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2 new books about 2 familiar candidates -- Clinton and Obama

In the early part of this ongoing, now prolonged, presidential race, we had a flurry of books by and about the candidates, many of them since departed -- the candidates as well as their tomes.

But The Times' online Book Review page takes a look this week at two new books about two of the three candidates remaining in the race -- Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

"A Bound Man: Why We Are Excited About Obama and Why He Can't Win" is by Shelby Steele, an African American whose father, like Obama's, married a white woman and abandoned his child at an early age.

The other book is "Thirty Ways of Looking at Hillary: Reflections by Women Writers," edited by Susan Morrison.

For loyal Ticket readers interested in pursuing the review by Paula Woods, it's available here.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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no matter what party you belong to or political affiliation you have this will make you laugh.

Better sleep on that Jack and wake up someday with another thought.

Hillary may dictate to you, but not to Millions of other Democrats who have blown Clinton's campaign away in fund raising. He leads in popular vote and delegates at the moment.

The numbers don't look good for Hillary to catch up, when voters are making the decision. She's counting on overlords, superdelegates, that's wrong. This is where voters decide.

If and when Hilary has the lead, only then can she dictate terms.

I don't like Obama-Clinton at all. Don't like the Clinton's anymore.

Shelby Steele books, those pages of his babbling can be used at bottom of kitty litter boxes. Spread out on the tile for puppy training. Shovel that stuff and what he wrote right into the trash can.

Why would my candidate (Barack) agree to be on Hillary's ticket. Sounds like she did not learn what happens to those who assume. Barack is currently winning this campaign and is the official winner of TX, in delegates and the caucus. We all know how short America's memory is. After 12 straight wins, OH and RI makes Hillary the presumptive Democratic the is time for a change from the Clinton/Bush head games.


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