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Ron Paul, waiting to be wooed, defies concession to John McCain

He won more than 800,000 primary votes, more than far more famous, one-time, surefire front-runners Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson. He raised nearly $33 million, nearly three times the funds assembled by what's-his-name from Arkansas. And he's got a list of some 400,000 would-be Republican voters.

So Ron Paul's waiting to hear from the certain GOP nominee, Sen. John McCain, who's not calling Paul, according to a spokesman, because the Texas congressman has yet to inform the party's primary winner that he's giving up his presidential campaign.

In an interview with the Washington Times, Paul says he's still out campaigning here and there -- North Carolina, Pennsylvania, perhaps Idaho -- as long as he senses the support from his fervent followers, who created quite a ...

phenomenon during last fall's campaign, raising more money in the fourth quarter than any of the other party big shots who, Paulunteers feel, have hijacked the Republican Party from its conservative, small-government principles and opposition to foreign intervention.

And, as reported here earlier this week, Paul supporters have achieved some successes at the grassroots level this winter.

"We agree with the Old Right," Paul tells Ralph Hallow, "and they're the New Right, which is The Wrong."

According to voters polls, the Republican Party in 2008 could certainly use an extra 800,000 committed voters and dedicated donors. Oklahoma's Rep. Tom Cole told Paul he'd like to see them remain in the party.

There's more than one serious problem, but one big one is called Iraq. The 72-year-old Paul wants all U.S. troops out ASAP, as part of the demolition of the American overseas empire, and the money spent back home. The 71-year-old McCain has made steadfast support of the war surge and winning there a bulwark of his campaign. And he just went there to underline that.

But Paul, who is unopposed in November for his 11th term representing Texas' 14th congressional district, says he still holds out some hope for party reconciliation. "You can work to change a party without endorsing some of the people that aren't the kind of Republicans you want to be," he says.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Americans like short, successful wars. Genada, Panama, and Kuwait had clear objectives. If McCain can produce a "victory" in Iraq, which includes "redeployment" home in two or three years, he would have a cakewalk to the presidency. Perpetual war is depressing. He could use Ron Paul for the economy, once an end to the war is in sight. McCain has a couple months to draft such a strategy. Otherwise, welcome President Obama.

Dr. Paul is doing exactly the right thing: he represents people who are for limited government, personal freedom, and a foreign policy of non-intervention. Republicans who support Paul should have the opportunity to vote for him in the remaining primaries. The nominating convention is more than five months away, so let the issues be discussed, let the candidates be heard on the issues. Many people are convinced McCain is UNPREPARED on the issue of the economy; now there's an issue the candidates certainly should be discussing...

Thanks for the continuing coverage.

It would be rather pointless for the GOP to try to woo Paul. We're not voting for McCain for the same reason that Paul isn't endorsing him.

Ron Paul has opened my eyes to the Federal Reserve who controls what our car payments will be, what our house payments will be, who our leaders will be, and so on...
Pretty scary when someone can print money, loan it out, and charge interest on it. Biggest scam ever pulled on the American people. Maybe people will start listening now after the dollar finally crashes for good.

Go Ron Paul, and keep spreading the word!

ron paul has already won, regardless of the outcome of the elections, as has been noted before - having sparked fundamental change in how a major, and rapidly expanding, part of the people perceive the world and their own responsibility in shaping it. and as to the immediate practical political implications, he might as well relax and wait to be declared the 'winner by default' - as all other 'contenders' have disqualified themselves, and will continue to point out to the puzzled public each other's disqualifying features. so it might simply be a matter of time until they all drop out of the race, even in plain sight of victory. whether it's the 'panamanchurian candidate' mccain who's so eager to bomb iran (or anyone) for special interests, clinton with her conflict of interests and haunting criminal charges, or obama - weighed and found too light in many instances.
and ron paul will not kowtow to anyone.

Thank you for running this article and providing this forum.

