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Oprah's ex-fans trash her support for Obama over a woman

Well, Ticket readers gave each other an earful -- or eyeful -- in the last 24 hours over Oprah Winfrey, her endorsement of Sen. Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination, her perceived declining popularity, religious views and what many called the increasing irrelevance of her widely-viewed daily TV show.

"Oprah has been sliding not only because of her suport of Obama but her show has became a religion," Keith wrote. "She has let everyone know how new Longtime successful daytime talk-show hostess Oprah Winfrey comes under strong attack in reader comments in Top of the Ticket for her political involvement endorsing Democratic presidential hopeful Illinois Senator Barack Obama over a woman, New York Senator Hillary Clintonage she is and that turns a lot of Christians off. She is not as entertaining."

"I think she felt compelled to come out and support someone just so she could get her name out in the media for more than what the latest book club joke was," Bruzilla added. "She's been on her way out for several years now."

Wednesday morning, The Ticket published a detailed item, since read by hundreds of thousands, that told of a study compiling Winfrey's declining popularity after she announced her backing of Obama last year, her first entry into politics after more than two decades of national TV popularity that created a personal fortune of about $2.5 billion.

The conclusion was that Winfrey, who's not exactly in danger of unemployment, may be paying a higher price for her political involvement than the benefit she provided Obama by drawing large rally crowds for him in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

"I never watch daytime TV," Sam admitted, "but if the women in my family are any measure, this drop in popularity is correct. They are a mix politically, mostly moderate but they were all big Oprah fans. They felt she was above the politics of the day.

"Now they all, every one of them, feel she sold out and they no longer watch her, at least so they say. I know my wife now watches 'Ellen' when she is home at that time. I also know that my sister-in-law posted her anger on the Oprah website. Don't make light of this, I think it is true."

Many, even most critics, defended her right to ....

political opinions, but they appeared offended to have them imposed on their entertainment, even though Winfrey has used her celebrity, not the show, to promote Obama.

The talk-show hostess, whose book recommendations turn them into instant bestsellers, did get some support among Ticket readers. "Oprah had the guts to go out on the limb because the other two candidates would be a disaster for this country and she knows it," said Mike.

Two strong strains appeared in the more than 200 comments left by readers. They involved religion and politics. Many had watched her precisely because she appeared apolitical. "I used to watch Oprah faithfully, " Sherry Jones wrote. "But once she came out backing Obama I have refused to watch any of her shows, even the one on Sundays. Ellen has filled that niche nicely, until she too, gets politicky."

Jean speculated that Oprah herself "is looking for a spot in politics now, getting tired of crying on the blabber show." Bronte felt there were a variety of factors contributing to the decline in viewers of Winfrey, who formerly attended the same Trinity United Church of Christ as Obama with its controversial pastor, the Rev. Illinois senator and Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, who has been endorsed by talk-show diva Oprah Winfrey, speaks in South Bend, Indiana on WednesdayJeremiah Wright.

"Adding the evilness of Wright, and the petulance of Michelle, with the inability of Barack to tell those who are doing him harm to 'pipe down,' that figure could go higher. It was her decision, and she made it. However, in retrospect, she may have precipitated her own demise as Queen of TV."

"Maybe," Nina speculated, "Oprah is just boring. All that new age garbage, the badly written books, the 'its all about ME' attitude put me off long ago. I like Obama. It's Oprah who I wish would shut up and go away."

There was also considerable anger expressed that someone women regarded as a feminist would so eagerly support a male candidate over his Democratic opponent, another woman. "As someone that used to be a fan of Oprah's," Diane said, "I can attest to being in the group that no longer listens to or watches Oprah.

"She spent her entire career promoting women, yet for the first time in history, a woman is running for prez, and she rejects Hillary for a man (I am not even a Hillary supporter and that just rubbed me wrong - how about supporting both of them since they have the same platform?). Oprah is a fraud. I lost all respect for her."

