, some of these kids, who might enlist in years to come, will lose their lives in a futile war.

And besides, considering McCain's mixed Senate record on global warming, the world cannot afford another four more years of inaction, and deadlock in both Houses. Barack Obama's record is cleaner, and I think he'd be a better choice to help Al Gore in this aspect.

Therefore I believe that the threat to vote for McCain, a McBush, is not only to be taken more seriously, but also a sign, I believe, that Obama has to reach out more. Luckily he still has time.

As I read the above blogs it reinforces my opinion that most of my fellow Americans are totally unaware of what has been happening in this country during the past 20 years. Yes the Bush and Clinton family have run this country in the ground for 20 straight years...all of your middle class jobs have gone to Mexico, China, India, etc. Both of the lying manipulative families have sold all of you out, yet you are so stupid you believe all of the BS lies coming out of Hillary's mouth. Are you all so stupid that you are unable to see what has happened to you? Do you really believe that Senator Obama could lie or deceive you any more than you have been by the Bush and Clinton families? Do you really want the two same families running this country for 28 straight years? Neither of the three Senators running for POTUS can turn this country around on a dime, however Senator Obama is the only one that has any kind of chance. If you people would spend more time reading instead of watching American Idol and shopping at the local mall you might learn what has happened to you over the last 20 years and what it will take to turn this country in the other direction. I may be the only Kentuckian voting for Senator Obama next Tuesday because I am not surrounded by the most intelligent individuals however as an extremely well read individual on all matters both domestic and international I can assure you we are lucky to have this man at this time in our country's history.

Edwards for VP??? I think NOT for one BIG reason... HE DON'T WANT IT!!!! So, how about THIS for an idea... Allow these next 5 primaries to happen, then see which way the Supers lean. If Barack gets the nod, then HE should be the one to decide who his VP will be. NOT us, NOT the media. I'm beginning to get fed up with all this amateur political advice, and all the talking-heads from CNN, FOX, MSNBC, et-al.

What if he decides to choose Kathleen Sebeius??? She is female, moderate, no baggage, and a Democratic governor in a predominantly Republican state. To me, this choice would be the best of all worlds.

Food for thought....

"Good news. It's time for the party to unite and focus on taking back the White House in November.

I'm sorry for Senator Clinton's supporters who haven't accepted that this nomination race is over yet, but it is. It's time for Ms. Clinton to bow out gracefully. And for what it's worth -- I'm a woman and I'm white, but that doesn't mean that a white female candidate was automatically going to get my vote. Or that a black candidate would. I vote for the person, not their gender or their skin color. This country would be a lot further along if everyone else did the same.

Liberals and Democrats in this country need to focus on uniting the party. Threatening to vote for a war-mongering conservative who wants to take away a woman's right to choose instead of the Democratic nominee sounds rather like a child threatening to pack up their toys and go home if they don't get to tell everyone else what to do. Except it's worth, because this isn't child's play. It's serious. It's the future of our society.

In 2000, our election was stolen from us. But in 2004, we let this country re-elect someone patently unsuitable for the job because we couldn't unite ourselves. I've been embarrassed to call myself a Democrat for the past four years. We all should have been embarrassed. And we can't let it happen again."

Posted by: julia

Well said, Julia.

I fail to understand how a Clinton supporter--someone who actually agrees with her platform--could ever conceive of voting for McCain over a Democrat. We understand your feelings are hurt that she is not winning the nomination. But, remember, she WILL be campaigning for and voting for the democratic nominee--why, pray tell, wouldn't you?

For John Ryskamp, a comment from

Prantha Trivedi commented:
What a CROCK! Does the Clintonista author know anything?

I cannot believe OpEd News would publish this tripe from an obvious Hillary Surrogate - who happens to be utilizing a strategy directly from the Karl Rove playbook.

The Rezko case has been in trial for almost 11 weeks now. The Prosecution completed presenting its case almost a month ago. The Defense finished presenting its case. The Prosecution and the Defense have completed their closing arguments and the jury will likely begin deliberating tomorrow.

