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UPDATE: Report that N.Y. Gov. Eliot Spitzer is linked to prostitution ring

The New York Times is reporting that New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who rode to national prominence as a reform-driven state attorney general, has been implicated in a prostitution ring. Spitzer is reportedly making a public statement this afternoon, and we'll update as it unfolds.

Spitzer has had a tough year as governor, including revelations that his staff might have improperly used state assets to spy on state Sen. Joseph L. Bruno, the senate majority leader who had become Spitzer's main political opponent in Albany.

Spitzer had been a rising national political star for the Democrats. But if this story plays out and he indeed was involved in a prostitution ring, you have to wonder how much longer that star will glitter. Or, for that matter, how long it will be before the word "former" is inserted before "Gov. Eliot Spitzer."

UPDATE: Spitzer played a tangential role in the narrative of the Democratic presidential nomination fight. It was he, you'll recall, who raised ...

... the possibility of granting driver's licenses to immigrants regardless of whether they were documented, which became a recurring topic in the early candidate debates. A strong political backlash led Spitzer to drop the plan.

But he has been most noted for taking on powerful interests, such as insurance companies.

UPDATE II: Spitzer's press announcement was short and sweet and devoid of details. Without specifying what he was talking about -- but the context was clear -- Spitzer apologized to his family. "I have acted in a way that violates my obligation to my family.... I must now dedicate my time to regain the trust of my family."

He also apologized "to the public, and I promise better. I do not believe that politics in the long run is about individuals. It is about ideas, the public good and doing what is best for the state of New York." Spitzer also said he "failed to live up to the standard I expected of myself." He took no questions.

-- Scott Martelle

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BWAHAHAHA! This is delicious! Here we have a former state attorney general--and a Democrat--implicated in a prostitution ring. How sweet. How poisonous to his political career. LOL!

There is no arguing that Spitzer did good things as Attorney General. However, he is as dirty of a politician as they get. Read up on the guy.

The Democrats culture of entitlement is demonstrated
once again .Give driving permits to illegal immigrants,
Talk woman rights and participate in shocking vice
that demean women in the most vile way.Lets hope
justice is applied to the fullest extent.

looks like eliot"ness"spitzer is really a paper lion

Uhmm DFAL, they're all crooked: Republicans and Democrats alike. Don't act like the Republicans are some paragons of virtue. At least the Dems cheat on their wives with women and not little boys and dudes in bathrooms.

I wonder if this will affect Hillary...he did endorse her, after all. Hillary may be wishing she was dealing with Rezko ties, now instead of the fallout that will inevitably come from her close relationship with Spitzer.

(Maybe she'll renounce AND denounce his endorsement.)

Personally I salute the guy.

Whores ftw.


It is sad to hear the fall of a man, please ! lets not be judgemental on this case it can happen to everyone of us at any time so simply just pray for this kind stupidity.

Denver Colorado

Everybody thought Spitzer had integrity, really he is just a bully and a power monger. So much for finally having a decent governor in NY. And Im a democrat.

Pity New Yorkers didn't choose Tommy Suozzi in the Democratic primary for Governor over Spitzer!!!

Reagan said that the practitioners of the second oldest profession sometimes practice the first oldest profession. But I don't think he meant it as literally as Spitzer seems to have taken it. There's nothing left for Spitzer now but to run for Governor of Nevada.

I don't see a problem here. The only thing wrong i see is he may be guilty of something he has locked people up for. Maybe he might be motivated to legalize prostitution now. if they just legalize it like it is in Nevada, this situation is revealed for the ridiculousness that it is. Investigating prostitution is a waste of our tax dollars, and police resources. and if we citizens have to re-prioritize our lives and deal with all the wire taps and privacy violations and being stripped down at airports,because of the war on terror, then maybe they can prioritize and stop chasing people who are pleasuring each other and chase people who are killing each other.

I'm still in shock DFAL, but let's not forget the 15 plus republican congressmen who have resigned under a variety of sexually charged/money laundering scandals in the past 2 years. Either way Elliot can kiss any thought of a 2012 presidential run out the window. What a shame.

u people r goofy.what ever he did was personal and had nothing to do with his position as gov. this is a family thing .the man needs to get his family things straight. it has nothinig to do with his ability to govern. he's a good man and get over it .we see this all the time,so he's gettin' laid ! big deal! it has nothing to do with the way he does business, it has everthing to do with how he deals with his family,and that is none of our business! let's move on . this is not new to us. let the family deal with this, it's there business.

