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Obama's foreign affairs claims leave Hillary Clinton 'speechless'

On a day when American foreign policy, primarily the Senate hearings on the Iraq war in which all three presidential candidates paraded their views for the cameras, is on the line, Sen. Hillary Clinton says she's "somewhat shocked'' and "speechless'' over Sen. Barack Obama's assertion that he has more expertise in the matter than she.

As reported here Monday, Obama met with supporters at a Sunday night fundraiser in San Francisco after his Saturday night appearance in Montana.

The freshman Illinois senator was asked about his thoughts on a potential running mate and provided a classically inarticulate quote that the Clinton camp and possibly John McCain's vice presidential pick will have some fun with later in the year.

Obama said: "I would like somebody who knows about a bunch of stuff that I'm not as expert on. I think a lot of people assume that might be some kind of military thing to make me look more commander in chief like. Ironically, this is an area -- foreign policy -- is the area where I am probably most confident that I know more and understand the world better than Sen. Clinton or Sen. McCain."

The account of his closed-door fundraising talk, first reported by Huffington Post, made for some spirited public talk Tuesday morning on "FOX and Friends," when Democrat Clinton, who ventured into the Republican-friendly TV camp, was asked about Obama's statement.

"Well I’m somewhat shocked by that since I don’t see any evidence of it,'' Clinton said.

"This is kind of hard to square with his failure to ever have a single policy hearing on the only responsibility he was given, chairing the European and NATO subcommittee (of) the foreign relations committee."

"I don’t know. I’m speechless,'' she added. "Making an assertion like that belies the facts and the record.''

--Mark Silva

Mark Silva writes for the Swamp of the Chicago Tribune Washington Bureau.

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Speechless? Finally!!!!

That is not to say that Barack has more experience attending tea parties or watching children doing native dances than McCain or Clinton. Hillary is the front runner of attending hosted affairs. In fact her hubby is quite the poster child for having affairs, but that is an altogether different story.

If Hillary had the same experience, she would trumpet it.

Hillary doesn't "see any evidence of it"???

How about the fact that Obama was RIGHT about Iraq, Iran and Pakistan, and you were WRONG, Hillary? Obama didn't say he had more experience, he said he understands the world better. Obviously Obama does! Obama was right, and McCain and Clinton were both wrong. It's not experience (aka years in Washington) that matters. It's judgement.

I hope she stays speechless for a while. But then it is more entertaining when she is spinning tales about sniper fire.

Speechless? Priceless...

If it wasn't so scary it would be funny. I use to think that Barack could pretty much talk a great story about the big issues, but without a script in front of him, he can say the most outlandish things. It will be better to just let him talk,talk,talk, because he will dig himself in very quickly. He has had two advisers that have told him that pulling the military out of Iraq will take years and still he pathetically sticks to his campaign rhetoric to begin bringing the boys homes immediately. Of course that could be true if he only brings him a few at a time. I mean technically he would not have lied, but in all good faith what he will be able to to do without creating chaos in the ME is very short of ending the war. Foreign experience....I don't think so.

this is tea party chat -- Obama 'funnin' his group - and data passed onto Billary for comment...what else is she going to say? She is sniffing all over the place for an opening....

give it a rest, enjoy the tea party

Betcha she wishes she were speechless when she told us she was running from sniper fire on the tarmac.

I think Obama's understandings will become more clear as we go. Additionally, he will choose someone with more experience and expertise than he has.

But probably someone whose ethics he can trust.

Gee, I dunno, maybe he fancies himself as knowing what he is talking about on FP because FP experts are backing him:

'In mainstream foreign-policy circles, Barack Obama is seen as the true bearer of this vision. “There are maybe 200 people on the Democratic side who think about foreign policy for a living,” as one such figure, himself unaffiliated with a campaign, estimates. “The vast majority have thrown in their lot with Obama.”'

