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A famed football name signs on with Barack Obama

Add one of the first families of professional football -- the Rooneys of Pittsburgh -- to the list of clans (most obviously, the Kennedys) riven by this year's presidential campaign.

Dan Rooney (pictured at right), owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers and son of the team's founder, Art Rooney, today came Dan Rooney owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers football team backs Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama of Illnois out foursquare for Barack Obama in the Democratic presidential race. The endorsement no doubt was in the works before clamor broke out over Obama's small-town America remarks but, given the extra problems those words seem to have created for him as Pennsylvania's April 22 primary nears, the nod from Rooney is well-timed.

“True sports fans know that you support your team even when they are the underdogs,” Rooney, 75, said in a statement that now may resonate more than ever for the Obama forces in Pennsylvania. “Barack Obama is the underdog here but it is with great pride that I join his team.”

Rooney, like others who have lined up behind him, cited his influence on youth. "As a grandfather and a citizen of this community, I think Barack Obama’s thoughtful, strategic approach is important to America," Rooney said. "When I hear how excited young people seem to be when they talk about this man, I believe he will do what is best for them, which is to inspire them to be great Americans."

But don't look for one of Rooney's sons to follow his lead. Tom Rooney, a lawyer, is among the Republican candidates vying for the chance to oppose Democratic Rep. Tim Mahoney in Florida's 16th District.

That's the once-safe GOP seat that its longtime incumbent, Mark Foley, was forced to give up just before the 2006 midterm election when it was discovered that his interest in congressional pages was a wee bit over the top.

-- Don Frederick

Photo credit: Associated Press

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Who cares ?

Pennsylvanians seemly don't care about Hillary lying, her Sniper Fire in Bosnia mistaken words, NAFTA cheerleading while First Lady, her own biographer said records proves she played no part in the Ireland Peace Accords, but Clinton is truthful calling Obama elitist.

Hillary, the now Multi-Millionare that has spent 30 years receiving income from tax payers dollars, Obama is elitist?

The Bus, former Steeler running back Jerome Bettis is for Obama and loves bowling! Too bad Bettis couldn't schedule time with Obama to give some him techniques before he bowled terribly.

Bettis was at a Pittsburgh rally for Obama .

It's going to be like that, professional sports organizations having their say who they want to be President. Especially some that see energy happening in the Community where teams are.

We only have a couple of months left for the Democratic party to decide the nominee, blame Florida and Michigan for wasting their election choices trying to get ahead. This too much length of time now between Primaries, those state elections should be in years ahead.

Who says Tom Rooney can't be for Obama in a general election, no matter he's Republican?

We shouldn't look for Tom Rooney campaigning for Obama but he could easily vote the same as his father.

Is Dan Rooney getting senile in his dotage? Why would a good Irish-Catholic Republican endorse a Black-Muslim Democrat for the Presidential nomination? He has betrayed his ethnic heritage, his political party, and above all the Stalwart Steeler Fans with his endorsement.


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