The RON PAUL supporters are committed...and they are talking to people everyday. Many people are happy to hear about a return to LIBERTY and CONSTITUTIONAL government.

Naaa..I don't think Ron Paul cares one dimes worth of iota if McCain calls him or not. They are complete opposites and agree 0% on issues. McCain is an arrogant man, a prejudice man and a NeoCon..dumb move hugging up to BUSH and the other cozies like war profiteers and mouth pieces for the real powers that be. Ron Paul supporters would never vote against their principles and for McCain. No point except for Party loyalty, but then the conservative party is far gone from it’s roots..they left us a long time ago..Ron is holding it up with his supporters and hope it can be saved..

Washington post pulls that "McCain wait" out of their false bottom hat. BUT publicity is publicity, I guess.

Ron Paul is the real deal, and the message of Liberty, prosperity and peace LIVES.

I would love to be at his next rally in PA!! He is loved there. The last time he rallied there, there were over 5000 people present to hear him speak!

We are taking our country back.

Ron Paul for America and for the World !

Ron Paul the only wise man running for President & has sound monetary policy. He would get us out of this FED created financial mess!

Think about it America! He is wiser than them all!! Youtube Ron Paul & Bernanke.

I am a Republican in NC, and I will be voting for Ron Paul in the primaries.

If Ron Paul does not get the nomination, then I will be considering moving to another country.

RON PAUL is America's ONLY HOPE.

The question I pose to the Redstate bloggers, Why did we abandon a nonintervention, talk soft with a big stick, type of foriegn policy as was the case in the Regan years? When I read that all that changed with 9/11 I will agree to a point. If the world was so outradged by this horrific act why do we and other countrys educate these terrorists. After 9/11 21,000 visas were issued to Saudis to study in this country 21,000. Why do we give 2 Billion to the Saudis in aid. John McCain admitted that the oil money we send to the middle east comes back, in part, in support of these extremists. The debate on foriegn policy, economics and imagration are all tied to one another. Iraq is at the front of this debate. Ron Paul, like him or not, is the only member of congress, canidate for POTUS, to address issues directly connected to the combination of these issues thru legislation introduced in congress. The statement out of Iraq ASAP is appropriate. The sooner we put the Iraqis on notice we are pulling out the sooner the true nature of the Iraqis will surface one of contempt and disregard for the Christian/ Judeon world around them. Admiral Fallon and General Petraous have both conceded that the Iraqis are moving to slowly and using us as policemen to clean up thier messy political world. Ron Paul will not become POTUS but he should. Vote every chance you get to elect people who will uphold and defend thier oath of office and principles. Not the policys of a failing party.

Ron Paul is the next Thomas Jefferson!
McInsane wants us in Iraq for the next 100 years!
I would not trust MCInsane if he changed his tune. He is a war profiteer NEOCON! he will never change his mind..and you know what? Ron Paul does not compromise! This is a Revolution...the contunuation ofthe first American revolution...the Republican party needs to be purged of ALL NEOCONS! nothing short of that will be acceptable to the Revolutionaries! Eliminate the crooked Federal Reserve and the IRS and let's get our country back!

Go Ron Paul 2008!

How could we ever vote McCain? Most Ron Paul people seem to be thoughtful, hence following Mr Paul. It would be difficult to drop all reason and follow the "leader" who is against "Iranian al Queda" in example. The man genuinely is clueless concerning every aspect of our country and its business. Sorry to say but we will have a Dem president, so get ready to pay, pay, pay. Thanks so much, Mr Paul, for all you have done

The only way McCain, a liberal conservative, can win is by nominating Paul, a libertarian conservative. The two l's cancel leaving a conservative.

Barrack Obama and Ron Paul ... Now, THAT would make an interesting ticket!

McCain's saving grace is supposed to be that he knows how to win the war in Iraq...
Yet he doesn't even know who the enemy is or who is supporting them. Yesterday he said that Iran was training Al Qaida, when they are not.
Watch the video as Lieberman has to correct him:

Seems like he wouldn't be able to run his presidency without someone whispering constantly in his ear!!

