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John Edwards (finally) gets a star turn, courtesy of Stephen Colbert

Hillary Clinton (to start the show) and Barack Obama (to end it) made brief (very brief) appearances on "The Colbert Report" tonight. But it was the Democratic rival they left in the dust almost three months ago -- John Edwards -- who stole the show.

Edwards strolled onto Stephen Colbert's set to punctuate the point the comic was making that in a race between a woman and a black, the key to success in their battles has hinged -- and presumably will continue to depend -- on which one white men support.

It's about time this demographic ruled, Colbert smirked. And Edwards quipped that no white male voter is being "more vigorously courted than this one."

He began his shtick by reiterating that he remains undecided -- and provided some elaboration as to why. On the one hand, he said, he doesn't want to be seen as "anti-hope." With fine timing, he added: "On the other hand, I don't want James Carville to bite me."

He then detailed some expected -- and unexpected -- ways that Clinton or Obama might win him over.

A commitment to ending poverty in 30 years -- his prime platform -- was mentioned. But so was comping him a jet-ski (and maybe two, so his wife, Elizabeth, could join the fun). And he'd like to be assigned to spy duty ... and get his face on new money ... and have national holidays declared for each of his three children.

No word from Clinton on meeting this wish list, since her walk-on had ...

long since ended. Her spot consisted of first solving a production problem for Colbert and his stagehands, and then noticing that he needed more makeup on his forehead.

"You're so prepared for any situation," Colbert mockingly gushed.

"I just love solving problems," she responded, and then urged him to call for help anytime -- including at 3 a.m.

Obama appeared via remote after Edwards, so perhaps he hadn't heard what was required to get his endorsement. Besides, he had a pressing concern: adding "manufactured political distractions" (i.e., the type of touchy questions he was asked during the first half of Wednesday's night debate) to Colbert's "On Notice" board.

The host dutifully compiled. Somehow, though, we doubt his heart was in it (or that he'll steer clear himself of such "distractions.")

-- Don Frederick

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Best part was Clinton fixing the Obama could appear on remote. Tells you all you need to know about how the primary season is going to turn out....

John Edwards was amazing! Perfect comic timing. Can't we have him back in the race?

This reminds me of a lyric in a song,

And you knew who you were then,
Girls were girls and men were men,
Mister we could use a man
Like Herbert Hoover again.

And we know the rest. And I already know that these lyrics were the opening to one of the most resist programs ever on American TV. The point, If you don't like your situation, then change it.

**************************************************************************WINNING TICKET*********

******************* OBAMA & EDWARDS *******************

Tom J, you could interpret it this way too.

Hillary Does all the real work, and alll Obama does is get on the screen and talk.

Tells me all I need to know.

I'm willing to knock on doors and introduce myself and smile broadly and assure the occupant that they are BOTH really, really nice men who are going to change this country. For the first time in generations there is hope that by working together we can bring about change and improvement in our standard of living for all people. The time is now to save our planet and to become our brother's keeper.

Here's something the Democratic Party can wrap their head around... If Obama does win the nomination, I am switching my party affiliation to the Green Party. AND, I will help to campaign against him and help convince other democrats to come with me to a new third party who really can take this country into a new direction. Take a look at their platform

One vote might not make that much of a difference to the DNC, but I'll bring as many people with me as I can!!!

It was a sad day for me when the initiator of all the topics being
discussed in this election, felt compelled to drop out. Were it not
for John Edwards, the needs of the people would not be so
thorughly a part of the election. While we are indebted to him for
bringing these to the forefront, I fear only he would have really
addressed each issue on on our behalf and would have really
brought about substantive change. Yes! By gosh we need Edwards
back, if not in the race, at least in a position to follow through with the
issues related to poverty that are the causes of his life!

It was great seeing Edwards again. I hope whoever the Democratic nominee ends up being that they will be smart enough to find a place for Edwards in their administration.


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