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Barack Obama and wife, Michelle: Mutual TV appearance upcoming

Now that Barack Obama has distanced himself publicly, if painfully, from the pastor who married him and his wife and baptized their children, he is getting close to the wife in a national television appearance.

NBC's Meredith Vieira will sit down with Barack and Michelle Obama today in Indianapolis for an interview that will air on the "Today" show Thursday. A segment of the talk will air on NBC's "Nightly News" and on MSNBC this evening.

Michelle Obama has been a tireless campaigner for her husband on the road. And now, as the Democratic candidate for president attempts to put the Rev. Jeremiah Wright in the campaign's rear view mirror, he is presenting a new image for public consumption: A professional and happily married couple willing to face a rough political time together.

-- Mark Silva

Mark Silva writes for the Swamp of the Chicago Tribune's Washington bureau.

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The Federal Income Tax Lien for $48,000.00 filed against Rev. Wright



Obama has been in Rev. Jeremiah Wright's church for 20 years, yet, he only recently started to realize his pastor's speech to be " outrage" on the campaign trail. This campaign must be really fresh for Obama.

People go to church because of their faith in God, not because they are bitter or clinging to their guns, or because their pastor still has all his hair, that is the fundamentals of worshiping. People with shaky faith will juggle churches throughout their entire lifes to ending up not attending any at all. Your faith in God will lead you to a worshiping place. Few members participate in selecting a pastor, you don't leave a church because of your pastor's missteps, pastors come and go, your faith is eternal, and that is what kept Obama in his church regardless of his pator's shortcomings.


You know, the proper way to help them move on would be to stop reporting these things.

But at this rate, I bet the GOP will start organizing press conferences for Rev. Wright. I'm already reading stories where GOP officials are calling Hillary an "ally" ...

This interview will be biased because Merideth is for Barack.
She has been bashing Hillary since day one and kissing up to Barack.

I hope that this crisis will bring Barack and Michelle closer together, as the Lewinsky affair seemed to do for Hillary and Bill. I hope that all of the forces that are conspiring to derail the Obama candidacy will come to bear no fruit, and that he will be able to demonstrate his ability to turn a challenge into an opportunity. Thus far, he has done an admirable job of demonstrating patience and generosity of spirit as long as possible, and finally steely determination and resolve, when it was needed.
Rock on, Barack!!!

Big Mistake...MIchele does not come across that nice or warm of a person for that matter all the candidate spouses are dead weight including Bill

What happens when/if he's nominated, elected and his rating drops as far as GWB's?The going gets tough, the newness wears off. people start laying in to him and his administration. Is he going to abandon us as well. We are no where as close to him as his reverend. This move cost him my vote!

Will Mrs Obama explain why she said that recently said it was the first time she was proud to be an American? Not a far viewpoint from Reverend Wright whom they assert does not influence them at all....yeah..ok...

I am still a supporter of Senator Obama & even more so as a result of the Rev. Wright situation. To me it shows that Sen. Obama is a man of principal, honesty and integrity. Until the most recent statements made by his former pastor he was not willing to "thow him under the bus". The actions of Rev. Wright has forced him to make this tough stand & I agree 100% to his response which was forceful, definitive and on point.

I believe that the road prepares you for the destination & this is another bump in the road to a historic election. Senator Obama is our best chance for real change in Washington DC.

Best regards,

Al Williams jr.

Why would Michelle expose herself again?

She might be the next in line to be denounced! She has "hoof in mouth" disease.

It really stinks how Obama is trying to use this unfortunate event to his advantage. Is this his payback for his minister after 20-years of service to him and his family? Why did he not object about his minister pryor to running for presidency? Jeremiah Wright is no longer useful to him, so lets denounce him!
What else does Obama needs to do to show his through side?