Tea added: "Why I was upset with Oprah is that she (got) her billion dollars because she had her show for WOMEN -- men did not cause her rise to fame. Women backed her, supported. She knows better than anyone the struggles women have to be treated equally and fairly and she jumped right into Obama's arms telling us he could walk on water."

"I may forgive her for being a liberal," Lynn wrote, "but when she messed with God, she went too far. What's next for the book club? L. Ron Hubbard?"

And, perhaps alas for the growth of Winfrey's still-considerable broadcast audience, Kathy was far from alone in her vehemence: "The support of white women made Oprah her billions. While she has every right to vote and campaign for whomever she wants, she stabbed all women in the back. She used her clout against the first viable white woman. Hope she sinks into oblivion. I will never forget."

Then there's Hokie, who put things in a different perspective by adding simply: "I couldn't care less what the non-workers are watching or feeling."

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-- Andrew Malcolm

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I am a white, middle class 50 year old woman.
As a woman I am highly disturbed by the bully tactics of Hillary's supporters. Why should I support Hillary, who I do not care for and find untrustworthy and typically Clintonian, just because she is a woman
I dislike this mindset of woman as victim and seeing imaginary sexism around every corner.
I cannot imagine women leaders around the world who would welcome this kind of support. They would be horrified. And embarrassed.
Can you imagine Thatcher or bhutto playing the victim and crying poor me? Nancy Pelosi is the most powerful woman and would never stoop to such things and she would cringe if supporters acted this way. This is why these women gained so much respect.
Women will never gain higher office as long as they play these kind of games here in the US. It is not equality they want. whenever Hillary is treated like other candidates they cry unfair. It is only when treated special and with kid gloves do they feel she is treated right. As far as I see, they do not want equality. They want special treatment and this will not just keep talented women from gaining high office but, cause a backlash because of their out of control behavior.
Besides, isn't part of liberation making decisions for yourself and chosing who and what you want. Not be forced by others to chose when you don't like that person.
As an independent and liberated woman I chose obama and it is my right to do so.

Oprah appeals to an audience with a higher level of intelligence. She endorses books that make you think. There are no harlequin romance novels on her list. The people of average intelligence need to go watch Dr. Phil, with the rest of the trailer park crowd.

Oprah is her own woman, with her own mind, who has the right to back whomever she chooses. As all you do. But to condemn her for exercising that right is a joke. So what if a woman is running, that does not make her qualified, I don't care if her husband held the job previously. The great thing about being in America, is you have choice and can exercise those choices. As does Oprah.
As far as her "declining" viewers, twenty years is a long time to be on TV. I think she's done remarkably.

I don't think any celebrity should publicly endorse a candidate. There are too many people who have no thoughts of their own and take these endorsements seriously, therefore will vote for someone just because a 'celebrity' thinks that candidate is worthy.

Certainly everyone, celebs included, should vote and support their candidate but publicly KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT.

This is an odd article. Oprah is on at 7pm in the west and my wife and I seldom miss the show. The authors that wrote the above article both admit and prove they do not know what they are talking about. Oprah is great. No one else is like her.

So Oprah is being criticized for engaging in Democracy and the political process? She is supposed to be "above" that?
Just so I understand, "above that" is disengagement? Or is it engagement by endorsing someone that pleases her viewers? And how does that equate to empowerment or
"truth", whether it be the New Age or Christian variety?

It is true that Oprah made her billions off of white women. To not support (or at a minimum be neutral) the first quailifed/viable white WOMAN running for POTUS, is a sort of like biting the Hands that feeded you. No? All for Obama's political calculation (Hillary's white women base vs. Oprah's white women base). Who win? The white woman. DUH!

Too funny. We know Oprah made her fame and fortune due to support from the women whom watched and followed Oprah. Hey, I have no arguments against whom she decided to support for the democratic runner. It does sound like she betrayed her fans. Well, life has twists and turns. Oprah simply made a left instead of a right turn in the eyes of her fans. Like most of us know, her show and popularity will end some time. Just let it be.

