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Rush Limbaugh directs his Operation Chaos against Clinton and Obama

The Commander in Chief of Operation Chaos is in his Miami bunker, cigar firmly clenched in his teeth, radioing edicts and orders to his far-flung, obedient troops to wreak havoc on their perceived political opponents in this ongoing primary campaign.

Rush Limbaugh, he of the non Slim-Fast diet, is in his element these days. One of the loudest voices of the vast right-wing consConservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh says he's having great fun with Operation Chaos urging Republican primary voters to support Senator Hillary Clinton of New York for the Democratic presidential nomination and help to prolong that party's intenecine struggle with Senator Barack Obama of New Yorkpiracy is doing everything he can to help a Democrat named Hillary. Clinton. You read right.

Trailing Barack Obama in their party's presidential primary race, she's not about to say anything -- or discourage anyone from supporting her, even her old nemesis from the nineties, good old Rush.

It's not that Rush has seen The Liberal Light or anything like that. It's that he's determined that another Clinton would bring much larger Republican voter unity and turnout come fall than the Illinois guy.

And the longer the two surviving Democrats go at each other, the better it is for Republicans, even if the GOP standard-bearer this fall will be the notorious questionable conservative Sen. John McCain.

McCain is not a Limbaugh favorite. And to the extent that....

...Rush doesn't have to talk on the air about how conservative the Arizona senator isn't, Operation Chaos is doubly helpful. In reality, the worst thing Limbaugh could do for the conservative cause is endorse McCain now, since that would hurt the senator among moderates and independents.

And if Limbaugh can help keep the intra-party feuding going until the Democratic National Convention in Denver in late August, one side might feel so embittered, it could lose its enthusiasm for Nov. 4.

The Operation has been going on for weeks now. No one knows exactly what effect it's had, but Rush has been encouraging Republicans among his 12-13 million daily listeners to change their party registration, since the GOP race is settled. And help Hillary. Because it hurts Democrats.

Carla Marinucci, the San Francisco Chronicle's esteemed political writer, examined Rush's operation over the weekend and found, for instance, some 100,000 Republicans crossed over in last week's Democratic primary in Pennsylvania.

Another 100,000 Republicans-turned-Democrat-for-now voted for Clinton in Ohio, maybe 120,000 more in Texas, 38,000 in Mississippi. Obviously, not all were following their the orders of their Commander -- or as he brags some Democrats call him, the Great Satan.

And since talk-radio is, after all, entertainment, the publicity for Rush is priceless, especially if some Democrats play into his publicity-grabbing hands and call on the show's advertisers to withdraw financial support. To look at Rush's colorful website -- most of it subscriber-only -- one might get the impression he's doing all right in the direct-marketing business of Operation Chaos shirts, hats and other gear too.

Limbaugh says it was actually the Democrats who gave him the idea for Operation Chaos, by the way they crossed over in some early states to help make McCain the GOP frontrunner. The normally shy and retiring Limbaugh (italics added sarcastically) says he's having "more fun than a human being should be allowed to have."

At one point last week he said, possibly tongue-in-cheek, he wouldn't mind if the Denver convention descended into riots, a la the events in Chicago in 1968 that helped fracture the party and doom Hubert H. Humphrey's drive against Richard Nixon.

But one evergreen rule in politics is, be careful what you wish for. Watching Clinton's stamina and gritty willpower in recent weeks when she's often been counted out, some Republican operatives are wondering now if they really do want to run against the Arkansas couple again. And a new Associated Press-Ipsos poll out Monday appears to confirm that Clinton would do better against McCain than Obama.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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This is just a fantastic way to work the real world system Rush, way to go baby!! I hope all of our children can learn how to inject chaos into the system like you do! That would be great for the country, and show our children how to exploit the rules to their advantage and alway win, or at least damage others that are "the enemy" by manipulating the system! Hopefully, out brave soldiers can find a way to incorporate this type of thinking into the military and cause chaos there, so that rather than be honorable and fight for our country in the spirit of faith, truth and love of our country, they can be more like you and your listeners! Maybe if the Democrats win in November, and since they will have an incumbent in office in 4 years, they can get organized and cause chaos for the Republicans in their primary, and do a better job of it. Hopefully they can learn from such a great commander of Operation Chaos and really refine this to a powerful effect in 4 years, causing more chaos for the Republicans in the future. Rush, your insight and leadership on this important issue is an inspiration for our children and all Americans! I only hope that these important values can be taught as a mainstream set of morals to guide our future with good conservative beliefs and practices for our future generations of small children who need to learn to cause this type of chaos and hope for riots in American cities just like you Rush!!

