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Was Jeremiah Wright's speech set up by a Clinton supporter?

Well, here's a most interesting connection we just came across.

Everybody is talking today about how much the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's latest unrepentant militant remarks hurt his most prominent parishoner, Sen. Barack Obama, and his chances to win the Democratic presidential nomination and the general election. So much so that the Obama camp realized the latent danger overnight and the candidate was forced to speak out publicly a second time today, as The Ticket noted here earlier today.

There was little doubt left in today's remarks by Obama, who recently said he could no more disown Wright than he could the black community. He pretty much disowned Wright today. Obama described himself as "outraged" and "saddened" by "the spectacle of what we saw yesterday."

But now, it turns out, we should have been paying a little less attention to Wright's speech and the histrionics of his ensuing news conference and taken a peek at....

who was sitting next to him at the head table for the National Press Club event.

It was the Rev. Dr. Barbara Reynolds, a former editorial board member of USA Today who teaches at the Howard University School of Divinity. An ordained minister, as New York DailThe Rev. Dr. Barbara Reynolds and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright at the head table of the National Press Club event Monday which Reynolds helped arrangey News writer Errol Louis points out in today's column, she was introduced at the press club event as the person "who organized" it.

But guess what? She's also an ardent longtime booster of Obama's sole remaining competitor for the Democratic nomination, none other than Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York. It won't take very much at all for Obama supporters to see in Wright's carefully arranged Washington event that was so damaging to Obama the strategic, nefarious manipulation of the Clintons.

Their supporter, Reynolds, helps arrange a speech by the outspoken and egocentric Wright which receives blanket national coverage to the disadvantage of Clinton's opponent. As Louis writes: "The Rev. Jeremiah Wright couldn't have done more damage to Barack Obama's campaign if he had tried. And you have to wonder if that's just what one friend of Wright wanted."

Reynolds has not returned e-mails or phone calls seeking comment, but Louis notes the obvious conflict between her political allegiance and her press club arrangements. He quotes a February blog entry of Reynolds saying, "My vote for Hillary in the Maryland primary was my way of saying thank you" to Clinton and her husband for his administration's successes.

In another entry, Reynolds notes critically of Obama, "It is a sad testimony that to protect his credentials as a unifier above the fray, the senator is fueling the media characterization that Rev. Dr. Wright is some retiring old uncle in the church basement."

Louis notes himself about the Wright appearance: "It's hard to exaggerate how bad the actual news conference was. Wright, steeped in an honorable, fiery tradition of Bible-based social criticism, cheapened his arguments and his movement by mugging for the cameras, rolling his eyes, heaping scorn on his critics and acting as if nobody in the room was learned enough to ask him a question."

(UPDATE: Sylvia Smith, the press club president, confirmed today that Reynolds is on the club's speakers committee. She told Michael Calderone on that she still doesn't know whom Reynolds supports for president, adding, "Rev. Wright is newsworthy, period.")

--Andrew Malcolm

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The Obama-rama has obviously hit the LA Times... I can't believe that our best educated, best equipped, best trained are caught in conspiracy-theory land.

The world really needs more humility and less vindictiveness.

When iill Obama take accountability for his actitons. I am sure it's Hillary's fault that Obama has been a member of Wright's church for 20 years. Oh and I'm sure it's Hillary's fault that Wright said the things he did. She must have acutally scripted the words for him. Please! How easy is it to blame her for your own undoing.

Not news, move on. personally, I have been going to the same church for over a decade. My pastor is a good man but hardly infallible. I travel a lot and I must tell you that no one has ever given me a briefing on a sermon that I missed when I was not present. I am close to my Pastor because he performed my wedding and has been a spiritual adviser but if he goes off the rails (as Jeremiah Wright is doing) does that really reflect on me?

I am amazed at how so many people are willing to take a swipe at Obama and Clinton supporters in these comments. I hope that my son will grow up to find ways to disagree that aren't so ridiculous. You don't have to throw bombs at others to support your favorite candidate . . .

Just Words?! Clinton Says Actions Matter - They Do!

