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Clinton, healthcare advocate, behind in staff's health care premiums

Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York, who has made universal healthcare one of the centerpieces of her campaign for the Democratic nomination for president, was more than a quarter-million dollars behind in payments for her own campaign staff's healthcare premiums, according to financial records.

The unpaid health insurance bills had been accumulating for months, according to, which examined her latest campaign financial filings with the Federal Election Commission. They ended 2007 with $213,000 owed to Aetna Healthcare for "employee benefits." During January and February of this year, the debt rose another $16,000.

A Clinton campaign spokesman, Jay Carson, said at no time did employee insurance coverage lapse for campaign staff, spouses, partners and children because of the unpaid bills. He said that during March the campaign paid all outstanding healthcare bills and the balance would be zero in upcoming reports covering March.

By comparison, neither Sen. John McCain nor Sen. Barack Obama's campaign reported any substantial healthcare debts. In terms of overall debts, Obama's effort reported only $625,000 in debts. McCain's reported $3 million owed on a bank loan and only $1.3 million owned to vendors.

Clinton's overall debt on Feb. 29 was reported as $8.7 million, including $3,161 owned to her old high school, as reported in a previous item today. After its publication, Carson said the check had been written to Maine South High School in Park Ridge, Ill.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Hellary was ready to run her campaign from day one after years of prep work for her entitlement finale. Finance is such a trivial matter for her to worry about. Bush squandered trillions and still got away with it. It is a no-brainer non-priority.

Besides, why pay the insurance carriers? Once she is the prez, everyone would have to pay their big health bill without choice. As an employer, Hellary couldn't be held responsible for the temp's health care problem any more.

She has to recover from the nightmare of all the sniper fire that she has dodged in many war zones and move forward.

Like Bill said so well: "Just chill out!!" Cousin Cheney has it right: "So, who cares?"

Shame on You Hillary Clinton! not only have you major debts in virtually every State you have visited, most just small businesses than can't afford debs and now you treat you own campaign staff in this way!

We need a quick resolution to this nomination race sooner rather than later! - Yesterday Hillary was pushing once again for the delegates for Michigan and Florida o be seated, the plain and simple answer is NO! yes this should never have happened, but it has and the Rules were agreed! so you can't change rules for the interest of one candidate.

We then have a solution The Democratic Party should state firmly then Michigan and Florida Delegates will not be seated, then the number of delegates is reduced and so should the percentage number of Delegates needed to pass the final line, then we will more clearly have a Candidate! and we start to look to November and fighting McCain, rather than Lies, Personal Attacks and Unnecessary Debts which are starting to really put Voters off.

You Might Be an Idiot.....

If you think Hillary has experience. The only experience she has is in lying to the public.

You might be an Idiot....

If you think she'll get the nomination!

Jacksmith...You're an Idiot!

LATimes readers:

Jack you-might-be-an-idot Smith is a front and is posting this in every single newspaper he can find. This is not blogging but propaganda.

Chris just to warn you Brown

Jacksmith: You are certainly an idiot because you have been cut-pasting your retarded rant for days!!!! It wasn't that clever the first time - and it's too friggin long!!!! STFU!

Another prime reason to vote Obama: Jacksmith!

The government caused the entire problem with health care in America by over socializing (with unfunded mandates) medicine to the extent it is not completive. The government allows a monopolistic pharmaceutical environment, and the FDA a federal agency failing American citizens and needs be eliminated or completely re-organized; it’s corrupt, and is causing a major impact on the cost of healthcare in America, and we want to exacerbate the problem?


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