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Barack Obama should tap the "real thing" for veep, Ed Rendell says

Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, who describes himself as the "last of the Mohicans" sticking by Hillary Clinton to the bitter end of the Democratic presidential primary, today endorsed the idea of a ticket that combines her with rival Barack Obama.

Pundits have speculated that a high-profile Clinton supporter -- such as Rendell -- would make a good running mate for Obama, should the Illinois senator finally lock down that party's nomination.

But Rendell says Obama shouldn't settle for a Clinton substitute.

"If Sen. Obama becomes our nominee and he wants . . . someone to carry the Clinton banner," Rendell told CNN, "there's no question in my mind they should ask Hillary Clinton to be that candidate."

Would she accept? Rendell, one of the Clinton family's closest advisors, conceded he's not sure.

"I don't know whether she would accept," he said. "I don't know whether he would do it. But don't settle for . . . a Clinton supporter. You've got the real thing, someone who has energized voters."

-- Christi Parsons

Christi Parsons writes for the Swamp of the Chicago Tribune's Washington bureau.

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I do not think this will happen for a number of reasons. Clinton is not a fit for his change message which is at the core of his run. Clinton has said she or McCain would make a better president than Obama and the Republican no doubt will seize on this in the fall.

I would suggest Senator Obama will pick a Republican believe it or not. In the form of a reformer, a veteran or popular in a battleground state like Ohio or Florida. Perhaps the best combination of those factors.

My guess is Chuck Hagel (R) of Nebraska and I think he would be an excellent choice.

Dark horses are Palin (R) from Alaska and Webb (R) from Virginia.

Ed Rendell is an ass. Case closed.
Obama doesn't need him or Clinton when good people like Edwards and Richardson are there for the taking.

It's up to Obama's ego.

Can he handle running with Clinton and then working a possible 8 years with her....

Or does he rather go down as the loser in one of the biggest landslides in history.

Whichever his ego can take.

If Barack Obama wants to tap 'the real thing' the last thing he needs to do is recruit Hillary Clinton, or one of her supporters. The entire theme of the Obama campaign has been 'the system needs fundamental change.' To utilize Clinton power is giving tacit approval to the system they epitomize. Ed Rendells logic is flawed. The pundits who support the merger of these two tickets are also espousing flawed logic. Desperation for a non-Republican president should not cause the Democratic party to force its candidate to compromise for anything less than what he campaigned for, and was nominated for.

That will be all.


You talk about ego. Maybe you should look closer at your precious Clinton before pointing Ego trips. Sheesh!

Neither Rendell nor Clinton belong on Obama's short list for VP. If John Edwards wants it, he's best. But I like him for attorney general.

Obama should stay away from all of the Clintons - the Bush's and the Clinton's all answer to the same bosses (very old, very large moneyed interest)

Obama should stay away from all of the Clintons - the Bush's and the Clinton's all answer to the same bosses (very old, very large moneyed interest)

A "marriage" of BILLARY Clinton and Barack Obama BETTER NOT happen or Obama is T-O-A-S-T!

Hillary would be a disaster as a running mate and even worse as a VP. How would Hillary respond in a debate when asked about Obama's healthcare plan, which she has said many times is a bad plan? She would either have to lie or undercut Obama. Same issue on dealing with Social Security, negotiating with enemies, etc. How do you campaign with a former president as the husband of the vice presidential running mate? What a total distraction!

Then what would happen once in office? There is no doubt that she and Bill would undercut Obama's authority and undermine his presidency. Can anyone doubt, after this campaign, that she would not fall in line behind Obama once in office and that she would peruse her own agenda? It would be a total disaster!

NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!! Senator Obama should NOT "tap" Mrs. Clinton for the VP spot - Governor Rendell is NOT as well loved in PA as everybody wants you to think. I know PLENTY of Democrats who voted for Senator Obama simply because they could not STAND the thought of Mrs. Clinton (and, of course, her other half - MR Clinton) back in the White House, and these people will REFUISE to vote for ANY ticket which includes Mrs. Clinton. Perhaps, she can be given an Ambassadorship - that would get them out of the country, and Senator Obama can breath easier in his Presidency.

How could Hillary join someone who's character she has repeatedly questioned -

** Rendell praises Farrakhan while Hillary attacks Obama for being praised by F.

** Hillary votes against Gun rights but calls Obama an elitist for small town gun comment
July 13, 2006 Hillary voted against amendment 4615 to H.R. 5441:
“To prohibit the confiscation of a firearm during an emergency or major disaster if the possession of such firearm is not prohibited under Federal or State law.”