Paula Jones - LIE
BILL, not intentionally "RACE CARD" topic every primary day to capture more WHITE VOTES - LIE
BILL "NOT" Bombing other countries 7 times day before Monica's Court Appearance - LIE

Do you really want to VOTE for 8 more years of these?





So, Obama supporters believe that Jerimiah Wright was manipulated, tricked, into giving his remarks? They believe he is so inexperienced and naive that he cannot recognize he is being tricked into supporting a white woman?
They believe that Wright can be manipulated by Anybody, period?
This is preposterous. Wright is his own man and he did what he did and said what he said for his OWN reasons.
It is hard to conceive that he was unwitting of the damage this would cause Obama. This can only be understood through Wright's psychology. He did more to hurt the cause he has been working for his whole life by his performance yesterday.
Why he did it, God only knows, but he sure didn't do it to make sure a white woman was elected President.

Let me start right out by saying that I am an Obama supporter, and I do NOT in any way think that Hillary Clinton had anything to do with Rev. Wright's appearance at this event. She is far too intelligent to jeopardize her campaign in this way. Many who have taken the time to research Rev. Wright's previous sermons have said they weren't all outrageous, so it's totally possible that Obama really didn't realize at first what he was like. Maybe Rev. Wright is developing early Alzheimers, who knows? If we're going to start judging our candidates by associations, past and present, there would be a litany of them for both McCain and Clinton as well as Obama. Both these other candidates also have some questionable religious and political figures in their past. Let's move on to the real issues- war, economy, healthcare, to name a few. Hearing about the people killed in Iraq today and watching a young soldier who had lost both legs (NBC news) made this Rev. Wright issue look trivial indeed. Sen. Clinton's vote to authorize war in Iraq has cost over 100,000 lives and laid waste to an entire country. She talks about obliterating Iran, yet the media drones on and on about Rev. Wright. Did Sen. Clinton use poor judgement in voting for the war? Does she wish she could go back and change her vote? No doubt. Her supporters and the media seem to be letting this issue slide, so let's show the same courtesy to Obama. He no doubt rues the day he ever set foot in that church. Poor judgement is part of the human condition, what's done is done, and we can only go one from here.

If anyone thinks that Hillary and her political team are so crafty and persuasive so as to turn around Barack Obama’s 20 year pastor, then why are we having an election at all? Let’s just give her the presidency! This pastor is speaking his true mind. It’s what he’s always done, and it’s what Mr. Obama has been listening to for many years in his church. The truth here has literally nothing to do with Hillary Clinton at all.

This Obama thing is starting to resemble Jonestown. You people need to come back to earth.

Isn't it truly amazing...A lot of what Wright said is completely RIGHT.........any student of American History will tell fact, who needs a student of History......Look at the last 7 years under G W Bush.Has anyone noticed what America have done to IRAQ and afghanistan?
Oh course, Obama has to pretend to be out raged by Wrights honest statements. If this is a fore taste of Obama in the white house...America is clearly a failed republic and beyond saving.

Andrew Malcolm: You've obviously tenured time with
the nefarious no-accounts of the Arkansas Project,
American Spectator, Regnery Publishing, Richard Mellon
Scaife and Kenneth Starr enterprises...
This IS shameful idiocy!

The woman took lessons fromthe Borgias in political manipulation, palace intrigue and dirty dealings; she makes W look innocent and simple. Befor she showed how much she put her own personal ambition before the good of the party and country and how she would stop at nothing including "obliterating" 80 million people and dragging race into what was going to be a healing process for the whole country, I would have gladly voted for her. MacCain is looking dovish and untainted by comparison.

This is really ridiculous and reaching beyond straws!
When is OBAMA going to take responsibility for his OWN problems? When? And you think you want him as President? Enough. Obama is to blame and noone else. And that includes even Wright. Wright has been saying the same things he said yesterday for YEARS! And Obama knows it. Get Real! Obama is responsible. He is now not electable. And it is his fault! He has had everything on his side but experience and his associations. And they are both important. And he ignored that it would matter to the American people. Of course it matters. And with Wright, and not knowing him, well, then the Americans are not going to vote for him. He loses. And he knows it. He needs to drop out and run in 4 years after Americans know him, trust him and he has more experience.