While the Illinois Governor is probably in serious trouble due to the revelations that came out during the prosecution of the case, nothing - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING - damaging has come out about Obama. (Clinton surrogates have been in the courtroom almost every day, hoping to find something meaty to leak to the press about Obama. But it never happened.)

The Rovian purpose for planting this bogus article in Op Ed News is so that other future Hillary surrogates can "quote a source" in other published works; and then other, future surrogates will then quote the quoters and "repeat the propaganda" (to quote Bush 43) until the Hillary surrogates have created a "fact" out of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Op Ed News has been used as a tool for Bush-like propaganda against the future president of the United States!


Prantha Trivedi
Ryskamp has a chip on his shoulder, or a book to peddle, it would appear.

Those of you supporting Clinton often indicate that she's experienced. Please help me understand this. She was the president's wife, while that certainly gave her some insights into the presidential process, it doesn't qualify as experience.
She is clearly and incredibly driven, intelligent person. However her first hand experience is only since 2000 as the senator from NY. Obama has been serving since 1997. Is one much more experienced than the other? From actual facts, it appears that it's more or less a toss-up, with a nod towards Obama.

Where Clinton excels is as a lawyer - she's great at making convincing arguments, regardless of what she actually believes. However, her mode of operation leaves many feeling alientated. Unlike her husband, who is brilliant at "working the room", she leaves people feeling cold.

Obama has a way of inspiring people. He has been much more consistent in his politics. No, he's not perfect, but he's far more trustworthy than Clinton and this country needs a president whom we can trust.

There is excitement growing among our overseas allies as well - they see the great potential Obama has for repairing the damage done to our great nation's reputation. We need a president who shows understanding of others. We deserve a president who represents our country with dignity.
We want Obama.

John PaulTelhomme, puberty can be so stressful, can't it? Especially when it's a mental condition. At least ageist sexism is the new racism. Schwew--it would be so sad to live without an ism, right? Schwew schwew.

Alex McDermott

Although Edwards was much too slow to be "rewarded" for his endorsement of Obama, he is a dedicated public servant with considerable legal experience, and also a staunch middle of the road Democrat. So, if Obama is elected President (in spite of sour puss Hillary fans who intend to desert the Democratic party), I hope that he'll invite Edwards to be his Attorney General. It is essential that we return to an administration that is based on decency. Edwards would not kow-tow to Big Oil interests, etc.

Anyone who votes against their best interests out of spite of their favorite candidate losing is a total idiot. If you're against 8 years or more of the Iraq War and the hundreds of billions of dollars of your dollars being used to pay for it, then voting for McCain is NOT in your best interest.

For those of you whom have already decided that McCain has won the elections, I would take a good look at the seats that Republicans have been losing left and right. The Republicans are going to have to work painstakingly hard to convince the American people that they deserve another 4 years leading the country given President Bush's low approval, the poor economy and the Iraq war.

ONEWQY, Ageist sexism is the new racism. You can be proud! Go, humanity! Nothing like largely unconscious ideology in the form of an -ism to spice up the day. Keep eating the Kool-aid cookies! Yum yum! Older people, especially older women, are less human than other kinds of people! Ra ra!

Alex McDermott

Wow! What a bunch of me! me! me! I will vote for either Obama or Clinton because I don't want a Bush clone in the White house. From the posts I read here, it seems as though a lot of people still act like a ten year old,"It's my ball and if we don't play by my rules, I'm going home". Out here in the wilds of Wyoming we have a saying we use. It's "cowboy up!" It is used when someone is complaining or whining about something that doesn't go their way.

"Well, you will never find me cheering the Obama/Edwards duo! I have voted in every presidential election since Eisenhower (so you know I'm one of those old white women Hillary's opponents are so derisive of) but this is one election I will be sitting out and I won't be missed that's for sure. My stomach is not strong enough to handle the bile this episode has created.

Posted by: Harriett Heisey | May 14, 2008 at 03:57 PM"

I think you will get over it and I urge you to vote. I think you will remember in the end that you should not throw away your vote even if you feel your candidate has somehow been slighted. I personally feel that the outcome is not surprising. This happens to many candidates, and they can't all be winners no matter how good they are or why some people favor them. There is only one Presidency and many good people. Hillary, for reasons I still don't understand completely, didn't get this right.