** Hillary's pastor has strong praise for Rev. Wright but Hillary uses the contraversey to question Obama's character

** Bill Clinton pardons two leaders of the Weather Underground, yet Hillary attacks Obama for just knowing a third

** Bill Clinton gets $800,000 from Columbian government, yet Hillary attacks Obama on free-trade

Obama should pick her IF she disavows these type of politics. Most Obama supporters like the old Hillary - they just don't like what she has become.

McCain has promised to appoint ultraconservatives to the SCOTUS like Scalia who said on 60 minutes that the Constitution provided the right to protection from torture as punishment, but not if the authorities are seeking information. One can also expect further intrusions into the right of privacy as well as another effort to overturn Roe.

Hopefully when it comes down to it, no Democrats will vote for McCain out of spite. With the age of the Justices, most likely the next Admn will appoint one or two replacements.

Ed, what are you saying? Bill is tapping that. Barack needs to steer clear of Hillary altogether.

Hillary should not accept a v.p. position with Obama. She should not get dragged down with Brack Hussien Obama. When he's completely vetted, let him fall flat on his a### alone.

Some people?! Randell, wasn't he he the one who very loudly 'procliamed' that most white in PA were not ready to vote for a black person for president?! And now your're suggesting Barak to choose Hillary as a running mate!!! Randell, you chose your side, now stick to it to the bitter end...

Obama' s mama won't let him pick Hillary.

It wouldn't matter why would she want to be stuck on the biggest loser ticket of all time.
If Obama is the candidate, he is going to make McGovern's loss in 72 look competitive!

the media is ready to "crown" him, but the country isn't, and won't.

I am a Hillary supporter and I hope this never happens. If Obama is the nominee he should find someone else to be VP. Hillary can sit it out, when McCain wins the White House she can have all the democratic traitors recognize the error of their ways and then she can consider running in 2012. It is not as if she can't go back to being the senator from New York and possibly even the governor of New York.

President Hillary 08 or 2012

Those who like to bring and use Obama middle name as some sort of pejorative, SHAME ON YOU and you can rightly be called a BIGOT, a RACIST, and a FEAR MONGER. If it wasn't Obama's name, it would be his skin color. If it wasn't his race, it would be his skin color - JUST ADMIT THE PREJUDICE rather than passing if off as some sort of "fact".

Vetting out from the short list of Democratic running mates, the best possible V.P. outcome may be Gov Kathleen Sebelius, of Kansas - her being the most aligned with Obama's message, winnable demographics for the fall, and they're compatible (friends). Johnny (Edwards) came lately but still an important endorsement towards bringing the Democratic Party "together".

Mariann (White, Christ-loving & fearless)

Mrs. Clinton should stay in until the convention.

It's not a question of whether something will come up from Senator Obama's past, it's more a question of when.

The problems the current Governor is having as a result of the trial of Sen. Obama's "neighbor" shows that corruption is pandemic in Illinois politicians.

She stays in and the Democrats have a legitimate alternative. She drops out and they have issues. Nothing wrong with the party calling the roll and letting the votes fall where they may.

As for the VP nomination, why preside in the Senate when she can lead?

Well, Ed Rendell has been passionate for Clinton. Regardless of his behaviour in the recent primaries, I believe that Gov. Rendell is a good VP candidate.

Its in the name of bipartisanship and its to form a good partnership and to balance out the good qualities that Obama and an old-school democrat both have.

Okay, OBAMA...Stay AWAY from the Clintons. God forbid Hillary be second in command. You know she'll do ANYTHING to be President, perhaps even kill.

Ask Vince Foster! Ooops, too late.

Clinton should not be Obama's running-mate for the same reason why those in John F. Kennedy's 1960 presidential campaign didn't trust LBJ.

Things worked out eventually for LBJ. However, his reign was bittersweet as Vietnam dogged his administration to the point he didn't even run for re-election in 1968.

Things have a way of working themselves out. Even when evil is initiated in doing so.


Mr. Obama, remember what the V.P. is? "A heartbeat away from the Presidency!" Now, think about that should you nominate Hillary!

Think about that really, really, really good!

Obama/Sebelius in '08.

Let us imagine for one moment that the roles were reversed and Hillary had the lock on the nomination.... Obama would be getting run over to give up his run.... I have noticed that every time Hillary gets an endorsement... Wow that's great she deserved it and every time Obama gets an endorsement, they are traitors and they are running over and piling on this poor girl... If you want to talk about piling on..... How about 168 Superdelegates backing Clinton before the race even started ? I find it laughable that so many people are in denial about Hillary losing this nomination..... It is not so much about Obama winning, it is about her losing.
Hillary has been all things for all people... Someday they will do a montage of how she morphed into a different character for every State. That will show you how truthful she really is. Since we don't know what is going through her head... we will have to see what will happen... my guess is that she will take this right up to the convention and the Democratic Party will implode. It could have been a good year..... If you really want to know the real Clinton, check out the documentary that Dick Morris made about her.