Oprah is a backstabber in more ways than one. So are the rest of the black people who turned their backs on Hillary and have tried their damnedest to label the Clintons as racists. Their loyalties and good judgements be damned . Just as Michelle Obama put it-----------"for the first time in my adult life-----------------," and we all know the rest.

Because Oprah is a women she has to endorse a women? Do you people have a brain. Should I vote for McCain because he most resembles me, being the only white male canidate left?

i feel the same way as the women in this article.
we are the ones who made oprah what she is. if she could not support hillary, if anything she should have remained neutral. i will never watch her shows again.
any of them.

Oprah lost me when she said Obama was "the one" People ask me, is he the one, yes he is, he is the one. What the hell is this the Matrix or an election for POTUS? Then in LA she said, women you are free, you can vote for Obama, Thanks for the alert Oprah, here I thought I was a slave to my ovaries all these years

She can go pedal some more BS books like Frye, and spend some more time with Wright
Ellen knows she is a celebrity and not a freakin Oracle of Delphi

They can both move to Africa, as both of them seem more concerned with Africa and her people than America and Americans. They could be President and Vice President of Kenya. And she can supervise her 54 million dollar school over there, instead of talking about how bad the Chicago and U S schools are and not spending 54 million to try and resolve it. And Obama can take Wright with him, as Wright, and his followers ,seem to think we owe more to Africa than America as well. And Obama can run commercials in Africa with his father's side of the family. The family he ignores in his advertising in America. Yes, they should. And truthfully, the country could use their help.

I can't believe that Oprah fans follow what she says. She's like "the Piered Piper". Maybe she can lead them to another country. Her fans don't seem to have a mind of their own. They're like little mice.
So sad.

I can't believe that Oprah fans follow what she says. She's like "the Piered Piper". Maybe she can lead them to another country. Her fans don't seem to have a mind of their own. They're like little mice.
So sad.

I can't help but agree with many of the comments above. Oprah is so full of herself it's uncomfortable and while she has done many good things for many disadvantaged people, it always has to be "look what I did!" A true act of charity is one where you don't tell anyone about it. She put me off a long time ago with her "live your best life" b.s. I'm glad she's occasionally knocked down a peg by making claims she has no right to do.

I thought Top of the Ticket was supposed to be a political blog, not an Oprah blog.


It's annoying to hear progressive women complain that to be a feminist obligates one to vote for a woman. That's ridiculous. In fact, no single demographic group has it harder in the U.S. then black men - incarceration rates, disenfranchisement, lack of education, HIV. White women as a group have far more opportunities and power than black men - by leaps. So it strikes me as disingenuous that some feminists (and I am a feminist and a man) are complaining at the level of social consciousness. Identity politics are dying - and thank goodness.

Oprah supported Obama because he is black. This is
wrong. She should have remain neutral. I guess she
has become bigheaded & think she does not need to
worry about offending her white viewers,who might
consider her to be racist.

It must be great to be able to vote for person that best identify with you. All my life I had to choose between two white males. Most candidates did not acknowledge my needs of my government. I'm a single, AA and female, finally two candidates that can identify my needs. Both have lived in a similar world as me. So now I have to pick the person that has the best character, knowledge and want to unify this country. I understand Oprah's right to choose, she is a free woman and made her decision for her life not mine. I don't understand other women dictating her choice b/c they watched her show. Oprah doesn't use her show to make us to change our choice. Oprah loves women and their rights. Let's give her to right to choose for her life.

Who cares if all of the Oprah watchers leave? I have never watched Oprah, but I like her more than ever. It took nerve to do what she did. She will gain new watchers, perhaps those old suburb queens need to go to the Ellen D. show......... then they can complain about her being gay.

She said what she felt and I respect that more than some liar who says what people want to hear instead of what they feel.

Besides if she supported Clinton simply because she is a woman, that would be as bad as voting with only race as a consideration. How sexist are these Oprah watchers.