Obama must be thankful that he FINALLY had an occasion to officially distance himself from Wright. Before this week, Obama was in a sticky situation that wasn't fully settled. So, it actually appears more likely that this recent media event with Wright was staged by an Obama supporter, not a Clinton one.

Will Hillary please just go bake some cookies already?

This party is being shredded apart.

I read that The Clintons had Wright at the White House for counseling about how to handle the Lewinsky scandal in the Late 90's. That leads me to naturally suspicion about his role in National Democratic politics and where his allegiances lie. For a minister his natural allegiances would lie with whomever would benefi his congregation the most That assuming he is entirely ethical. I haven't heard this addressed at all and I wonder how much power this many has. He has already shown that even on the surface he has alot of power. How much more does he hold behind closed doors?

Obama supporters will find ANY EXCUSE to drink the Kool-Aid!

This is NOT ROCKET SCIENCE people!

- Wright is a pastor
- Obama needs a mentor to propel his political ambition
in Chicago
- Obama & Wright, a winning combination locally
- Obama decides he needs a bigger pond to fish in
- Obama becomes a Senator
- Obama decides he is the messiah
- The presidency awaits
- But wait
- What about Wright
- Not to worry... we'll give him something when Obama
becomes president
- Meantime, I'll denounce his words only
- Wright wants a bigger pond too!!!
- Wright: "Obama is just a politician..."
- Hold on there Mr. Wright,

And you Obama supporters wanna BLAME Clinton for this???

You're Looney Tunes



THIS PASTOR LOST HIS MARBLES A LONG TIME AGO.... I think this is a judgment call... why didnt Obama figure this out long ago???

Wright Bi-polar...that would make sense! Now what's Obama's excuse? Oh yeah I forgot--Hillary did it!! Grow up people!! It is what it is!!


I was an Obama supporter, but I believe at this point he has absolutely no chance of winning. He really made a stupid move by staying in that church for so long. Clinton did not force him to stay in the church for so many years. I detest the idea of voting for Clinton, but I don't think Obama can possibly win at this point.

Much of white America doesn't understand the fact that Obama could be a member of that church, and take from it the ideas of justice and empowerment and leave behind the more extremist/racist rhetoric. Obama is not Wright, but it is way too late now...they are too publicaly tightly interconnected. Obama should have been more politically savvy years ago and leave that church.

Jeremiah Wright just finally destroyed any chance for Obama to win...not Hillary Clinton.

Wright dragged down a fellow African American for his own egotistical purposes...all in the name of "God" and religion.

Jeremiah Wright is one thing egomaniac. For the first time in his life was on a stage so big that he finally could espouse his views to the entire world. He wasn't thinking of the damage he would do Obama, he was thinking only of himself and his own glory. He revealed that he really isn't about truly helping African Americans, but he is about helping himself. He couldn't contain himself enough to see that a greater good for the African American community would be to have Obama elected. He could only see that this was his time to shout out his ridiculous views. Much of what he says is perfectly true, but unfortunately the other 10% he says is ridiculous. Just because he is an intelligent, educated man doesn't mean that he isn't a complete idiot.

I'm an independent who's voting for Nader. So as an outside observer, it's amazing to me to see so many Obama supporters who's comments on these boards are entirely antithetical to the campaign rhetoric of positive integrity. From this board alone: "what a slimy slug Hillary is", "Will Hillary please just go bake some cookies already?", "Hillary has proven herself to be as lowlife a scumbag...".

Are some Hillary supporters any better? Hardly. (If I have to read another "Hussein Obama" or "BO" again, I'll rip my hair out). But if the Obama message is about rising above mudslinging and trite political name-calling, then the supporters should follow suit, be the bigger people, and just turn the other cheek. Until then let's stop pointing fingers. I honestly don't believe that Obama agrees with any of Wright's offensive rhetoric just as much as I don't believe that Clinton set up his speech.

