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Video contradicts Clinton's tale of harrowing Bosnia arrival

Some years back Frank Taylor was one of those rural county sheriffs in Texas who don't speak much but when they do, you listen and they made real sense. He once said, "Nothing focuses your attention quite so quickly as someone shooting at you." So it was a pretty compelling story last week that Sen. Hillary Clinton opened her foreign affairs speech with at George Washington University.

"I certainly do remember that trip to Bosnia," she began in the second sentence of her prepared text for the prestigious audience, "and as Togo said, there was a saying around the White House that if a place was too small, too poor, or too dangerous, the president couldn't go, so send the first lady. That’s where we went.

"I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base."

The New York senator has told that story before as part of an....

ongoing attempt to build up her foreign affairs experience and credentials from those first-lady days of the 1990s to qualify her for future days as president.

After she told it earlier in this campaign, Sinbad, the alleged comedian who is a Barack Obama supporter and was along with Mrs. Clinton on that trip to Tuzla Air Base to visit U.S. troops in 1996, said he remembered the incident quite differently. He recalled the biggest danger being where he'd eat next.

Still, Clinton has continued to describe the incident.

Today, the Obama campaign suggested that Clinton's continued recounting of that seemingly harrowing tale was another example of that campaign inflating her record. This would probably not be the first time in history that a senator had, shall we say, somewhat overstated his/her role in some event. Obama's references to his numerous bipartisan Senate efforts don't seem to be backed up by the record either.

Both need to be careful in any resume exaggerating, as Al Gore's accomplishment-stretchers became a running joke during the 2000 campaign.

But this time, however, the Obama campaign pointed to a news video of Mrs. Clinton's arrival in Bosnia which shows her and Chelsea casually walking across the tarmac in bulky winter coats, greeting officials and taking time to hug a little girl, who doesn't appear afraid either.

Another video from CBS News does not cover the allegedly hairy airport arrival, but does show the first lady visiting troops close to the front lines with Sinbad and singer Sheryl Crow.

For some reason today, the chief Clinton spokesman, Howard Wolfson, referred to Mrs. Clinton's best-selling book "Living History." It mentions nothing about gunfire or running either. "Due to reports of snipers in the hills around the airstrip," Clinton wrote, "we were forced to cut short an event on the tarmac with local children, though we did have time to meet them and their teachers and to learn how hard they had worked during the war to continue classes in any safe spot they could find."

"That is what she wrote in her book," Wolfson told the Associated Press. "That is what she has said many, many times and on one occasion she misspoke."

Actually, it's been several times she's used the story and, in fact, when questioned after her speech last week, Clinton reaffirmed the harrowing details. "There was no greeting ceremony," she said. "And we basically were told to run to our cars. Now, that is what happened."

The unanswered question now is how does one misspeak when one precisely follows the text of one's prepared speech on one's own website?

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Senator Clinton likens her campaign as an application for a job. She wants the voters to hire her.
Now, we learn that she has embellished her resume, from her trip to Bosnia, to peace meetings that never took place, as well as citing a role in peace negotiations where she wasn't a participant .
In the last several years, a couple of college football coaches had to resign because they also falsified their resumes.
Shouldn't a candidate for President of the United States be held to a higher standard then a college football coach?
(I don't mean to minimize the importance of integrity in football coachs, only highlight the need for it in the presidency).

Gore/Obama '08 Experience, judgement and integrity.

If the point of running this story for days on end is to question her experience, Hillary could have been in a coma for 99% of the time she was in the White House and still have more experience than Obama in that department.

So she didn't remember it correctly? This happened 12 years ago. The actual story was published in her book. She knows full well that the press cuts her no slack so it's hard to believe she would be intentionally misleading about something so easily proved or disproved.

How does it compare, for example, to Obama claiming he'd never heard any inflammatory remarks by Wright, but then, wait, oh yes, he did, after all?

(And we published that here too.)

