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Colin Powell echoes a Barack Obama talking point

Colin Powell on "Good Morning America" today sounded like he was giving Barack Obama's talking points when it comes to the experience question.

ABC News' Dianne Sawyer asked Powell what he made of the presidential candidate's "relative lack" of Colin Powell former secretary on state and Army general reflects on Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama of Illinois seasoning as a national and international figure.

"He doesn't have experience at the senior levels of national government. But I've seen other individuals come along who didn't have that breadth of experience and what they do is surround themselves with people who do bring that experience.

"With Sen. Obama, he didn't have a lot of experience running a presidential campaign, did he? But he seems to know how to organize a task and he seems to know how to apply resources to a problem at hand. So that gives me some indication that (with) his inexperience in foreign affairs or domestic affairs, he may be someone who can learn quickly."

This is a point Obama has made repeatedly -- that he should be judged by voters in large part on the presidential campaign he has put together, whose success can't be denied.

In references to Iraq, he has argued that experience does not trump judgment -- a bid to spotlight his early opposition, while an Illinois state senator, to the war there.

And, as the New York Times reported in this story, at a fundraiser Sunday in San Francisco he mocked what government officials really learn when going abroad on "fact-finding" trips while touting his own travels, such as a stop in Pakistan he made as a college student. 

Powell, ever the diplomat and shrewd inside-the-Beltway navigator, this morning maintained the political stance that first drew attention almost a year ago, saying he liked all three presidential candidates and considered them good friends.

But he really sounded like an Obama man.

-- Frank James and Don Frederick

Frank James writes for the Swamp of the Chicago Tribune's Washington bureau.

Photo credit: Associated Press

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Obama's WAR strategy...


To me this is the dream ticket , there is nothing in this world more then my children , would i go out on the streets and try
to sway as many people to vote for this ticket as i could
from a guy 44 yrs old never voted in my life .

The combination of these two would be incredible.

Bob. or should I call you Boob. Your comment sounds like the trashy stuff that most republicans make. You take everything out of context and swear that it's a smear while at the same tim reaching around and putting a knife in someones back. Since you're dropping names, how about: Charles Keating, Carl Rove, Swift Boat Veterns, and George Bush. Now there are some names that any dead mother could be proud of.....


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