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Hillary Clinton casts herself in a new role

Earlier this week in Philadelphia, Hillary Clinton offered herself as a political version of Rocky Balboa -- a beleaguered underdog fighting to hold her own against the advantages enjoyed by Barack Obama (an analogy that overlooked Clinton's consistent, though shrinking, lead in Pennsylvania polls).

Today, as she landed in Burbank to head for a fundraiser in Beverly Hills, she compared herself to a different hero -- this one a real-life figure of Revolutionary War vintage.

Asked during a brief tarmac news conference about more bad news concerning the U.S. economy, Clinton asserted that she, much more so than any other presidential contender, has been sounding the clarion call for aggressive action on this front.

She has felt, she said, at times like "Paulette Revere," warning, "The recession is coming, the recession is coming."

Before leaving Burbank, Clinton was taping an appearance on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." We'll be watching to see who else she may decide to link herself to.

-- Don Frederick


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Too bad she can't be Paulette Sincere...

Hillary's more appropriate comparison is less flattering: she is the Ralph Nader of 2008, and she does not seem to care that she may be the best bet for a Republican victory.

Uh, did'nt Rocky lose to the black guy?In fact he was totally out of his class.Maybe not the right comparison for Hillary to make.Actually as far as Philly boxing analogies go I'd say Marvis Frazier would be more on the mark

Recession maybe coming, Hilary will be ok though, unless bill dumps her for Ronnie baby

from wikipedia

Investments in Cayman Islands tax shelters & Clinton financial dealings

Recent calls for the release of Senator and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and former president Bill Clinton's tax returns have brought to light the fact that President Clinton is expecting a $20,000,000 payout from Burkle's supermarket holding company [15]. Questions raised about the Clinton's financial dealings with Yupaica include whether or not Bill Clinton has direct investments in the tax shelters, whether he pays full U.S. income tax on the profits from those investments, why the Clintons first claimed the holdings were in Los Angeles and not the Cayman Islands, and how Hillary Clinton, an opponent of offshore tax havens, can rationalize her husband's alleged offshore business dealings with her public opposition to the practice.

burkle is also a main player in the aloha airlines pseudo bankruptcy

(1) Clinton supporters need to make sure women know that Obama has offered to get on his knees and/or kiss a Clinton supporter to get her to change her allegience. THIS IS THE TYPE OF MIND SET OBAMA HAS! Can you imagine if Clinton even jokingly flirted with an Obama supporter that she'd give him a nice kiss if he votes for her? This is the sexist we're dealing with here, and woman need to know!
(2) Check whether Obama does not agree with Jimmy Carter on Israel being guilty of racism and apartheid.

I thought Rocky was the people's favorite. Hillary has to settle for sloppy seconds as the delegate count indicates. It is impressive how she ran her campaign into the ground with mud slinging and outright lying.

Jacksmith, do you think you might be the one being duped? The republicans don't have it as togehter as you like to think they do. Obama is alot more popular across the board, and that's all there is to it. People are tired of Hill and the HillBilly politics she brings with her, the blame game and all that other bs. When it comes down to it, Obama will be the man left standing, and he'll be alot stronger than you give him credit for when all is said and done

I will never support someone like Obama and I want to comment to the Congressmen/women, Senators and Super Delegates that have put their support behind him. What are you thinking, and what kind of Americans are you anyway? 1. For 20 years he has gone to listen to a man who clearly HATES WHITES AND JEWS. His words that Israel is a dirty word, or that rich White men running this country infected black men with HIV or the fact that he damns America and then to see any of you back him is stupid!!!! If one of you were white and went to a church where the KKK were preaching what Obamas pastor was preaching would you want that person in office? Because not too long ago, David Duke was running for office and he was a KKK member and people, myself included were out ragged that he ever got elected as a representative. Well, I hate to point this out but Obama's pastor is the same way only towards whites and Jews. And I heard other blacks come out and say "it is a black thing" no it isn't. I have been to plenty of churchs, black church's and they worship God and do not spread hate out of their mouths on the pulpit. How could any of you super delegates even consider putting someone in office like that? How far have we fallen that we have lost all value in what is important or what we hold dear. If you have a family of 4 people and all of them demand their own way constantly and if they don't get it they cry foul, will that family grow? No, it will divide and will become ineffective. Right now there are so many people in L.A. and all over the country demanding their rights. First of all we all need to be Americans.I will take a page out of Kennedy's book "Ask not what your country can do for you , but what you can do for your country". My grandparents were born in Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Denmark so do I put all that in front and than add American to it? I am plain and simple an American and proud to be it. Yes, my heritage maybe from other countries, but I am here and I was born here and I am American. I love America enough to just want to be one. The blacks appear to be unhappy to be just American and want to be African American. Dumb!!!
Shame on you Oprah!!! How dare you get up and tell people "He's the One" as though you think you are God and you know what is best for everyone out there. Aren't you the one Oprah that tells everyone that they are supposed to think for themselves? So why are you telling them how to think? "It's okay if you vote for a black man" like you will allow it?! You are not God Oprah! You are always telling people to move on and not hold hatred towards the ones that hurt them. Yet you support Obama when he clearly believes the way his pastor/friend the Rev. Wright is talking. If I hung out with a KKK member it would be because I thought like him. Obama has been with Wright for 20 years, he believes what Wright is saying.
If obama gets in I know most Democrats will vote for McCain. I know I will. Because I will not have a racist in office. The Democratic party will hurt itself if it backs Obama and there will be no recovery from it.

