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What's this? Ron Paul runs a conservative campaign with no loans?

Rep. Ron Paul of Texas and his thousands of fervent supporters may be fighting more over the soul of the Republican Party nowadays than they are for the actual presidential nomination, seNo it's not your eyes It's Republican presidential candidate and House member Ron Paul on a giant TV screen in Killeen Texas a GOP House of Representatives member from Texas who continues to campaign against Sen John McCain. Paul reported his campaign finances March 19, 2008 having raised nearly $35 million with nearly $5.6 million cash on hand and like a good conservative no debts.eing how the congressman is more than 1,000 delegates shy of what he'd need to head the ticket.

And John McCain has already wrapped up the September nomination so tightly he's not even campaigning and has headed off on an overseas trip this week with congressional colleagues.

This just so happens to provide photos back home of him talking to foreign leaders like a president and praying at the Wailing Wall while Democrats argue over Florida again.

McCain's entourage includes Connecticut's Joe Lieberman, former Democratic vice presidential candidate, former Democratic senator, current independent senator and probably McCain's future secretary of defense. Although that hasn't been officially announced yet because McCain first has to win this little thing called a presidential election.

The 72-year-old Paul has plenty of free political time now because no Democrat, not even in Texas, is dumb enough to take him on in the November House election, which will award Paul his 11th term. On March 4, Paul vanquished his main Republican challenger in the 14th District by capturing 70% of the vote. Other than that, it was close.

Paul says he'll continue to take his conservative message of...

smaller government, more personal freedoms and an end to American troops abroad wherever his followers are strong and loyal, places like Pennsylvania, North Carolina, maybe Idaho. But they're actually all over, even allegedly liberal California, where one branch posed nearly-naked for a Hotties4RonPaul pinup calendar. Others did a music video.

As noted here earlier this week, Paul's volunteers are winning GOP influence the old-fashioned way, at the grassroots level county by county, tedious meeting after tedious meeting, largely under the radar of the national media, except The Ticket. Paul's volunteers, many of them new to politics, hope to exert some influence on the platform in St. Paul and go from there, the way the 1964 Goldwater generation of conservatives finally won in 1980 with Ronald Reagan.

This is supposed to be a bad year for Republicans, whose turnout in caucus states, for instance, has been low compared with Democrats. But although Paul has yet to win an actual primary or caucus, he's taken some fourths, fifths and seconds.

And with a minimalist campaign organization and a ton of money from about 400,000 dedicated donors (just watch the comments section below for their bounteous vows of loyalty), Paul has won about 803,000 votes. Which, in case you didn't notice, is more than that New York mayor guy with all the ex-wives got, and more than that tall, slow fellow from Tennessee who was a prosecutor and also played one on TV.

In fact, Paul, a former OB/GYN, raised more money in the fourth quarter of 2007 -- nearly $20 million -- than any other Republican candidate, including those rich guys from the East who were supposed to walk away with the nomination. In fact, Paul's website has a delightful photo display of all 11 Republican presidential candidates.

Nine of them have big black Xs across their face because they're gone. And guess who's not? Paul even outlasted (and easily out-fund-raised) that Arkansas governor who stayed around forever.   

Speaking of money, Paul has now filed his required monthly campaign finance report with the Federal Election Commission. Knowing how interested The Ticket remains in the Ron Paul Revolution, The Times' dutiful Dan Morain dug out the Texan's new report.

Not only does Paul talk the conservative talk, it seems he walks the conservative walk. He reported having raised $34.65 million since he launched his (get ready, Paulunteers) long-shot White House bid last year. Paul reported spending about $29 million as of Feb. 29. And he reported having an impressive $5.57 million cash left in the bank.

Now, get this: The Ron Paul presidential campaign reported no debts. Not a dollar. Not even a penny. What has this country come to when half the members of Congress run for president and fully one of them campaigns within his means? This conservative revolution will not be run on funny money like the Federal Reserve system they want to abolish.

