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Roll out your scenarios

March 6, 2008 | 11:40 am

Wyoming looms. Then Mississippi. Then Pennsylvania. Figure Barack Obama wins the first two, give Hillary Clinton the win in Pennsylvania, and what does that portend for Guam, North Carolina and Indiana, which follow? [Note to editors: If you're looking for volunteers for the voter-in-the-street story from Guam, the Hawaiian shirts are already in the suitcase].

In reality, barring a complete meltdown it's hard to see either candidate  putting together enough significant wins now to walk into the Democratic National Convention in Denver a clear winner. Never say never, but ...

So how do you see this playing out? Superdelegates brokering a deal at the edge of the Rockies? Bumper stickers that say "Obama-Clinton in '08?" "Clinton-Obama in '08?" Would he help her as a vice presidential running mate by keeping the youth vote in the game? Would she hurt him as a running mate by helping rally the Republican right, something John McCain might not be able to do on his own? Do John Edwards or Bill Richardson become a factor, sitting around smiling and whispering, "You know, if we need a consensus alternative..."?

Add your take to the comments section.

-- Scott Martelle