I think you will realize that it is your right, and also your responsibility to your country's success to vote in this election as you pretty much always have. You will have a choice between what is offered by Obama or McCain. To me the choice between them is clear.

It really is time to move on to America's issues now and away from these divisive politics. I expect that Hillary will soon get this and start leading you and her other followers in the right direction....

Kentucky Tom, you are wonderful! You have perfectly expressed my frustration over the last 20 years. I am very aware of what we have lost as a country, & that is why I am voting for Obama. Any Hillary supporter threatening to vote for McCain doesn't care enough about their future. Do you want 20 more years of this? I don't! I'm almost 45, & I'm getting too old for this.

Dear Harrriett,
You are not only old and white, but selfish: I would've gladly voted for my senator Clinton, whose husband I adored as president (in spite of some nasty stuff he did to poor people) but loathed as a campaigner, rather than sit this one out.
Sure, McCain's old and white and selfish, too, but he basically sucks, and, as a woman, you shouldn't allow that kind of stuff for president.
Your conscience, though ...

Alex McDermott, I wish that people would understand that Hillary isn't losing because of sexism. I am a female Obama supporter. When I was really upset one day about the mean-spiritedness coming out of Bush & the Republican Party, I realized that I didn't want that behavior in my party, either. When Hillary started sneering at Obama supporters & made fun of their idealism, I recognized it as behavior a Republican would be proud of. That's why I turned against her. It had nothing to do with her being a woman.

Okay, I am a bit confused. When Obama won South Carolina, the Clinton campaign and many news outlets said it was expected because of the large African American population there, so it was no big deal. West Virginia has about 42 black people there and the exit polls showed that a good deal of the voters there considered RACE when they voted overwhelmingly for Sen. Clinton. Why now is everybody making a big deal out of her win in West Viginia, when it was clear from the start that she would win that state? Furthermore, there where only 42 delegates at stake. One more thing, does anybody think Sen. Clinton would be talking so much about Michigan and Florida if she were the front runner? She agreed from the start that those states should not be seated if they violated the rules of the party by holding early primaries.

Thank you, to some Obama supporters who are least civil, and have some manners. To the others who spew hate and taunting messages, I am so sorry for your parents who, failed miserably in raising you.

And if this is any reflection on your candidate, then ignorance is alive and well in Obama country.

Undoubtedly, this announcement about Edwards' endorcement, is much ado about nothing... he is not a superdelegate, so what are they trying to do? Simple... they want to preclude Hillary's overwhelming victory in WV!

And it's ok to grandstand, this is politics after all. So the candidate who calls for "new & change" is not immune to playing old politics when it favors him. But disowns it when used against him! As Edwards' said: "hypocritical, non-substantive & too inexperienced".

Hillary supporters will still not vote for any ticket headed by Obama. How can we come together when we don't think he is qualified for the presidency? We still don't know who this man really is! What his political agenda is, and more importantly, where his moral compass leads to.

I would love to have a Democratic president, but please choose the right candidate... Hillary!

yeah, THAT makes a difference. The dummy who could not run his own campaign.

Endorsement from Edwards or not, we want Hillary. Why is she expected to patronize Obama and quit when she has chances of a victory? Don't you do that, Hillary.

Hillary has people vote. Obama has media vote. Lets see which should count in a Democracy? And I am curious to see who wins, but my vote is with Hillary.

As a working class guy I am not sure why the news media see s edwards as a white working class representative. He is a lawyer/multi millionaire. What is really ashame is how these superdelagates have hijacked the voters votes. First Michigan and Florida then not waiting until the race is finished to support someone. As a devoted democratic (in the past) I have decided to vote for either an independent candidate or McCain. We went through two past elections of hijacked votes(i.e florida and Ohio) why do we want more. Because someone has a nice smile.

Someone PLEASE ...
... tell BILLARY Clinton to STOP agonizing us with her NONSENSICAL campaign!