Most of the posts by Hillary Clinton supporters on this blog sicken me to my core. The 20 year relationship thing is such BS. The controversial sermons at issue date back only to 2001 not 1988, yet somehow these Clinton drones want everyone who read their posts to believe that Rev. Wright has been talking like this since he met Sen. Obama. Grow up. Next they seem to indicate that Sen. Obama should be penalized for not immediately leaving the chuch when he learned of these comments last year. But as he explained, Rev. Wright was going to retire soon so he thought there was no need to leave the church (as opposed to attending further sermons from Rev. Wright and oh, by the way, Clinton folks there is more than one pastor at the chuch, so no Rev. Wright was not preaching there every Sunday).

Next some imply that Sen. Obama shares Rev. Wright's views because Rev. Wright was his pastor. Get real! You know deep in your hearts that most of what you are typing on this blog (especially on this point) is utter BS, but you type it down nonetheless because you think this helps your goddess Hillary obtain the throne that is her birthright.

I watched this election since sept debates. I from overseas, I am amazed at how the Americans journalism went the other way than to speak the truth. The truth is media is taking side and they would not care if the news is supportive or have a poltical agenda of its own. This is such a good example.

If anything made the need for 'separation of church and state' clear, this is it.

The important issues are not being discussed, which is good for both Clinton and McCain. You are ignoring how they stand on issues that really do affect this nation. Which are many, including the, occupation of Iraq, failed war in Afghanistan, out of control and unaccountable spending in both Iraq and Afghanistan, collapsing housing market, plummeting dollar, out of control gas prices, out of control healthcare costs.

The list is so long and the next Presidents most pressing problem will not be what his pastor was saying on Sunday.

You in the press have so totally failed this nation. You have led us into failed unnecessary wars and two failed Presidencies now you are leading us into another disaster by not covering the important Presidential issues.

I am so glad this whole Rev Wright thing happened, but not for the reasons anti-Obama folks might think. I see in this flap the demise of mixing of Politics and Religion. If Obama is to be held responcible for ever being associated with Rev Write and the religious/political mix he promotes, then we must hold all others equally responcible for the behavior of their religious associates too. in the end, it will be to politician's advantage to distance themselves from religious loud mouths as much as possible or be held accountable for whatever outlandish things they say and do. Surely Romney must be held accountable for the actions of the recent pedophilic polygamy we've all heard about in Texas - he is m Mormon afterall? Surely, those politicians who follow preachers who follow the teachings of Paul that women are to be inferior and submissive to men, should be disdained and disqualified from public service where they are to be safeguarders of equal rights under the law. God Bless the good reverend and all the other religious crazies out their - you couldn't have underminded your whole mission any better.

Why of course is was done by us Clinton backers. As a matter of fact, we told him what to say! Actually, we introduced him to obama 20 years ago! Yeah, that's right!! No Wait, it was actually a conspiracy of the WHOLE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT!! And now we are coming after YOU!!!!!!

Classic Obama,blame Hillary give us a break pleaseeeee,the only reason Obama got so angry and threw his beloved pastor (of 20 yrs) under the bus is because Wright practicaly said Obama is a lying politician who only told you people he doesnt agree with my statements so you all would vote for him.That's why he disowned him well TO LATE 19 yrs and 3 weeks to late!! Wake up America smell the con,Rezko's next then the weatherman remember he didnt disavow them YET! Vote Hillary Vote Smart

How is it that Hillary's own admission of lying about ducking bullets gets 1 week of air play while this Rev. Wright story gets 2 months of air play as if the words came out of Senator Obama's mouth?
i've listen to many opposing comments from preachers in my day but never considered leaving the church. Why allow one man's views make you leave a community of relationships. It is unfair for peolple to judge Obama on another man's shortcoming..

Well I guess I will get ready for 4 more years of war, jobs shipped away, poor healthcare, poor education and despair. We the people have chosen to elect what we know is the same type of politicans that created this mess America is in rather than elect someone with more of a promise to change the way goverment works.Why?? Because of his pastor or is it really the color of his skin?

