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Breaking News: Barack Obama rejects VP idea

Campaigning in Casper, Wyo., Friday night for the 12 delegates to come out of Saturday's DemocratBarack Obama campaigning in Casper Wyoming March 7 2008 for the Democratic caucuses where he rejected the idea of accepting the vice presidential slot on a 2008 Democratic ticketic county caucuses, Sen. Barack Obama refused the notion of becoming the vice presidential candidate on this fall's party ticket.

Obama was asked by a television reporter, "Can you ever see yourself on the same ticket as Sen. Clinton?"

And the freshman Illinois senator replied: "Well, you know, I think it’s premature. You won’t see me as a vice presidential candidate. You know, I’m running for president. We have won twice as many states as Senator Clinton, and have a higher popular vote, and I think we can maintain our delegate count."

Many Democrats have long thought of Obama-Clinton or Clinton-Obama as a dream ticket, offering both the first serious female candidate and the first serious African American candidate for the nation's top two political offices.

Clinton surprisingly broached the idea Wednesday morning after she won the popular vote in Texas and Ohio to regain some momentum after 11 straight ...

losses, though she still lags far behind in pledged delegates. She mentioned the possibility of a joint ticket again Friday morning during a campaign appearance in Mississippi.

Last night was the first time Obama commented on the idea.

It's political protocol when presidential candidates are asked about the vice presidency to twist the question back around to the top office and avoid a direct answer. But Obama's response last night was unusually direct and dismissive.

The 46-year-old candidate is expected to do well in Wyoming today, as he has done in virtually every caucus state. Wyoming, as The Ticket noted here in detail Friday, is not the most hospitable territory for Democrats.

Eleven months ago during an appearance on "The David Letterman Show," Obama said, "You don't run for second place. I don't believe in that." See his Friday statement for yourself on Billings TV station KTVQ, but only if you can sit through an interminable local vinyl fence ad with Danny, who seems strangely eager to hide his face beneath a dirty baseball cap. 

(UPDATE: For the latest Wyoming caucus results -- Obama was victorious -- The Times' Robin Abcarian has full details in her story from Cheyenne here.)

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Hillary Clinton has clearly stated that only she and John McCain, a pro-life Republican, are qualifed to be president. She implies by her statement that if she does not get the nomination she will (as should we ) support her Republican pro-life friend for president. This is an act of betrayal not only of the Democratic Party but a betrayal of the feminist movement that worked hard to secure and maintain a woman's right to choose.

Hillary Clinton's betrayal has seriously weakened the electability of Barack Obama, who is pro-choice and the likely nominee. Aided and and abetted by Hillary Clinton, John McCain may become president; and he will not only answer that hypothetical 3 AM phone call (and then doubtless make the wrong judgment as he is prone to do) but he will appoint more pro-life Justices to the Supreme Court that will certainly end a woman's right to choose.

It is time that Democrats that support Hillary Clinton and who are for a woman' right to choose rethink their loyalty to her. It is clear she has no loyalty to them or their cause.

If Clinton is so "EXPERIENCED" at working the levers of the American political machine, why then has she still not figured out how to work the caucus system?

Obama is the real deal: he's empowering, intelligent, and is secure enough in himself to put together a team of thoughtful and experienced people.

Be awake to what is happening here...the Spirit is at work.

If Clinton is so "EXPERIENCED" at working the levers of the American political machine, why then has she still not figured out how to work the caucus system?

Obama is the real deal: he's empowering, intelligent, and is secure enough in himself to put together a team of thoughtful and experienced people.

Be awake to what is happening here...the Spirit is at work.

