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Donna Brazile offers Hillary Clinton a reminder about Rev. Wright

Donna Brazile -- an uncommitted superdelegate of the Democratic National Convention and one of television's few black, female political pundits -- interjected an intriguing observation this afternoon into a discussion on CNN about Hillary Clinton's stiff-arming of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

In short, Brazile provided a pointed reminder that some voters (African Americans, in particular, we would think) might recall that Wright did not turn on Clinton's husband during an hour of need for him.

Clinton, for the first time since the fury over Barack Obama's tart-tongued former minister erupted more than a week ago, today rebuked her rival in the Democratic presidential race for his link to the pastor. Responding to question during a sit-down with a Pittsburgh newspaper -- and then later reiterating her position to other reporters in Pennsylvania -- Clinton said she would not have been a member of a church headed by someone, like Wright, who indulged in racially tinged invective.

Her comments assured another burst of attention on the Obama-Wright connection -- something her campaign didn't have to do during the white-hot heat of the controversy. And it took part of the media spotlight away from her faulty memory (or, less kindly, utter fabrication) about her visit to Bosnia when she was first lady.

Clinton could have contented herself with decrying Wright's messages without saying, in essence, that no way would she tolerate an association with the likes of him.

That's what Brazile picked up on, making a reference to Wright's willingness to join dozens of other religious figures in attending an annual White House prayer breakfast just as the Starr report on Bill Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky -- in all its lurid detail -- was about to come out. No doubt ...

... those at the event -- at least the vast majority of them -- highly disapproved of Clinton's behavior. But they were not willing to shun him.

Brazile's none-too-subtle point: There's a potential downside to turning away, with nary a forgiving nod, from those who once stood by you.

Wright, by the way, remains out of the public eye. He had been invited to preach tonight, Wednesday and Thursday at a church in Tampa, but his appearance was canceled because of security concerns.

-- Don Frederick


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Hillary is one hell of a scrapper! In desperation after being caught mid lie, she pulls the racist card. Clearly Rev. Wright's pews are too small, the congregation is too poor, and the neighborhood too dangerous for Hillary. Duck!!!! Sniper-fire!!!!!!

And I as an african american women remember that the Clintons where very protected and good to our community way before Obama. Bill Clinton even established his presidentail office iand non-profits n Harlem. Im sticking with them.

Obama is our Savior. Barak and Reverend Wright are Right, God D*** america. Now is the time to rally around Barak and Michelle and make them proud! And news flash america, Barak is right, your typical white american is a racist! Obama will apologize to our Muslim brothers for arrogant american policies of hate and slavery. Only Obama can forgive an evil nation founded slavery. REPARATIONS NOW!

So apparently, Rev Wright was close enough to the Hillary Clinton to be invited to the White House, will Carville be calling Clinton a Judas now too?

Apparently, it is OK to turn on someone who you once considered close if you are a Clinton. But when someone else....say Bill Richardson does it then he is compared to Judas.

We can now add hypocracy to fabrication of events onto the list of acts that Clinton is not above committing is her scorched earth campaign crumbles around her.

Seems it is OK to recycle the attacks against Rev Wright because she neeeds to divert attention from her own lies and deceit.

This is not a Swift Boat attack, but rather one Clinton has brought upon herself. There is Sinbad, CBS News footage, and yes, even her own autobiography which can be used to prove her sniper remarks were an outright lie. Lets not forget that Chelsea was there too, and has not been heard from since the Hillary fabrication. What will Chelsea have to say and will she be labeled Judas as well?

Time to close the Clinton campaign tent and move on. Clintons smugness and self appointed front runner status was a turn off to many early on in the campaign and helped Obama.

Turning the former President into her personal attack dog in South Carolina destroyed both Clinton's credibility and helped Obama.

How the rest of the Democratic party could consider continuing their support for Clinton after these events is ponderous. These latest events will have those super delegates running to Obama's side leaving Clinton in their dust.

Its long past time for Clinton to return to the Senate and resume her position of playing second fiddle to Charles Schumer. Its what is most qualified for starting day one.