Spitzer harassed the financial institutions like crazy and forced them to pay big fees. He is nothing but a big phony. There is legal prostitution in many counties here in Nevada...if this is what he watns. He has disgraced his family and that is sad.

Spitzer's finally knocked off of is high horse.

The man that lead the witch hut to bring down the Greenbergs. Only to effect the livelihoods of the people left behind and the shareholders of the big three insurance companies. Solely for personal reasons. Gets his just reward. Personal humiliation, indictment and hopefully divorce.

This isn't about Dems or Repubs it's about egocentric and arrogant tyrants that pursue positions of power.

It's such big news because he's a democrat - usually it's the republican slimebags who do this sort of thing. You know, the republicans who fight for 'family values'? Yeah, those guys.

lets not forget all the pedophiles and gays in the "moral majority" who use their church pulpit to condemn many people for the same things people they are guilty of themselves.. Florida Congressman Mark Foley, Idaho Senator Larry Craig, and The Rev. Ted Haggard; advisor to GW Bush. I suspect you are just one of the circle-jerks Robert Valiquet.

Why does this have to be a Democrat vs. Republican issue? The likes of Duke Cunningham and Jack Abramoff didn't bring down Bush, nor should Spitzer's alleged involvement bring down the entire party. The pissing match between parties and ideologies is really getting pathetic. These playground antics are reminscient of my Dad can kick your Dad's ass. If he's guilty, he will go to jail. End of story. Quit trying to spin this into a party issue. There are scumbags on either side of the fence. That means you ROBERT VALIQUET.

One democrat gets caught and the family value republicans are going crazy over it. lol

DUMB-DUMB-DUMB !!! Just hand a knife to anyone in obviously a multi-person operation and get your throat cut whenever they get the whim.

'Wonder what political personalities for whom he provided entertainment??

All he has to say is " I did not have sexual relations with that woman"..............

Don't be so fast to judge the Governor of New York. First, there are no details about his actions: once? Twenty times? A hundred times? Is there a pattern, in other words.

Second, leaders are not promised to be saints. In Europe, the affair among men of his age is common and somewhat accepted. Would he be holding a news conference and facing condemnation of he had merely "cheated" on his wife? I think not.

His actions, if the reports are true, should not be excused, but neither should he been shouted out of office immediately.

Well, well...look at all the finger-pointing at the "Democrats." Can't anyone remember ALL of the perverts who are Republicans? Start with Bush's spiritual advisor, Ted Haggard who went to a male prostitute, was a MINISTER who preached the evils of homosexuality, and bought METH, and said he wasn't going to use it...pretty stupid too. Google the Republican perverts, and you will find child rapists, and more perverts than the Democrats. Now, I am not affiliated with either party, I am an Independent, but I get sick of the holier-than-thou right-wingers like the extremely evil Ann Coulter. Give me a break!!

When the press asked Hillary about Obama being a Muslem, she got knocked for saying, "No he's not, as far as I know."
You can never say you know about someone 100% , and there is no way to answer a question like that any other way.
I wouldn't be gloating, YOU may wake up one day and find out something distrubing about the person you love and trust most in this world. Happens everyday.

Ah yes, I can already see the anti-Democrat posts coming up! Oh well, I guess Republicans & Conservatives need someone to bash for the sake of the entire political party just like many of us Democrats & Liberals bash Republicans because of "Dubya" Bush.

As for Hillary Clinton, I'm sure she'll try to distance herself from Spitzer just as McCain had distanced himself from that radio personality that was ethnically bashing Obama at a campaign rally recently.

It's Politics 101: Support those that help you gain political ground. Drop those that'll bring you down like a hot potato! Every politician of the 20th & 21st centuries, regardless of their political party, have been doing that for the sake of their political careers.

I wonder if Republican Senator Larry Craig ever used any of Spitzer's prostitutes!

