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Give to Hillary Clinton and hang with Elton John

The Hillary Clinton campaign, not surprisingly, was way ahead of us -- at least on the money front.

Even as we were taking note of two schemes cooked up by the Barack Obama and John McCain staffs to generate some extra bucks as Monday's end of the first-quarter fundraising period nears -- and wondering what the Clinton crew was up to -- she had sent out an e-mail with the subject line: "You, Me, and Elton John."

Folks who write a check for her candidacy, the missive went on, will have a chance to be among two contributors picked to attend a solo concert by John to help Clinton's campaign coffers on April 9 in New York.

Promises Clinton in the e-mail: "We will have a chance to talk just you and I -- and you will get to meet Elton John at the party we're throwing afterwards. It's going to be a great night."

To help live up to that latter pledge, Clinton -- who often jokes that her sing-along abilities leave a lot to be desired -- offers the assurance that, "In the interest of harmony -- and melody -- I promise you there won't be any duets" featuring her and Sir Elton.

-- Don Frederick

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It must be an afternoon affair. If this soiree is held too late in the evening Hillary becomes sleep deprived and then highly delusional. She is liable to believe that she is under attack. Sleep little princess. If that phone rings at 3:00 AM nobody wants you to wake up and answer it now.

Good for her! It's amazing how this race has turned- she is fighting the monied Obama Political Machine.

Senator Obama is the monied candidate in this race- he could afford to take a vacation to the Virgin Islands for Easter--he has been outspending her 3 to 1 in expensive television advertising, mail-outs, robot calls, etc.
Glad that Elton John is lending her a hand!

Hillary's money problems stem from her donors being predominately large corporations only allowed to contribute within the guidelines for campaign contributions. Since Obama's monies are from Joe working class voter, his donors do not reach their limit for contributions. This also explains why Obama has a much larger popular following.

So, the talented and legendary Elton John is now a pawn for Hillary's campaign. Good for Hillary. Also, what a treat for those who donate to Hillary's cause.

She needs a boost from all this bashing against and from Obama. It would elevate the quality of her campaign thus far and it would a breath of fresh air.

However, should Bill and Elton both come out of the musicians's dressing room smoking cigars and smiling, I for one would really be curious of how Bill would explain that one.


>Senator Obama is the monied candidate in this race-

You didn't say that without a smirk on your face right? Does Obama have the ability to loan his campaign $5 Million? Nope.

Obama's have made a couple of Million in recent years before expenses. Obama books have sold well. According to their tax statements released.

Hillary Clinton was listed at No. 9 wealthiest Senator with a minimum net worth estimated at $10.3 million.

Her $5 Million was doable and she's charging her campaign interest on that loan. If your donating to the Clinton campaign, there goes your money to her interest bearing account!

The longer she stays in the race, that loan gets better for her. She's trying to double it with interest!

LOL to the blogger named LUZANN...

That was so wrong...hilarious...but wrong...good one though! However, you oughta be ashamed of'm still dyin' of laughter...

Anybody want to buy my collection of Elton John LP's and CD's? Otherwise they'll be in the pile at the bonfire!

What is Elton going to sing for his opening number? "The Bitch is Back"? Sorry, but that was actually a big hit for him in the 70's.

The Washington Times thought this would be illegal, Biersack at the FEC disagreed, so I checked out the FEC's information on their website myself. I figured Don might give his opinion?

Sounds to me like Elton John is more like example #2 (artist, fundraising) than example #1 (student, volunteer services):
Volunteer Activity
Generally, an individual may volunteer personal services to a federal candidate or federal political committee without making a contribution. The Act provides this volunteer "exemption" as long as the individual performing the service is not compensated by anyone. 11 CFR 100.74. The Commission has addressed applicability of this exemption to volunteer activity by a foreign national, as explained below.
In Advisory Opinion 1987-25, the Commission allowed a foreign national student to provide uncompensated volunteer services to a Presidential campaign. By contrast, the decision in AO 1981-51 prohibited a foreign national artist from donating his services in connection with fundraising for a Senate campaign. [2]
(full statement, this is a clip from it):
Accordingly, the Commission concludes that a foreign national artist would be prohibited by 2 U.S.C. SS 441e from donating his uncompensated volunteer services to the Committee to create an original work of art for the Committee's use in fundraising.

imo, Elton John is helping to raise funds in connection with his professional capacity as a performing artist, as in example #2. He is NOT merely showing up, giving a speech extolling Clinton's many fine qualities, riding a bicycle, or doing anything other than what people normally pay high ticket prices to see.

Connect the dots and draw your own conclusions. Or as Jake Tapper says - what say you?

This is the same Elton John who said recently :

"I would ban religion completely. Organized religion doesn’t seem to work. It turns people into really hateful lemmings and it’s not really compassionate.”

Hillary's longtime friend, eh? Same values?!

Do you think she will denounce and reject his assistance for her campaign?


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