Now we know where these ridiculous conspiracy theories come from! AIDS was invented by whitey; Clinton "set up" Obama; Aliens control your brain, you need a tinfoil hat!

I don't put anything past the Clintons, but this is reaching a bit, and I'm an Obaman, and in all of Hillary's "demographics", the Latina demog, that is.

This is all insane, from the first, and whether this preacher lady was a set-up or an innocent, who can possibly know? Think of the Catch-22: If a politician is atheist or agnostic, forget higher office, but whoever your preacher/rabbi or - gasp! imam - is becomes political fodder. My very rare, veteran, out-atheist U.S. Rep. must be laughing himself into stitches!

Let's just face it that the words "Black Liberation Theology" were the "code" to send everyone into the freak-out zone, and that yes, Hillary talked about it, a lot, to make herself look like the next best last resort. You know, I'm starting to think Wright has had a breakdown, maybe the onset of dementia even. I'd crack in an instant with all that media madness, threats to the church and my life - bomb threats were made to the church, y'all. What he did to himself makes no sense otherwise - he cut off his nose to spite his own face. He sounds nothing like the man who preached a beautiful sermon called The Audacity of Hope, so Wright's major disease might be dementia, not malice, ego or greed - I hope.

Meanwhile, y'all please quit callin' the candidates nasty names, it adds nothing to the arguments, and just imagine if your kids or grandkids read this stuff!

You could not be serious, could this be possible, the Obama campaign orchestrated this whole thing, get Reynolds a prominent Clinton backer to sit next to Wright, have Wright make the statements that he did, and then have you write up the relationship between Reynolds and Clinton to discredit Clinton. It is quite possible, do'nt you agree, was it?

Maybe Pastor Wright set up all this noise,because any publicity is good, even if it is bad, Look how much attention Obama is getting in the news, TV. I think Pastor Wright had nothing to loss with his speech and he made sure that Obama got a lot of milage out of it.
I believe after the North Carolina and Indianan voting is over, Obama and Pastor Wright will Kiss and Make up.
I still thing Obama is WEAK and would NOT make a powerful president.

This thing smelled of Clinton from the start. She loves to feed the drama frenzy and keep everybody's dirt but her own front and center. "He wouldn't have been my pastor". Not sure why she would divorce her pastor for words, but not divorce her husband for cheating with a barely adult young woman and then lying about it.

Who IS Clinton's pastor? Are all of Clinton's church members white conservatives/republicans? Somebody ought to ask Hillary if she believes in the freedom of religion and why she believes everything coming from SOMEONE ELSE'S lips is crucial to Obama's vetting, but her faith, healthcare plan details, etc., are all secret.

Is Obama selling out to satisfy a majority to win the White House? Is he abandoning the black church he has taken to heart for over 2 decades? Why is it just now that the comments of Rev. White are such a problem to his campaign? Didn't the same message that Rev White speak of resonate over those past 2 decades and not just since Obama declared his candidacy? Alot of questions need to be posed to the black community on this one,

Obama has displayed ridiculously bad judgement by throwing his Grandmother under the bus for Rev. Wright and justified Wright's and other blacks' despisement and bitterness with YT (Whitey) during that speech in Philly (where Obama tried to school us non-black folk about racism, and insulted we non-blacks who've supported black civil rights and Affirmative Action programs for over forty years!), now he's trying to throw Wright under the bus, which has clearly long left the station. Too late Obamas, too little, too late. Quit pointing at Hillary, Obama Mamas and Daddies, time to hold the mirror up to yo' man and see if he even has a reflection (he is a lawyer after all).

Saturday, Sunday and Monday evenings, after each installment of the Rev. Wright televised appearances, Obama supporters were spinning Wright's words as: "don't take him out of context," "he speaks the truth and YT (Whitey) can't handle the truth," etc. Now Obama is appalled and "he means it." Are you kidding me? The kitchen analogies are so appropriate since it appears Obama can't handle the heat. Obama has revealed himself to be every bit the two-faced liar that every politician is stereotyped to be, flip-flopper, speaks-with-forked-tounge, politics as usual, add your own stereotype here... Obama has hung himself out to dry with his own words and actions.