What does it mean that many Democrats talk about Hillary with the same incendiary language that Republicans use? I'd much rather see the hopeful, uplifting campaign that Obama would run rather than the scorched earth politics we are already seeing from Hillary, but I would still vote for the Democrat when all was said and done. Hillary seems to be an equal access alienator, but has inspired some of the same loyalty that Obama has. What I'm concerned about more than anything is that people are supporting Hillary and Obama as the first female and African American candidates rather than as the best President we can produce. What we are looking for is the best person, as well as one who can win. What we want to avoid at all costs is a pyrrhic victory in the primary only to loose in the main event by dividing the party getting there. A big concern that I have is some people may be thinking that loosing as the first to get nominated may be worth it just to make history; people who think that way, along with the conservatives we are trying to defeat, are charter members of the Committee to Screw Up America.

Oh, by the way, if Obama doesn't get the nomination his best move is to run for Governor of Illinois before running again. As far as Hillary goes, this is her last shot and if she doesn't get the nomination she should try for leadership in the Senate (a calling she is more suited for anyway) assuming she doesn't burn too many bridges with her current campaign.

CLINTON-OBAMA TICKET. Hogwash, it is a ploy to suck off Obama votes both for the primary and the National election. It also gives the super delegates wiggle room to nominate her even if she does not get the majority of the votes.

If Clinton wins or is appointed Obama should consider a

McCain-Obama ticket.

people need to realize that he said no to being VP, not to a joint ticket. He may be open to that, although I wouldn't blame him if he weren't. Clinton intentionally keeps implying that she will be at the top of the ticket, even though she's STILL behind in delegates. It makes no sense, and is very manipulative the way she tries to make it sound like a generous offer that he'd be selfish to refuse. "You have to be my VP; well, I'm just offering it for the sake of our party". She wants him to have no choice but to accept 2nd place. How can one hoping to WIN, then turn around and say he's willing for 2nd place? Voters would think he's ready to throw in the towel, which is insane considering his lead. He needs to make a clearer statement, and tell the people that she is manipulating things with her premature comments.

Hillary Clinton is catty and vile. Unable to win the popular vote on her record and especially on her personality, she has resorted to an all-out verbal assault on Barack, including distraction, distortion, and flat out lies. Like Rove and Bush in 2004, she's working hard to incite fear in people. Barack is the boogeyman, voters beware.

That she would considers him a strong VP candidate just illustrates that she doesn't even believe the crap that she's slinging. Barack will do well to refuse any such offer.

THANK GOD he thinks he is too good for the second spot. Now the voters in Pennsylvania know that it isn't about Democrats it is about Obama. The citizens in Michigan and Florida understand why he isn't interested in hearing from them. He doesn't want to hear what they have to say. BIG MISTAKE ... John McCain can put four in his corner .... Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida. Nice job .... BRAVO to change ....

I keep reading that Barack won Texas in terms of the number of delegates. Based on what I've read, Barack won Texas.

Why isn't that being reported?

I never liked people taking credit for things they have not done, and Clinton is taking credit for accomplishing more than some of those who were active in foreign policy during the Clinton years recall. Read this and create awareness with your friends, colleagues and neigbors.

1. "helped to bring peace" to Northern Ireland. Called "silly" by Lord Trimble of Lisnagarvey, the Nobel Peace Prize winner and former First Minister of the province.
Nobel winner: Hillary Clinton's 'silly' Irish peace claims

2. "negotiated with Macedonia to open up its border to refugees from Kosovo". The Macedonian government opened its border to refugees the day before Clinton arrived to meet with government leaders.
Clinton's Foreign Policy Record Examined

How bout this..An Irish Nobel peace price winner has redefined Hillary's false statements that she helped the peace process in Ireland. well a noble man today put it this way with a small "m" minor, that is the role she played unlike her previous statements and this undermines her so called experience which seems to be nice on paper and i know this wont matter to the hoodwinked Hillary supporters.But to those of us who know her, it is not surprising.