Did Spitzer have ONLY women as prostitutes? Or did he also offer men, who Republican Senator Larry Craig would more likely hire?

Oh - just a sec - I forgot: Republican Senator Larry Craig was only found guilty of meeting up for sex with men in bathrooms. I'm not sure if Republican Senator Larry Craig ever actually *paid*.

This is poetic justice at it's best. I'm an employee of MMC, one of the companies that Spitzer almost destroyed when he implicated them several years ago of bid rigging. Not only did MMC have to pay almost 8 billion dollars in fines, thousands of employees lost their jobs and as a result many families were destroyed. Also, to add insult to injury, our stock fell 22 points to $24.00 and for the most has not performed well since. So to you Mr. High Horse, good for you. I trust that you experience every once of pain that you've inflicted upon others.

Yours truly,


Is prostitution still illegal? It's a victimless crime. Unlike robbery, rape, embezzlement and fraud. So whatever deal was worked out between Spitzer and the prostitutes, was agreed to by both parties. The prostitute provided services, and Spitzer pay for the services. Everyone is happy. Sounds more like a business transaction than a crime.

Couple of comments and qusestions:
$5,500 an hour for a prostitute? No sex is worth that much or I'm in the wrong line of work. How can the discgraced Governor's wife stand by him in public? WHY would she? How much is she getting an hour?
Szhwarzenneger was smarter, he only groped.
Money breeds bigger scumbags than poverty. Rattle the rich, comfort the poor, eh, Lopez?

As far as I'm concerned, he committed a crime that he's prosecuted others for. Therefore he should resign. While I don't know the ratio in politico-land, I'd like to think most civilian republicans and democrats don't cheat on their spouses.

What I can't understand, will NEVER understand, is how a woman can stand by a man who not only broke their vow, but also may have exposed her and their children to disease.

If that happened to me, the only thing the press would see was me packing up the kids and moving to mom's. They wouldn't even get a comment out of me. The only thing I'd make public is whether or not he gave me an STD.

Now, an argument could be made about Clinton's wisdom of having all these male supporters being cheaters - but looks like no one saw this one coming. The only real consequence may be losing a superdelegate if he resigns.

But what a pathetic thing to lose your job over. If you are going to do something stupid - go for the whole caboodle. Embezzle millions of dollars and build a chateau in Goa and populate it with bunny-girls who bathe in Crystal.

But to lose it all over Spitzer Jr.......yesh. D.U.M.B.

If Elliot Spitzer is client number 9, then what client number will Bill Clinton turn out to be? Word in the Hillary campaign is "don't ask, don't tell".


When the mighty and SELF-righteous fall from grace
it's usually for the SLIMIEST of reasons. Those who
are too willing to put themselves ABOVE mere mortals
and JUDGE everyone else are often the most
:CLOSETED" perverts,

IF Spitzer had ANY CLASS whatsoever ... HE WOULD
RESIGN. HIS administration (*like the CLINTONS')
has been DOGGED by one unseemly SCANDAL
after ANOTHER.

He'll have to seek a license for "illegal activity" now instead of illegal aliens.

What the hell is the wife doing standing next to him. How desparte are these doormats?

Unless her "wife" fee is North of $5,000. I stand there too!

I see nothing wrong with selling my beautiful body...all $5,000 an inch of it!

I think Spitzer was trapped. The Repugs didn't like what he did to Wall Street. Also--the Justice dept wiretapping to convict for charges around prostitution? I think this is why Bush wants everyone wiretapped. He should have been wiretapped when he had Jeff Gannon over for sleepovers.
Check out the great post at FireDog Lake

Fair and balanced + who cares = Nervous Nellies

I wonder why such an oversized ego as that of your soon
to be ex-governor would settle for client no 9? But the
greatest imposture was his registering at the hotel under
the name of George Fox,a financial contributor of his.Says
quite a bit about his ethics. Stay tuned...the turpitudes of
those liberals masquarading as republicans(in your post)
will soon look like kid can take this to the bank.

Here's the difference between the darlings of the Democraatic elite and the GOP in regards to infidelity...The Democrats get caught...

Robert Valiquet, I couldn't care less about spitzer. It's the "good old boys" that stick together through pedophelia and using the church as the retun of the Spanish Inquisition that totally makes me want to defend my country from your ideals of "don't question the government".