Who should a devil side with ?, Birds of the same feather of course.

Yeah, it's called voter fraud and it's un-American.

Those who choose to aid and abet Mr Limbaugh's do so at their moral peril.

He want Hillory to win so he could coninue to have
some one to beat on. If Hillory win he will have plenty ammo-

The Democrat Party is leaning so far to the left it's a wonder it doesn't fall over. I'm a registered Democrat but when you look under the hood at both Obama and Clinton they're both so radically left it's a wonder they won't either one pick Jane Fonda as their running mate.

What worries me is that neither of them is electable. What is the DNC thinking? May as well just hand the presidency to McCain now. Clinton is a 2nd term senator with no prior political experience other than having sex with an ex president. Obama is green to the gills. The guy has no experience.


That’s what Obama gets for his continued support and defense of the Rev Wright. Obama stated in his speech“Wright is like an uncle you love and respect” As imperfect as he may be, he has been family to me for so many years, I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community” Wright “Calls for Justice and Repair,” followed a statement in which he declared that “The Biblical principle of true repentance is that the offended party is given compensation to make up for that which has been stolen from them, the losses that have been inflicted upon them and their families.” A reparations plan for blacks could extract several trillion dollars from American taxpayers’ pockets.

Obamas obviously support his feelings of anti-America and white hatred that the church endoreses to stay for 20 years also why would a parent continue to raise their young daughters in that atmosphere if the Obamas did not have the same beliefs! No one says Obama cant attend the church for 20 years, or raise his daughters in that atmosphere, what we ARE SAYING is that HE COULD NOT REPRESENT ALL AMERCIANS AS U.S. PRESIDENT! Rev Wright was a paid advisor on Obamas campaign! Obama and David Axelrod insisted that Obama be the black candidate early in SC when they tried to spin it on Bill Clinton, it worked for the biased tabloid media like CNN cronies, since then, we ALL have come to realize Obama has problems with the truth as have learned in the last month, THERES ABSOLUTLY NO CHANGE WITH OBAMA, HE HAS DRAGGED U.S. BACK TO THE 60'S RACIAL DIVIDE at a time when our country needed to unite. He is NOT new politics and cannot bring parties together. Obama need to drop out NOW!

“Wright is like an uncle you love and respect” As imperfect as he may be, he has been family to me for so many years, I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community, said Obama. The man who believes and preaches the U.S. government formulated the HIV AIDS virus to commit genocide against blacks also preaches “We bombed Hiroshima, we bombed Nagasaki, and we nuked far more than the thousands in New York and the Pentagon, and we never batted an eye on 9/11. This is the same man Obama had as advisor on his Presidential staff until this week. Rather than break ties with his demagogic, anti-American pastor, Obama used a speech on the non-back race to excuse his behavior and sweep the controversy under the rug. Passing the buck. Obama was the first and quickest to demand Imus' ouster for making a racially insensitive remarks. His opinions and issues change with the weather, he is too UNSTABLE and proven he cannot make a decision or stay with one. Next we have ALL corrupt campaign financers, business and personal friends as indicted Rezko, former Dallas Mayor Hill, Rep. Rick Renzi and Mr. Auchi, leading supplier of arms to Saddam's regime convicted for corruption in France, the same British-Iraqi billionaire lent millions and millions of dollars to Obama all coming out of the woodwork. Proof he is just an inexperienced Washington politician that the media has like CNN has given a free pass at the great risk of our great country! As predicted more video of Rev Wright and Obama are coming, all this has proven without doubt if he is the nominee he would not win the general election, just the black vote will not do it. Its time for Obama to leave this race and take his not so proud of America racist wife, spiritual advisor and anti white church with him..

How does Obama consider someone a Mentor and friend for 20 years and not know their hateful racist values and character? Obama said he had no plans to leave the South Side church.