First off, no hater responses. McCainiacs and Hilliacs, dont mis-represent the truth. The truth is simply, Obama, Ayers, and Reverend Wright are Right! God D*** america. The the stupid, bitter, racist "typical white people" of pennsylvania voted for clinton. How disgusting, now they have more blood on their hands. They could have made Michelle Obama proud, but only proved her point that this is a "mean country". Ok, so now we need to bob and weave and do the politician thing to get these typical white people to vote for us. It will work because Obama is a smarter than these stupid small town hicks, have faith, Obama is our Savior! The chickens are coming home to roost, if they wise up, they'll stop buying guns to cling to, and save it for our reparations checks! Obama ''''''''08, Repartions Check, ''''''''09!

This getting sickening. All Obama all the time. Obama Narcissism.

Does it matter that Barack Obama finally denounces his irreverent Pastor? The issue is Barack Obama's Character. Barack Obama's Muslim, Marxist/socialist friends and back ground. His mother was secular humanist (atheist) Both his father and step father were Muslims. Rev write was a member of the nation of Islam Attended a prominent Muslim madrassa in Indonesia. So it's not his color. It his politics. How can anyone trust this man?

Let's not forget . His Affiliation with Rezko that theTimesonline" "DailyTelegraph" were the first to expose this. Then is double talk with Canada. Lets not his singing songs to Mexico. Trying to give illegal aliens the Dream Act in California.

What is this? I whine my way into the White House? If you do not want to vote for Barack Obama, then you are a racist.? I'm a black woman. I don't want vote for Barack Hussein Obama because of stand on abortion, homosexuality, illegal immigration, and his communist views.

In his much praised, but mediocre speech, he made excuses and blamed America for Rev Wright racist views. He said "white men were angry with illegal immigrants because they feared immigrants (illegal aliens) were here to take their jobs and looked different from them." Exactly what color is illegal alien anyway? He did it again when he said Midwesterners were bitter and cling on to God and guns, and were against trade. Yet he has consistently made fun for of Bush and Clinton for NAFTA. The same retoriche used, all the while he was making deals with the priminister (Harper) of Canada.

So this "denouncing" Barack Obama is doing is Political. Now he will do this to save his very faulty campaign. I don't want to vote for him. Because of his character. so we are supposed to be stupid now? And just vote for Obama now that he finally (SO WHAT!!!) denounces his racist pastor of 23 years.

I hope people will see this next move. It's phony. Now, Obama is not at fault at all? Yes he is. It's a farce. Don't let Obama off the hook. No we do not all know each other. We do not all support evil together...............

I think Obama is acting right. I am Roman Catholic and do not agree with all the terms of my church and his representatives. I, simply, respect them. I respect their opinions. It doesn t mean I share every word they say.

The US is the only country in the world where people cares about this silly things. It is amazing...!

For several days now the "Wright" story has been excitement of the media and of course others who feel they may benefit, but to the real people and voters those questions were asked and answered with Senator Barack Obama's Speech in March. There are a lot more serious problems for Voters to deal with!

But I do strongly agree that it was right for Barack
Obama to make some firm comment after Wrights performances of the last few days, but do not please as some are doing knock every Church and Pastor!

Great, Michelle is a great person and the two of them a wonderful Couple. We love Barack!

Wright was selfish and is bad news. He is the past and hasnt dealt with the history of civil rights, still bitter for the mistakes and ignoring the good in the United States. Before Hillary and her wonderful husband get too full of themselves, remember rev. Wright was their marriage counselor after Lewinsky incident.

This incident calls into question Barcak's judgment, biases and principals as a human being. He exercisesd poor juudgment in continuing his relationship with the Pstor for so long. The rejection now and saying the Pstor is not the man Barack met 20 years is a political statement. The fact is that the Pastor's trong views eveolved over time and Barack should have known waht was developing if not by direct listening but certainly by 2nd hand. If Barcak could not keep himself aware of the developing attitude and sermons, his jdugement is surely suspect. I would be skeptical of his judgement as a President.