Just a few years ago, if ANYONE were to criticise anyone in the BUSH administration, they would be dubbed a traitor to the US. The Bush administration even went as far as telling US troops that criticism of the Commander in Chief was a direct reflection on the troops. That was nothing more than a Nazi tactic to prepare the troops to attack it's own citizens IF they got out of line.

Fair and balanced,
To bring into this matter the spectres of the Spanish
inquisition and nazi horrors is to put it mildly,anything but
fair and balanced. How about lunatic fringe?

Robert Valiquet: Dictation of religous and moral ideals IS a lunatic fringe.

'...if we citizens have to re-prioritize our lives and deal with all the wire taps and privacy violations and being stripped down at airports,because of the war on terror, then maybe they can prioritize and stop chasing people who are pleasuring each other and chase people who are killing each other.'
question got a point there.
but that is exactly the reason for those petty 'scandals' etc - to deflect from the continued deceitful, treasonous, murderous, thieving actions of those entrusted both with protecting your liberties, and guarding the law.

Fair and balanced (yeah,right)
Dictation is what you do- as evidenced by your incapacity
to have a civil exchange. Your rejection of any notion of
religious freedoom and moral standards tell me you are
probably one of theese frustrated GLBT militants.....
perfect example of the lunatic fringe.
Cordialy, RV

There will be more news on this prostitute ring I am sure.

I think he fits right into a Nevada lifestyle.
That way, he can govern and.. pay thousands for prostitutes.
Vegas welcomes and awaits him.
and New York says Bye bye to him. .. and I would hope... so does his wife!
Gee, can he receive prostitutes in Jail?? Or will he become one?? HMmmm

For the past 21 years he hasn't cheated, not even one mistress? They couldn't dish up any dirt on him during his campaign for governor? Strange. Suddenly he became an expert at hiring prostitutes. I Don't buy it. Also, he was an expert on the legalities related to He probably knows it and his wife too. They also probably know whose behind it but are too afraid for their lives and their kids. should have been careful who he took on, I mean really- the mafia? Wall St? He should be happy he's still alive.

I don’t know if this is a pattern in democrats or not, I know nothing about politics but what happened with the Governor made me feel very sad because my ExBf, who is a democrat and a very *active* one (so active that if I say his name and where he volunteers for the democratic party, you will find him or know who I am talking about), courted me for a few months and after only a week of exclusivity, he dumped me because (we weren’t intimate):

“I am sorry but I cant wait anymore for sex, I have bee waiting for some time now and I cant continue with this; also, I am afraid that you have no sexual experience and that it might not work between us, actually, its not going to work; I don’t know how someone can expect fidelity and have a relationship when there is no sexual relationship”

This, after 5 minutes of exclusivity, he dumped me because we weren’t sexual and because I wasn’t sexually experienced.

It was a very sad moment, you know…after asking me to be exclusive had plans, etc and then he dumps me.
Everybody thinks that he is so nice and yes he is, but the sexual issue bother me so much, so I wonder if these guys are wired the same...

Well, this is what I told him:
“Don’t feel sorry, go get yourself a whore who will give you free sex after a few hours of dancing and drinking at a bar, let alone after a few months of hanging out”

No, not really, I did not say this; actually, I took my things and came back home.

As I said, I am not a democrat nor republican, nothing, actually, I don’t vote ( I am more than enough old to vote and I can vote, its just that I don’t vote); but then again, I question myself what has happened with the governor (sex issue), reminds me of my Democrat Ex and of course, Clinton (sex issue).

I can only imagine how the wife feels, she must be very, very sad.

Sweet Wine,

I am truly sorry for your experience.

Robert Valiquet,
Learn some history. Read a book. Stay away from FOX news. Here is exactly why the Bush administration is like the Spanish Inquisition. They both use waterboarding as an interrogation technique.

While you are at it, you should watch this BBC documentary: Why Democracy? Taxi to the Dark Side, an Academy Award winning 2007 documentary film.

What throws me for a loop every time is that they always get caught with the prostitutes, so why do it. It's inevitable that you're gonna get caught.


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