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The Ron Paul revolution continues

At least in Missouri. Apparently cadres of Paulistas read the Missouri Republican rule book and burrowed into the party structure from the inside this weekend -- at the county caucus meetings.

Usually attended only by party apparatchiks, the caucuses help set the official party platform and deal with internal rules issues. The kind of stuff most folks ignore. Not the Paulistas, who swarmRep Ron Paul of Texas Republican candidate for president and his Paulunteers continue their grassroots efforts to control the party platform in county conventionsed meetings in St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield and some rural counties and, as the St. Louis Post-Dispatch put it,  "snagged roughly a third of the 2,137 state Republican delegates."

All of which would be yawn-inducing except that "those delegates will determine the state GOP platform this spring and help select the presidential delegates to the national Republican presidential convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul in September."

Also in the weekend caucuses, the Paulistas "won approval for some of their man's key positions, including resolutions for withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, and against the federal Patriot Act and warrantless wiretaps."

The biggest hit: A resolution to be taken up at the state party meeting in the spring to repeal the rule that all of Missouri's 58 delegates go to the winner, John McCain. "We're not holding out an illusion that Ron is going to win the nomination," said Debbie Hopper, Paul's national field director. "This is about calling the Republican Party back to its roots."

Some of the party regulars tried to call foul, saying that many of the Paulistas were Democrats, Libertarians or others ineligible to participate. But St. Louis city Republican chair Judy Zakibe gave credit where it was due. "Our people didn't come out," Zakibe said. "That's what cost us."

It's like the lottery ads say -- you gotta play to win. And the Paulistas played.

-- Scott Martelle

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Damn straight! Take it to 'em!

Go Ron Paul for president 2008!
let's take back our country from the NeoCons who only want death and financial destruction!
We will Prevail!!

From A Revolutionary!

Martelle can quit with the "Paulista" slur. Call us what we really are: Patriots!

As for MO, yes, the world really is run by those who show up, and show up we did. More notable is that the support for the Panamanchurian Candidate was not there, and other non-MSM reports from people in the county conventions report that the support is at best reluctant for McCain, based on misguided party loyalty zombie-ness instead of the enthusiasm and energy of Dr. Paul's Patriots.

BTW, this is happening all over the country and people in the MSM aren't reporting it, and they're going ot be very surprised down the road.

Scott - why the Paulistas? These are patriotic concerned citizens that care - we in Pennsylvania will elect our unbound delegates and many are still Congressman Paul supporters. McCain does not represent what we believe in, besides he's being set up to loose to the democrats. Give Congressman Paul a break & be frickin respectful of our choices as Citizens. Missouri is to be commended, same with Washington State, Kansas, Maine & on & on. Regean got the nomination over Ford the appointed years back - I pray that Ron Paul does the same of McSane in the membrane. Lancaster County loves Congressman Paul.

Some northeast states will be having state caucuses soon. Perhaps the quiet revolution will fare as well there.

Thank you again, Andrew. Ron Paul has ignited a fire. And Missouri is just one example. There are others.

We need one good showing!

I love how some of the county chairs complained. They threaten to throw out the delegates when they find out they ain't truly Republicans but Democrats and Libertarians trying to vandalize the party! Hahaha. Wow, the GOP is a big tent huh?

I wonder whatever happened to the Old Right conservative movement.

Why is there such a disconnect?
This is the American people fed up with a two party system who intentionally keeps third parties out.
Fed up the the legislators of both parties who pocket money and legislate against the people of the United States of America. We will not be silent anymore.
We are your family, your friends, your neighbors.
We are fed up with welfare, warfare and be forced to give over half of our paycheck for failing programs.

All that is needed to support Dr. Paul is KNOWLEDGE. If you are aware of our flawed monetary system (corrupted is a better word for it), if you aware of what individual/economic liberties are, if you are aware of what the Constitution is and what its purpose is, if you are aware of what this American Theatre called Democracy is... you know, the theatre where the American People think they can bring change by voting when reality shows us that the game is rigged and the options given to us are three CFR puppets... handpicked by the Corporate Fascists running this country.