Past influences of organized religions, social, cultural, and political propaganda have damaged our minds and we see everything, we look at everything from our old set background. We live in pattern mechanically and judge according to it without any progressive attitude. Obama is sincere and have new ideas to look at this world and he is young and have capability to perform in new way and in new direction but he alone cannot fight with this mass influences of set background and this mass background collectively will not allow him to be a leader with new progressive ideas. If he is intelligent enough, then he will mold his opponents to see something more creative and new then he will be successful and can be elected as our next President. If he is not capable of doing this then his weak response to this great challenge will create more problem for him to succeed and mass will collectively select somebody like Bush again and then cry later. President Clinton had much more difficult problem then this but he could respond to his challenge and come out of it safely and same mass collectively is praising him and also supporting his wife. Nobody is saying that we will not support her claim for president because she was heavily under the influences of her husband.
Raj Dasaee

The media is keeping this so-called controversy going and pumping it up by constant repetition, speculation, and silly questions, until we are all bored to death. I am interested up to a point, for a day or so, but for weeks? Other things are happening in the world that deserve our attention; other things are going on in the campaigns and with the campaigners that are being obscured by this endless coverage of Rev. Wright. Obama has made it clear that Rev. Wright does not speak for him. Enough already! The news should drive the media, not the other way around. What happened to straight reporting? Is everyone an editor now? Give us news, for a change, not just journalists' opinions and interpretations of it.

These two are a joke. Who do they think the American people are. Stupid or what. Obama is out!

I would much rather see a "mutual tv appearance" with BILL AND HILLARY CLINTON! Thanks anyway.

The Obama' are a classy couple - I support them 100%. Distancing themselves and their family from their local church, has to be hard.

Obama totally sold out by disavowing Rev Wright although I understand why he had to in order to save any chance of being elected because the population is completely ignorant of the US government and defense agencies diabolical history.

If you people would stop bickering about these minor issues and actually look up the very government documents yourselves you would see that there is a lot of validity behind what Rev Wright was saying about AIDs as a race specific biological weapon.


NSSM 200
(National Security Study Memorandum 200) by Henry Kissinger was a study calling for the need to depopulate third world countries.

House Resolution 15090
A resolution to provide funding to the military to develop a biological weapon that destroys the immune system in 1969. Sounds a lot like AIDs don't it?

And this is just scratching the surface. Follow the links further and you'll learn a lot more.

These are not conspiracy theories. These are government documents. Straight from the horse's mouth not from crazy tinfoil hat wearing kook. Do your damn research people!

What is the truth about Michelle Obama who considers this a mean country she was never proud of. Was her father really a precinct captain for the Daley machine? The Obama's try to portray themselves as poor and disadvantaged while Barack grew up in the affluent home of his V.P. of a bank Grandmother and went to prep school.

Yeah, just a family guy who hangs with Wright, Rezko, Auchi, Ayers, Dohrn and Farrakhan. Blech! Pass the antacids!

This sounds like a good idea. Reverend Wright has been the family pastor for almost 20 years and a decision to denounce him would be something a husband and wife would discuss together. Michele and their children are also affected by the break with Rev. Wright and to show the Obama's as a family and how they are coping with this sensitive matter should only help America understand the whole picture.

Can someone explain what Wright said in the last few days that so outraged Obama. Every point Obama raised as an example (HIV, etc.) was also in the video a few weeks ago which Obama had to see and hear before he threw his white grandmother under the bus. Maybe Obama is just outraged that Wright threw his campaign under the bus. And that's why Obama was so outraged that he finally threw Wright under the bus. It must be getting crowded under that damned bus.