Oprah's sold out. I occassionally catch her show at night, and find her difficult to watch now. She's become very righteous, she interrupts her guests and uses one-liners to disguise the fact she's tuned out. To top that off, there is more commercial than content. Her show will break for commercial, air for 5 minutes, then break for more commercials. She just seems like a salesperson now. All she wants to do is push product - whether that's Rachel Ray, her other enterprises, sappy books or $3000 clothes/shoes/purses in her magazine. I could forgive those things since they are harmless. Presidents are not.

I no longer will watch anything Oprah or support anything she endorses. She once had lots of fans cause she connected with us and now she is totally on a different level. Goodbye Oprah, your days as #1 are definately numbered.

Wow! The white women finally got it! Oprah is Black! And that has always been part of the tension in white and black social relationships- that you are acceptable as long as you don't make too big a deal out of what it means to you to be Black in america in opposition to being white here It's so much more comfortable to believe, " She thinks just like I do", to say, "Why I don't even think of her as black, she's just a woman!". Again, see sentence 1. Though, to a point, your friend (Oprah) does think like you do. But when it comes to race, - do you know, heck do you WANT to know what's going on with her? It is scary territory.

So, you folks with time at the end of the day to watch Oprah, you just can't understand how she could do it. But have you really tried to understand??? Have you listened to her reasoning? Oh yeah, that's right, she's not supposed to be Black first for once in her adult life and female second. She's not a person with a history that informs her decisions. She was only your idol when she said and did what you wanted her to say. Now with this one decision, decades of support and enjoyment and education are out the window. Unforgivable, her choice. Hmmm. I think it's more about your delusions about Black folks than anything she has done.

Support women Oprah preaches. Righty. As they are treated unequally all over the world. Oprah has shown her good work by providing an insight into this other world where women have little or no value. If - if she felt the need to publicly support a candidate then why support a man. *would she have supported a white male candidate? Just a question.
I feel as a woman she as let her supporters down. I have stuck up for Oprah many times in the past because I thought her heart was in the right place. She has used her platform to educate the public. I will no longer support her in any way by buying her magazine or giving her dvds to my friends as gifts nor would I watch her program. Sorry. Time to walk your talk girl....

I believe that everyone has a right to vote or support any candidate they choose. If Oprah had supported Hilary then the Black community would be offended. If she supported McCain same thing. So give her a break. Why not get on other celebrities who came out for their candidtes. Are we gonna stop looking at their movies simply because we don't like their political affiliation. Foolishness.

Oprah NOT a racist: check out her XM's show transcript:

Transcript from Oprah's XM Sattelite conversation with Gayle:

Gayle King: You could work for some good White folks.

Oprah (in Black slang accent, making fun of her grandmother): I hope you get some good White folks like I did 'cuz I worked for some good Folks.

Gayle: They're so nice to me. They give you clothes and food.

Oprah (still in Black slang accent): They give you clothes and you get food to take home. And they give you good clothes, too, not all worn out. That's what my grandmother used to say to me. And I now say that I wish she had lived to see that I did grow up to get some good White folks-(yelling:) WORKING FOR ME!

Gayle (also yelling): WORKING FOR YOU!

Oprah (still yelling): WORKING FOR ME!

Gayle: Hehehehe! (laughs at 'White folks')

I doubt Oprah patterned her show initially for or chose to be followed and supported by an particular audience (i.e. white women) so we cannot fault her for alientating a group that chose to adore her by having an opinion and expressing it. And she doesn't appear to be faulting anyone for having an opinion of her. But it is true that with great power comes great resonsibility and she has possibly abused that and may lose because of it. While I do not agree with her viewpoints politically, I commend her for having one. I do prefer that she stay out of politics and imposing some of her positions on her show. I have witnessed the disdain she obviouisly feels for people she disagrees with - even Gail in moments! As part of the media machine, I had always hoped Oprah could be the one to stay neutral and truly present all viewpoints vs pushing her viewpoint. I do think she has crossed that line in what used to be a rather informative and entertaining show. I still appreciate Dr. Oz and many of the other issues that are relevant and highlighted. I wish only that she would stay out of the political arena if not all sides are going to be equally represented. In particular, the show featuring Michael Moore was a complete dissapointment to me. The lobbyist was railroaded and continuously cut off and no one else was there to represent the true offenders in the system. Other sides needed to be represented beyond Michael Moore's sensationalistic, one-sided, opportunistic portrayal of the real problem. And Oprah, instead of presenting all sides as responsible media should do, sided with Mr. Moore in attack mode. It is true that you cannot please everyone all the time and an election year is partuculary tricky in show business if you choose to endorse. She may feel so strongly about Obama that the cost may not be important to her.