What a non-story. Hilary plays the 'shocked' candidate again? Obama's right, she asked for this when she kept counting her time as first lady as part of her foreign experience. Really? So she was there during the Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations? She was in the think of the decisions regarding the bombing of Sudan and Afghanistan? Hell, after her so-called 'misstatement' regarding flying into Bosnia under sniper fire. Ya know what, maybe she has experience, but clearly it's not enough if you have to embellish the truth a bit. And Obama's dead-on about her tour of 88 countries. Yeah, great job Hil, you've managed to conduct a lot of superficial trips to a lot of places. Let's get you that ph.d. in int'l affairs pronto! Just going over her views on foreign policy: will take a while to leave Iraq, won't talk to Iran even though talking worked to get Libya & N. Korea to give up their nukes, & is biased towards Israel with regards to the Israeli-Pal conflict. So in other words, she's McCain-lite (who happens to be Bush-lite). Yay, that's some great change she represents. Obama '08, the only real potential agent for change left.

Not that I'm surprised, but this appears to be a yet another deliberate misinterpretation of his remarks. He did not claim to have more experience, but rather that he better understands world affairs and what the role of foreign policy should be. (The quote speaks for itself! Read it!) If McCain and Clinton believe otherwise, perhaps they should do a better job explaining their vote for military force in Iraq.

Besides sleeping with a president, what other experience Hillary got for her 8 years tenure at White House?

Ironically, she even failed on that measure!

So Hillary Clinton is speechless. Big deal. This is the candidate who couldn't name the president-elect of the Russian Federation. Remember that golden moment during a debate? She said: "Med...Mevde...Mvdevdev...Oh, whatever!"

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but Russia's still a pretty important country. Lots of oil. Lots of nukes. And just what did she hope to accomplish when she commented a few months ago that "Vladimir Putin has no soul." I really don't think that insulting the head of a foreign government is very professional... or very presidential.

As for Senator Obama, I actually agree with his comment. He has actually lived abroad, instead of just made diplomatic visits. And he actually believes that we should TALK to our enemies before going to war. Clinton has called that stance "naive," and says that meetings with foreign heads of state are rewards to be handed out when other countries submit to our will. Well here's what I say: with Obama, we can be sure that he won't send a SINGLE AMERICAN SOLDIER TO DIE before other options have been exhausted. Talk is cheap, and I respect someone who is not too proud to talk to their enemies.






sinbad went to Bosnia? Sinbad '08
He has as much foreign experience as Hillary. I know he can be trusted.

This is one of the most absurd primary seasons, I can remember, and it's only getting more embarrassing as time continues.

The media fawning which has gone over Obama, and which has only increased both on networks like CNN and MSNBC and on blogs like MyDD and Daily Kos is beyond belief. For those of us who support Hillary Clinton -- that is, the majority of the Democratic Party, of whom Ms. Clinton has more votes than Obama -- it's almost like we woke up in some Bizarro universe where the wisest sage of them all is Shelby Steele. He has been most correct in all this, and that so many could fall for Axelrod's base ploys is staggering.

Please see my attached URL (click on my name below) for a video I made which goes over 3 very simple and easy to understand reasons why Clinton is by far a superior candidate than Obama, who will be crushed if he faces McCain.

I'm embarrassed for my party and their falling all over themselves for Obama. It is ridiculous.

Paul F. Villarreal AKA "Universal" from MyDD (banned because I was not in the tank enough for Obama) AKA "RokSki"

RIGHT! And Obama follows this comment by grandstanding and posturing at the Senate Hearing on Iran!

Trying hard to look "presidential" aren't we? Yeah, right!!! Let's just hop on the next plane and "talk" to Iran... duh, what do you think has been going on? What do you think the UN sanctions are about? Because Iran is not listening OhBama!

How can voters believe anything Clinton says any more?

Do we trust Clinton when she says she is against NAFTA or do we believe video tape that shows her active role during its inception?

Do we trust Clinton when she says she she was under sniper fire during her trip to Bosnia or do we believe the video tape that proves she was not?