Don't you think if the MSM stopped covering Rev W. that he won't "get the attention he is seeking" like you suggest ? But NO ! the MSM has to keep it in their FRONT & BACK BURNERS, 24/7 !! and their MOTIVE ? - - - pure and simple as always, R-A-C-I-A-L !!
Let me explain - -
1] First of all, Rev W. is not running for office.
2] If you had watched Bill Moyer's interview WITH HIM THIS PAST FRIDAY and HEARD the WHOLE sermon, it is clear to see how the CORRUPT CORPORATE MSM has taken 'snippets' out of it and spun it in a malisciously way to create the worst interpretation and to discredit Sen Obama somehow, 'by association' !!!!!!
3] How come nobody is talking about 'THE OTHER Rev.?' - - HAGEE and the McCain connection ?
4] How come the MSM is 'splicing and dicing' the entire electorate in order to keep pointing out the segments of the public he "hasn't been able to pick up" ? What is next ? the Muslim Vote ??
What we are seeing here, is a modern day version of "VERBAL" LYNCHING by innuendo & insinuation of a great African American candidate, who could quite possibly become our next Prez.
It is funny how the MSM "wants-to-start-a-conversation-on-race" but as usual likes to do it in their own IMPOTENT way, SO LONG AS IT IS NOT jarring 'fact-checks' or REALITY and TRUTH based discussion, of the Jermiah Wright kind - - -
And so the grand charade continues - -
I am an 'minority' physician, practising here in Applachia. Over the last 25 years since I have been in this country, I have experienced racism in every INDIRECT and COVERT way MOST OF THE TIME and sometimes even OVERTLY !
I applaud Rev Wright's straightforward, direct, frank, outspoken, plain-spoken, blunt, candid and forthright way of discussing this issue. It is a shame that people like him are persistently being DEMONISED by the MSM.
Funny, how you and the MSM do not demand ' ENOUGH OUTRAGE' from McCain's association with the Rev Hagee and Bob Jones University ? Oh I forgot, THEY are ALL W-H-I-T-E !!
And who do you think is RESPONSIBLE for all this HOOPLA ? Let me take a guess - - the W-H-I-T-E MEDIA !!!!! What-a-Surprise !!!!!

20 years late...When do we get to hear from Rev Wright about how O and his family's used the Black Church to further his political career? At least Rev Wright is not a hypocrite. He says what he stands for. He is not easily bought. Rev Wright clearly pointed out that O has to say what he must in order to be elected. Maybe Mrs. Obama can elaborate on why she was finally so proud of this country. Or perhaps she might want to address the comment made by Rev Wright about her becoming the first black woman to "legally" sleep at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave during the Dallas church address this past weekend while he humped the air. Vulgar!!! It is an absolute absurdity to believe that this family sat at this church for 20 years and are just now appalled. What character! Gosh you can't see better reality TV anywhere but in this country.

Obama and Michelle are con artists. David Axelrod planned the entire REV WRIGHT MEDIA BLITZ. He said, "Obama, this is risky, but IF IT WORKS, you will win the election."

"If it doesn't work, you will be in basically the SAME position you were before with the American people and the Super Delegates."

And so they did it. Now let's see if the FARCE works.
The proof of my theory will be what happens with Rev. Wright in the coming days. I am most certain that this is the biggest scam...And I am pretty certain an ogre like Axelrod might just pull it off with the incessant help of the main stream media.

Michelle and Barcak are both frauds and con artists and so is Rev.Wright. But "Axelrod" is the worst of the bunch.

Obama is the best candidate hands down... its the media which is bombarding us with Rev Wright over and over again.

Rev. Wright can believe anything he wants and say anything this he want... that's why we live in America. But stop giving him so much time in the spot light...! Its not Wright its WRONG!

The media should get off this issue and let the candidates talk about what really matters to all of us in this country: the economy, the war, etc.

If Obama says Wright does not speak for him then stop listening to Wright and giving him air time. Last time I checked he wasn't the one running for President. Shame on you media!

Obama is trying to run a "new campaign" which does not go negative or blame people for this and that which no one really cares about except the media anyway. LET HIM...!