Everybody is entitled to his/her view. Oprah is no exception. When it comes to issues such as POTUS you have to chooce the right person regardless gender.
The big difference between Obama and Hillary is the stand on the occupation of Iraq. Knowing now that the invasion was based on lies en deception it makes sense to pull out and oppose the (illegal) occupation.
Oprah deserves credit for speaking out. You might not agree.... but the again, you are entitled to your view too.
Something to do with the bill of rights, if I remenber correctly. Or was it bill of suggestions?

Wow, good one. I just realized that when I am surfing channels, I used to stop to see what was on Oprah, now I cruise on past. She seems mean and crabby. Maybe she should quit. And the big give is so contrived, it's oprah's givers guilt. Giving is what she should be doing but maybe with a little more humility.

I lost all respect for Oprah when she made this about race rather than qualifications...WHAT A hypocrite!

Oprah NOT a racist???: check out her XM's show transcript:

Transcript from Oprah's XM Sattelite conversation with Gayle:

Gayle King: You could work for some good White folks.

Oprah (in Black slang accent, making fun of her grandmother): I hope you get some good White folks like I did 'cuz I worked for some good Folks.

Gayle: They're so nice to me. They give you clothes and food.

Oprah (still in Black slang accent): They give you clothes and you get food to take home. And they give you good clothes, too, not all worn out. That's what my grandmother used to say to me. And I now say that I wish she had lived to see that I did grow up to get some good White folks-(yelling:) WORKING FOR ME!

Gayle (also yelling): WORKING FOR YOU!

Oprah (still yelling): WORKING FOR ME!

Gayle: Hehehehe! (laughs at 'White folks')

I'll tell you what turned me off from both Oprah and Obama, whom I initially supported: attending that ridiculously pretentious fundraiser at her home. Not only did Oprah come across as self-absorbed and holier-than-thou, but Obama and his wife Michelle were treated -- and acted -- like royalty who could not be approached by commoners. I couldn't believe that Obama would not get up to circulate to shake his supporters' hands, when he was there to court our votes and pocketbooks! Instead, he and his wife sat on Oprah's "sacred lawn" surrounded by bodyguards. Mind you, everyone paid the same amount to attend -- $2500!! -- as the celebrities. But only the celebrities and bundlers were allowed to approach Obama; the rest of us were prevented by Oprah's bodyguards from going anywhere near him to even say a simple hello. On the other hand, I have attended Clinton fundraisers where they made sure to shake everyone's hands -- regardless of whether you paid $100 or $2500 to attend. We need more inclusion, not elitism in the White House.

I work from home. Oprah is usually on when I take my lunch break.
Though I do acknowledge she has done great things in this world, I was extremely disappointed in her promotion of Obama. I feel let down by that action. Yes, I used to watch her. I do not now. Cannot stomach her babble about women's rights, children's issues, workplace and financial crises when she actually could have promoted someone who had work hard HER whole life for those very same things. The idea behind her girls school in Africa was to promote the rise of stronger women who will be able to lead their countries out of poverty, lack of education, and unfair pracitices in law, property ownership, commerce and politics.
It's time for a woman to be president of this country. Maybe then, there will be a chance that other great women can emerge around the world to take part in the rebuilding of a planet torn by war, sexism, and testosterin. I will vote for Hillary, and if she isn't on the ballot, I will write her name in. I encourage the rest of you to do the same.