Senator Obama’s credentials are meaningless. The Illinois State Senator isn’t ready to represent The United States of America, as our President. He’s inexperienced, more often proving unable to speak or answer without the assistance of speech writers; there’s more to the Presidency then giving written speeches prepared by people trained from previous presidential races.

Now that the Democratic Party has raised expectations so high the American voters believe “Change is coming,” the truth is the only change will be from creased slacks to a tailored pant-suit; while in the mean time America’s stuck listening to it’s self-centered arrogant, pandering from the over confident Senator’s message of “Change 08,” preformed live atop his soap box.

We as a nation mustn’t forget the 2008 election has really more to do with Capital Hill, Washington insiders are doing everything within its power to protect its interests within the House and Senate Seat majority. “The 2008 election has more then just electing our new President on its agenda,” “That’s campaign entertainment,” while behind scenes specific seats are being assured, filled, as well as contemplating replacements for Supreme Court Justus’s “should anyone(s) retire.”

All this playing out live, while America’s caught up in what Washington’s built-up as it’s “Obama 08 Campaign,” a side show decoy’ (per-say) we’re stuck with as the Senator along with his “bowling pins still standing,” until Senator Clinton over-takes this race; sending Senator Obama back to Illinois to clean-up the troubled youth issues, Illinois’s currently experiencing, unfortunately.

This is Washington, its politics calculated and played out like clock-work, something Washington’s “Powerful Élite,” controlled since the election of our 1st President; Our electoral process having delegates and Super-delegates still places the final say in the hands of those “Powerful Élite,” which’ve been running this great country since 1776. Our popular vote is meaningless; It’s the “Delegates,” vote that count.

American voters will never elect a President; the Supreme Court made our last decision, and how ironic the very man who worked behind scenes during the Bush and Gore race would make the final decision in the Florida Chad-count fiasco; only to become head of the highest Court in our nation four years later, “Thanks to his good friend George Bush i.e. Washington’s Powerful Élite.

Senator Obama has about as much of a chance sitting in the White House’s oval office as Al Gore at this point. He might be sitting on his campaign chest, using his so-called strategized charisma, which is honestly questionable character. The American voters cast their vote, but Delegates and Super-Delegates Washington’s “Powerful Élite” make the final decision; and seemingly prefer Senator Clinton for President rather then an inexperienced first time Senator from Chicago who would do more damage then President Bush and (his) numerous cabinet members have in two consecutive terms.

This nation needs experience, not a Hoop-shooting, gutter bowling Tobacco smoking HMO’s nightmare. Our nations medical coverage including co-payments, specific category prescription medications, Hospital costs, In-home and or hospice care, every health care plan’s become an option, unaffordable to endless numbers, too expensive, for current and ex-smoker’s, second hand or other wise admitted too were internally flagged within an HMO’s system and denied coverage over personal choices leading to high-costs for treatment and long-term care, Cancer, HIV/AIDS, VA-PTSD excellent examples of an abused broken healthcare system effecting the entire nation.

On a personal note: Senator Obama got what he wanted from the beautiful State of Hawai’i giving nothing back for the gratitude of those very voters who turned out in masses standing in lines that were in some polls a 6 hour wait just to "Cast their vote." Senator Obama has not been seen or heard from since other then excerpts from media coverage on the continental mainland, nor have the Hawai’i voter’s forgotten the Senator didn’t attend his own Caucus in Hawai’i; rather he counted the State of Hawai’i votes while already in-route to his next State’s campaign stop, “Grab them votes and run,” let someone clean up afterwards, Mahalo Senator your one class act Brah!!!

In the 1800’s folks utilized wagon trains, in modern America Jets can fly candidates to and from cities and towns faster then ever; so how does a candidate not appear for his own Hawai’i State Caucus which is only a 5 hour flight away? The Senator easily could have flown into and back out of Honolulu International Airport at the very least out of respect for his alumni and the Democratic volunteer party who worked diligently getting the voters out to the polls in record numbers.
So where was the Senator’s spoken Christian morals, important values and the principles he speaks adamantly so highly of? The Senator was a no-show at his own Caucus leaving all the speeches on his behalf to his half-sister Maya, who did an exceptional job on his behalf; except that she’s a wife, mother, and student body teacher at an elite all girls private school, and not running for any positions within the White House, as a courtesy at the least the Senator should have made at the least a 30 minute appearance for the people of the Hawaiian Islands who rolled their sleeves up and took on the responsibility seeing a record breaking Caucus close the polls. How easy Senator Obama forgot it was, “We the people,” not our campaigning Senator candidate who never had time for his own States Caucus in the Islands he grew up on.