Looks like the Democrats are in for a loss. If there is not a Clinton-Obama ticket then the Obama people and the blacks will not vote for Clinton-Edwards or anyone else. The same is true if it is Obama-Edwards or someone else. The Hillary people will not in any way vote for Obama. When some of you talk about Hillary wanting it all and will do anything to get it, Obama should have waited till 2016 as most of us feel that he was put into being a Senator by a sleezy method if you read the background. Our country cannot afford to have someone like him at this point in time. So for those of you who criticize Hillary's ambitions I think Obama is worse as he has killed the Democrats chances by wanting it NOW. Some call it American greed by wanting it now whether it be money or prestige. So if I were he I would humble myself and consider it an honor to run on the ticket with Hillary as he will be creamed otherwise.

i dont blame him for not wanting to be a VP to hillary, after all she plans on tearing him apart and doing what ever it takes to cut down the inspiring obama

"Many Democrats have long thought of Obama-Clinton or Clinton-Obama as a dream ticket, offering both the first serious female candidate and the first serious African American candidate for the nation's top two political offices."

No love for Geraldine Ferraro?

Why would ANYONE want to be Vice President to Hillary and Bill Clinton? No disrespect to Bill's years as duly elected President, but he'll be a pain for everyone if Hill has an administration.

Could it be possible that a portion of the millions of dollars Obama camp are spent on thread crapping all over the newspaper/forum blogs in the country?

Comments of 'Obamicans' on this thread attempts to delineate a painting of a savior that can bring hope and change from the despair and suffering of people. I prefer to admire such metaphysical images solely in museums like the Louvre, LACMA, and Prado. Americans have been possessed with these religious undertones (inspiration) for the past eight years. Look what happen?!?!

Neither Clinton nor McCain is a Saint. All politicians have their hands on dirty money through collusion, including Obama.

clinton, mcain and obama are ALL Senators people. To be completley honest NONE of them are ready to lead a country. If Clinton or McCain had been governors or even mayors I might of said ok, maybe they're more qualified then obama. But they're all on a level playing field. And I'm sorry Hillary people, but her 8 years as a first lady does not count. There I said it. Just because my husband is a computer programmer doesn't mean I have experience with computer programming people. And its clear that the most she did as first lady was give speeches, which is what she says obama does.

The republicans will pull out the 90's scandal and everything else in their arsenal in the general election if she is the nominee. Do we really want that?

And what's with this "well we don't really know him" thing. He's got two books he wrote. Go read them. Then you'll know him, he's pretty clear on who he is. He is NOT a muslim, but an all out I love Jesus Christ man, to that person who said she doesn't think he reads the bible. He's christian, he is patriotic, VERY patriotic. So patriotic in fact that he doesn't have to fake it like Bush and wear a flag lapel pin. He bleeds red white and blue.

In any case, what does it matter, with all this bickering, might is well congratulate McCain on the presidency... this does not bode well for the dems... geesh how did this thing get so heated?

oh that's right, Bill was racist, Hillary played the fear card, and Barack Obama is too nice.

On March 6, the Chicago Tribune reported Clinton as saying "She and McCain bring a lifetime of experience to the campaign, while Senator Obama will bring a speech he gave in 2002." On March 7, the Clinton campaign compared Barack Obama to Kenneth Starr. That's just two days of negative campaigning.

Why would any person consider accepting any kind of position with these people, let alone serving as Vice President under Hillary Clinton?

Do the Clintons not believe that a black man can serve as president of the United States?

His arrogance is very unattractive. If he cannot unite on a ticket, then he is NOT a uniter and is bad for the party.

Posted by: Democrat to Win
Democrat to Win, if you got beaten up by your neihbor would you still want to hang out with him/her? I wouldn't!! Maybe you are a sucker for punishment?

Mr. Obama does not have to cowtow to Hillary! I am glad he drew the line on the sand. He is by far the much better candidate than Hillary! He has some charateristics that are so sorely lacking in so many people, especially in Hillary.