If you are aware of all these things and beyond then you will automatically become a Ron Paul supporter, if you are just another ignorant and apathetic American you will be voting (if you even vote) for Hillary, McCain or even that wolf in sheep's clothing Obama.

Carlo C.
Miami, FL

we are in the process of doing the same in Texas. At my precinct was about 7 Paul supporters out of 10...we passed Paul-Platform resolutions and ALL delegates elected were Paul supporters. AT THE COUNTY CONVENTION, I WILL TRY TO CHANGE THE PARTY RULES SO WE DON"T VOTE FOR MCCAIN.

This is the bottom line. Ron Paul supporters are not fanatics for Ron Paul, but for liberty. It is sad that there is only one neglected and ignored candidate that is truly American and truty Constitutional in his beliefs and voting record. In Oklahoma it made me sick to hear the same old party hacks telling the same old story, without regard to the Constitution. The difference this time was that they were beaten by people with a conscience!

A MO filmmaker is also supporting Ron Paul, giving a share of his DVD sales to the Ron Paul campaign.

The film is a great satire on the president, the mainstream media, and the war on terror, see this YouTube music video from the international award-winning zombie musical feature film, "Song of the Dead." (' stars horror movie veteran Reggie Bannister (Phantasm, Wishmaster, Bubba Ho-tep) as the president of the U.S. The filmmaker, Chip Gubera, is giving a share of his profits from DVD sales to the Ron Paul campaign. Go to:

Washington State checking in for Ron Paul.

They bring the ass we kick it.

What I love about Ron Paul is, he has not nor will be in anyone's back pocket!!!

i sure hope he attempts a third party

Way to go!!! Take this country back from tyranny!!

It will never end people. Why? because truth and justice will prevail in the hearts and minds of Americans.

We WILL take our country back! McCain, Hillary and Obama have MILLIONS of "supporters" who will disappear after November, or even earlier. We are here to say! I am just 27 years old, just becoming involved politically, I will devote the rest of my life to the Ron Paul R3volution.

Still trying to tread that fine line, aren't you, TOTT?

Paul stories mean hits to your little blog, but at the same time, Paul must not be taken too seriously,

hence the the new term "Paulistas" - used to taint an otherwise balanced article. I guess there must always be some kind of reminder of the official old media position - that Ron Paul is not a serious candidate.

The fact is that he is the ONLY serious candidate, and the only true leader. By that measure, you Tickheads and your "Paulista" crap are still a long way from showing him (and his supporters) the respect he deserves.

I'll keep watching and reading though, just to see if you get religion, knaamean?

(C'mon, gimme a break. If we didn't take Dr. Paul seriously, then why have we been virtually the only major blog that's consistently written dozens of items about him and his fascinating followers over the months, even when no one else believed he'd get ANY votes? We know a good story and we've been telling it. Click on his name in the subject cloud to the right here and see for himself. You might even notice he's the only candidate with his own subject category.))

Congratulations, MO Patriots! Your brothers and sisters in Maryland salute you. Missouri has certainly lived up to its nickname - the Show Me state - It showed Missouri "establishment" Republicans ("neocons") and the rest of the US that the r3VOLution has just begun.

Another vote to drop the 'Paulista' crack. We're just people who care about what happens in this country.

(We'll have to work on getting Scott educated, won't we? But he did have the good news sense to spot an important political story to tell, which chances are you won't find being told many other places. Thanks for checking in.)

Well, I'm impressed. These are good American people, playing by the rules...I'm grateful to them!

we got your back here in Colorado Dr. Paul ! I hear Alaska is kicking some neocon butt too ! It's happening from coast to coast. Look for a very interesting year for the republican party!

Few within this country realized just how close this Nation came to economic disaster this past weekend, how close we were to repeating a "bank holiday" decree from the President. Few in this country realize what has happened, what the government and the FED has done to our money, but we are rapidly approaching the end of the Fiat Monetary System.