Senator Obama let the State of Hawai’i down hard, its people drove to the polls at 6:30 P.M. while their children were in day-cares, dinners not yet on the family tables, and traffic was the biggest bumper-to-bumper mess since Imelda Marcos flew into town to pick up her shoes. All while our selected polls were in complete ciaos after running out of voting cards; Hawaii voters were actually casting votes on scrapes of paper, “The local evening news headliner,” showing it only got worse as the evening progressed and polls were still allowing for votes to be cast due to the tremendous turnout of voters.

Countless exhausted volunteers, assisted dedicated to seeing this State’s Caucus was run according to all the rules and regulations properly under the circumstances, they deserved better; The State as a whole deserved greater from it’s very own home-grown Punahou graduate and present Illinois Senator who snubbed the entire State yet counted his winning votes as he rolled into his next campaign stop aboard the MS Change08.

Hawaii’s own home-grown yet ungrateful elitist, the Punahou High School graduate proved nothing less then an embarrassment to the State of Hawai’i, his family, and the nation. His campaign run on Change, morals, values, and principles somehow never made it to Hawai’i, they all missed the wagon, boat or jet or (D) All the Above.

The State of Hawai’i gave Senator Obama his private education, a privileged start in life for the lanky kid attending a prestigious private school, "at his Grandmothers expense," obviously he never sat in the front row because he’s not as bright as he sells himself to be. Too thoughtlessly have the audacity referring to his Grandmother as just another “Typical White Woman,” - What was he thinking? Having no-written speech for the answer his first impression and thought were heard loud and clear.

The Illinois Senator embarrassed not only his elderly retired once very proud Woman in her day, a Bank of Hawai’i CEO, and the very person who fed and raised him with dignity, to be publicly embarrassed in the media at her grandson’s lack of judgment less respect leaving a lasting impression on his own family and this our Great nation.

Personally I was taught “Not to bite the hand that feeds you,” recently the Senator’s endless bow-outs, quick replies of “Sorry I can't answer that,”… “No more debates, please!” … “I don’t have a speech to answer that question yet!”… “Let me look at my schedule,” and, “has Oprah phoned yet? …, So much for “Change 08,” it’s looking more and more like you’re on your own now Senator.

It’s been said, “An eye for an eye,” and The Rev. Jeremiah Wright will sink the “MS Change08.” Wright was quoted as saying, "Jesus said, 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Senator Obama never came to The Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s defense during the very public repeated display of Rev. Wright’s appalling words from the alter of the Senators own Church, only to be scrutinized throughout the entire media; The Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s comments would come back to haunt the Senator, and as of April 28, 2008 they have. After today Senator Obama can’t sweep anything under his mobile rug, it’s time to shake the dust off and out from under, where it lands is anyone’s guess.

The Reverend Wright’s not going to make some whispers, he’s going to “Say it loud and clear,” making substantial changes to the “MS Change08,” of his own, “it won’t be God Bless America,” nor will it be said after that the much respected and increasingly admired Reverend Al Sharpton would agree with Rev. Wright’s media money maker, “Titanic Part III.”

The “MS Change08,” is taking on water from both sides and going down fast. It was said, “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth,” well it’s Showtime now folks; it’s going to be another long PG-17 Rated Action/Drama, only without Celine Dion’s closing musical performance, Taps seems more fitting!!! This is politics; its Washington’s finest performances; certainly one that will keep the Senator awake at night, listening and watching for the rising waters while ready to reach for anything inflatable.

P. Nii'apu'
Honolulu, Hawai'i

Re. Operation Chaos: Rush should give credit to the Comedy Channel's South Park character Butters for the creation of Professor Chaos. After all, Rush looks a little like a grown uo Butters but, come to think of it, he looks and sounds more like another South Park character, Eric Cartman, who also has been known to be "having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have." Of course, surviving Cartman's idea of fun is a full time job for the citizens of South Park and politically surviving Rush's idea of fun might become the job of all three of our presidential contenders. Operation Chaos - changing history for fun and profit. Can you think of two better reasons?