Why is Hillary saying "you know" in every sentence. Yes we do know we are not idiots. I know she want us to be, that would be so helpful for her campaign.

"I went to 80 countries, you know. I gave contemporaneous accounts, I wrote about a lot of this in my book. You know, I think that, a minor blip, you know, if I said something that, you know, I say a lot of things — millions of words a day — so if I misspoke, that was just a misstatement,"

Hillary flat out lied twice at a time when the current President took us to war on a lie and over 4,000 service personnel have died. We don't need someone in the White House that lies for their own agenda.

Magdalena, I don't care about Reverend Wright's remarks. Obama has said nothing in life that would indicate he's has any extreme opinions. Instead Obama seems to be a person of integrity that can have friends with extreme opinions and maintain their own moderate position. Forget the Reverend, there's things on the internet, television and printed that people read/ watch which some may find offensive. Doesn't mean you condemn the person or start burning books.

To the blogger named Magdalena,

You aren't a very attractive woman are you? Most feminists aren't. Even if Hillary wins the presidential election, an ugly woman is an ugly woman no matter what gender the president is. Thank goodness for the feminist community. It can justify our being repulsive to the male gender by focusing the attention on equality. I'm ugly too. So that is why I understand you Magdalena. Go Hillary.

"Sinbad, the alleged comedian"? Ouch.

She lied as usual. If she had no been caught, very soon you will be hearing about how she jumped out of the airplane without a parachute and singlehandedly fought the snipers to a standstill.
One liar in the white house is bad enough, but two!!!!

MYTH: Barack Obama is running a positive campaign that will unite Americans.
FACT: Barack Obama and his advisers have conducted a divisive "full assault" on Hillary's character.
While talking a lot about the politics of hope, change and unity, Sen. Obama and his campaign have been conducting a relentless and singularly personal assault on Hillary's character. They have blanketed big states with false negative mailers and radio ads and have described Hillary and her campaign as "disingenuous," "divisive," "untruthful," "dishonest," "polarizing," "calculating," "saying whatever it takes to win," "attempting to deceive the American people," "one of the most secretive in America," “deliberately misleading,” “literally willing to do anything to win,” and “playing politics with war."
This "full assault" on Hillary's integrity and character has reached a new peak since Hillary's victories on March 4th. One of Sen. Obama's top surrogates equated President Clinton with Joe McCarthy; another called Hillary a "monster;" and his campaign manager held an angry conference call claiming that Hillary is "deeply flawed" and has "character issues." That's neither unifying nor hopeful. If Sen. Obama really is the prohibitive favorite some say he is, these negative attacks make absolutely no sense. Why would a frontrunner seek to attack and divide? If Sen. Obama can't unify Democrats in a primary, how can he unify Americans in a general election?

CNN-Passport exec is Obama adviser, CEO of the company whose employees accused of improperly looking at the passport files of presidential candidates is consultant on foreign policy to the Barack Obama campaign

Obama Flip-Flops
1. Special interests In January, the Obama campaign described union contributions to the campaigns of Clinton and John Edwards as "special interest" money. Obama changed his tune as he began gathering his own union endorsements. He now refers respectfully to unions as the representatives of "working people" and says he is "thrilled" by their support
2. Public financing Obama replied "yes" in September 2007 when asked if he would agree to public financing of the presidential election if his GOP opponent did the same. Obama has now attached several conditions to such an agreement, including regulating spending by outside groups. His spokesman says the candidate never committed himself on the matter.
3. The Cuba embargo In January 2004, Obama said it was time "to end the embargo with Cuba" because it had "utterly failed in the effort to overthrow Castro." Speaking to a Cuban American audience in Miami in August 2007, he said he would not "take off the embargo" as president because it is "an important inducement for change."
4. Illegal immigration In a March 2004 questionnaire, Obama was asked if the government should "crack down on businesses that hire illegal immigrants." He replied "Oppose." In a Jan. 31, 2008, televised debate, he said that "we do have to crack down on those employers that are taking advantage of the situation."
5. Decriminalization of marijuana While running for the U.S. Senate in January 2004, Obama told Illinois college students that he supported eliminating criminal penalties for marijuana use. In the Oct. 30, 2007, presidential debate, he joined other Democratic candidates in opposing the decriminalization of marijuana.