Of course, Dr. Paul has been warning everyone about what is happening for years, but few listened. Soon, they will clamor to listen to his words as the events in the economy force them to look for real answers and Dr. Paul has those answers. You won't find them in McCain, you won't find them in Obama and you won't find them in Hillary...only Dr. Paul has the knowledge and the understanding of the economic issues we are facing. He knows economic history, and he knows that history is repeating itself once again. Our Fiat Monetary System will end as every single one has ended before in history: in Collapse.

is not amazing that those who know the constitution are the one who know how to get elected and effect change in a national political arena ... go figure ... we don't need the support of the bias media ... better for us if they don't report our revolution til it is too late ... thanks fox news and others ... save your coverage for when we march on washington

from a patriot of the united states of america

we want sarcasm!
we want andrew malcolm!
this country needs more men with two names.

(Now, why would I suspect you have an ulterior motive in this, Sean?)

Yeah, lets talk about the Patriots in the good old Commonwealth of KY! We rocked our conventions as well, pulling the Republican Party back to it's roots. 2nd Amendment rights, limited government, no REAL ID, we even amended their resolutions to give the government no authority to subsidize casinos here. All in all a success, considering we have delegates going to convention, and it happened all over the state!

the reports of the rEVOLution's death have been greatly exaggerated.
charles ranalli

Wait until we do this in Utah.

Thank you very much for the nice article. This blog will probably be the only place in the main stream media that this story is told. If I didn't have the Internet, I'd have no clue what was going on.

Why are the ongoing delegate process and party platform changes not considered newsworthy by the media?

It takes a little while to read all the super possitive comments that come in for Dr. Paul. I did it agin and feel, as usual. totally refreshed. There iis no question that Ron Paul will be acclaimed our Presidential winner at convention time by all who vote their consciences instead of their machine and fraud grenerated possitions.

Way to go, Missouri! As a Missouri resident and a Ron Paul supporter who showed up to participate in MO's Buchanan County Caucus, I can assure you that the Republicans in power have been stirred up by the Revolution, and they are angry with our agenda of change. They drummed up enough support beforehand to effectively shut us down before we were able to make our voices heard . . . disqualifying nearly half of the Ron Paul supporters from participating for not being "strong and faithful Republicans" -- the irony being that Paul's supporters are more true to Republican ideals than any of the neocons who currently control the party.

I am inspired and encouraged by the results from Missouri's other counties, and I have faith that the Revolution will continue to make headway across the country. Arm yourselves with knowledge and truth! Show that we ARE the true patriots and are ready to answer our country's desperate call for a Revolution with REAL ACTION!

In defense of the Constitution . . .

Ron Paul has been pushing for an end to this unconstitutional rape of the American dollar since the mid-1970's, and it looks like he is finally being heard by the American people. Now it is time to take action. Education of the people is the key here, so let's get the job done ! Here is a good explanation by Devvy Kidd who writes on constitutional matters.

Another good source for learning what has been tearing this country apart is found in a book, "Web Of Debt" by Ellen Hogdson Brown (2007). You want a woman President ? Hillary is nothing but more of the same garbage of destruction. Take a look at Devvy Kidd and Ellen Hodgson Brown. These two women speak American Patriotic Constitutional English ! Both of them are very aware of Ron Paul's message of Liberty. ALL Americans need to know this ! I am voting for Ron Paul for President in November if I have to write his name onto the ballot ! Any other vote will be wasted on the CFR candidates of deceit. Paulistas is a CFR generated word of disrespect ! WE ARE PATRIOTS !!!!!!!!!!

Ron Paul has been talking about the collapse of the dollar and everyone ignored him.......If he was the nominee, he'd be the only one that could beat Hillary.

Ron Paul is the only one that talks about important issues and does not distract you from reality.

This makes my Day!!!

Who cares what they call us. Andrew, a few weeks back I was telling you about this strategy. We're far from out of the running. We have our country conventions in Texas on the 29th of this month.

(Good point. Keep us posted please.)