Finally, I think we all have friends or people we have cared about in our past who have said and believe things which we do not agree with. Just because you know someone or have cared about someone in your life doesn't mean you both feel the same way about everything. Whether its your Mother or your Preacher or you Best Friend we are all individuals with our own minds and missions in life. This is nothing new.

Geez people... grow up. I feel like the media has resorted to bullies and gossipers on the playground and its making a mockery out of the American political system.

Obama mission of hope is what everyone should be discussing. How he is getting millions of young and old voters from all walks of life to band together and try to make this country something better and something we can continue to say were proud of. Lets let him do this and not dwell on what Rev. Wright says. It only begins to divide us instead of bringing us together.

The media should just get over it and move on... PLEASE.

One would think that MO has caused her spouse enough trouble, and he would gladly keep her under the rock she was placed under after her last gaff, or fit of honesty toward the country that I love and respect, and spent 23 and a half years protecting in the US military...not being of hawkishness, nor doveness, but of realism; it looks like we have no REAL qualified LEADERS running in this campaign, including JM. With respect due my comrade, he is just a puppet in my opionion, who married tons of money, and had nothing else to do with it but get involved in politics.

The reason right-wingers don't understand that people don't go to church for political reasons is that for many of them, the church they go to is so in bed with the Republican party that they think it's normal to get political advice from your pastor.

In response to "dannygirl" -

Barack never attended a madrassa (even FOX News admitted that they got that story wrong). That rumor was discredited months ago. And the alleged "double talk" with Canada turned out to be from the Clinton camp, not Obama. Hillary accused Barack, but Obama was vindicated by the Canadian officials months ago. Do you keep up with current events, dannygirl, or do you just believe everything talk radio tells you.

Among the many distortions in your blog is the claim that you are black. That fib was inserted to make your lies seem credible. Try using facts in your next post... quit spreading discredited lies.

Per the post "House Resolution 15090 A resolution to provide funding to the military to develop a biological weapon that destroys the immune system in 1969. Sounds a lot like AIDs don't it? These are not conspiracy theories. These are government documents. Straight from the horse's mouth not from crazy tinfoil hat wearing kook. Do your damn research people!

So the US government went to South Africa and injected AIDS bacteria into a male flight attendant just to start the de-populating of the Earth. Do your research. Yes, the AIDS epidemic actually has been traced back that far. Are you sure that is a horse's mouth or the other end that you are speaking from?

I am always suspect of the US government, and especially some agencies within. However, to fall for such contrived idiocy as starting AIDS is beyond belief. Rev. Wright is an idiotic egomaniac and his clock is ticking away on his 15 minutes. How a hateful racist can claim to be a man of God is pure insanity. My wife and I left a church that we had attended for 12 years because we did not like what we were hearing from the pulpit. He was the same pastor that married us and baptized our 2 kids - but we left. We went to a church of the same faith, but where politics are not mentioned. Shame, shame on Obama the opportunistic pollitician, and his racist wife.

I feel sad for Sen. Obama and I hope he will be stronger after this debacle with Rev. Wright. As a man who was abandoned by his father when he was two, he is being betrayed again by Rev. Wright in his hour of need. Obviously Rev. Wright is a charismatic man, old enough to be Obama's father, a figure Obama so deeply desires to have in his life. It is understandable why Obama wanted to keep his relationship with Rev. Wright earlier. As a presidential candidate, I hope he continues to speak for all people regardless of the latest split with Wright and I believe his sincerity in his disappoiment. I am a Hillary suporter, but I wish Sen. Obama my best.

Barack is the most authentic person that has ever run for office in my lifetime (55 years). If anyone would take the time to read his book, Dreams from My Father, they would get a much better idea of where he is coming from and how his relationship to Rev. Wright came about. Not all is black and white. There are always many shades of gray. Barack is all about helping to make this world a better place and has been since he was a young man (i.e. even in college). He denounced Rev. Wright's words from the beginning and there are many people from this church's congregation who said he wasn't there when these rantings were made and that most of Rev. Wright's sermons weren't like his latest speeches at all. Do you really think someone obviously so brilliant would entertain such ideas? Pa-leese! Barack Obama is THE most outstanding candidate EVER and is the ONLY person who can help get us out of this mess and hopefully restore our pride in being an American!

