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WWDHD? WWTTD? (What Would Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo Do?)

Our international colleagues over on La Plaza have stirred up a hornet's nest with a posting about a vodka company ad running in Mexico that puts the U.S.-Mexican border in an "Absolut World" at about the Washington-Oregon border .Absolut_3

Never mind the impact on the Pac-10 sports schedule -- who would UCLA and USC play, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico? -- what would the impact be on the presidential campaign? You know, just hypothetically speaking, over a glass of vodka on a Friday afternoon.

Well, Hillary Clinton would be out -- the Latino vote in the current Southwest would be voting in Mexico -- so you gotta figure Barack Obama facing off against John McCain in the general (assuming McCain moves from Arizona).

And without all the wild-eyed liberals out here in California voting, that leaves the northern tier, the Midwest, the Deep South and the Northeast. Advantage: McCain?

You know, if it was an Absolut World. But what we're having the most trouble envisioning is that border fence along the Columbia River.

-- Scott Martelle

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I believe most Americans know what issues we face as a nation as we try to decide which candidate(s) will best resolve them. We see in John McCain’s life, past and present a devotion to serve his country. Anyone who knows Senator McCain will tell you that he has passion for what he believes in and a constant drive to serve his country to the best of his abilities with sincerity, truthfulness, and dedication.

I remember seeing John on the Forrestall the morning of the flight deck fire, he was really beat up, but after some medical treatment he was transferred to the Enterprize and joined up with an attack squadron and that same day launched off in a A6A attack aircraft to provide close ground air support for our troops in Viet Nam. That same day his aircraft was shot down and he was taken prisoner.

Most Americans are aware of the courageous service John provided as a naval aviator and POW . But few can fully appreciate how bad the egregious hospitality of the Hanoi Hilton really was .His main concerns were for other POWs’ life threatening conditions and how he could help them is spite of the injuries he had received prior to and during his confinement.
Our convictions about John's character were born in the crucible of adversity. We have witnessed his courage, integrity, character and intellect. We know and greatly respect his sense of honor and his tenacity in the face of grave danger and prolonged hardship(s). These qualities, combined with his life experiences, make John ready for the enormous challenges facing the leader of our country. No one -- no one – has a greater knowledge of what war is really like or more qualified to be president, to lead our country and protect our nation. Some pretend to know him or deride his physical short comings but do nor know his physical strengths, his love of country and his commitment to serve it. He has been severely tested, and we have witnessed him under pressure. We trust his judgment and his ability to surround himself with our countries best advisors to lead our country without the BS to lead his beloved country and countrymen.
.We could do a whole lot worse than vote for John Mc Cain as our next president of the United States for every man, woman and child in our country regardless of their political affiliation. In John’s administration there are no Democrats or Republicans only Americans.

God Speed John Mc Cain

what a moving eulogy. and life goes on, and ultimately reality prevails. and who's who, anywho? and meanwhile, if you like, google 'ron paul.'


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