Do we trust Clinton when she says she supports equal rights for all Americans or do we believe she supports remarks made by attack dogs like the former President or Geraldine Ferraro?

Do we trust Clinton who agreed with the Democratic party's decision regarding Minnesota and Florida's consequences for moving their primary dates or do we believe she has now flip flopped because she needs the votes?

Clinton, in her desperate attempts to be the consumate candidate has mis spoken and outright lied many times during this campaign run and no longer has any credibility when she speaks.

It is time for Clinton to end her seriously flawed campaign based on her failure to be honest with America on so many issues.

Voters and super delegates must realize that Clinton has lost all credibility, and the latest Colombia gate fiasco illustrates her lack of honesty and integrity as much as any we have sen thus far.

One would think that after being caught in so many inconsistencies she would simply withdraw, but her arrogance keeps her in the race.

Clinton with all her deceitful statements seems to have become what she is running against...George Bush in a pants suit.

i can't believe i wasted 4 minutes of my life reading this crap - esp. the thoughtful entry above IN ALL CAPS...

Thanks, Arthur. Spoken like a true fallen angel. Please, by all means, go back to your marbles and pretty pictures and leave the workings of the world to the adults. 'Kay?

Go Hillary!

Everyone's speechless on how this empty suit Obama got so far in bamboozling voters to vote for him!

I know it's unfair, but Obama isn't traumatized by imaginary snipers...

So, is this where Clinton has her slow and steady realization that exposure does not equal expertise? I know, it's confusing, they both start with "exp". The first, however, only gives you credit for being around. The second, gives you credit for having a history of making sound judgments. Hillary has had exposure, but Obama has genuine expertise. It's really that simple.

Arthurchal, your retarded.

Billary wanted the war, she is as bad of a warmonger as McCain or Bush, she distances herself from Penn who she knows was pushing for free trade to Colombia while attacking it (double standard anyone?) and can't even bring herself to deal with her cheating husband let alone a country. If she cannot deal with him, how the hell she gonna protect the country? Cry? I doubt it. Go have a tea party with her, its all she is used to, maybe you will get lucky and get the flowers on the tarmac, then again theoretically maybe a sniper will get lucky...

Is there something in the drinking water, subliminal messages in commercials, cartoons, newspapers or the news that hypnotizes people into believing Obama is the next Messiah??????? Fascinating! He said something totally DUMB and should have or ought to have known that it would leak out ...(Hillary has every sentence, hand movement and/or eye blink picked apart word by word until a comment as simple as "hello, how are you?" turns into "Hillary Clinton told a reporter today that she is God...." and the only words from Obama people are how stupid Hillary is. How does that work???? Who will you blame if she isn't elected??? Hopefully then McCain gets in.
Hopefully a war won't break out on American soil. What vacation spot will you find Obama then????????????? lol
Kennedy boinked Marilyn Monroe...what's the difference??? Jackie stayed. SO WHAT? DROP IT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where is a redneck when you need one????? This would all be over Vote the redneck party!!!!

Hey Julie:
We all wait with baited breath for your paragraph? sentence? name of a country? where Obama has experience. Okay, let's get typing Julie....

The only empty suit is Sen. Clinton. I'm frankly speechless that she claims as her foreign policy experience a bogus sniper attack in Bosnia, a bogus claim of helping bring peace to N. Ireland when all she did was attend a tea party, a bogus claim that she opened the borders to Macedonia when the borders were opened before she went there, and the worst her complete utter misjudgment in authorizing Bush to go to war in Iraq in the first place!

He never said that he had more experience; he said that he understood the world better. He's obviously alluding to the fact that he never supported the war in Iraq and is implying that anyone who supported the war certainly doesn't understand the world. Come on, you're the LA Times and you can't see something THAT obvious? I know it's not as interesting, but truth usually isn't.

Judging from the way that Obama would make claims (that he would have Gore "in his cabinet"), and now this, I'm sure he'll make a very good car salesman.