Since the days of Ronald Reagan, the Republican Party has been abandoning its traditional conservative/libertarian ideals. Which, I believe, is why so many of its members have been slowly abandoning it over this same period. I've felt deeply concerned by this slow-motion self-destruction. But I'm now delighted to see that some of these liberty-lovin' Republicans, rather than walking away in disgust, are finally making a stand and fighting to take their party back. Kudos to them for doing so.

Your right, thank you for all of the posts that you've afforded to Dr. Paul. Now how about giving him the same exposure in the L.A. Times as the other candidates have ? Why not be the first paper to recognize the Revolution. Why not join us and revolt against your media peers ? Why ? Because you can't. The powers that be won't allow you to. That's ok . The Revolution is only getting stronger as apparent in Missouri. Now if the other States do their part as they state here, look out. The Patriot Party WILL prevail this November. That is, of course, that the "event" that is planned for this summer allows the elections to even take place.

We will never give up,Dr. Ron Paul is the only hope we have,and our numbers keep growing.The Founding Fathers had the right idea,And to stand by and let McCain take us into another four years of the same old stuff,Our Country wont last four more years, if we don't stand up and fight for our rights,The ones Our Founding Fathers gave us,then we might as well stick our heads back in the grass and wait for the Slaughter like good sheep.As for me,I will go down with guns blazing,We had One Revolution over Taxes,And I say it's about time for another one.Sign me up,put me on the front lines,I regret that I have but one life to give for MY COUNTRY.And 1,000,000,000 KUDOS to those DIE HARD Ron Paul Supporters in MO,You guys showed em What For,To all the (Paulistas) lol,you gotta love it.We are finally making enough noise that people are listening,NEVER GIVE UP THE GOOD FIGHT.

You go TEXAS! Round up all the Ron Paul support you can find and get them to your county convertions to vote. That's what we did in Missouri. If you don't have a landslide vote for Constitutional values, don't fret... Educate them to bring them into the light of truth.

Ron Paul supporters are aware of what has taken place in this country. This is not the America the greatest generation worked for and wanted for us. Like them we want our children to have liberty and hope for the future. We want the american dream to be a reality for everyone in this country. Too many of you have sat around for too long doing nothing but shaking your head and complaining instead of actually doing something about it. You've allowed the rich and those who hunger for power..yes the rape our law and land. Now I hope my children will have the right to vote, speak freely and make a contribution to the world without facists raping them of the liberty God wants for them.You owe us you lazy bastards now wake from your slumber before it's too late!

As a supporter of the Constitution and of Ron Paul for President, I would like to personally thank you for reporting on this important story.

Imagine, if you will, that McCain does secure the nomination (God forbid, I pray). Now imagine a pack of delegates so totally disgusted that they walk out of the convention while "Mr. Fake Smiley" is making his speach. Who knows how many of us there will be...20%, 30%, perhaps 40%...all of them walking out while the cameras roll. The Republican party, MY PARTY (I've voted Republican all my life...sadly, even for George Bush) has left its source and foundation...if McCain is the nomonee, we deserve to lose and lose BIG!

Nobody dares deny such immortal words as :¨There's a
sucker born every minute ¨ Especialy Ron Paul and Barak
Obama who share the dubious honor of the most succesfull milking of the naive and credulous.

Yikes. This would be kind of a big story, if Ron Paul ends up with hundreds of votes at the Republican National Convention, and several state Republican parties enact pro-liberty and pro-peace platforms.

From what I've read, the same thing that happened in Missouri is happening in Washington, Nevada, and Texas, and probably a few other states.

So tell me P.T. Barnum, who is the non-sucker candidate?

Answer that question and we will see who the real sucker is. I suspect it is McCain who is such a carnival huckster.

No one can hide the truth about Ron Paul. As Gandhi said "First they will ignore, then they will laugh, then they will fight, then you will win."

Keep up the great work people. our voices will be heard and Ron Paul will make a difference for years to come. thank you Dr. Paul.

Thank you Andrew. Thanks for delivering the news without the snide, backhanded comments. We'll make a journalist out of you yet (just kidding).

(Good to see you back. I can take it. :) )

What is a paulista? Is that like a McInsane?

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