-- Andrew Malcolm

Photo: John A. Bowersmith / Killeen Daily Herald

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We complain that competent, principled people don't run for president. Now one has. And much of the media instead paid little attention to him, his own party ostracized him because he failed to tow the party line, and most of the voters subsequently wrote him off to vote instead for someone who 'had a better chance of being elected'. What does that say about us? Now, if we once again start complaining that honest, competent, principled people don't run for president, we should remember how we failed to walk the walk when it came time to cast our vote.

A well written and intelligent piece. It really is far too bad that you are one of the few to report fairly on Ron Paul.
I am a disillusioned voter and expatriate American that has all but given up on believing in the US of A. I felt such hope at the beginning of Ron Paul's campaign and championed him as best I could from overseas. However, the almost complete media blackout was simply too damaging to his campaign. I feel that this was the last election that really had a chance of changing America for the better.
Now, unless there is a miracle from above, we are stuck with the better of two evils. It is really too bad that people didn't hear the message of Ron Paul sooner.
Once again, thanks for keeping up the posts. Whenever I search google news for Ron Paul, your's is the first one featured.

It is sad that Ron Paul is going down in history as the only man with the right to say,"I told you so". And we as a people are too stupid to see that in any light but hind-sight. God save us all. Hello Amero and North American Union. Goodbye U.S.A.

There are still plenty of motivated Americans who support Ron Paul's message. Being right is more important than being in the majority.

Great work Andrew Malcom. If this same type of coverage had been the norm instead of the limited exception we would be seeing a different campain outcome. The election is not here yet and our fight is not over. If you will look and see you will find if its not to late the best is yet to come. RON PAUL 2008 RON PAUL 2008 RON PAUL 2008 RON PAUL 2008.
H.C. Ashley

Thanks for the continued coverage on the good Doctor. I suppose you're getting page hits in return :)

That's why we spread the word to as many people in a day as we can. If people don't know about him, how can they vote for him? Theres a lot of time between now and September.. Spread the word!

Ron Paul 08'

Thank you, Darryl. Thread's over in a single post.

Indeed, we only have ourselves to blame for not getting more public servants into office.

Heh... I think you've gone from hate mail to marriage proposals, Mr. Malcolm. Not implying that you've had or will get any angry messages from me, just have a feeling you're getting and will continue to get a great reception -- no pun intended.

Thanks for impressively bringing multiple facts and weaving them together into a (get ready, MSM) fair, balanced, and thought-out manner. Old Media could learn something from you.

The story of Ron Paul is indeed a fascinating one in the political world these days. Here you have a traditional conservative who is more or less shunned by his own party and traditional media. In previous election cycles he would have been done probably on January 4rth.

However the Internet is changing the game of politics drastically. This Internet Consulting firm, , looked at the online strategies of each candidate for this election. Ron Paul absolutely blows everyone else in the GOP out of the water.

The main reason is that he is consistent in his message. This article lays proof to that fact, its quiet a wonder that a conservative candidate would effectively manage the finances of a campaign. I'm glad that his run in politics is far from over, because the game keeps tilting in his favor, albeit slowly.

Thank you for taking notice of Congressman Paul. I did a lot of researching and comparing and decided to support Ron Paul. I wish the rest of the country would do their research as well.

I hope we just one day remember the beautiful gift we missed. I intend to do my part,i'll tell every kid i come accross about the only politician i believe is spotless.I'm glad i lived long enough to actually find somebody in politics i can say i trust.
The revolution is just getting started,it certainly won't lead to the nomination of Dr Paul,but as he said repeatedly,it's not about the messenger,but the message. None of the prophets were kings,but they sure told us a lot of truths.
Good luck America, and may God Forgive us


Thank you for a well written article.

It's been a roller-coaster for sure, but as we "Paulistas" have been saying all along, this is bigger than just Ron Paul.