The GOP has lost me. Sorry. When someone dumps on me like that, they don't get a chance to do it again.

"Barrack Obama and Ron Paul ... Now, THAT would make an interesting ticket!"

Not even close. Mr. B.O. wants to increase government by hundreds of billions, and Dr. Paul wants to decrease it by billions. Night and Day here, people.

Obama gives a good speech, but I have yet to hear substance attached to any of them: figures, details, explanations. All I hear is rhetoric. His speech cadence has traces of southern Baptists ministers and Dr. Bill Cosby, and his tone sounds like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, all of which make for good speaking, even with the lack of context depth.

Dr. Paul, OTOH gives a fair speech, but his are loaded with the things that Obama lacks in the substance and details. He has been the prophet int he wilderness, warnign us for 30 years that this was coming. He was right, but it isn't too late for the GOP to toss McCain in favor of someone who knows the economy better than the Fed does, and also knows not only what a colossal cluster our foreign policy is but how to wage peace.

McCain makes me think of Egor..

The whole neocon bunch is like some sinister horror flick...or nightmare.

Cheney is the most creepy.. torcher sicko.

WE do not want McCain, he is a complete REJECT!!! All those NEOCON's are creepy, bloodthrusty, Nasty bunch of throwbacks!!! Not what Americans should be represented with..

Ron will never endorse McCain..I think this news/Blog subject Paul and Mccain is out of context..

IF McCain, or even the Republican party, wanted to unite the party instead of looking for new way to cozy up to the amnesty and carbon-tax crowd, here is what he would do:
-Declare Romney as his choice for VP
-Say that Ron Paul would be his first SUpreme CT nominee, and
-Respect our soldiers enough to declare war instead of promising to perpetuate conflicts at the executive branch's discretion.

The Obama/Paul ticket could never happen, JazzDiva- mainly because Obama and Paul disagree on our world occupations. Ron Paul wants to bring all troops home, not just from Iraq.

Obama wants only some troops to come home, shift some troops to other middle east places, not bring troops home from the numerous other places we occupy, and other troops will remain occupying Iraq and bascially Obama would just be renaming the 'war' a 'transitional period', but occupation is occupation, and it will result in more deaths (both usa and iraqi), more anger and less progress to peace.

Read Obama's plans right on his website - he voted for the surge when Democrats were elected not to fund the war anymore as a way to stop it - a huge portion of Ron Paul supporters are former Democrats who voted in Democrats on the promise of one thing who were then, sadly, given nothing but more broken promises.

USA occupations need to be googled, as it's quite an astounding number and for durations of time that make it clear we've drifted away from what we're supposed to be doing, as a nation that supposedly stands for 'freedom.'

Also, Obama, unfortunately, is given huge amounts of money from lobbyists - that can be googled, too. Some Obama supporters have been told that he doesn't get/accept money from lobbyists - that's incorrect. And take note of which lobbyist groups donate to Obama - and then google those places to understand the connection of keeping those occupations going.

Our troops, thank gosh, already figured all of this out and did the research to know who would make the best commander in chief - Ron Paul received more donations from the military than Obama, Hillary, McCain and Huckabee combined.

This is the most vital election of our lifetimes - do a lot of research. My heart breaks for Obama supporters who feel they are doing the 'right' thing, as I know in the years to come, should Obama be elected, as wars and occupations continue, and the economy collapses, but taxes still rise, and services go down, you will ask us Ron Paul supporters why we didn't explain all we know now to you, why we didn't try harder - but we are out here trying so hard, both online and offline.

We are reaching out to you... but you have to do some of the reading and learning yourself, too, or you'll just be voting for a change that will never come, just like the Democrats before you found out during that surge vote.

The real hope and real change comes with Ron Paul - because when you vote for him, you are getting over 800,000 people, so far, who are willing to do the work it's going to take to fix this nation on federal, state and local levels. We'lll do the work - we just need you to vote for Ron Paul, even if you have to write him in.