He exemplifies: Good character; Integrity, Honesty, Wisdom, Vision, great judgement, outstanding leadership and managerial skills, stability, and yes, exceptional oratory skills, compassion for the poor and underprivileged; he has the extraordinary and gifted ability to look into the future and project consequences. I am specifically talking about his speech in 2002 about going to war in Iraq. EVERYTHING he said would happen if we went to war with Iraq, HAS HAPPENED!!
Mr. Obama strongly believes in "A GOVERNMENT BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE, AND OF THE PEOPLE". This is something that has missing since John F. Kennedy was President. His famous words were, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but rather ask, what can you do for your country". He, like Mr. Obama, believed in all people getting involved to bring about a better and brighter America. Just look at how excited and enthusiastic young people are when Mr. Obama talks about every student getting $4000.00 to go to college, but you will be requied to give back to the community, as joining the Peace Corp, working as volunteers, etc. I think it is absolutely wonderful! And so do all these young people!!

Mr. Obama will make a wonderful and powerful President!

I hope Senator Obama reads this.

Watch out for HILLARY'S tricks. First she was honored, really honored, truley honored, and in the same week she dumped her vicious lines of ugly words such as cheap words, shame on you, 3 minutes ad, etc. Barak, Keep your gurads up. She is trying to confuse the voters and steal your votes by promising them. I know God is helping you as well as the spirit of your late mother. So do not be flattered by her remarks. She considers you naive then she wants to offer you the VP position. Should the president dies the VP should take her place. What judgement is that???

President Obama , you will be the best president this country will ever have at this very perilous and sensitive time in American history. I know because I travel every year to Iran and other Middle Eastern countries and I know how the people in those parts of the world feel. You have a very unique DIVERSITY THAT WILL HELP UNITE ALL AND THAT ALONE IS ENOUGH TO BRING BACK THE RESPECT AND GRANDURE US LOST DURING CLINTONS' YEARS AND OTHERS....Good luck

Tony, Mr. Obama said, "YOU WILL NOT SEE ME RUNNING FOR VICE PRESIDENT....." I think that it is CLEAR and DIRECT he is NOT running for Vice President, period.

No one who is sane would want to be Hillary's VP.
At one time I actually would have voted for her.
But she has lost my respect. She has NO integrity and resorts to fear mongering. How original is that! !The rest of the world (yes we are not alone) hates this country with good reason. Our children deserve better! The nations of this planet are watching!


Few weeks back when the delegate numbers were on her side after Super Tuesday, she said only the numbers matter, not the momemtum. Now she has fallen behind, she says numbers doesn't matter. Anyway, what she got post Mar 4th is not momemtum but media hype.

It is simply arrogance to say that Obama should be her VP when the voters assgined him more delegates than her until now. Is she saying that these primaries doesn't matter and that she HAS to become the President because it was her right or because she waited 8 years and it was her turn now?

Obama should focus on winning the nomination and when he becomes the nominee, he should NOT pick her as his VP. Instead, he should go for a fresh face (possibly a woman) as his VP.

Posted by: JDK | March 08, 2008 at 05
Hillary told a reporter in Ohio that "she would be the nominee because Ohio said they wanted the President to be me" So. yes, I would say she has forgotten about ALL the states that voted for Mr. Obama. Looks like she has forgotten about Calif, New York, etc. In her depraved mind, only Ohio counts since she won there. I do believe Hillary has multiple personalities and some of them don't know what the others are doing or saying. Have you all noticed her constant change of persona and voice changes? Some of them even get different facial looks. Watch closely and you'll see what I am talking about. That woman is dangerous!! We try to make sense of the contradicting things she says and does and ultimately we just cannot make sense of her behavior. Let's see, for example, two weeks ago we got the "soft side Hillary", the next day we got the "hard, angry, and condescending Hillary", the day after that we got the "devilish mocking Hillary", then we get "the wide opened-mouth, bulging eyes Hillary", then we get the "sad, poor me Hillary", then we get the "hurt, they're picking on me Hillary," then we get the "smirking Hillary". I truely believe that woman has a very serious problem.

Anyone care to comment on my take? I'd be interested to learn if you have seen the same personality changes.