Oprah IS a religion - just google "Oprah Religion Youtube" for the recruitment video. It's just a terrible tragedy that should offend all Christians, especially those who don't think too much. Don't be brainwashed by Oprah - JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY to be brainwashed!

What is up with you people? Oprah should be able to back any candidate she chooses. So what would you say if there were two women candidates (one white and one black) and she voted for the black one. Then what would you say? Oh the white women supported her and helped her make billions of dollars, so based on that she should vote for the white woman? Get real. If you people are fed up with Oprah, then say that. Don't try and use the fact that she endorsed Obama as your reason to dislike her. You don't vote for someone based upon their sex, you vote for someone based upon what they can do for the country. So all you Oprah haters, are you voting for Clinton because she is a woman? People get with it. People are able to make their own choices. If you disagree with them, then too bad. Life goes on and so willl Oprah!

This is crazy. Oprah Winfrey is an American citizen and can, better yet, should support the person she feels is best suited to be the PRESIDENT. This isn't a game. There are serious things going on around the world and Oprah has been on the front lines while most people sit back and complain. How many critics have donated millions of dollars towards education, fighting disease, and other crucial causes? How many critics connect with people of all types of backgrounds, all over the world, in a positive and loving way? Oprah is a national treasure and nothing any critic can say will ever demean her accomplishments, philanthropic efforts, are ability to uplift people.

why blame oprah. the white women made her..........
they turned originally very overweight host
mother thersesa...think about how stupid it looks
now...her book club says it all... if you need someone to
tell you what to read ... you need
the women are shocked .............
..she's not who she says thats my problem with he really who he says he is!!!1 .. .

Funny how Hillary and her supporters talk so much of female empowerment and complain of being discriminated against for being a woman when in fact her greatest supposed political qualities derive from spending her entire adult life in the shadow of a chauvinistic, cheating, lying man. I am a man and would have no problem voting for a woman but Hillary is not her. I don't even care for Oprah but it's just absurd and downright moronic to expect her to support a white woman just because her audience is made up of the same demographics. Nuts.

Oprah lost me ten years ago when she started "catering" to white audience........but to each his own. I just wonder how many white women opposed to black women are outraged at her Obama support......

Things that make you go "hmmmmmm"

I have noticed Oprah drifting away from her Christian values. She has become engulfed in a spiritual journey or quest. So much talk about the spritual self and how important it is...the emphasis is wrong in her new "religion". Even the devil was spiritual. This new teaching she is endorsing is just a new package of the oldest temptation to man. Genesis 3:5... "You'll be like God". We are to have the heart of Christ which is that of a servant and not try to become a god that contols and knows all. I pray the Lord puts someone in her path that can get her back on the true path to eternal life and a life on earth grounded in Christ's true teachings. As for her endorsment of Obama, I do not think she did her homework on him at all. She is going to regret that she endorsed him before November. Many voters are waking up to the real Obama. He is a politician and the truth is going to come out as to his methods and his flip flopping and lack of a real record of accomplishment. Oprah seems to be backing false beliefs and false politicians.

I'll just say this what has made me turn away from watching Oprah a person and show of which I loved to catch is her two faced-ness. She encouraged and egged on Hillary to run for Pres. When she finally did she went with Obama. That IMO was a slap in the face. After publicly on her show begging Senator Clinton to run she goes and throws her support, no stumps for Obama that's a huge slap, spit and kick in the face. Oprah is a two faced you know what who should have kept her stance out of this race. She's loosing support because as a talk show entity you can't support one over the other. And she's a hypocrite.

Not only am I a Fox News fan, but I was also a fan of Oprah for many years. Up until her endorsement of Barack Obama, I recorded her show every day and looked forward to watching it after work each night. However, immediately upon Oprah's jump into the political arena, I quit watching her show and now record Ellen every single day. And I must say - I enjoy Ellen so much more.

Question for Oprah, Obama, HIllary, McCain, and all who read and responded here. Were the United States founded as a "Democracy" or a "Republic"? Find a book on history (not a government school book) and look it up. Then feel free to slap yourself in the face.