It's worth taking a few days or even weeks and months to really research who you're going to vote for in November of this year... there's time.

Thanks again, Mr. Malcolm! It's quite apparent you have a firm understanding about Ron Paul, so I guess you're going to have to live without the hate mail -- a quip here and there, but nothing you couldn't handle.

(I'll manage as long as I keep hearing from you.)

I'm spreading the word, I hope you are!

Ron Paul 08'

America is like a bus with a madman in the driver's seat. There's a handful of pasengers that have the courage to try to pull the madman away from the wheel but the majority just sit there listening to their ipods with 50 Cent and Britney Spears playing on them.

I am on my county REC and there is no way I will ever vote for a liberal pro amnesty gun grabbing wife cheating placating war monger like mccain!
I won't vote for the other socialists either... America is in a state of fascism and Ron Paul is the only one is the soup mix that can save our economy and country for we the people that have been ignored!

I too, do not see McCain wooing Paul... I am hoping that the delegates to the national convention pull a coup, and elect a real conservative. Ron Paul.

Paul is the only one who believes in that piece of paper we refer to as the Constitution. All of the other candidates have wiped their feet all over it. It's time to take back our country.

thanks for the continuing coverage - I am a registered Republican who is going to sit this election out. I will contribute money to Dr. Paul's congressional campaign, Murray Sabin's campaign in N.J, and others who share Dr. Paul's beliefs. I will contribute nothing to McCain or the Republican party itself.

"waiting to be wooed"?

What, exactly are you smoking? Ron Paul's not waiting for McCain to ask for his support, he's a man of principle who will not support McCain until and unless McCain does a complete turnaround and becomes an advocate for freedom. We're talking about a snowball's chance in hell, here.


I continue to support Ron Paul and his messages of freedom, the Constitution, and free market economics. The Republican Party has thumbed its nose at a certain segment of the electorate, and now they can't count their votes at home. One big problem with the Republican Party--it can't change in the direction of technological enlightenment . Sure, they can build bigger and nastier bombs, find out how to surf the Internet for "terrorists," "adapt" the Constitution to suit every unenlightened power scheme, and engorge the Federal Reserve system at the drop of a hat. But, in reality, half of them are still fighting WWII in their heads and longing for the "good old days"--maybe the Medieval Age or something close to that.

The problem of unenlightened, non-progressive thinking is not confined to the Republicans, either. The real, underlying problem is that the Federal Government is too damned big, immovable, and entrenched in lobbyist groups (representing industries) whose only means of making a profit is to exploit some backward country (mercantilism) or suck the lifeblood out of the American public (traffic cameras and Homeland Security come to mind). Let's face it: the Fed is too big, and many businesses are too big for anyone's good. I'm not sure when people are going to get it, but that's the problem. And every major politician running today is nothing more than a handpuppet for both interests--big government and big business. The Empire is only an extension of that.

When the nitpickers, naysayers, and warmongers among us stop looking for politicians to solve our problems, and begin to think about self-reliance, technological advancement (not just having the toys, but using them for something meaningful), and a sound economy that is not enslaved to the corporatocracy and Wall Street gladhanders, then America may begin to move forward.

One thing is sure: no American president is going to solve our problems, now. More power in the hands of the Fed will only turn this nation into a recast version of the Soviet Union (which does not exist). A more decentralized approach to governance and money management, and a simpler living style are the only things that can help us now.

The choices are clear either empire or a republic.
The media has clearly supported the empire but at least there a few patriots that can see through the "fog of war" that the media spews.