Would he have been a great president? I believe absolutely, 100% best guy for the job at this time in history. He might have had even more of an impact than Reagan did. He pulled a LOT of people who may never have collaborated on ANYTHING together in a way that I have seldom seen in my 28 years.

It seems that honesty, integrity, and true conservatism have little value in the political arena these days; it is a sad and difficult time for our country, to be sure.

Ditto to the comment above; when people complain about the caliber of people running for office, and that there's never a good man running, I will refer them to Dr. Paul.

Thanks for the continuing coverage.

Jim in AR

Is it very common for American politicians to give up their Congressional pension, pay for their kids through college and reject government loans, return a portion of their official Congressional budgets to the Treasury and treat their patients for free?

Because Ron Paul did all of the above things. So I'm surprised the media hasn't picked up on it -- I thought it might've been because lots of other politicians do it so it's become commonplace?

It's not very common here in Australia where I live. In fact it's non-existent. People have gotten so used to politicians sucking the public purse dry for their own ends that they don't even notice when someone like Dr Paul comes along and tries to be principled in his actions.

Awesome story.......thanks.

For a President to accomplish anything he/she requires a Congress with like views. We aren't there yet for someone like Paul. He may be leading us to that day. Thanks for continuing the coverage.

I've had my eyes opened during this election. Most of my life I thought that the media was supposed to report the news. Here was a candidate that has stood against the political tide as the champion for the Constitution, stood against the tide for fiscal conservitism, stood against the tide combating against Bush's unconstitutional wars...and where were the voters? They were running after the top 2 dems like they were the second coming of Christ. Well, the sheeple have spoken, but that's primarily because the media told the sheeple who to vote for, and by God the sheeple responded.
Someone once said that America gets the government that they deserve. I pray that they were wrong.

Ron Paul is a dream that some americans have woken up to, the thought of actually having a politician who not only listens to the people, but knows that in the course of human events when military powers are spread around the globe are homeland remains a bullseye waiting to be struck.

This dream of a man who knows how to run a campaign should show us that he knows how to run the budget.

For all the things we take for granted as americans, we have taken for granted someone who has been a true representative of the people.

For this and many more reasons, I will vote for Ron Paul, and continue to spread the message of how we can take our country back.

No more picking the lesser of two evils, after this election the American people will be heard. Our voices will eventually raise in unison against the war, against the spending, and against the liberties that were taken from us with no reason but fear.

Unfortunately, waking up in this time of political and truth need, isn't what Americans wanted, we are no longer the sheep that just follow along, we will blaze a new trail and a new era into politics and we will be heard.

The good news is that the changes Ron Paul suggests with regards to paper money and spending will finally take place after the collapse.

Ron Paul may be mathematically eliminated from the presidential race for 2008. However, his message of personal liberty, limited goverment, a humble non-interventionist foreign policy, and SOUND MONEY will live on forever. The message will live on for ever because it is the message of our constitution. 100 years from now, our great grand children will tell their grand children about either; A.) how we lost the priciples entrusted to us by James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. Or B.) How we nearly lost those principles, were it not for the courage of Ron Paul who stood up and spoke the message of liberty once again.

It is up to us, to decide which version of history our ancestors learn in 100 years. If we can't have Ron Paul as president, he will be the speaker of the house. If we can't have Ron Paul as president, we will flood evey available senate and house seat with like minded, honest new faces of politics.

What is says about Americans is that they have a nascar mentality... They only vote for the media dictated opinion and own it as their own... Afterall they are just too busy with their own lives to bother researching anyone that is running for president... It is easier to just vote however the media tells you to...How pathetically true...