The comments regarding Oprah making her fortune from her white female fan base are disgusting. Just because white female viewers chose to watch Oprah regularly does not necesitate that she vote for any one of them who decide to run for the Presidency.
Furthermore, I support women who behave like women. Hillary Clinton betrayed our country when she decided to vote for a war that cost thousands of soldiers their lives and thousands upon thousands of Iraqi women and children, some men too I am sure, their lives as well. Yeah, yeah, she was just some ill informed senator... Bull! How does such a supposedly savvy women vote for such an idiotic war.
And PS ladies, Hillary Clinton stood by a man who cheated on her. Have any of you asked yourselves why? The details of that affair are just so disgusting, can anyone say "cigar?" Can any of you explain why such an educated women would stay with a scum bag that not only was fooling around with a women more than a decade younger than she, but one who worked in her own home, that big ol' house our tax dollars pay for. Hello out there! Wake up people. Why don't all of you women who are so interested in other women take your vote where it counts, to politicians who aren't caught with their pants down in the oval office and smiling on tapes where they were have said to be in danger of death's grab.
Lastly, Hillary Clinton is no stay at home Oprah viewing mother. She is a very wealthy woman as well who has made her millions off of all of us, including that husband of her's who gets millions for talking to us commoners. I won't go to bed worrying for any women in her predicament, that's for sure. But I'll probably go to bed worrying for the whole lot of us, idiots included, if she ends up at her old residence.
Finally, I use to really despise Oprah for the very reasons she is losing support now. I wanted to hear what she really thought about the issues. Finally she speaks. I still don't watch her, but I like what she is saying (at least on this subject) a lot more than watching some celebrity tear up over a clothing designer's fall line.

This never happened when Phil Donahue ruled the airwaves. Now there was a political moderate for you. I mean, no, wait a minute...

Look, Oprah can calm the entire nation down and unite us as country once again by doing one thing and one thing only...

Give us all brand news cars!

Ditto S. Williams - "So Oprah is being criticized for engaging in Democracy and the political process? She is supposed to be "above" that?
Just so I understand, "above that" is disengagement? Or is it engagement by endorsing someone that pleases her viewers? And how does that equate to empowerment or
"truth", whether it be the New Age or Christian variety?"

Sister Oprah Inc. certainly does have the right to vote for
Obama. Does this create a conflict for me, no, just like her endorsement of a Million Pieces, I simply have the right
to turn off her program. And I have, and will not
return to hear her message of a new age, a free car for everybody, a free book or a favorite lipstick.

I say stick it Oprah!

Wow, what enthusiasm! I suspected her "O Effect" would have some influence in the political arena too. I bet that political bug might also bite her in the future, regardless of what she's said in the past. I myself stopped watching Oprah due to her focus on New Age topics and O-O-O.

We'd love to have you ALL (O fans and non-fans) visit and give us your O'pinion on O Mania Wiki. It's at: There's lots of information on most of these issues, along with videos and parodies too.

People in America must be so depressed with their own lives that to make themselves feel better they pursue trashing another human being. Stop it America, stop insisting that someone, somewhere needs to apologize for something they said at some other moment in time. Are you forgetting that we live in America, land of the free. Oops, maybe that quote is incorrect now.

Oprah, I applaud you for following your gut and speaking up. So many people make a living by complaining, but they don't do anything to personally make the world a better place for us all. Oprah has done more to inspire women especially over any other celeb. She has an enormous impact and she deserves great credit for doing good things for others.

What a joke and what a waste of time all this "apologizing." The media has become a disheartening venue to spew crap, that's it. Spread fear and negativity to the enth degree. Now, can anyone really say they are uplifted and inspired by the news? Especially in 2008.

Clinton has shown her true colors and they are so dingy that her supporters are embarrassed they donated money to her. The long campaign has been an excellent benefit to the American people because goodness will always prevail. Take a look at the DEM race for the nominee, goodness is succeeding.
Thank goodness.

May goodness, true goodness always bless America.

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