Gov. Rendell is not an ass. He just happens to be a Clinton loyal friend and surrogate, not a JUDAS like the majority of the democratic politicians supporting Barack Hussein Obama. The only reason they are supporting Barack Hussein Obama is because he is paying money into their war chests for re-election, and paying off Dodd's, Richardson's, and now Edwards' presidential bid debts, and because he is promising them a cabinet job. Let us not fool ourselves! As far as Hillary Rodham Clinton going on the ticket as vice, I don't think it's a good idea because she should not be second to anyone, especially to such a candidate like Barack Hussein Obama who does not have any experience, has never held any job that qualifies him to be president; does not have the character, maturity, integrity, honesty, judgement, leadership, common sense to be elected President of our United States! Barack Hussein Obama is supposed to be the candidate of change, hope, and unity, yet sat in the pews of a racist church for 20 years and never did anything about it. Why? Because he agreed with everything his pastor said. Where was his judgement? Barack Hussein Obama has associated himself with radicals from the sixties and corrupt Chicago politicians to rise to the position he's at. Besides, I don't think Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama should be on the same ticket regardless of whose president or vice, because I would not trust anyone if I were in her shoes, because some crazy lunatic may get the idea to eliminate one of them. I hope this does not happen, because I would not want to celebrate BHO holiday. So if anyone wants to call anyone who does not vote for Barack Hussein Obama a racist, because he's Black, who cares. What about the 92% African-Americans voting for Barack Hussein Obama on the basis of race only. Now that's RACIST. My personal preference is Hillary Rodham Clinton or John Sidney McCain for President. I don't want that angry, bittered and very ugly Michelle Obama as first lady. All Barack Hussein Obama offers is empty rhetoric.

Diana, If you would just read instead of watching pastor-gate, they would know that Obama dug his way out of modest beginnings, fought for blue-collar rights since Harvard (both black AND white) and took the high road at every critical turn.

1. His consistency on renewable energy/environment
** Jan. 12, 2007: Co-sponsorship with McCain/Lieberman - climate change bill to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by two-thirds by 2050
** Jan 17, 2008: Policy approaches to SF Chronicle
** Feb 13, 2008 Wisconsin auto-workers, economy speech

2. 800+ bills passed in 8 years in IL senate including healthcare reform

3. He judges men's intentions, the time and the place, not just their words. In 2002, Saddam Hussein provoked this nation in to war with just words - “this will be the mother of all wars" Today's nuts like Iran's Ahmadinajad, N. Korea's Kim Jong Il and even Russia's Putin all trying to provoke America. A real leader needs to judge intent before committing this country to rash action or even categorical condemnation. We saw this ability in Obama's speech on the war in 2002's_Iraq_Speech

4. In 4 yrs US Senate he got real change started with by crossing the isle with Coburn, Lugar, Hagel, McCain
**the Coburn-Obama Government Transparency Act of 2006 (became law),
**The Lugar-Obama Nuclear Non-proliferation and Conventional Weapons Threat Reduction Act, (became law),
**The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act, passed the Senate,
**The 2007 Government Ethics Bill, (became law),
**The Protection Against Excessive Executive Compensation Bill, (In committee), and many more.
** Honest Leadership and Open Govt. Act (became law)
** joined Chuck Hagel (R-NE) in introducing legislation to reduce risks of nuclear terrorism (partial passage)

"Of all the leading candidates, he [Obama] is the only one on these issues who has consistently acted like a true American" says Naomi Wolf, the author of The End of America and the co-founder of the American Freedom Campaign.

You Hillary people have a choice to make: Are you a democrat or a republican.

It's now up to Hillary to repair the damage done, repair the hard feelings created and bring this party under its new leader: Barack Obama

Now, time to be an adult and kick these rethugs out of office and out of our lives.

No one candidate is worth losing that, it's about PARTY first!

Unless you want more of the last 8 years, just don't bitch about it when you get it.

Hillary should pull out now and run as an independent. The comments here truly indicate that she is not the most welcome person in the Democratic Party. A three way choice would give Americans a clear choice and provide one of the most exciting elections in the history of the US.

Hillary Clinton

Secretary of Health Education and Welfare.

Cabinet position, huge responsibility.

What do you think?

KATHLEEN SEBELIUS FOR VP. The governor of Kansas is an awsome governor and would be an excellent choice for Obama. We love our governor and we would be thrilled to see the rest of our nation experience her leadership, and enthusiasm for responsive and efficient government. Her familiy is well rooted in Ohio and the valley. We are very proud of Mrs. Sebelius and as a veteran I can assure you she is tough as nails in foreign policy and for fighting for our troops and veterans. God Bless.


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