Paul opened many eyes to the federal reserve being nothing federal at all, just another private owned banking cartel. Everything he has said about our economy is happening rapidly on a daily basis, yet the banking cartel continue doing the same thing expecting different results...LOL

Perhaps when China calls our debt in America will wake up from their apathy? Or will it be when we attack iran and china and russia then attack us, afterall they have both warned us to stay out of iran or else...
Looking at the FEC donation list to campaigns its so obvious that all the popup heads (frontrunners) are owned by corporate america...Yet we continue to force our ideologies across the globe, like we have a right and ours is the only way...
I will vote intelligently, not because my party tells me to support who "they" pick tow the line support the party.

Well the party is wrong, I am not for fascism or socialism, I stand for my Country and her Constitution! God help us!

Nice Article :)

Ron Paul's supporters are a factor in the GOP and will continue to be all the way to the National Convention. Dr. Paul was invited by the Chair of the Nevada Republican Party to speak at the State Convention on April 26, and he has accepted.

It goes to show you how conservative he is. Very true to his words and action. I, amongst hundreds of thousands of supporters will never give up. Amongst the ruins the phoenix will rise and further strengthen our resolve that one day in the near future, America will once again be a model nation for its virtue earned through hardwork and dedication of people like us.

It's over. They have taken over completely. I'm taking my last worthless dollars to Home Depot for a rope and folding chair....(actually those prices will be coming down as non essentials are dropping--people are broke and not spending dollars on anything right now except housing food) good luck everyone. You'll know when the IPS's of the world start a price war because their enrollments start dropping and cancelations rise here in the US.

Watch and see what the grassroots did too! This is a high quality Computer graphics commercial for Ron Paul not paid, or put together by anyone in the campaign!


A totally favorable mainstream Ron Paul article. This is a rarity outside the rEVOLution circle.

and it's nice to see! Good work!

McCain does not have 1192 committed delegates, but actually has 538. Many states are working through the caucus process including Minnesota, who’s national delegates are not bound, gave the popular vote to Romney.

In Minnesota as many other states McCain has little grassroots, delegate support. In addition, the support McCain has diminishes at each convention level replaced by Ron Paul support. The Republican convention is a long way off and the real delegate election process is far from concluded. McCain is not the Republican nominee YET and may not be come convention week.

Visit: for an update. In addition, for all you Ron Paul supporters go to: and place your vote for Ron Paul at AOL straw poll every Tuesday.

The R3volution continues...

So what happens if something would happen to McCain on all these overseas trips? Would his delegates vote have to vote for McCain still, and would that make Paul the winner?

I like your sense of humor and understanding of the Ron Paul movement. What if a miracle happened and Ron Paul WAS elected president? How would the American people respond?

Thank You for the excellent arcticle. Something that was very few coming to the Ron Paul campaign. America sadly has been duped for another 4 years into thinking government will save them. As inflation rises and the economy slumps we all pay the price to allow goverment to take more control of our lives. Hopefully more will see the truth as Dr. Paul has shown us.
Thank GOD the Liberty Revolution is just beginning to take back our goverment and monetary system.
Long live the REPUBLIC!!!!

I fully intend to write in my vote for Ron Paul eveen if he is not on any of the tickets. Make this a peaceful revolution and demonstrate the Media is no longer able to contrl elections. Keep in mind that most of America doesn't decide who they will actually vote for until November. Voting for any one else who is running would be a wasted vote if you consider or care for the future of our country. Any of the other candidates are simply in the race for them selves (money/fame) and not the American people. For my grandson's generation sake, I wish/pray/hope people wake up to what is happening. In God we trust, but God helps those who help themselves. Vote Ron Paul 2008; Proven reliable. Proven integrity, Proven dedication to American principles. Truly an American with the founding fathers honest principles. What more do we require? Check out any candidates voting record and history on wikipedia, then decide.