I wonder why Mr. Limbaugh and people who share his political values hate so many fellow Americans?

Rush is sabotaging the electoral process. Is that a democratic ideal? Is that patriotic? I thought were fighting for democracy around the world, Rush is gaming the system here at home, with help from many of the other media outlets.
If you back out 100,00 votes from Hillary's tally, her margin is only 5.1% (47.4 vs 52.5), and now she should be called on to fold her tent.
PS Did Hillary's cash surge result from the PA tally or from her 'Obliterate Iran' remarks?

Your article says that Limbaugh, through Operation Chaos, is trying to help Clinton. So the title of the article is misleading. It should read "Rush Limbaugh directs his Operation Chaos against Obama." I doubt that Republicans operatives fear someone that they are helping to stay afloat in the Democratic primary. Ms. Clinton's stamina and willpower is only matched by the Republicans' enduring hatred of her.

(See your point shortterm, but the larger picture is he's aiming to hurt both of them for the fall.)

Your headline says against Clinton, yet the article says for Clinton. The Clintons are in on this, they care nothing for their own party.

So now Obama's collapse is Limbaughs fault? Oh Please. LOL

Well, let's see. Obama has a whopping two years of federal experience, most of which he has simply spent posturing and campaigning for the presidency.

Obama's foreign relations experience consists solely of a trip to Kenya to visit relatives (that's "foreign relations," right?).

Obama has a close, 25-year relationship with Jeremiah Wright and the hateful Black Nationalist movement. Then Obama pretends he didn't know Wright is a bad guy.

Obama has a 17-year relationship with Chicago's preeminant slum lord and scum bag Antoni Rezko, who helps Obama buy his house. Then Obama pretends he didn't know Rezko is a bad guy.

Obama launches his state senate campaign with an event at the home of terrorist Bill Ayers, serves on a charity board with Ayers and gives speeches with Ayers. Then Obama pretends he barely knows the guy.

Obama promised us "change" in Illinois too, but has done nothing but cut deals to enrich himself and his wife while cashing our paychecks.

Obama cleverly flips off Clinton during a speech last week and smirks while the crowd cheers.

Obama is product of the Daley Machine one of the most vile and corrupt political organizations in the history of mankind.

And the list goes on and on.

Gee, what's not to like about Obama? Sure, he has experience, character and judgment to be the most powerful leader in the world during these especially challenging times. How tough can it be? LOL

Nobama. Not Now. Not Ever.

Why was it o.k. when the Dems crossed over to help McCain (who clearly was out of the race) but now when it's dished back at them they are all up in arms? This all started with the games that were played on the left. One really should be careful what they wish for. When you play with fire, you usually get burned. Let this be a lesson to all.

Operation Chaos is hardlly the first time voters have crossed party affiliations to impact an election. This is not the first time that voters have elected to vote for another party and or candidate and to exercise their democratic rights.

For the Democrats to bash Operation Chaos as hate speech and talk of being disenfranchised need to look no further than their own party and the support for super delegates.

I for one like the idea of using the power of the vote, my vote, to really have an impact. Isn't this what our freedom really is supposed to be about?


as much as i'd like to blame everything on rush, clinton, obama, mccain and bush, it's the american people who are responsible for this country and it's the american people who are failing horribly. it's the american people who are so selfish and hateful, it's the american people destroying america. it's the american people who are so willfully ignorant and proudly backwards and painfully stupid. it's the american people that borrow money they ain't got, fight wars for oil, and listen to subhumans like rush limbaugh. it's the american people who piss and whine and moan and cry and complain and hate and spread fear and are lazy, greedy fools, chasing our own tails around and around and around. i give up. see you all in hell.

Lie, cheat, steal.......these are the new constructs of a desperate and dying Republican Party.

The classic response of the fossilized right-wing status quo is:

Create a grotesquely distorted caricature, broadcast the delusion at the top of your lungs, and hope that you manage to reinforce just enough cynicism and hopelessness to ensure the election of someone who truly cares only for funneling all of the country's wealth and power into the hands of a tiny, corrupt elite.