HILLARY is grasping at mirage straws and lying to us about Bosnia and the reality that she lost Texas and also the democratic nomination. Short of Barack Obama being found to be client number eight or some other catastrophe. Barack has stayed above the fray and thank goodness for sane delegates like Donna Brazile and Bill Richardson. Don't worry Billary Nancy Pelosi and the other adults are coming with the straightjackets and the rubber room for you both. Your government heath care plan will pay for your prozac. You voted for the war that has cost us 4000 young lives, maimed 25,000 and is costing us a trillion and running. You don't even have the guts to state unequivocally that you made that or any other mistake. You are a joke to the world so please get off the stage ASAP. Surprise Barack Obama ran a better campaign and the American people realized the time for change is now.
Barack Obama in 2008

Once again Donna Brazille plays the "repulsive" card. I am no fan of Hillary, but if Wright is not a lunatic then Donna Brazille should say so outright and prove how much of a racist she is. Not that the "typical white person" doesn't know this already. Brazille and Kilpatrick would make a good third party run for Garbage Keepers.

To funny... the Clinton FEAR machine is in full force here!

To Hazel - Shouldn't we vote for McCain then, since he was there before Clinton? Maybe best to just vote for who you think is the best for your community...however large or small you consider that to be.

To Obamamania - I call you out on your ignorant attack feebly veiled as support. Go back to the extremists cave with your friends...say hi to Rush for me!

The Clinton's fear machine is hurting us all.

I am not sure if Donna has ever been kind to Clinton. While she acts like she is neutral but every time I watch her, her words and body language always give me the impression that she is pro-Obama.

I posted last week that Hillary should be quiet about the Wright story if the media does its job in the coverage. Only Fox news carrues this story, CNN, MSNBC, etc. did not cover it and when they did, it was cursory and gave Obama tons of free passes and again swooned over his speech which did not answer the real questions (i.e., why does he still keep this relationship for 20 years, why does he take the children to this church if he said that this is the wrong teaching to the next generation...)

Hillary has no choice but to take this position; just like she had to cry foul loudly in a national debate (with help from SNL) to call the attention to this blatant discrimination towards her from the media.

I don't like that these two candidates are getting ugly but I don't blame Hillary given that she is fighting against the big media's engine and discrimination against her.

The comment from Obamamania, "Obama is our Savior... REPARATIONS NOW!" is not believable, except he be a white Republican trying to foment distrust of Obama. Some unscrupulous members of the Republican party will do anything to win, no matter how much it hurts this country.

Obamamania is a Bush supporter, and a bad joke.

Hazel Diane Razheda Moore.

That's too bad becase the Clintons are not sticking with you....

Ask the people of South Carolina. HRC is only concerned with working class whites and seniors this time around.

I just hope the American people see how worthless both of these candidates are. McCain looks better everyday.

i am apalled to here some of the things said and done by white america. every one wants to forget the hardships that black americans have gone through over the years by there own countrymen. no one came to our rescue like george bush called himself doing for the iraqi people. saddam hussein killed his own people what hog wash. look at what white america does to the black race in everyday life. look at the number of people that have been killed in america during slavery. all of americas hardships are allowed to happen only by GOD.

By admission, Sen. Obama has repeatedly stated that his "spiritual leader" the Rev. Jeremiah "God D**n America" Wright who over the course of his career spewed racial bigotry and hatred, was in fact the man that lead him to christianity... yeah, ok, I can accept that.

However for Sen. Obama to first state that he had never heard of the Reverend making those comments and later stated in his well known speech, "The Speech: A Brilliant Fraud" where he admitted having had heard those speeches is completely "disingenuious." And borders on the absurd and untrustworthy.

I'm truly disappointed...

What a dishonest post. No where do you meniton that Clinton responded to a direct, personal question; she was asked, "If YOUR pastor had said those things, what would YOU PERSONALLY do?" What would you have her say?? She said, "For me, he would not have remained my pastor. That's something everyone has to decide for themselves."

By omitting any sense of the context you are deliberately and dishonestly presenting Clinton as bringing up the subject and attacking Obama. She said not one word about Obama, she didn't bring it up but only answered a question asked of her, and she made no critical comment whatever about him or his choice to remain as parishoner for those twenty years.

There are lots of things to criticize Clinton about, but how about a modicum of fair play, huh?