When it comes to Christian Values, Hillary Clinton has my vote, she forgave her husband for sexual sin. That action alone speaks louder than words.

What Obama supporters like Sens. Kennedy, Leahy, Dodd are trying to express is that Hillary Clinton SHOULD stay in the race but STOP the Karl Rove like tactics (ask Sen McCain, who knows all to well about his 2000 campaign). Pres Bill Clinton believed he became POTUS in the 90's in part by being politically more Conservative than Liberal - which is now reflected in Mrs. Clinton's 'kitchen sink' strategy, pandering to her bigotted supporters who privately CAN’T stand the thought of a black person as the POTUS. Mrs. Clinton is only a Democratic by name, and not by philosophy. WHY can't the media state the OBVIOUS; she's in it for her own self-interest by cloaking herself in her husband's name, political success, and tossing a few Liberal bones to the voters as way to avoid the more Liberal side of the Democratic Party from throwing her under the bus.

paul himself has been warning all along, but unlike hillary, has real solutions. and i don't think he's very impressed with hillary's phony paulette...
she's just no match for the founding fathers.
or for ron paul.

100 percent guaranteed...Hillary plans HUGE BAILOUTS FOR WALL STREET...proof? Her husband, Weasel Willie, pardoned a FUGITIVE Wall Street Felon = bingo! NY Senator Hillary. They both KNOW where the MONEY is! Enjoy the recession, unemployment, foreclosure but KNOW, Hillary will take your money and GIVE IT TO BILLIONAIRES on Wall Street. When you re-elect the thugs and goons, you DON'T GET CHANGE! You gotta change the game and flush the incumbents, EVERYWHERE.

I have been a Democrat ever since I can remember. But mark my words: this time, if Hillary is our nominee and steals this election from Barak, I AM GOING TO VOTE FOR MCCAIN. That's right, I am not just going to sit at home and fume about the inability of my party to nominate and then elect someone actually likeable. This time, I am truly and really fed up.

On top of the fact that Hillary is absolutely intolerable on a personal level (let alone the fact that I am sick of BUSH-CLINTON-BUSH-CLINTON and of Bill himself), when you get into the details of her proposals it gets worse. She wants to completely Bail Out the greedy homeowners and home flippers who caused the bubble in the first place. While the rest of us stayed out of that mania or purchased only a condo we can afford, she wants to use MY hard-earned tax dollars to re-finance those imbeciles who put $0 down (how can we feel sorry for them when they never really paid for those houses?!) or those that took all their equity out in cash-out refinancings so they can buy plasma TVs and SUVs and now they owe more than the homes are worth.

Enough with Hillary's pandering already . . . It's Obama all the way, and if she takes him down into the gutter with her, McCain must win.

The recession is coming? Not without the energy of millions of americans to believe so.

Pull the wool over our eyes and then we vote for the politician that nutures our worped beliefs.

While Senator Clinton was busy "Sounding the Alarm"...

Senator Obama was introducing the Stop Fraud Act.

Read about It.

Can't you guys leave off the Hillary bashing conspiracy theories for one column?

I'll be watching Leno for the first time since the writer's strike.

Good to know he's honoring his statement that his show is not a bully pulpit.

Can't you guys leave off the Hillary bashing conspiracy theories for one column?

I'll be watching Leno for the first time since the writer's strike.

Good to know he's honoring his statement that his show is not a bully pulpit.

As usual, HRC late to the party.

Obama plain-out called it a recession in his speech on the economy two weeks ago. As have most reputable economists.

I guess a tree doesn't fall in the forest unless Senator Clinton is there to claim she saw it first.