Gulanni wants communion from Cardinal Eagan, and was recently denied for his "pro-life" stances. This same Cardinal Eagan who hid and covered up for the priests that were raping altarboys for decades.

Is Gulanni a homosexual child rapist? Should he stop being Catholic? No. We go to church and listen, like some things, don't like others. Wright said some good things on lifting black families and togetherness, and said some other horrible things.

Obama is his own man. I hold him no tighter to stupid words his freinds or pastor said than any other person...and we all are friends w/ some idiot despite their failings.

"...he is getting close to the wife in a national television appearance."

THE wife? Huh?

Hey Republicrats! Why not stop bickering about wright for a minute and take a look at what some of John *McCain's* clerical associates and "spiritual advisors" have said???

Wright said 9/11 was brought on in part by US foreign policy (controversial, but not outrageous) - on the other hand, several of McCain's clerical associates have told their sheep that 9/11 and even Hurricane Katrina was brought on by gays, feminists, abortion, and the ACLU.

Now I'm asking you, seriously, WHICH IS MORE OUTRAGROUS??? That Islamic fundamentalists saw the US giving billions of dollars in military aid to Israel while denouncing Palestinians as terrorists and got real pissed off, or that Almighty God used Muslims as a vehicle to smite us for ourgodly commitment to treating all citizens equally under the law???

Now think real hard - WHY has the media been shelling us with the Wright story for weeks and we have NEVER had a mainstream story about the other side? Obviously, Obama represents a major threat to the status quo, and corporate media that represents that status quo doesn't want him to get anywhere near the white house.

If, after all this, you still think the corporate media serves your interests, then by all means vote for Hillary or McCain!

The only ones who want this campaign to go on and on more than Hillary are the cable news political shows and their reporters. They have no interest in the issues that most Americans are concerned about. They are only interested in tabloid sensationalism and controversy which they, themselves, continue to stoke.

Their interest is ratings, not real issues. As such they are influencing the campaign to the detriment of the American people. This is what happened with Swiftboating (irrelevant and untrue!!) that gave us four more years of Bush when everyone knew he was the worst president in our lifetimes, maybe ever.

Obama's pastor will have nothing to do with what America will be like in the next four years, yet occupies an extraordinary imbalance in cable news reporting.

I certainly agree about the bus. Lets see. We've got Obama's Granny, the Rev and Obama all under the bus. You sockittoem Granny.
I believe that Obama is just like any other lying opportunistic pandering politician. And so is his wife. He is not the annointed. So what. I guess that just means that the MSM doesn't get to crown (somebody actually called it 'coronate"???) Obama as the first black President just so they could look OOOO so fashionable and cool among thei International elite. The fact is that his politics are to the very far left and his lack of experience is already doing him in. The thought of a naive Barak( AKA Barry) Obama hanging with the likes of Ahmadinejad is just plain ugly. Those guys will hand him his lunch.

I am amazed at people who say things like "I am still a supporter of Senator Obama & even more so as a result of the Rev. Wright situation. To me it shows that Sen. Obama is a man of principal, honesty and integrity. Until the most recent statements made by his former pastor he was not willing to "thow him under the bus". The actions of Rev. Wright has forced him to make this tough stand & I agree 100% to his response which was forceful, definitive and on point."

How much integrity does the man have? Really?

Folks, these aren't new things that suddenly popped out of Wrights mouth like so many blackbirds from a freshly baked pie. Wright has been spewing anti-American filth for most of his tenure and yet only now does Obama find it offensive and divisive?