If Wright was so appalling to BO why did it take twenty years for him to see it? Is this the kind of analysis and judgement America can expect from a Commander in Chief named Barrack Hussein Obama? It seems the chickens have come home to roost. We don't have time to waste waiting for Obama to get it right, especially twenty years. Vote NO on Obama.

"If Barack gets past the primary, he might have to publicly distance himself from me," Wright told the newspaper with a shrug in April 2007. "I said it to Barack personally, and he said, 'Yeah, that might have to happen.'

Denouncing Wright, comes now when his campaign is in trouble.
The above quote shows they had agreed in advance that might happen.
So, this is just another calculated political move for Obama.

Not only did Dr. Renoylds bring J. Wright to speak to the NPC, she actually wrote the speech and the Republican National Committee paid him 2 million to read it and, and, yeah, and then she wrote even Senator Obama's reply to it and made him read it!

Oh no, this has nothing to do with Barak Obama,'s just everybody else is out to get him, poor guy. Americans can be so cruel.

We Thank Rev. Wright for his comments. He has done more to destroy Obama in a few weeks than we could have done in six months.
Ku Klux Klan

The HRC campaign surrogates are rightfully exposing, magnifying and exploiting every flaw and gaffe they can about their competitor. That's what politics is all about, and Hillary Rodham Clinton is a politician. 35 years experience by her count. The biggest difference between HRC and Barrack is that he is a Statesman. Thats one thing Hillary could never be with her divisive approach. Barrack is the only real change we've been offered in decades. There's your real choice.

It's pretty clear what's been going on here, and who's behind the so-called 'Rev. Wright Controversy.' The Clintons have a LONG history as dirty tricksters and of sliming their political opponents, and this is merely more of the same. She'll look as innocent as possible while she and her people arrange pothole after pothole on the political road for Sen. Obama.

Obama has helped by not distancing himself from this issue earlier, of course; he's let himself be painted into a corner much the same way as Nixon did Sen. McGovern back in '72. Demerits to Obama's election team for not seeing this sooner and crafting a better strategy to fight it.

At this point, it's looking less and less like I'd vote for Hillary for President, even if she wins the nomination. I have long been disgusted by the Clintons; this is just one more reason why. We don't need more centrists and more 'politics as usual' types in the Whilte House. We need a real President and leader, for a change.

Obama's the only real choice there.

Its absolutely obvious that this article is biased against Sen. Clinton!! You just cant help but conjure a story to throw mud at her can you? Blame it on Hillary! Barack is oh soooo clean! Give me a break! No wonder shes still standing up and winning all these elections after everything has been thrown at her. The media, specially whoever wrote this article, made it a career highlight to inflame her supporters and would be supporters, that they're out in droves donating and voting against what they perceive as a misogynistic and utterly UNPROFESSIONAL news organization such as this. This is one article that only proves the point that the media is not to be trusted. Its totally totally sick!! May God have mercy on your lying, conniving, scheming little souls!

Yea, I knew Hillary was behind it. Can't Trust Her!

My SECOND thought about the Wright sideshow this week was (1) did the Clintons talk to their publisher to get Wright a book deal and (2) was he immediately encouraged to promote the book to "take advantage" of the media feeding frenzy he predictably would cause? This, to me, would be an example of the Clintons as I have always viewed them. Some serious journalist should hunt that one down.

Cinderella’s stepsisters, per the Brothers Grimm, were so desperate for life in the palace that they were willing to cut off parts of their own feet to wear the glass slipper. Why is it so easy to see Hillary and Bill Clinton with such knives in their hands?
Yet the wisdom of fairy tales also consoles: the stepsisters lose, and the one who is a more natural fit wins. I suppose the only question remaining is how much damage the Clintons are willing to do to themselves and their party before they accept defeat.

Reverends Reynolds and Wright make it clear that clergy can be as untrustworthy as politicians.

61 year old Democrat, and I'm voting for McCain. I couldn't vote for either Obama or Clinton now - they've both disgraced my party.

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