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Candid campaign confessions from 'Saturday Night Live's' Hillary Clinton

May 12, 2008 |  7:16 am

Anybody who watches the guest interview parts of the Sunday morning political talk shows gets more than his or her weekly dose of carefully-crafted campaign talking points.

It sounds like the politicians are answering the question. But half the time, if you run the tape back and re-listen, it's the answer they wanted to give to a question they didn't want to get.

Sure, "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report" and Jay and Dave and Jimmy do their nightly best to offer comedic insights to our zany politics. But it's too bad that fans of politics must wait almost a full week for the real thing on the next edition of NBC's long-lived "Saturday Night Live." There's a reason for the long-lived part.

This clip, from this last Saturday, is a classic, featuring ''Hillary Clinton'' making the case for why she should be the Democrats' presidential choice to run against Sen. John McCain instead of what's-his-name from Illinois, who's trying to steal the nomination simply because he has more votes, delegates and states won.

Click on this video and enjoy.

-- Andrew Malcolm