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Once Obama's mentor, Alice Palmer now campaigns for Clinton

One bonus for Barack Obama as he campaigns in Indiana is that so many friends from his home state can just drive across the state line to help him out.

Then again, it's also a short trip for the occasional hometown pol who has been doublecrossed by Obama, such as one featured guest doing the Hoosier tour today for Obama's opponent, Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Joining Chelsea Clinton and other women to campaign for Hillary Clinton today is Alice Palmer. She's the former state senator who picked Obama to be her successor back in the mid-90s.

When she tried to reclaim her spot, Obama got her booted from the ballot.

The day of campaigning culminates tonight with a "Women for Hillary" rally in New Albany. The women plan to talk about Clinton's plans for the economy, job creation and the middle class.

Palmer's story is more familiar in Chicago than it is in Indiana, even in the northwest section of Hoosierland that consumes so much of the Chicago news media. Still, the national press has shown an interest in the early account of Obama playing hardball, and Palmer's presence may remind some of them of the story.

We'll likely hear more about her -- and them.

-- Christi Parsons

Christi Parsons writes for the Swamp of the Chicago Tribune's Washington bureau.

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So when a former Clinton support goes Obama, it's makes it on the front page of the LA Times....

When the woman who help start Obama's political career goes for Clinton, it only gets a mention in a LA Times blog.

Seriously, are you guys even bothering to hide your bias?

Yes, by all means -- if there is ANY negative, petty stuff about Obama that has not been completely over-exposed in the past 6 weeks, at the expense of discussing the huge problems facing this country, please bring it on!!

It sounds to me that AP is a sore loser and an opportinist.

This article shows how Obama is no different than any other politician.,1,4998225,full.story

You go girl....Hillary is the only one to back.

Actually, Palmer endorsed Obama to take her seat but after she failed to win the Congressional seat, she attempted to quickly get back on the state ballot and run against Obama for her vacated senate seat.

Unfortunately, she collected what were proven to be fraudulent signatures- a widespread practice of dirty poltics in Chicago.

If aquiesing to something illegal is what folks would expect Obama to do, then they have got the wrong guy. Sure- it was an awkward situation, but if Palmer wanted to compete, she should have played by the rules- a concept that some Clinton supporters have a difficult time wrapping their arms around.

It looks like we got a lot of musical chairs going on. Obama today, Clinton tomorrow. Or Clinton today and Obama tomorrow.
What can I say, I started out a Democrat until the Clinton's lied their way into office and then I switch to the Republican party. But I notice for the very time that Senator Obama was running for President for all of us, and not a select few, and that my party and the Clinton's were playing the old spin and smear game, and realized that both Mc Cain and the Clinton's are on the same page.

We all know what Mc Cain or the Clinton would do if they had to answer the phone in the middle of the night, Hillary would have to try to wake up from all those shots she likes to knock down with the beer chasers, and wonder where to find Bill. And John would be another Bill Clinton, Interns beware!

I feel that Senator Obama will get the job done. OBAMA 2008 "Yes we can"!

JMesserly sums it up very well. Ms. Palmer attempted to game the system. Basically she tried to tell Obama it wasn't his turn. Obama knew there was NO WAY she could have gathered enough signatures under such a tight deadline and he did something that shocked Ms. Palmer, GASP!, he challenged her signatures, which is allowed under the rules. Her signature-gathering was badly flawed and enough were thrown out to disqualify her. HOW dare Obama play by the rules! That's not how politics is played! So let me get this straight, Clinton's surrogates now include racists, serial philanderers (and that's not just Bill but Villaraigoso, Newsom and Magic Johnson) and now another member of the old-school political status quo. My God, there's plenty of guilt by association to go around there...

And don't forget, Alice Palmer is the one who brought Obama to William Ayres (of the Underground Weathermen) home and introduced them, so what is Hillary doing hanging out with a known associate of William Ayres?


You are wrong. You did not pay attention to the real story. She had good signatures, from the current list of voters, but Obama waited purposely until the next list knowing that many moved away or died to eliminate her. She would have gotten more sigs. but because Obama refused to keep their deal, she had little time. The signatures were legitimate at the time. He did the same to the other three opponents. His signatures were never checked.