When elected Senator, Obama was asked if he was going to make a run for President. He begged off, saying he wasn't ready for the job. His initial judgement was correct. Obama would be a disaster as President. Ron Paul is the only straight talker around. Hillary is the second best man for the job. McCain is cannon fodder for the GOP. They know he will lose. No incumbent party is going to win with an economy in the toilet.
It will take a Clinton to clean-up another mess made by a Bush.

Posted by: Steve Wimer | March 08, 2008 at 04:24 AM
Steve. It is obvious other people saw the "Presidential' qualities in Mr. Obama since he was being asked if waa running for President when he joined the Senate!!! Guess what, Steve, there are intelligent people out there who recognize greatness when they see it!! This is absolutely AWESOME!!!

Hillary mentioned having Obama as a VP just to get people to think of her as a president and to think of him as a VP - pure psychology, nothing else. There's no chance she'd pick him, and he has too many scruples to have any association with the Clintons.

The depth and breadth of Barack Obama's crossover support and primary victories are evidence that the only obstacles between the Democratic Party and Barack Obama winning the presidency in a landslide are the Clintons and party bigwigs.

The Clintons would have us believe that Hillary and Bill have been thoroughly vetted. If this were ture, then why don't we have answers for:

FOREIGN CLIENTS: How will Hillary know whether Bill's advice serves U.S. interests or the interests of his Russian, Chinese, Indian, Kazakhstan, Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman or Brunei clients?

MONEY: Do the Clinton Foundation's, Clinton Library's, Clinton campaign and Clinton's income tax records show a proper accounting for the funds received for charitable, public and political purposes versus the Clinton's private income?

PARDONS: Will Hillary "reject" contributions or compensation from persons she pardons unlike her husband Bill who accepted contributions from Marc Rich the partner of Viktor Bout (the merchant of death), and her brother Hugh Rodham who accepted compensation from drug lords who were pardoned by Bill?

As a Republican leaning independent, my support of a Democratic candidate for president will "stop dead in its tracks" if Hillary Clinton is on the ticket.

NinaK, You are absolutely correct. Hilary is not a monster as noted by others but more subtle than that. After a lifetime of craving the position as President Her emotional stability might be in question. Just ask her about the tall mirror in her bedroom at the White House and see what response that invokes.

Obama will make a fine President

That fence ad is only 33 seconds, and it's a good interview with Obama, he touches on a lot of issues. It's worth watching

I think a more realistic proposal is for Mrs Clinton to be John McCain's running mate. She seems to be much more at home with Republican ideology, and has a higher regard for McCain than for her own party.

At this point the math says it all: the only way Clinton can win is by cheating. She won Ohio on a lie. Now, with the votes finally counted, Barack has won both the Texas vote and Texas pledged delegates. Clinton is so mentally unbalanced, one day she campaigns to put McCain in the White House, and the next day she claims she would put Barack on her ticket as VP knowing she needs Barack to win. (VP NOT GONNA HAPPEN) HE DOESN'T NEED HER. So the real question is— are we going to let her destroy the Dem Party and severely wound the whole country? When are the spineless big shots in the party going to drag her off the stage? Her behavior is some kind of toxic poison for our country and if not stopped soon, we are all going to suffer as the country continues it's fall. The Barack grassroots revolution for decency and respectful interaction is our only hope.

It is clear that it does not work! Race and Gender cannot be the top priority of this election, and Hillary was and still is counting on it. Obama rejects the VP as ticket, and I agree it really defeats the purpose of "making change", and frankly, Hillary being the VP does not work either. It will create the fear of her running the country as a government within a government as she claims to have been running under Clinton. "Her experience shows"! It cannot happen under Obama!

