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Mike Huckabee, writing a new book, gets bus time with John McCain

So let's say you decide to run for president and you surprise some people and win in one place. Call it Iowa. But in a bunch of other places you don't win. And then you win a few more. And you don't have that much money. And you only have a fraction of the necessary delegates to earn your party's nomination. Let's call it Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee who's writing a book about his failed Republican presidential bid shows the presumptive Republican presidential nominee Senator John McCain of Arizona around Huckabee's home state of Arkansas today on the candidate's Straight Talk Express busthe Republican Party.

But every other candidate drops out, except for the candidate who's clearly gonna win, and one other loopy old guy with a dozen delegates. So you keep at it, building national name recognition for the future. Then, you have to give up. And like a loyal soldier you endorse the winner.

How do you make a winning lemonade out of those losing apples?

Write a book. And so former radio host-preacher-Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee has signed to write a book about his experiences as a loser and his views of the GOP's future, of which he'd like to be a leading part, say, maybe in 2012.

Huckabee spent today toodling around parts of Arkansas on the Straight Talk Express, getting a few hours of facetime with the guy Huckabee wouldn't mind running with as vice president, Sen. John McCain.

McCain was already finishing up his second national campaign tour for the November election, the go-places-that-wealthy-guys-in-suits-don't-usually-go swing, while his two possible Democratic opponents keep going after each other with millions of primary dollars.

Riding along the highways that his state administration helped rebuild, Huckabee said an unusual thing. He....

....defended Sen. Barack Obama against charges by many that he was closely associated with the extremist views of his retired pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Huckabee said it's "a little bit presumptuous to ever assume that just because the pastor says something on the pulpit that everyone in the pew agrees with it. That's rarely the case." Of course, Obama says he wasn't actually in a pew when the most controversial things were said.

Maybe Huckabee's Wright views will also show up in the new book, which will be published by Sentinel, a conservative imprint of the Penguin Group, which is also publishing Donald Rumsfeld's upcoming book. The advance price of Huckabee's book was not disclosed.

But the publication date was. It's Nov. 18, which just happens to be two weeks after the presidential election.

So, in theory, if McCain continues his remarkable comeback from last summer's political oblivion by picking Huckabee as his running mate and they happen to win on Nov. 4, putting Huckabee one heartbeat away from replacing the oldest man to ever be inaugurated U.S. president, 14 days later Sentinel could have a pretty good seller on its hands.

But that probably never even crossed their minds.

-- Andrew Malcolm 

                                                                              Photo Credit: AP

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"extremist" views are in the eye of the beholder. Huckabee just said on FOX/Hannity that Rev. Jeremiah Wright statements were indefensible.

People want to think that America and Americans can do no wrong. Rev Wright was correct and people that can watch his entire sermon with an open mind should be able to see the same thing.

We went into the Iraq war for many very wrong reasons. We killed innocent people without just cause.

More people should be standing up for the truth, not what we do not want to admit. American's have innocent people's blood all over our hands and we want to put our head in the sand by accusing Rev Wright of being un-American for telling the truth.

right. if they're in their right minds, that probably did not cross their minds. but then, who can be sure it didn't anyway? huckabee is about as likely to win the presidency - even if someone for some reason, or even without reason - decided to kill it and cook it and serve it to him on a golden platter, as 'that other loopy old guy' (although the reference seems to be lacking in accuracy, people familiar with this blog instantly recognize by the unfailing pattern of snide condescension that the presumptive next president would be meant there) is to NOT win it, even if someone decided to throw up all the sticks in his way they can possibly find or come up with. and my, will we all be surprised when that number of delegates now seen by some as 'a handful' will soon be seen to 'get out of hand'... and while waiting for huckabee's booklet to manifest, we might watch huckabee trying to help deter RON PAUL by trying to ride (and deride) and drape (and rape) the authentic constitutional message in his 'huckpac' some more; while getting to serve some time with mccain riding in the back of his own special bus. and the reason why, and proof that, huckabee is not nearly qualified for presidency, is exactly because, and that - just like mccain, he behaves not 'like a loyal soldier' but like a mercenary who's ready to kill for vice. but meanwhile, we might enjoy reading some very good useful books, like a recent one by RON PAUL called, 'the revolution: a manifesto.'


Non-verbal communication experts who study body language are reporting remarkably high numbers between McCain and Huckabee.

In particular they note how McCain holds and sips on his coffee. "Those body language cues, give us a great deal of information on how comfortable he feels talking with Mike Huckabee."

When compared to other video''s with other potential VP candidates, Mike Huckabee scores the highest with McCain, coming in at 97.7, some 34 points higher than any other candidate.

This is a remarkably high number on the first meeting between the two after the presidential debates.

Based on the years of body language analysis, the research center is hedging their bets that McCain will pick Huckabee as his running mate. "Normally I wouldnt say that so soon, but since the result is so high, one would have to conclude McCain is extremelly comfortable with Mike Huckabee at his side."


What a great team they would make. Both of them honorable men who ran good campaigns. Hopefully, that will happen.

I dread a McCain Huckabee ticket. McCain will get my vote come November but it won't be because I am voting for him, but that I am voting against an Obama or a Hillary ticket. I wish we had a different choice available. What a sad state of affairs.

McCain-Huckabee gets my vote. Millions of Huckabee supporters will be elated if their guy gets the VP nod.

This would be a most balanced and honorable ticket with
MCCaine's vast experience and unquestionable patriotism
coupled with Huckabee's solid record as governor of a
state most representative of today's strugling middle class.

With Huckabee on the ticket, McCain has my vote. Without Huck, I will take November 4 off to watch the beautiful Iowa fall foliage, do some fishing and pray for grace to live under a Hillary Obama administration.

Iowa for McCain Huckabee!

Did you just write "loopy old guy with a dozen delgates?" Loopy, you say? No wonder this doesn't wind up in the print edition. It would spoil the fish that would get wrapped in it and the birds whose cages it lined would have nowhere to relieve themselves since the page would already be covered in excrement.

Exactly who was it, again , who was killing innocent people without just cause? Who was wreaking terror on his own citizens? Who was burying people in mass graves? Who had many chances to simply comply with inspectors instead of engaging in a huge apparatus of lies? The fault lies with Saddam Hussein. During the First Gulf War, stopping Saddam's invasion of Kuwait, our troops were 50 miles south of Baghdad...we should have taken him out, then, but the order came to stand down. The operation in this declaration of war required only that
Kuwait be secured. No peace treaty was signed, therefore war did not have to be declared a second time. The CIC was under no obligation to present his case to the UN or to Congress, yet he did so. The fault lies with the real killers who are cowards who use airplanes or blow themselves up to kill innocents instead of going right to the front lines to fight. The fault lies with the cowardly terrorists, not with the perceived notion of some that America is somehow the evil one.

You do refer to Huckabee as a loser but you don't put it in the headline and you spin it in positive light. You call Ron Paul a" loopy old guy" . You can't stop yourself from putting Ron Paul down every chance you get.

Kinda funny Huckabee has Copland, McCain has Hagee and Obama has Wright. What ever happened to the 4th estate and the 1st Amendment? These politicians using preachers used endorsements for some sort of I'm more religious than you is sacrilegious doctrine. How about the Huckabee Mormon comment, or the Hagee catholic/gay comments? What I know is Mormons were the first to aid New Orleans and the Neo-cons (Bush Regan) supported killing of liberal priest in Nicaragua by militant right wing military. Funny how the neo-cons don't remember the religious radicalization the CiA did in Afghanistan or the Pope's influence in Eastern Europe.. I'm not going to judge and will write in my vote as most thinking Americans will.


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