Take a look at what the right is already saying about Obama --

This guy will get crucified. Ultimately, do we need a sensitive new age man as president or a real action hero? If I am to choose, I'll pick a strong woman instead.

Why is that Obama people keep saying he was right on Iraq. He made a dumb speech front of nobody. He then comes to real world of the US Senate and votes exactly like Hillary. Where is his anti-war stance. All he did was make a single speech when it didn't count. Nobody listened to him. I bet most of the Obama people don't even know his record as a senator. It is tragic that these dumb people are following him like a cult in Utah. Bottom line is that it will blow up one day just like Utah case.

I agree with the previous posters on the "shocked and speechless" candidate. Hillary really doesn't get it, does she?

Obama is the one.

Obama just talks.

Why hasn't he held a single NATO hearing?

Say anything, do anything to win.

Obama, Clinton or McCain.

A politician by any other name is still a politician.

Phoney baloney poney Obomb a

I go with the race win Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Isn't it just Great that Mrs. Edwards believes Clinton's Health Care Plan is the best

Well, Obama doesn't have experience dodging sniper fire, or attending a ladies meeting to broker peace and get a teapot, or showing up the day after the borders opened and then claiming to have opened them, or have his spouse receive $800,000 from a foreign government to lobby for a trade deal he opposes.
I'm not suprised Hillary's speechless about her foreign policy experience at this point.

Hillary will be speechless, once again, when she learns that she has lost Pennsylvania in a couple of weeks!

A lot of us have mortgage payments. and I have an old 82 father to care for. I can't really take chances. American made mistake when they voted for Bush TWICE. Voting for him is like writting trillions of dollar check to the white house. American might that mistake again! Voting for Obama is like writting a blank check to the white house. There is so much is unknowN about him. The 20 years of association with Rev. Wright and his blatant lie in denying it does not help.

Remember the early 90s when the job market was real tough, eventually it will catch up the young voters.

Another example of Obama's foreign policy judgement
You decide...

1. August 2007 debate: Obama makes vocal case for striking terrorists inside Pakistan
"Let me make this clear: There are terrorists holed up in those mountains, that murdered 3,000 Americans," said Obama during the counterterrorism address. "If we have actionable intelligence about high-valued terrorist targets and if President Musharraf will not act, we will."

2. McCain, Hillary, Dodd, Biden all critisize him saying we should not be working against Musharraf our only advocate in the region

3. December 2007: Bhutto assassinated by terrorists

4. The Washington Post reported that in late January, a CIA aircraft fired on several buildings in the Pakistani town of Mir Ali, killing a senior al-Qaida commander and several others. The paper, quoting anonymous U.S. officials, said that the action was done without seeking approval from the Pakistani government.

5. Mid February '08, Musharraf voted out of power; US has spent $11B trying to prop. up Musharraf

6. Late February, Senator Dodd endorsed Obama

Obama's 2002 NO-HOLDS-BARRED Iraq speech took real courage. It risked his run-for-the-Senate WHILE the wise-men/women of Congress took comfort in voting as group to support the Iraq war resolution.
Hillary's shitfing war positions

Yeah, in addition to his trip to Pakistan, Obama also had that trip to Kenya that the press is advised not to talk about because he does not look good enough in that photograph in local dress, but it nevertheless show how real close he knows the people from around the world. Clinton should not have said speechless, she should've said pathetic!

Whats so mind boggling is how much sexism has been used constantly through out all this. One put down after another against Senator Clinton. Is this the new style of politics Senator Obama is speaking of? Racism is a no-no.
But sexism to the juggler is acceptable? We mustn't upset the black candidate? But we can rip and shred the woman apart and put her down? I see....................NOT!

"Ironically, this is an area -- foreign policy -- is the area where I am probably most confident that I know more and understand the world better than Sen. Clinton or Sen. McCain."

Obama implictly stated he KNEW more than Clinton or McCain. No, ifs, ands or buts. People can try to spin it all they want, but he clearly stated, he knew more.