Unfortunately for them, the Clintons will pay a HEAVY price for their race baiting!

Check out Rev. Wright's sweet real estate deal at this web site:

Kenneth Lewis sells the land and then Wright sells it to the church with a 10 million dollar mortgage at 8.2%interest.

Hazel Diane Razheda Moore ,

The Black community does not owe the Clintons anything! Besides, regarding the office, he had chosen a place in lower Manhattan for his office suite after he left office but the Republicans in Congress that had hounded him for eight years refused to pay for the office. He was humiliated and Rangel offered the abandoned building in Harlem. You should remember the details. So, The Clintons owe the Black community. Harlem offered them the place to make up to about a billion dollars.

Puhlease Hillary duck the hell out of the campaing you are now past the point of obnoxious kind of like company that wont leave your house. Go away as far as possible maybe to the land of de Nile where you occupy your condo daily. the rest of us living in reality already know that Barack Obama beat you fair and square and we have to get behind him now and go beat Senator Mc War. I wont forget both of Barack's opponents have 4000 dead soldiers blood on their votes.

Go Barack Go..

Does she care about the Democratic party any more? If she wants to discard the do-anything, say-anything image for a more "human" one, she's not doing herself any favors here.

As for the delegates, I don't get it, personally. The superdelegates KNOW they will be deciding the election, no matter how the rest of the states vote. It's simple math: neither side can get the electoral votes they need. Why don't they just get together and declare a winner before it's too late? It's like they WANT the Republicans to win...

Because, otherwise, it's going to turn ugly. Sorry, uglier.

Finally, as for the lady saying she'll stick by her candidate, I just want to say that I find your loyalty commendable. Though I disagree with your choice, it's your choice to make.

QUESTION: What is Sen, Obama's political stand on Afro-American "reparations?"

I already know what Louis Farrakhan would say ... he's already said it... "Whitey would have to give us the enitre country." One can only speculate on what Rev. Wright might say, "Amen brother!"

What would Barack say...?

I think we already know.

The “Bosnia Lie” is particularly bad, because it is stolen heroism. Here we honor 4,000 of our troop that have died for a Bush misspoke, and Hillary tries to steal heroism on a tarmac in Tuzla. What is unique is Hillary would only recant when video evidence appeared that showed she is lying. Hillary claiming danger and heroics with in reality an eight-year-old girl reading is a poem to her and others.

Veterans, who forgo profit for patriotism, are very annoyed by stolen heroism. In part, because when they look back on these heroic times, it is the defining moments of their lives. Then, here goes the heroism thieves that say “me too,” when it’s a lie. In Hillary’s case, a Bosnia Lie.

God Bess the USA and Obama

Once again Donna Brazille plays the "repulsive" card. I am no fan of Hillary, but if Wright is not a lunatic then Donna Brazille should say so outright and prove how much of a racist she is. Not that the "typical white person" doesn't know this already. Brazille and Kilpatrick would make a good third party run for Garbage Keepers.

My 18 year old daughter called me and shocked me with the news that she is no longer going to support Hillary. I asked her why and she replied that Hillary has shown an ugly side by acting just like the Republicans on the Obama Pastor story.

We are a white liberal family. I was looking forward to a woman in the White House. It looks like we are beginning to think about putting a Black in the White House. I am going to consider my daughters advice. She is very intelligent.

Im sorry to Obamamania above but I strongly disagree that Obama is our "saviour," nor did he say "God D*** America," nor did Obama say that the typical white American is a racist.

I'm a strong supporter of Barack Obama but we need to think of these things realistically. In the end Obama is still a politician and we cannot expect one man to "forgive" an entire nation or to be our "saviour."

I agree that Obama's assertion that slavery is a direct causal factor in blacks' status in society today but to spew the garbage above gives Obama supporters a bad name.

It's your typical black American who is the racist. They just back Obama because they think there is a free check up the road.

Does Hillary have a pastor?

Looks like Hillary and Obama have done the impossible. They have made McCain the president. Good job guys! Only two clowns like you could have ruined a golden opportunity to bring the White House back to the Democrats after 8 miserable years of George W. Thanks so much!

Clinton is playing a race card. This is disgracing the Democratic Party.