What exactly is a Republican?

None of the propaganda out here on the sphere is aimed at anyone other than Obama.....go figure.........someone fears him. Maybe you didn't get the memo.....but this is the age of information............innuendo and propaganda is no longer useful psyops tools.

Dems take the cake in 08.....there is no debate.....

if rev wright is american, then it's impossible for him to be anti-american. americans by definition are american. to say they're anti-american means they're against themselves, which is stupid even by conservatives' standards. but that's because to the conservatives and republicans and clintonites he's black, not american. and what could possibly be more 'anti-american' then accusing other americans of being 'anti-american'? is it rush's definition of what constitutes anti-americanism? clinton's? the media's? that sounds like the USSA. how embarrassing this election is when the only candidate who isn't completely nauseating has no experience and who's only attribute is being 'middle of the road'.

the people leaving their comments here like, george, dems want obama out, jeff and P. Nii'apu' are obviously republicans posing as pro-clinton dems, who listen to rush limbaugh and do whatever he tells them to do and think whatever he tells them to think. the rev wright is a non-entity. he doesn't matter, only people who are ignorant and confused think this is an issue. republicans are just scared this year, and they're acting like cowards. the facts that their beliefs are completely backwards, foolish, harmful and worthless has been made painfully obvious the last 7 years. all they have left is "anti-american" and "his middle name is hussein" and "he's a 60s radical". they would be pathetic if they actually elicited any pathos, which they don't. don't let these same ignorant, hateful people ruin our country by voting in more republicans or conservative democrats (clintons).

People People please. Understand Obama can not dessaociate himself from Wright. Otherwise it will be hell to pay. Nothing like the wrath of a "pastor" scorned. Wright knows way too much about Obama and if Obama dare cross him, Wright will bring him down. Thats the bottom line.

"...he's determined that another Clinton would bring much larger Republican voter unity and turnout come fall than the Illinois guy."

Wait till the Repubs roll out their attacks on this --

** Rendell praises Farrakhan, yet Hillary attack Obama for being praised by F.

** Clinton Foundation gets $131 million for Bill's public declaration for Kazakhstan's leader, WHILE Kazakhstan’s poor human rights record is attacked by Hillary

** Bill Clinton get $800,000 from Columbian government, yet Hillary attacks Obama on free-trade

** Bill and Hillary fraud trial (in OCT '08) for taking Ron Paul's money

** Hillary votes against Gun rights but attacks Obama on small town gun comment
July 13, 2006 Hillary voted against amendment 4615 to H.R. 5441:
“To prohibit the confiscation of a firearm during an emergency or major disaster if the possession of such firearm is not prohibited under Federal or State law.”

Nothing new, not voter fraud, and super delegates select the electible anyway. The only thing new is that politics has become an entertainment venue, and John Q. roots for his candidate like its a sporting event. Crossing the line in order to pump up the weak was figured out milleniums ago. Now the strategy is branded, "Operation Chaos," and Americans drink it up like Coca-Cola. 2/3's of you don't even vote. You root for the team, and have no idea how the game is played.

Rush has a right to his opinions like everyone else. His days are nearing an end, the clear channel radio and cable propaganda outlets will be sold and bought by others who will invent other clever ways to use them. The babyboomers will retire along with the old power structure and this bizarre failure of a generation will be replaced by the youthfull. America looses another war and credibility while the rest of the civilized world enjoys their newfound prosperity. The vietnam vets who panhandle on the highway exits and sleep under the bridges of America will be replaced by the Iraqi vets. Children will be born. Some wil bring tears of joy to their proud parents while others will just bring tears. That is America before, later, now and forever. Rush has the right to speak. When he loses that right of free speech so does every American.

Whatever the ultimate strategy of Operation Chaos is, I think that both republican and democrats need to ask themselves this question as they participate in or counter Operation Chaos: Will the Republican Party--Win or Lose in November, be better off because of Operation Chaos? This ia a very serious strategy question for both parties!