So Malcomb, it appears that you have a significant amount of admiration for Dr. Paul, but yet seem to think that he is less qualified for the office than say an ignorant warmonger or tax and spenders who will just run the insurmountable debt to Haides. What the governmnet will do for me... What a stupid attitude, even Kennedy didn't think that way. It wasn't till Johnson and his war on poverty and Vietnam... What exactly is your problem with an individual who believes in the rule of law and the founder's view's and limitations put on the federal government? You know "Change " was decried just before the Russian revolution as well and what became of that? You are actually quite lucky that you can still dispell your opinion in these pages, soon under change, that may just change as well. Beware Malcolm, the only thing that has been learned from history ( not the crap in textbooks written by liberal acaadamia, but real history) is that little is learned and repetitions are quite common. There has not been a world dominating empire which has been capable of sustaining itself with fiat money, no a single one and the US will be no exception.
Kindest regards.

to repeat a lincoln election we need....counterfeit national convention tickets. anyone know how to make them?

(Oh, now Aaron, that's cheating. Do you really think Dr. Paul would go for that?)

I'd like to point out that, as of 1/31/08 official FEC filings put John McCain at a debt of $5,535,482. How can you run an balanced budget and not even balance your own campaign checkbook? Oh yeah, thats right, the economy isn't his strong suit that's what he has advisers for. The same advisers that run his campaign.

To see the list:

We should be ashamed of ourselves. Finally a man with consistenet pricincipal intergrity, brilliant, and guts enough to take on the machine, and we laugh at him. He was right on when talking about the 911 attacks which was confirmed by the 911 commission report and experts in terrorist sections of the CIA. He was right on when talking about the economy and the federal reserve. Maybe we could frame him and get him involved in some sort of scandal or prostitution ring. If we could get him involved in some shady dealings than maybe we would embrace him and his message. You see that Limbaugh and the rest of the Republican cooks didnt embrace that sell out Mcain until the story broke where he was sleeping with that lobbyist. I am starting to be ashamed to raise my kids in this Country. The Republican Party has lost its mind. All they talk about is dropping taxes but name a Republican president and ill tell you about a recession, housing bubble, gas crunch, and high unemployment.

Dr. Ron Paul is a rare gem in the political world. His honesty and integrity are evident in his voting record, his writing and the sound byte interviews he is allowed on CNN and MSNBC. Thank you, Andrew, for recognizing the obvious and for YOUR integrity and willingness to state is like it is.

Dr. Ron Paul is a rare gem in the political world. His honesty and integrity are evident in his voting record, his writing and the sound byte interviews he is allowed on CNN and MSNBC. Thank you, Andrew, for recognizing the obvious and for YOUR integrity and willingness to state is like it is.

Thanks again, Mr. Malcolm for taking time to write about the only real conservative candidate in this year's race and for pointing out the facts that most other reporters and other media folks either ignore or distort. It looks to me like you actually took time to get your facts straight which is a rarity in the press these days. Thanks especially for your final paragraph where you hit the nail squarely and firmly on the head. Since it looks like a victory in the conventional sense is nearly impossible the task for us "Paulunteers" - a label I wear with pride - will be to reform the GOP from the inside, getting more "Ron Paul Republicans" like the good Murray Sabrin in NJ and Amit Singh of VA elected, and using our Precinct Committee Person & delegate roles to influence the planks of the party platform.

"Elections are short term efforts, revolutions are long term projects." -- Ron Paul

Thanks Andrew. When I was first introduced to Dr. Paul's I was blown away by his command of fiscal and monetary policy. He has a firm grasp of supply side economics, macroeconomics, the money supply, free markets, currency strength, real GDP growth, etc. Dr. Paul stands in stark contrast to McCain who could barely get his financial house in order and almost bankrupt his own campaign. McCain lacks basic understanding of economic theory and has constantly said he would defer to the "experts". In one of the debates, Dr. Paul questioned McCain on the President's Working Group on the economy and it became apparent that McCain didn't have a clue what he was talking about (sort of like how McCain doesn't fully understand what's going on in Iraq).

I keep listening and listening, my ears are in a hesitant, but aware state. Yet, I have not heard any fat lady sing.