There's been no race baiting,

Can African-Americans ever undertake any endeavor, or suffer the normal life challenges we all face, without blaming every single thing on racism?

Most Obama supporters (as he's currently holding the popular vote) are averse to racism against any one, and view prejudice as an unscientific, and not well thought out philosophy. It's frustrating when Obama supporters are so radical: they have the potential of turning off potential supporters. Obama has a great reputation in Illinois, across the aisle. He is not a racist in his actions, in the fruits of his labor. The whole point of an African American Caucasian president shouldn't be lost on us it should bring us together. That's patriotism.

Clinton would still be lying Bosnia if the video,
had not turned up. After a few days of trying to explain,
she said she mispoke. No she made up a lie and told it repeatedly. She lied to the American people.

Wright's sermon in Context.
He was actually quoting a white Republican ambassador.
ABC should be boycotted for it's misleading editing and splicing of the video tape.

Obama's got serious problems with ethnic white males, Hispanics, Jews, and older white females....

How can this guy be the nominee??

HILLARY can beat John McCain, not a guy who hangs out with people who hate America and resent white people

We the people, count our Popular Vote, whoever wins, wins!

Remember the delegate problem in Bush vs. Gore 2000.
The system is broken, and conventions are a waste of taxpayer and donor finances. Let's finish it!

We the people, count our Popular Vote, whoever wins, wins!

The comments by Obamamania make me wonder if the author is a saboteur for McCain or HC. They are playing dirty pool and anything goes.

Those who are involved in the Obama-HC dog fight, think of the last eight years. McCain has recast himself as a Bush clone. Expect him to be no different than the current incumbent of the White House. There is one area where McCain stands above Bush -- he speaks better English. Is that enough?

A former John Edwards backer, I'm for Obama. But I'll support the Democratic candidate if HC happens to succeed in winning the nimination.

90% of black voters are going with Obama, and Donna Brazile accuses Clinton of disloyalty.

I notice that every 2 or 3 posts on this story is by the same individual, using a different name, trying to portray the stereotype characterless victim. Since we all know that such a victim does not exist in the world, let us not take these comments seriously. They are made by an impoverished Republican silly boy who is acting out for us.

Applause to silly boy, I hope you learn more about the issues that face our nation some day. Until then, the rest of us will write from our hearts, not pretend to be stupid.

Obama's pastor wouldn't be mine either. The way you Obama-mites protest over nothing, is short of hilarious.
You're the biggest comedians out there.
I can see where this country is headed if he is elected. We'll have the Obama Righteous Patrol listening to our every conversation. Talk about Big Brother.

And Hillary chooses to be a right wing fundamentalist thanks to her association with Santorum's and Brownbacks' DC fellowship. She's pathetic.

Why is it acceptable to Donna Brazile that Obama campaign should circulate photos of Bill and Wright in an attempt to draw Clintons in this, but it is not acceptable at all that Clinton speaks about Wright. People will do themselves and voters a favor if they stoped pretending and come clean whom they support.

I can no longer support The Clintons - I had blinders on for too many years . Through out EVERY scandal and there were many , I defended. Now , I see that I was wrong. I am sorry to all of those who tried to warn me that they would turn against me, my party and my country.
I started getting a glimpse back when I worked for an HIV/AIDS charity and could not get a Clinton to even notice us without the right amount of cash. We were able to get bigger celebrities for free.
Now, I see that glimpse has turned into a huge WAKE-UP ALL. Vote for a Clinton ? Not Now , Not Ever !

It is too bad that the "holier than thou" attitude of Mrs. Clinton brushes over the Whitewater scandal which involved close friends...brushes over the pardons then president Clinton gave to friends and supporters, brushes over her bad recollections of all her executive experiences which now turn out to be at best exaggerations or at worst fabrications....she is being called on her recollections of Ireland...David Trimbell had this to say about Hillary’s role in the peace process: “Hillary Clinton had no direct role in bringing peace to Northern Ireland and is a "wee bit silly" for exaggerating the part she played.
Lawmakers say she played no role in the writing of the State Children's Health Insurance Program, or SCHIP which she is saying in her campaign speeches "she helped start....and at least one attendee at a NAFTA rally has stated that it is "ludicrous" to suggest that Hillary Clinton was a half-hearter backer of a deal that has cost the United States hundreds of thousands of unionized jobs. She herself wrote in her book that Nafta is a big's writing. Sometimes she "mispeaks" somtimes she "misremembers" . Today she forgot that in his desperation to divert attention from hiis 'misspeaking" about the Lewinsky issue, her husband used whatever means were at his disposal including embracing a church minister which she now denounces.