Didn't she also claim she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary?

Why should we be surprised that Clinton is lying? She's a politician, don't we expect them to lie? If you claim she "just got her stories mixed up", well isn't that exactly what happens to habitual liars?

Personally, I would never accept anything spoken by a politician as the truth. Not even from the witness stand.

The Comedian, Sinbad should be given some kind of medal for bringing down a threat worse then Al Queda, Hillary Clinton. Hillary is a serial liar and not a very good one at that.

...Wow! Breaking news! Clinton lies (er, I mean, "misspeaks").

...and this just in-- Clinton misspoke when she claimed she was "instrumental" in bringing peace to Northern Ireland. "You know," she now says, "my claiming that was just a wee bit silly."

...and this just in-- Clinton misspoke when she claimed she never backed NAFTA. "You see, I was happy to invite many people to the White House to ask them to support it, as can be seen in my White House schedules" she now says, "but I fervently disagreed with my support, then and now."

...and this just in-- Clinton misspoke when she claimed she had 35 years of relevant experience. "Come to think of it," she now says, "I have only been in elected office for seven years. My years as an unelected First Lady, with no national security clearance and no role in creating legislation, should be discounted."

...and this just in-- Clinton misspoke when she said she is "responsible" for the passage of the State Children's Health Insurance Program. "Well, I first opposed it," she says now, "but I backed it once Ted Kennedy and Orrin Hatch made sure it would pass."

...and this just in-- Clinton misspoke when she said that she considered her vote for "Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002" was a vote for diplomacy, not war. "Come to think of it," she now says, "'military force' sure does sound like we might fire a shot or two."

And as snipers fired over the heads of Sinbad, Sheryl Crow, and Chelsea, then-First Lady Clinton calmly greeted the flak-jacketed 8-year-old Bosnian girl. "Hey," rubbing her tummy, "when are we going to eat?"

Her "35 years of experience" is one exaggeration built upon another. When you compare the first time that both candidates ever held elected office (1997 for Obama; not 'til 2001 for Clinton), Obama has more experience than she does. If being First Lady somehow means by osmosis you gain the experience of your husband's tenure, then Laura Bush should run (and be handily qualified!) in 2012. Not once was Clinton granted security clearance during her time as first lady, yet she somehow "negotiated peace accords" in Ireland (contradicted by senior government officials there) and ran in "under sniper fire" in Bosnia. I don't know how you can "forget" what must be such a harrowing life-or-death situation, especially when you have your daughter there. We've already had one liar in the White House for 8 years. We don't need another.

Hilliary Clinton has been caught in a big, fat lie. Pure and simple. I think this lie was calculated and manufactured to put Mrs. Clinton in the "line of fire". We certainly don't need a candidate that intentionally lies.

Anyone who has ever been shot at remembers the incident with great accuracy. This was not a campaign slip. She would be running against a man who flew jet airplaines off the deck of a carrier and who did face enemy fire. This, we can't afford. Obama is the real deal. Hillary, your done. You neither faced enemy fire or negotiated the Irish peace accords. You've proven that you can't win against the health insurance companies, you spent years trying to escape the legal ramifications for your actions at the Rose law firm, you did not deliver the jobs you promised the people of Albany and you voted for the Iraq war! On top of all of this, you are behind in this primary. Please, please, please just endorse Mr. Obama. It would be the most dignified thing you've done in years.