So the dream ticket shouldn't be our focus. Why are we eager to bring in two individuals that are not focusing on hard truths. Our we happy with status quo, I recently read blogs and features in the LA times that read POP CULTURE raves. Have we learned nothing from previous accounts. We don't seem to think for ourselves we need to be lead around by our hands like children. I have not yet been impressed by either Barack or Hilary. I expect great things by people who lead, I expect them to target the reality the difficulty of reform. Exit from Iraq and social health care. Reform our global economy, free trade never helped our country? Why do we continue to follow instead of leading. I lost many friendships during 2003 for taking my stance against the war, many dear friends. DON'T be afraid to loose friends Barack!! Take a stance against our current state of health care, give power back to those who make the hard choices for us in the time of need (the health care provider, the clinician) We need to take control. Hilary failed once before she can fail again. Did we all forget about our problems with global warming or do we not care about our future? IMPRESS ME! Please

Obama states that Hillary is secretive and hides things? What about this lawsuit?

The notion that obama would be remotely interested in being Hillary's VP is sheer nonsense She is floating that idea as a shrewed (or shrew's?) move to undercut the argument that should she win through some political maneuver, it would disenfranchise the young and the black voters, among many of Obama's other fervent supporters.

Well, it's a no go zone. Obama has absolutely nothing to gain by playing second fiddle to the real VP (Bill Clinton) and would not be able to carry out the very thing his supporters voted for him: formulate and execute new ideas and new approaches to what we all perceive is a very rickety train heading for a crash with destiny.

In my book, a vote for Hillary is a vote for all the special interests and lobbies of washington. Is there any special interest or establishment politician she is not beholden to? if same old, same old, is what the country wants they can always have McCain later. He and Hillary are peas in a pod in many more ways than the one she suggested - so very underhandedly.

I say it's time to get really strongly behind this man of the moment, because he is our only great white hope to fix a few things before it's too late. He may not be perfect, but the timing is, as we all know full too well in our hearts and guts, if not always in our heads. So let's wrap this up and go for the whole enchilada!

Umm, Obama didn't actually reject the idea.

He said "premature". That means it might be a good idea later, like if he loses the nomination. He said "You won't see me as a VP candidate." No one is ever a *candidate* for VP, at least not formally and officially.

But it's hardly a good way to the top, short of the death of the President. Only five VPs (John Adams, Jefferson, Van Buren, Nixon, George H.W. Bush) have been elected President without having first become President as a result of a death or resignation, and in Nixon's case it took him 12 years to do it.

Anyone else burned out by the whole thing?

Obama wins, suddenly he regains momentum; Clinton wins, suddenly there is a possible path to victory. Has anything really interesting happened since super tuesday? Has Clinton lost any she wasn't expecting to? Has Obama won something he wasnt expected to? There will be no clear winner until the superdelegates pledge their votes (Is that the stupidest idea ever? What happened to government by the people?) and yet the press blows up every speedbump along the way like it is the biggest story since 9-11.

Clinton attacks, Obama criticizes her for engaging in "the kind of politics people are sick of" and then launches his own criticism of her campaign. Then the press gobbles it up and spits it back out.

Blah, blah, blah, wake me up when its election time...

The democrat party is now split in 50/50. No matter what Obama supporters want to believe, Hillary got 50% of the popular vote. The Democrat party need to unit and come up with the winning ticket for general election. And the unity ticket is the most clear way to achieve that.

Hillary has done her party to unit the party. She recognized that Obama also has 50% support from Democrat voter and deserves to be on the final ticket. Obama did not do his part. If he truly believe that he will get the top ticket, he could have counter offer the VP ticket.

Instead of touting and mocking Hillary offer, he could have said that "I truly hope that Sen. Clinton would also accept the VP ticket that I will offer". He apparently doesn't have the interest of the Democrat party in mind. He just reject one of the two possibilities to create the winning ticket for Democrat party. And if he did offer her the VP ticket later, I don't think she will take it given his mocking respond. And i don't think her supporter will vote for Obama

Obama’s efforts to connect to the Republican Party, specifically Bush, and Dick Chaney, of the Halliburton Company, dates back to the Presidents Grandfather, Prescott Bush, and indeed Chaney was once an executive officer of Halliburton.

The American military pounds Iraq with Artillary, bombs, and the like, destroying large sections of cities, and infra-structures, then Halliburton comes in to rebuild. Halliburton and Halliburton associated companies have raked in ten’s of billions.