Andrew Malcolm its an honor to know people like you still exist in the media.
I like your good sense of politics and humor. Ron Paul is a good man. Maybe it isnt his time yet. As a Canadian I am saddened by his low success in the primaries, but Im sure hes gonna bring change to both the US and Canada, some people are whispering his name already over here, as if hes a ghost; which is very good, meaning hes feared by those who wish to govern more. I learned a lot from him this year through the wonderful internet. Its called free market Economics and Sound currency. Hope you write an Article "Ron Paul Told you So!" once the dollar crashes, because it will. my regards

It's Libertarian Party time folks. Rumor has it, with Dr. Mary Ruwart now running for the Libertarian nomination, Ron Paul will endorse her after the Republican convention, that is, if she can secure the nomination. It is just a rumor, and even though there is mutual respect between the two docs, it certainly isn't a slam dunk. So, my request to you Dr. Paul is, we in the Libertarian Party are going to do everything we can to get Mary Ruwart the nomination, and we respectfully request your endorsement of her. Thanks.

Ron Paul is a good man to have in Congress, but a terrible man to lead the country. We have to secure Iraq whether or not it was right to go in in the first place. There is a bridge that can connect Libertarianism to the Conservative movement once again, but Ron Paul is not the bridge. I am a Libertarian Conservative myself and will be supporting John McCain 100% because these are no ordinary times. Just like in WWI, the pacifists struggle is one that is harmful to the reality in which we live right now, even if the intent is well meaning. Responsibility is my creed. That's why I'm not voting for Ron Paul.

It is so heartening to see that Ron Paul is still out campaigning while he senses support.
There is a long way to go and McCain may still self implode, or any number of other factors may present themselves so that the message of true freedom may actually become relevant.

Obama with his slogan of "CHANGE" which everyone can now see will really be NO CHANGE, and with his membership in the Council on Foreign Relations, he is becoming to be seen as just another front of the old school power elite.
I could point to any successful asian, latino or african descendant person who would probably make a damn fine President of USA and the chances of them being a member of the CFR is practically non-existent.

Just to point out how seriously in bed these people in the CFR are, I will list candidates from both parties who are members (as copied from

Democrat CFR Candidates: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Chris Dodd, Bill Richardson.

Republican CFR Candidates: John McCain, Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson , Newt Gingrich.

I believe that as the american public become more informed, the abhorrence for this type of elitist cabal may rise and become a real issue. If it does then Ron Paul may become to be seen as the true alternative that he is.
So I'm not giving in till the fat ladies sung, and am glad to see the same can be said for RP.

Ron Paul (is the biggest blithering idiot of) '08

Ron Paul is the " real McCoy " when it comes to : constitutionality, common sense, equality under any law,limited constitutional federal government, intellect and most importantly, morality. No more " slaughter " of innocent human life by genocidal , immoral abortion !

If the second paragraph of this article is accurate and John McCain isn't contacting Ron Paul because he hasn't dropped out, that's unfortunate for Mr. McCain. Regardless of the fact that the media has made little mention of Ron Paul, he has quite a following and it is growing.

Ron Paul is successful in that he clearly communicates his message. He understands the issues, stays focused on matters of importance and is always polite and genuine. These are unique qualities. This is the kind of individual you would think most of America would be more than ready to have residing in the White House.

Ron Paul is the perfect example of success not being defined by winning or losing.

My curiousity has been sparked, and I have been educated beyond what I could have imagined.

I would sooner light myself on fire than vote for McCain, even if Ron Paul send me a handwritten letter begging me to support him.

Good story, thanks for writing it. I would like to point out an irony that McCain has recently shown his ignorance of middle eastern affairs in just the past few days just as he was trying to "underline" his experience.

On his trip to Israel, McCain said in a press conference that it was "common knowledge and has been reported in the media that al-Qaeda is going back into Iran and receiving training and are coming back into Iraq from Iran, that's well known. And it's unfortunate."

Sen. Joseph Lieberman, who was accompanying McCain on the trip, had to lean over and whisper in McCain's ear that it was Shiite extremists, not Sunni al-Qaeda, that was going to predominantly Shiite Iran.

(see Yahoo News for information at ).

So, as you write that McCain went overseas to "underline" his experience and knowledge in foreign policy, McCain simultaneously shows us that he is completely ignorant of the situation. This is no surprise because, as President Reagan said, America is simply unable to comprehend the irrationality of middle eastern politics.