This is even more ridiculous as her claim that she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary (she wasn't), and it reveals her anabashed compulsion to paint herself in a positive light no matter what. I suppose being married to a charming, if pathological "truth-bender" has something to do with her tainted charater, but ol' "Hills" should remember one key difference: Hubby pres Bill gets away with it because he is warm and charismatic. She, on the other hand, has about as much charm and warmth as a pit viper. For someone so smart, she is making some incredibly stupid mistakes lately.

Jerry Tsai-
You are exactly right. How many more times do Americans need to hear the breaking news that Hillary is a liar that will say anything that is politically opportune at the moment.

OMG I don't no wether to laugh or cry,,,,,this well get more air time than th Chimp lying about a war.

It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.

Winston Churchill

I realy dont wnow whether to laugh or cry,

I swear this going to get more air time than seeing the Chimpster lying about the was.

It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.
Winston Churchill

Poor poor Mrs. C. It's a disease really, compulsive lying. She knows the truth, she knows people expect the truth, but she just can't speak the truth. George bush suffers from the very same disease. Pity them for they have no ability to control their lying. The absolute last place you want a compulsive liar is in charge of the most powerful country in the world. GWB has time and again proven that.
The time for denial is over. The lady needs professional help. She seems to so delusional that she probably believes her own outrageous fantasies.
Maybe she snapped during the Lewinsky episode. Whatever the reason, Hillary Rodham Clinton cannot under any circumstances be trusted.

Hillary, here is a compromise...
Your resume is drastically in error, instead of seeking the Democratic nomination for president, Start seeking employment where there is NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. Everybody will be better off. Maybe a company hostess. Walmart would make a good employer for you.

It appears now that it has been 35 years of experience at photo opts and hostessing. Very impressive. With software available today, you can edit in sniper-fire if you want. At least then then video will match the claims.

This is a pattern. She can't stop making up thses incredible stories to bolster her claim of "experiance. Here is another.........She claims to have negotiated the opening of the Macedonian border to Kosovo refugees. In fact, the border was opened up the day before she arrived and she only spent only a short time actually talking to Macedonian. See -----

She got caught, pure and simple Her tone, when she made a feeble attempt at explaining why she "misspoke" was filled with contempt. Does she really thing we're a bunch of idiots? She's not human...she is someone who can no longer be trusted.

Who is "Monica" Bill Clinton Who FAILED? Is he an IDIOT? What cost? Read on.

Suppose the U.S. Democratic party like an organized labor union includes all candidates for all offices Democrats can fill, and includes all infrastructure necessary to get them elected. And suppose, in the U.S.A. the U.S. Democratic party is supposed to be that part of "the best of the best" "on planet earth". How could the the U.S. Democratic party EVER MISS INCLUDING A FACTOR OF SAFETY TO NEVER MISS? How did the U.S. Democratic party FAIL by holding MEGA DOLLAR COSTS of the U.S. Democratic party elections in Michigan and Florida that will never count? The U.S. Democratic party are composed of IDIOTS is my only conclusion. How did such U.S. Democratic party IDIOTS FAIL IN FLORIDA WHEN GORE WANTED A RECOUNT? NO LEGAL STANDING FOR A RECOUNT!


These, the U.S. Democratic party IDIOTS have had the voting majority in the Fed House AND Senate for 70 years? How many times DOES THE IDIOTS OF U.S. Democratic party FAIL to make laws that work, and then the U.S. Democratic party has to repair/redo over again and again because the U.S. Democratic party are such IDIOTS the U.S. Democratic party cannot possibly do the simplest task correctly, even when the U.S. Democratic party IDIOTS have clear understanding of what is correct BEFORE THE U.S. Democratic party IDIOTS FAIL?



Most sincerely, Eric

Spin, exaggeration, embellishing, we all do it. It's not [W]right but, politicians particularly spin. Unfortunately for Hillary the MSM is going to seize on every opportunity to downgrade her at every turn and she should know that. Stupid thing to do but, in a man's world, we women have to make ourselves more masculine than we are and this hiping of the war zone would do that for you guys.


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