That is incredibly dishonest and a blatant lie. If anything Wright has completely called Obama out for the flip-flopper that he is when he said that "Obama only said those things because he wants to get eleceted" which is 100% spot-on.

How people can't see this continues to boggle my mind. Obama is happy enough with Wright for 20 years when not campaigning and even then not until public scrutiny calls his pastors words into question. As soon as the public find out it "bye-bye" to the pastor.

Does anyone else not see the flip-flopper here?

People keep repeating the mantra: "He stayed in the church for twenty years" which is based on the assumption that Wright has been making these comments for that entire period. Not one single parishioner - and this includes whites and CNN News anchors who themselves belong to Wright's church say they ever heard commments like that.

If Wright had a reputation for making comments like this for twenty years, then why did Hillary vet and invite him to the White house in 1998 to comfort Bill during the Lewinsky crisis ? Do you honestly think she would have invited a known loony to the White House during that period ?

I don't know about you, but I was seeking different things at 26 than I did at 46.

And even Hillary's former pastor has praised Wright.

I am sure that if i polled every one of you about the choices you made twenty years ago, you would be able to cough up some embarrasing episodes. The harsh judgments being made her make me feel very sad for this country.

"Judge not lest ye be judged."

Before Sen Obama's denounciation of Rev. Wright all I could hear was he needs to do this he needs to cut all ties with this guy. So he does it now the timing is questioned, his honesty is questioned, his toughness is questioned. It seems to me that Sen. Obama can't win for losing. And also why is that MSNBC can always get a hold of these interviews (Rev. Wright w / B.Moyers & The Obamas on Today) and find the most negative (or a least what could be interperted as negative) and show over and over agian before the full interviews even airs. There is a stink in the air!!!!!!

In the Obama-Wright saga, somebody is lying. Obama said he is not a politician, Wright said he is. Wright said aids is a US govt product, Obama said hell no. Wright said Obama is posturing and pandering politically, Obama cried foul and claimed outraged. Wright said US is terrorizing the world and 911 a result of US foreign policy, again Obama claim outrage and contradictions. For 20 years Obama sat and soaked on Wright's dogman and claimed he never hear anything out of ordinary, Wright said Obama is pandering as a politician. Who is telling the truth here? The Hon. Reverend or The Political Novice? This is a very serious matter. I doubt it that the God's Minister would be lying. That brings us to ask the obvious question, if Obama that Wright knew for 20 years is not the same Obama that is now runnng for US presidency, WHO THEN IS OBAMA???

"So the US government went to South Africa and injected AIDS bacteria into a male flight attendant just to start the de-populating of the Earth. Do your research. Yes, the AIDS epidemic actually has been traced back that far. Are you sure that is a horse's mouth or the other end that you are speaking from? "

Give me your sources Tony. And you didn't bother to mention NSSM 200 did you? Or how about the undisputable FACT that the US did provide Saddam Hussein with his biological weapons?

The point is that documented evidence exists that elements of the US government have used their positions of power to pursue race specific bioweapons and have targeted specific races so don't try to belittle this issue of state sponsored genocide so easily by demonizing Rev. Wright.

Another case is our very own Vice President Dick Cheney who publicly called for the use of race specific bioweapons in the Project for a New American Century document "Rebuilding America's Defenses".

Do your research buddy and don't shoot the messenger.

Someone raised a good point about attending churches they don't agree with.

If you're a Catholic, why haven't you left your church? It's filled with child molester priests. My sister in law sends her boys, 10 and 8, to Catholic School. They attend mass, etc. The older boy was acting moody. Her first thought was to ask about any inappropriate touching. Imagine! Well, to me that's just as bad. I'm a white guy that's watched this racial debate for a long time. I'm hoping Obama can come up with some powerful speeches, the kind he is capable of, and rethink his candidacy in an inspirational way. He is an articulate, talented man who can speak from experience as a black man and as a white man. And he's running for leader of the free world. Amazing.

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