John McCain/Meg Whitman '08?

Who hasn't heard of E-Bay? And she can lessen the blow for Hillary supporters if Hillary gets blindsided by the Democratic party!

He can handle foreign policy, and she can tackle the economy!

Note to those who think Obama does not take special interest money:
At the last count I saw he has taken $6.1 million from Wall Street and Hillary has taken $6.3 million from Wall Street. I understand wealthy financier, George Soros is a contributor. The same corporate interests that give to Clinton and McCain give to Obama. Some time back, Newsweek detailed several Obama contribotors which included Godlman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and Exelon executives. Senator Obama is being very disengenuous when he says he doesn't take special interest or lobbyist money. Look behind the terminology for the truth! He does take money from big contributors--they all do--its the way we select candidates in this country; money and media anointment. It's a terrible way and the whole process is too long. No wonder we have buyers remorse! But Americans are amazing, no matter how many times they get burned they always believe the next time around will be different. When this country finally comes to the realization the candidate is chosen by the corporate state and each "election" is just another takeover for 4 years, perhaps something meaningful in change can occur. Don't look for it this go-around;"Change you can believe in" Not for one minute! What you're hearing is rhetoric--soothing, worthless rhetoric!

>Posted by: BJ

>Hillary supporters will still not vote for any ticket headed by Obama.

You can vote for McCain and be proud of the Republican Party your joining. They have former Senator Tom Delay with former lobbyist Jack Abramoff criminal schemes that corrupted Senate offices and money laundered. Stole money from citizens, creating Million dollar frauds for years.

People like you think Rev. Wright is more harmful than them.

Don't forget that former head of the Christian Coalition Ralph Reed conspired with Abramoff for profits and he's Karl Rove's little buddy, used to have President Bush access on the phone.

Dick Cheney will write you bitter Hillarybots, Thank you letters for supporting McCain.

Cheney just endorsed McCain today.

EDWARDS ENDORSEMENT CANT HURT MIGHT HELP OBAMA. As a proud member of the Obama nation I was happy to see the two looking good on stage together.

I appreciate their sharing views of having to get out of this place that George W. and his cronies have taken us to. We need to unite Democrats and Independents and even welcome some of those Republicans who have seen the light.

Hillary supporters area also welcome on the Obama bandwagon. United we will not only stand but cruise to victory.

In November we will elect a new President one that will bring the sorely needed change to our land. Eight years of lies brought to you by George and Dick Cheny and Rumsfeld etc.etc. Our constitution is being ripped to shreds by this dastardly team of cretins.

I have a son fighting in Iraq in the 82nd Airborne and we cannot justify the loss of any of his comrades or him in this war for no good reason. Add to the incredible sacrifice these brave young men and women make for us and we add insult to injury by not even giving them an adequate GI BIll or proper health care when they are injured and maimed. George W. and his want to be successor John McCain don't get that 12 Billion dollars a month in Iraq is treasure we should be spending here at home for Americans on highways,hospitals, bridges,veterans,schools.

Please democrats dont let them put fearin our hearts and dont let them continue to divide our electorate.

We got to get rid of these people and their style of politics NOW. We are the people we have been waiting for.

Nothing else need be said.

Come together right now over Senator Obama it is for the greater good of us all.

Barack Obama in 2008!

DEBBIE you and all the other man haters have already proven you cannot count. She does not have more votes even if you give her the ones she stole by keeping her name on the ballot after agreeing not to in writing. She is a liar period and America does not need three liars in a row.

VERITAS voters will vot for BARACK OBAMA

I am so digusted by this campaign. Does it bother any of the Superdelegates that Obama has been going to a church for years that curses the U.S.? Do they so need a "MAN", that they will take one that does not even appear to have complete loyalty to this country? I am so sad for my Democratic party. I think I will vote Republican this year (and I don't even like the Republican party)!

Hilary shiould get behing Obama and support him in Novemeber in the inteterst of the Democratic Party and the United States

"I see Sexism is Alive and Well" here too. ABC gave the Popular Vote figures this past week: Hillary has the Popular Vote.

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