Obama is just like the BIG HALIBURTAN. Haliburton has contracted to build detention centers in the U.S. similiar to the one in Quantanammo Bay, Cuba. Halliburton does nothing to earn the Two Dollars for each meal an American Serviceman in Iraq eats.

Halliburton was scheduled to take control of the Dubai Ports in The United Arab Emiirate. The deal was canceled when Bush was unable to affect the transfer of the American Ports.

Now we see what some might suspect as similiar financial escapading from the Democrats.

Two years ago, Iraq’s Ministry of Electricity gave a $50 million contract to a start-up security company - Companion- owned by now-indicted businessman (TONY REZKO) Tony Rezko and a onetime Chicago cop, Daniel T. Frawley, to train Iraqi power-plant guards in the United States. An Iraqi leadership change left the deal in limbo. Now the company, Companion Security, is working to revive its contract.
Involved along with Antoin “Tony” Rezco, long time friend and neighbor of Democratic Presidential hopeful Barack Obama, and former cop Daniel T. Frawley, is Aiham Alsammarae. Alsammarae was accused of financial corruption by Iraqi authorities and jailed in Iraq last year before escaping and returning here.

Recently, Obama's campaign staff have been vetted by the IRS to disclose his connection to the criminal money generating underworld. Besides, his connections to the REZCO MAFIA types, his up-coming tax fraud charges — Obama needs to disclose why he is a MUSLIM "PATWANG-FWEEE" and disclose Obama's MUSLIM Farrakhan mob connection to Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ. Its minister, and Obama's spiritual adviser, is the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. In 1982, the church launched Trumpet Newsmagazine; Wright's daughters serve as publisher and executive editor. Every year, the magazine makes awards in various categories. Last year, it gave the Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. Trumpeter Award to a man it said "truly epitomized greatness." That man is Louis Farrakhan. Farrakhan and Chicago's Trinity United Church are trumpeting Barack Obama AKA Barack Hussein Obama as the second coming of the messiah. Obama should stop suppoting our intervention in IRAQ. It’s time to introduce this false, fake Xerox - X box Obama and invite the self-indicting thief plagiarizing pipsqueke "GLORK" Xerox - X box to meet the Buffalo "GAZOWNT-GAZIKKA" Police Department Buffalo Creek. He is MAD!!! --


"GLORK" Obama looks like Alfred E. Newman: "Tales Calculated To Drive You." He is a MUSLIM "Glork" He's MAD!!! Alfred E. Neuman is the fictional mascot of Mad. The face had drifted through American pictography for decades before being claimed by Mad editor Harvey Kurtzman after he spotted it on the bulletin board in the office of Ballantine Books editor Bernard Shir-Cliff, later a contributor to various magazines created by Kurtzman.
Obama needs to disclose why he is a MUSLIM "PATWANG-FWEEE" and stop suppoting our intervention in IRAQ. It’s time to introduce this false, fake "GLORK" Xerox - X box Obama and invite the self-indicting thief plagiarizing pipsqueke Xerox - X box to meet the Buffalo "GAZOWNT-GAZIKKA" Police Department Buffalo Creek.

Michelle Obama should be ashamed.

"GLORK" Michelle Obama should be ashamed of her separatist-racist connection to Farrakhan and Chicago's Trinity United Church trumpeting Barack Obama AKA Barack Hussein Obama as the second coming of the messiah. If Michelle Obama new what her husband -- the Hope-A-Dope, Fonster Monster -- Barack Obama AKA Barack Hussein Obama did in Harlem, she would wash her wide-open, Hus-suey loving MUSILM mouth out, with twenty-four (24) mule-team double-cross X-boX-BorraX. He is a MUSLIM "Glork" It’s time to introduce this false, fake "GLORK" Xerox - X box Obama and invite the self-indicting thief plagiarizing pipsqueke Xerox - X box to meet the Buffalo "GAZOWNT-GAZIKKA" Police Department Buffalo Creek. He's MAD!!!

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