To the so-called Democrat who is a member of the "Democrat Party", you should really do your homework if you want to pretend to be a Democrat. Making cracks about being so far left they are falling over, and bringing up Jane Fonda is old hat--and it identifies yourself as a Republican. Why don't you call Obama a communist too--I hear that still sells with hard-core old-fashioned Republicans.

Good luck dittohead.

Rush = modern day snake oil preacher for the -stupid- side of America.

How many of you Democrats who scream for higher taxes are going to actually put your money where your mouth is and SEND BACK your forthcoming tax rebate check to the I.R.S. ?

Ha, ha, ha.

Didn't think so.

Once again the Democrats cry when the tables are turned on them... back in January you didn't hear the Democrats whining about election fraud when their idols said:

Markos Moulitsas:
"For Michigan Democrats, the Democratic primary is meaningless since the DNC stripped the state of all its delegates (at least temporarily) for violating party rules. Hillary Clinton is alone on the ballot. But on the GOP side, this primary will be fiercely contested. John McCain is currently enjoying the afterglow of media love since his New Hamsphire victory, while Iowa winner Mike Huckabee is poised to do well in South Carolina. Meanwhile, poor Mitt Romney, who’s suffered back-to-back losses in the last week, desperately needs to win Michigan in order to keep his campaign afloat. Bottom line, if Romney loses Michigan, he's out. If he wins, he stays in."

LaMar Lemmons III:
"Lemmons said Tuesday that the push for Republican Mike Huckabee was prompted by the dearth of choices on the Democratic side of the Jan. 15 primary ballot. Lemmons said he himself supports Barack Obama, who chose not to run in Michigan.
And he said Democrats supporting candidates other than those on the Michigan ballot can vote uncommitted. But he likes the idea of recapturing the spirit of 2000, when DOG was formed to torment former Gov. Engler, a staunch backer of George W. Bush. Huckabee got the nod this time because "the Republican establishment supports Romney and McCain," Lemmons said" And we want Romney in, because the more Republican candidates we have fighting it out, trashing each other with negative ads and spending tons of money, the better it is for us. We want Mitt to stay in the race, and to do that, we need him to win in Michigan."

Many members of the Democratic Party in McDonald County, Mo. are planning to vote in the Republican Primary election in August in order to help vote out some Republicans who have a strangle-hold on county political positions.

I urge all people who love their country to send your irs rebate to the Obama campaign. Rush Limbaugh as part of his operation chaos is telling his listeners in a private newsletter to donate their irs rebates to Hillary Clinton.

So this is hilarious. I think we all know that in November the Dem's are going to take the white house. People will be stumbling into voting booths looking for a "D" to vote for because of the disaster that was George Bush (and the fact that McCain is--and is appropriately being portrayed as--another 4 years of the same). In the interest of self-disclosure, I am supporting Obama. But if Hillary ends up getting the nomination, in part due to Mr. Limbaugh, and then takes the white house, which she inevitably would, how funny would that be!! Seriously, I can see the headline, "Limbaugh's Operation Chaos backfires as come-from-behind democratic nominee Clinton defeats McCain in landslide election." I think poor old Mr. Rush might have a cardiac!! I really can't wait as this can in no way work out for rotund right-wing rebel they call Rush.

The Democrats are a party of liars, thieves and race baiters. I'm stunned that any person with an IQ in double digits would even consider Clinton for the highest office in the land. Now she says Chelsea was jogging around the World Trade Center on 9/11?? She took sniper fire in Bosnia?? She's going to sue OPEC, because it's a monopoly?? Haven't her followers had enough of the Hill-Billy show already, with her replying "I don't recall" over 50 times in a Senate hearing; with her firing the WH travel office staff; Whitewater; the "vast right wing conspiracy" and on and on. She can't even control her sex-pervert husband, how will she run the country, and who would respect the office if she were elected? The Dems don't need Operation Chaos to self-destruct, not when there's Rev. Wright, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Rosie, Ellen, Alec, and all the other godless heathens around. My favorite joke makeing the Internet rounds is: How would Hillary have handled 9/11? She would have raised taxes and then watched the pee running down her leg.