To Obamamania - I am white and proud of my whiteness and my heritage. I am proud to be an American and I defended my country during the Vietnam era. I am not a racist nor a bigot. I believe with all my heart in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, "to not judge a person by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character"!

I do not judge Barack Obama nor Rev. Wright by the color of their skin. I do not subscribe to the rantings and defamation of our nation by Rev. Wright and I too would never sit in a church pew and tolerate a minister, priest or rabbi using such foul and inflammatory rhetoric.

I am a typical white American and I am Republican and I am voting for Senator John McCain. This does not make me a racist, but your generalization that a "typical white American is racist" reeks of racism. So now who is the rascist?

Reparations? That is insanity. There would be civil war before reparrations. Blacks are only 12% and they better remember that before talking so stupid about reparations.

We should all be ashamed of ourselves. Petty, selfish, hate-filled crabs, the lot of us.

The African American community abandoned teh Clintons at lightening speed absolutely forgetting who stood by them not only for the 8 White House years but with activism before that. Is that becuase they are white and a black person came along? That seems racist to me. I have actually been very disappointed in the bias of Ms Brazile, thought she'd be above it but then I thought Richardson would follow the vote of his constituents like he staed supers should. Things that make you go hmmmmmm They are making the Clintons look better daily -- go Hillary!

SAY IT: Hilary Clinton lied about her role in Bosnia and lied about the circumstances. There were no bullets flying. There was a bouquet of flowers. I have lived where bullets were flying and I went to bed to the sound of machine gun fire. You don't forget that sound. You can't forget that sound.

She did not "misspeak." She lied.

She tried to keep her 'first lady papers' and the lies they would reveal, hidden until after the primary season, and only provided them during the furor over Rev Wright, hoping her lies would go unnoticed.

Now it is time for her to publish her earmark gifts to her region and her tax returns which will show us how she came up with the $5 Million she loaned her campaign.

Obamamania is either ignorant or likes to ignore the facts. Fact #1: Obama is proud of America, not damning it. Fact #2: Most of the rascist hate speech seen today is from blacks (like Obamamania and Rev Wright) - not whites. Fact #3: Blacks and Muslims were (and still are) willing participants in slavery. Whites generally didn't trek into Africa to capture slaves. Other blacks captured the slaves, then sold them to Muslim and white traders. Fact #4: Slavery is still practiced today - primarily in Africa. Fact #5: Practically everybody living today is descended from slaves, since most societies kept slaves at one time or another. Some of us have managed to get over it. Fact #6: Many white Americans' ancestors emigrated here after the Civil War and never participated in black slavery. Fact #7: The Civil War was fought over the issue of slavery. Over 360,000 Union soldiers died helping to free the slaves. Yes, there have been injustices in the past, but there has been enormous progress made since slavery ended. Today blacks are as empowered as whites. If a black person chooses to educate and apply himself or herself, that person can become a Secretary of State, a Supreme Court Justice, a member of Congress, a Governor, a Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a candidate for President. If a black person chooses to wallow in victimhood instead, that's their choice. Just accept responsibility for it and stop blaming the whites.

DId the CIA train bin Laudin? Yes.
DId the CIA support and train his entire cadre of murderers? Yes
Bin Laudin and his murderers are the direct product of US tax dollars at work.

Bin Laudin's suicide bombers were indeed just some of the chickens that came home to roost. The US, your tax dollars at work, the CIA, all earned that karma.

Dont blame the messenger.

Obamamania I don't really think your an Obama supporter or your really stupid to think what you said would help him get elected. Cheap shots like that are so imuture

yulle, you must be uneducated and stupid. You stated blacks are voting for Obama because we think we are getting a free check up the road. Can you tell me why whites are voting for him? ignorant ass

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