To begin with, that's arrogant, just in and of itself. Because anyone who knows, knows that they do not know everything. And knowledge, or knowing without understanding, is totally useless.

And the same with suggesting that Hillary, if she had any experience, would have stated it.

How crass, to brag or going on about one's accomplishments.

The etiquette of avoiding crassness is why people with money, do not talk about how
money they have, and so on.

Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama Side by Side Comparison: Brief Credential Summary of the 2008 Democratic Presidential Candidate Nominees

Clinton is speechless because she know whenever she will mention regarding foreign affairs is lies ... and she is now out of any more lies she is cooking some more lies probably she will get one in the near future. Did Obama lied anything regarding foreign policy ? NO ... But HClinton mistakes are many ... one Bosnia issue ... two ....Iraq ... three NAFTA and more to come ...

For the truly ignorant, here is Senator Obama's foreign policy statement. Decide for yourself if he "understands foreign policy" better than the other candidates.

Barack Obama 2008

We can only hope the less-educated part of the populace that is unable to quantify Obama's statements will in fact not, out of spite like a child with a broken toy, throw themselves into the McCain camp.

The fact is, the establishment candidates are McCain and Hilary - as long as one of them wins, corporations are happy, lobbyists are happy and the party apparchiks are happy. However, in that scenario, Americans lose.

Those with an ounce of sense can see Hillary will say or do anything in order to win - she has very little credibility remaining - sniper fire? That makes me 'speechless'.

Once Clinton is soundly defeated, expect a full-court press from the other establishment candidate, McCain, fully supported by all the dirty dealings of the politcal-corporate axis.

If McCain loses to Obama, expect an assassination -remember the last time a forward-thinker was elected? Magic bullet indeed.

I know plenty of HRC supporters, and they are not as intellectually dishonest as these posters (or HRC's campaign). Therefore, I have to assume these posters who are deliberately mischaracterizing (again) what Obama has said are either part of HRC's campaign itself or, more likely, part of the Lush Rambo HRC contingent.

He didn't say he had more experience---he said he understood the world better. Can we prove he does? No. But I've lived in Turkey the last 8 years, and every single expat I know agrees with me that Obama knows a lot more about the world than the other candidates. Guess why! Because it was so absolutely completely indescribably obvious that the war in Iraq would be a disaster before it was ever launched, and that Saddam and Osama were not in 9-11 together. That is, if you understand anything about this part of the world.

To paraphrase Bill Clinton when describing the elder Bush's reaction to the war in Bosnia during the 1992 campaign, he said he was 'a little slow on the uptake'. Well, HRC deserves some credit for her belated opposition to the war in Iraq, but her vote for its original authorization shows she was 'slow on the uptake'.

I don't want a president who's slow on the uptake.

Bosnia sniper made me speachless !

What's even more funny is the fact that Hillary does not and never has had a security clearance to even allow her to do most of the things she claims she has done. She traveled to a bunch of countries on vacations; that is the extent of her foreign policy experience.

She did not help open borders to help Kosovo refugees to flee to safety inside Macedonia. This was done a couple days before she arrived.

She did not have a role in bringing peace to Northern Ireland. The actual people who had a role in this were outraged with Hillary for taking credit for it.

She did not run from sniper fire in Bosnia. Neither did anyone who was with her at the time - including Sinbad, Cheryl Crow, the little girl that greeted her with flowers and the 7th grade field trip that took pictures with her.

She did fight vigorously with walmart against worker's unions.

She did proudly and enthusiastically help pass NAFTA.

She did vote for the war.

Speechless? I'm sure she does wish she was speechless.

Rezko left me speechless,Wright left me speechless,nafta and senior economic adviser to Barack Obama and the canadians left me speechless,the audacity of Obama left me speecless,comments about Mcain WILL NOT LEAVE ME SPEECHLESS SHAME ON OBAMA SHAME! Heres Hope for you..I HOPE the American people wake up out of there daze and see this man for what he is,CHANGE your minds while you have a chance Vote Hillary!!

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