To the article above mine, and below my last, this is exactly what the republicans want. Focus your attention on conspiracies, personal attacks, wedge issues, etc., just so long as you don't go asking any real questions about the issues that are critical to America's future. Those questions, and I dare you to ask any Republican and hope to get a straight answer:

1) How do move forward, given the current situation for which we are responsible, in the horrible mistake that is our war with Iraq?
2) How do we fix health-care? This one is of special interest to me as I am a health-care professional, and I'm telling you the system is broken. We spend twice as much money on health-care as any nation and morbidity/mortality in this country is actually worse than many, including even the problematic system in Canada. That doesn't even take into account the ~47 million that still live without health coverage.
3) How do we fix the economy? The last seven years has seen a budget surplus turn into a disastrous deficit that as anyone who follows the economy knows has devastated the value of the dollar. How do we fix this? Because if we don't do something soon, we are going to be in a lot of trouble.
4) Considering the fact that oil production has peaked already, and that we are completely dependent on petrochemicals (and not just for gasoline), why have we wasted seven years in addressing this problem. Our very way of life is going to change over the next 20-50 years, whether we like it or not, and not a single Republican that I'm aware of is talking about it. My question, how do address this problem? We need to do so immediately.

In sum, people like Rush Limbaugh are unfortunately in that they continue to beat the drums of a broken ideology, and the longer we follow suit, the worse the long-term consequences. Bottom line, while I don't dislike the man himself, we simply cannot afford to put John McCain into the oval office. The issues facing our very way of life are too immediate and he has no idea how to attempt to address and fix them.

Rush Limbaugh is advocating that Republicans do what Democrats have been doing for years - vote in their opponents' primary. It was Democrats and Independents who gave us John McCain and no one in the mainstream media seems the least concerned about that.

In Kentucky, where I live, we have tough pimary rules that ONLY allow Republicans to vote for Republicans, and Democrats for Democrats. Voters who switch party affiliations must do so 5 months before the primary or lose their right to vote in the primary of their newly registered party. It's about time the rest of the nation adopted Kentucky's fine rules, and then both sides can pick their own candidates, without the other side meddling in the other party's affairs. In the meantime, I hope that Republicans teach the Democrats a good lesson, and keep Ms. Clinton alive in the race.

And as to Mr. Limbaugh wanting Mrs. Clinton to win the Democrat nomination, that is simply hogwash. Rush's strategy has to do with dragging out the Democrat contest - nothing more, nothing less. So far it's working very well.

How interesting that Andrew goes personal in his blog and says that Rush is on a "non Slim-Fast diet." I can do that too. Has anyone taken a look at Mr. Healthcare (Michael Moore) lately? If he's all about health care why doesn't he get healthy himself? He looks like "PizzatheHut" from the movie Spaceballs.

Michael, ask Star Jones for her doctor's phone number.

This is reverse psychology at it's best!

Rush wants everyone to believe he wants Hillary to be the nominee, BUT in reality, he's sending out a signal he would prefer Obama to be the nominee... because OBAMA would be easier to defeat in November!

He has no credentials, he makes a lot of gaffes, thinks he can use the presidency as his internship, has quite a few questionable characters in his side pocket, typifies old politics asking for change, but in reality is just a politician... and cannot be trusted!!!

After blocking Florida and Michigan votes from being counted, he is now campaigning in FLA!

Actually.... with Barack Hussein Obama the President-Elect of the United States. I guess we should thank the little people, with the big wallets, like Rush Limbaugh for his help in laying the groundwork for Barack Obama's landmark victory over McCain and the Republicans. Thanks to Rush Limbaugh.. Hillary Clinton stands to become our nation's second female Secretary of State... and her cankles won't be the LEAST bit of a drawback as they are admired in many of the nations we WON'T be going to war with now that the incompetent and fascistic Republican Party and Conservative ideologues have had their clinging fingers loosened from power for a few minutes. Thank You Thank You Thank You conservative bastards for your hubris and overreach. And to think ONLY 5000 American troops had to die and more than 30,000 be grievously injured and several hundred thousand Iraqis be killed for Americans to finally BEGIN to see through the bankrupt racist ideology that these madmen and madwomen have been promoting since the Civil Rights Act in 1964. The vampire isn't dead yet.. you can ONLY destroy it with a silver stake through the heart and our nation is currently short of silver. God willing and the creek don't go below 6000 .. we may just be rid of these "bowel movement conservatives" before too much longer.


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