I keep listening and listening, my ears are in a hesitant, but aware state. Yet, I have not heard any fat lady sing.

Ron Paul is my hero.

History will be very kind to this humble man when it will be shown that he was right all along.

God Bless him.

All these years of voting for "the lesser of two evils" made me disgusted and apathetic about politics and sleazy politicians. People complain about this all the time . AND YET, now that an honest-to-goodness patriot is running for President, these same dopes tell me that they like what Ron Paul stands for ("but he dropped out" - thanks to no TV or press coverage because those sleazy owners want to influence YOUR vote), but since he"can't win" they don't want to "waste their vote!" That is just pathetic, and shows how low we have become. We will get what we deserve for President because American voters are the most uninformed, uneducated bunch of one-issue dunder-heads ever. I personally can't wait until this whole stinking, reeking mess is laid low by the biggest, worldwide depression ever. And we get to start all over. Maybe we will be smarter and choose our representatives more closely. Maybe some more patriots, rather than the usual greedy slimeballs will run for office.


I agree with Darryl. So many people complain about the lack of principle and integrity of politicians and wish for one to be different.

Well, Ron Paul came on the scene and was ignored and smeared. Instead of focusing on policy and character, this presidential campaign has been a dog and pony show manipulated by the owners of the big media.

Face it people, there are a lot of folks out there who want you to be lazy, dumb, and have just enough means to buy irrelevant wares. Oh yeah, they do want you to keep paying taxes to keep the war machine, the favors and the corruption going.

The good news is, people are WAKING UP to the madness every day.

I find it disheartening that Americans fight, fight, fight for immigration reform, fiscal reform, war reform, drug reform and then cry that they don't agree with Paul on every issue. YOU won't agree with a candidate no matter who they are on every issue. Real conservatives have a foundation. Neo-Conservatives make the rules on the fly.
I am utterly disgussed with the media manipulation of news.
Thank you Andrew this again has show you to be a true source of news. Shame others don't follow your lead.

Awesome Post! I only wish the so-called 'conservative' media would have given him such fair coverage.

I'm not sure the Republican Party has a heart or a soul. But I *am* sure that Ron Paul doesn't have the answers to rectify our economy. Small government is the desire of practically every American. Nothing new there, but a candidate willing to say so. Most of the people I know would consider themselves conservative, but see the Republican Party as so corrupt as to shame themselves to participate in it. At the same time, the Democrats have hardly offered any difference. We have a two party system -- two monopolizing parties of betrayal.

As for the economics Mr. Paul is receiving such acclaim for, I can tell you this: He has evading discussing, debating, or even telling me to go fly a kite over economics; and I say the reason is he can't answer to me. Nor of course can most Americans.

In the early 80s I provided the Regan Administration with mathematic proofs that any economy subject to interest ultimately terminates itself under insoluble debt; and that there is one and one only prescription for economy without 1) inflation and deflation; 2) systemic manipulation of the cost or value of money or property; and 3) inherent, irreversible multiplication of debt by interest.

There's a good chance this paper of course will moderate out this comment, because "for some reason" they don't want you to understand that we *can* implement mathematically perfected economy immediately.

On the other hand, what are you going to get if you tread down the same trail, or even the trail proposed by Mr. Paul?

Any currency subject to interest inherently and irreversibly multiplies debt in proportion to the circulation until imposing collapse. Computer models I provided Reagan show that collapse is right around the corner.

Why or how?

Because merely to maintain a circulation, we must re-borrow whatever we pay against interest and principal as subsequent debts, increased then so much as periodic interest.

Thus the debt multiplies by ever greater increments of periodic interest on an ever greater sum of debt until we cave in under the weight of a debt we can no longer sustain.

The truth is, we cannot sustain present debt; and there is nothing we can do to save ourselves other than implement mathematically perfected economy.

With all due respect,

mike montagne -- Founder of PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy and author of mathematically perfected economy (1979)

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