However if we look to our principles, we will see that if there is any question whether we are doing the right thing, then we should have a vote in Iraq as to whether we should leave or not. Although I'm sure they could, anyone should be hard pressed to come up with a legitimate reason why this idea isn't morally just. After all, aren't we supposed to be "nation building" a so-called "democracy" in Iraq in the first place?


John McCain needs us more than we need him.

Ron Paul is a man of honor and integrity. Of course John McCain won't call him. McCain is more comfortable in the company of rats and vermin. He wouldn't know what to say to an honorable man. A call would be pointless.
There are many months to go before the RNC. Nothing is ever certain in politics. If Ron Paul does not get the GOP nomination, I will write him in on the November ballot. I will not share in the responsibility for the destruction of this great country. I will not regret my vote this time, as I regret voting for George Bush who is not a conservative, not a Republican, but a Neo-Con globalist loyal only to foriegn banking interests controlling mega-toll road multinational corporations, the authors of NAFTA.
Americans must eventually face the realities of the economic situation. We have voted ourselves into this trap. We should learn from our own mistakes of the past.

Just because 800,00 people voted for him does NOt mean that 800,000 people are unwilling to vote for McCain.

Not everyone is as immature as the losers who think that everyone is evil except for Ron Paul who has never been wrong in his entire life.

MC...IF Ron Paul doesn't get hte nomination? You actually wrote that on MArch 19? IF?

Enjoy life abraod. But I don't see why you think that anyone will try to stop you from leaving.

Andrew Malcolm, thanks from Iowa!
Thank you for your courage and integrity. You seem to be one of the last, honorable journalist left in this great land. We all know there is a news story out here, it's called the truth. We the People will continue the fight, and again, thank you for reporting it!

Reading all these comments makes it VERY clear why Ron Paul's campaing was a dismal failure. 15 year olds can't vote.

The issues on the FED and monetary policy are proving that Ron Paul is the only rational candidate of change. The main stream media is now involved in painting Obama as raciest for supporting some truths that his minister preached. The same hatchet job was done to Paul two days before New Hampshire. The main stream media in this housing crisis has not published the McCain/Bush involvement in the Keating five. Today's mess is at least six times bigger. The real issue is the media cartel and abusive treatment of the law of the land in not obeying the Constitution. AMERICA 'S only hope is to be a lawful nation. Everyone knows Crist/Bush/Rowe loaded the primaries in Florida. The biggest issue today is John McCain the war monger is not constitutional eligible to be president... PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Peace. and I hope the electorate wakes up an breaks up the media cartel because until they do you are getting the same policies of building an empire at the point of a rifle....McCain is from a family of Hessians and is not eligible by Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution. If McCain does not step down there will be massive problems.

i would like to know why everyone thinks mccain would know how to win the war in iraq. his personal experience with war is non existent. the only thing he can tout is his pow experience and ex-pows are saying that he sold them out for preferencial treatment. just because you were in the service doesn't make you an expert on warfare.

Ron Paul frantically tries to signal to the American people that Social Security is bankrupt -due to politicians spending the money in the Social Security trust on other programs-, that the dollar is crashing -due to politicians spending more than America can afford and printing dollars to make up the differenence, that socialist government programs are bankrupting America and making it less competitive with the rest of the world, and all the while the majority of the electorate continues supporting politicians that:

1) support the continued raiding of the Social Security Trust Fund, leaving a huge problem for the next generation to deal with .

2) support continueing the fraud that is the federal reserve system of printing money to pay for massive spending programs

3) support more regulations and socialist programs that are making America less competitive, all the while blaming foreign countries and greedy corporatioins for America losing its industrial base.

It's really sad to see.

Want to watch the biggest route in presidential election history? Then let McCain be the GOP candidate, because Obama will win in a landslide. The GOP is so out of touch, with the exception of Paul, I'm not sure what will wake them up.

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