The main point to be made on this issue is the character of a man who promises to step aside for his mentor(knowing that he would get her seat later), because she introduced him to the Senior Dems. and Donors. Palmer was a longtime, beloved black activist, who had a safe seat ,but was trying to get a higher position so she could do more good work for the poor in Chcago. After outing her Obama did not stay in the State Senate long, so now you can see how the area has suffered. He is so ambitious that he will throw his grandmother or anyone else under the bus. He will not win the election.

Too bad you people are all misinformed. Oh, I forgot we cannot say anything about Obama. Is it because he is black or do you all just listen to what he says and believe it? Alice Palmer followed the rules, Obama played a dirty trick on her. Why don't you read the truth and then go defend him. If you, of course, think that what he did is ok then you will be for him no matter what he does. He is involved in the down and dirty Chicago politics. Most of the names have not come out yet. Why do you think they are in such a hurry to try and get rid of Senator Clinton. Go to the website Tina posted on 4-26-08

"but because Obama refused to keep their deal, she had little time."

What deal? According to Palmer herself, the deal went the other way--Obama asked her, when she launched her Congressional bid, whether she wanted to maintain her old state Senate seat as a fallback. She told him no. He took her at her word and launched his own campaign.

Then her campaign for the House of Representatives collapsed and she changed her mind. She had only a few days to gather signatures; Obama challenged her signatures and won.

It was certainly not the nicest, most courteous thing he could have done. But neither was it the rank betrayal you make it out to be.

Source here:,1,57567.story?page=2

Joan says "Obama did not stay in the State Senate long". How long did he stay? 1996-2004: eight years. Hardly a short stay. I think Joan protests too much. Her second post, calling us "misinformed", is really unfortunate.

Obama having hundreds of Americans signatures thrown out back in 1996 due to them looking printed versus written in cursive is wrong, when you consider that the some of the signatures of our founding fathers on both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution look printed. Whether Americans do their patriotic duty by signing petitions or voting, and if their signatures are printed or their chads are hanging, their intent is clear. We do not need opportunistic lawyers like Obama running our nation!

Obama has a habit of throwing bodies under the bus of his political ambitions. Sen. Alice Palmer was his mentor, his benefactor--and he sure repaid her kindness. She had him 'annointed' and taught him the ropes.
He threw his 'typical white grandma' under the same bus when it became convenient for his political survival. Then he threw his spiritual mentor and vote-getter who gave him a community to plunder on a silver platter. So Rev. Wright is not wrong when he said:

"Barack is just another typical Politician...he'll say anything and do anything..." to get power. So this tremendously vacuous Chicago-educated arrogant politico, who benefited by the media's sexism and his own campaign's dirty tactics of labelling every second comment the Clintons made a front-page 'racist' or 'homicidal' newstory, now wants us to believe that He is the agent of Hope and Change, eh?

OBAMYOPIA is a curable afflication and November is the time to visit the ophthalmologist for lens correction....
Ressurection Time is November--and the bodies will get up and haunt him from under the bus.


CHANCEY The Gardener was the main character in "Being There"--a Peter Sellers movie of the 70s was made with Sen. Obama in mind! The story of an inept vacuous man mistaken for presidential material....

Note to paraskeve:

His name was CHANCE the Gardener, not Chancey.

Better get your facts straight before you go insulting presidential candidates... and also extraordinary writers like Jerzy Kosinski.

Evan and JMesserly,

Please understand that the issue here regarding Obama has to do with the contradiction of his actions when compared to his words.

For many of us, we listen to what this gifted, intelligent man has to say and we are inspired yes, but also compelled to look beyond the oratory to ensure we are making the right choice.

I'm afraid Mr. Obama fails miserably for those of us who follow this path.

Every voice should be heard?
Alice Palmer (a female African American Democrat) and Jack Ryan (a male White Republican) will disagree.

The politics of Hope?
Six months of telling America that you shouldn't vote for your fellow Democrat because "she can't be trusted" is hardly hopeful I think.

Bring us all together?
His own Democratic Party in Illinois is in shambles. The State Senate Leader is circulating memos calling for the impeachment of his party's governor. Headlines each day seem to highlight a new embarrassment for the party.
At the center of all of it is Obama's friend and financial benefactor, the recently indicted and found guilty Tony Rezko. All of these people have some close connection to David Axelrod, Obama's Campaign Manager as well.

Would a discussion of Obama's abilities to bring us together be helped by a close examination of his church or his relationship with his pastor and "spiritual mentor"?

A politician who has produced so little in actual change or accomplishment in his years in government and then asks us to place him into the most important job in the world deserves your scrutiny, not your blind faith.

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