Obama is scary..If Hillary is not the nominee, I will never vote for him..20 yr associations w/ Resko and Wright, too little quantitative exp..what kind of a voting record is "present"?..Bush was a great personality,too..We don't need another talker..I want results.! .someone who is a doer..Obama will glean little respect in the Congress/Senate..he is too liberal...nothing will get done . He is like Deval Patrick ,"Hope and Change "governor of Massachusetts ..all rhetoric and no results! ..
It would not be surprizing to find out that Rove was behind the Obama wins in the non crucial states with Republican switch over voting..Obama would be the easier candidate for the Republicans to "swift boat"...

Elizabeth...Hellary DESERVES bashing! She allowed her slick willie to continuously HUMILIATE her, she 'rolled over' for his support with the freak Left, she couldn't even control his 'weak zipper, and she hads NO SOUL - she's FOR SALE like all those empty homes out in San Bernadino! Willie got her her position; he pardoned a FUGITIVE WALL STREET FELON...everything with Clintons are FOR SALE. ..getting her into the White House is like saying 'Next will be Paris, then Spitzer's girl.' Have you NO shame, no conscience, nor principles??? Maybe you're of the Clinton Clan?

All the media slighting, insults, name-calling, condemnations, ridicule and even every one of the news anchors and each and every talking head on the TV attacking her; and every major news paper columnist insulting, trashing and ridiculing her, in spite of her own long time colleagues Sen. Kerry and Sen. Kennedy, Sen. Bill Bradley, Gov. Bill Richardson and may others betraying her and turning their backs on her and endorsing and campaigning for opponent─ the new kid on the block Sen. Obama─ in spite of shocking defeats and setbacks she had suffered, she had persevered, she had come back to show her power, and persistence, with more determination; more humbleness and grace. She’s my hero; my shinning knight in armor who fights relentlessly for us humble folk like us, the downtrodden and the disenfranchised, the shift workers, the poor, the immigrants, the ridiculed, the neglected; we the toilers for our hourly-wagers, the elderly and the disabled, she’s our champion! For us she cuts a heroic figure, because she keeps on fighting for us! With her determination and tenacity she had shown she’s more than ready to lead our great land; and with the help of humble folks like us─ not like snobs in the media, I know some of you in the media want to burn her on a stake, but at the end mark my words I know she will triumph over all adversity; I know she’s make history! Hillary Clinton is my Joan of Arc!

Will Obama's popularity wane now that his association with Reverend Wright has been revealed? Will he lose momentum in the upcoming primaries? Would people change their vote, now, knowing about his association with Reverend Wright? Will Obama win the nomination, only to lose in November, because of this association?

In every contest there are winners and losers, at the moment HRC is looking at the short side, but there is still plenty of time to go. The nomination is not wrapped up.

As far as Limbaugh's "Operation Chaos" - c'mon get real, while some people might be doing that crossover for fun, the overall impact is negligible, and they are crossing over to keep Hillary in the race, not Obama. What we really have here at the DNC is two extremely viable candidates who's nomination efforts were predicted a virtual tie at the beginning of this race.

I find either candidate acceptable and competitive against McCain and I also agree that negating the popular vote with a superdelegate blitz at the end would be very debilitating for the DNC, the best candidate will be supported by the popular vote. It's up to Hillary to prove she's the best right now & good luck to her!

Poor jacksmith is delusional and Clinton supporters get more deranged every day. It's sad to see people reduced to such filth under the influence of a Clinton. Hillary has mismanaged her campaign, has a history of lying and corruption and badly divided the Democrats. Is it any surprise that Democrats are deserting her and more Bush/Clinton scandals in Washington? Hillary would be crushed by McCain.

'Paulette' reminded me of the lyrics to 'Hey Paula':

True love means planning our life for two,
being together the whole day through.
True love means waiting and hoping that soon
wishes we made, will come true

Is that what Bill and Hill sing on karaoke night, in anticipation of their return to the White House?

I see Clinton supporters use as evidence to sway voters not to vote for Barack Obama that:

a) They don't like or trust him. A very fuzzy sentiment with no actual incidents to back it up, except,

b) They don't like his minister of the church he has attended for twenty years.

If Americans go into the voting booth after eight years of God-fearing Bush and choose their candidate based on his minister, they deserve another eight years of Bush.

I don't like Hillary Clinton because:

a) She supports lobbying in Washington and has the backing of big lobbyists. Lobbyists have an agenda that usually serves their own purpose and Hillary will be beholden to them.

b) She lies. Please don't call it misspeaking. I have seen her discussing her bullet-dodging Tuzla incident in at least three different venues. She lied with complete ease. Nobody forgets dodging bullets so for her to say she can't actually remember is another lie.

c) She and her husband are very divisive by nature. If elected, there will be no universal healthcare plan enacted. It will be four or eight more years of gridlock. The Clintons, for whatever reason, are loathed by the GOP. There will be no reaching across the aisles to get the job done if Hillary is in the Whitehouse. This is fact and nothing will change the animosity.

Sad to say, Clinton and Obama (who I voted for in my primary) are both looking worse to me by the day.

I'd prefer Gore, but the media hates him.

I am beginning to try and prepare myself for a McCain presidency.


jacksmith IS TRYING TO DUPE YOU!!!!

GOP voters are VOTING HILLARY because they want to avoid McCain vs Obama.

jacksmith, you are MISSPEAKING, perhaps, or outright lying. Maybe you are a GOP mouthpiece. Maybe you should not be composing your lies at 3AM.

Either way, Rush Limbaugh the biggest GOP voice has been advocating a GOP vote for Hillary campaign.

If you think nobody else knows about that piece of vital info that deflates your lie, you are insulting our ability to read. It haas been in the national newspapers for months.

And How did Hillary go from FRONT RUNNER TO UNDERDOG in 3 short months? By doing a poor job campaigning.

She was the Apollo Creed of the nomination in December. Now she's lagging behind, she wants to "reinvent" herself for the 6th time into Rocky. How lame. She's right though: ROCKY LOST IN THE END.

My niece said to me that she wanted what was best for the country. Later, after a couple glasses of wine, she told my wife that she was very upset that Obama had run against Hillary, that Hillary had put up with so much, that she deserved to be president. Obama was young, there was time for him, she was sick of hillary being bullied, and this election was Hillary's turn.

Jacksmith you have your facts all wrong.Almost every Republican has stated they prefer to go against Hillary and her extremely high negative numbers.In Texas Republicans (who made up 10 of all voter) overwelmingly voted for Hillary.You seem to have the Clinton disease of not facing reality. Hillary is enjoying the support of consevative whites in OH and PAm - people who will not vote for her in November. It is silly for you to accuse Obama of what Hillary is guilty of.Check yourself - you might be a racist.

Hi there
I am from Switzerland... although I am not American hater; but after 2003; after the start of the Irak war decided not to visit USA... or not to buy any US products...
America is a great country, the land of opportunity; and the land which has the potential to bring the whole world together as a single democratic nation ...
Since couple of decades you have presidents who lie for their cause... who were/are selfish... real politicians than humans...

See how bad the US economy is, see how the people are suffering in the war zones, see how other people from other nations think about America...
Its really sad; how a nation could fall this much down; because of the politicians and their selfish policies ....

I will visit USA and start to buy US products; if the new US president is young and energetic to bring the whole world together
I will visit USA and start to buy US products; if the new US president can think logically and judge the things in the right way and time
I will visit USA and start to buy US products; if the new US president is wise enough to create a dream team around with best people for their job
I will visit USA and start to buy US products; if the new US president is a human than politician

This is not the mind set of one person; try to talk to people out side US

Actually you people need a change!

MS-NBC's poll of Obama supporters after the Iowa caucus showed 44% called themselves republicans.
People calling themselves Democrats overwhelmingly support Hillary Clinton over Obama, nearly 2 to 1. The numbers are there. Go look for yourselves.
Next, add up the popular primary votes. Addition is a first grade skill. Add up the votes and see Hillary leads Obama now and has led Obama for the entire campaign, except for 13 days. If you just count voters voting at regular polling places using secret ballots and absentee ballots just like the election in November, Hillary is ahead. Obama claims to be leading the popular vote because he dismisses the millions of Democrats in Michigan and Florida who voted against him.

The word "recession" is not something I care to hear about in any comedic fashion, Ms. Clinton

One person Hillary won't be comparing herself to is George Bush. No one could be that stupid.

Lovely world of politics. There are concerns for each of the candidates. Without bashing each and every item, consider what items have been discussed, and please do look at the people who are heading up each campaign and their connections to the lending debacle. We are in a world of constant rich helping the rich. If you are not sure... then catch the reasons given so far in aid of countrywide and Bear Stearns, etc We are in a recession, and the signs have been looking far before the war cry of Hillary. Change is def needed, not just someone without a Bush or Clinton last name, or the same politics seen from MCCain... look at the Health Plan proposed... umm pre existing medical condition AND U WON'T AFFORD HIS PLAN.
So why again was Ron Paul never considered or shown in the media, or the scandal via MYspace in where your account gets hacked if you post a bulletin in Ron's name... look deeper, media manipulation is further shaping perceptions in this country... again The Rich constantly help the rich... hence Bush doesn't think we can make strides by taking back tax breaks given to big oil.... lol


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