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Ceena Ford meets Bill Clinton and, like, Wow!

Pennsylvania, the next important Democratic primary state, is a lot like the very first primary state of New Hampshire except that Pennsylvania has millions more people, thousands more square miles, live members of minority groups, actual cities, big-league sports teams, a sizable number of electoral votes, streets not named for trees and an economy based on more than knickknacks and apres-ski lounges.

Everyone in New Hampshire is on a first-name basis with every candidate of every party in recent memory, or says they are. But Pennsylvania is large enough that every candidate could be in the state at once, even the Green Party guy, and hardly anyone would notice. Except the giddy local TV reporters.

So it's a very exciting thing in the Keystone State when you run into an actual candidate or, almost as good, someone famous who's married to an actual candidate.

That's what happened to Ceena Ford the other day when she ...

skipped classes at Mechanicsburg Area Senior High School and went to an appearance by former President Bill Clinton at Dickinson College in Carlisle. He's still campaigning, as he always seems to be, this time for his wife, Hillary, who wants to move back into the White House and relive those fun times of the 1990s that we all remember so fondly.

But first she's got to really thump this younger senator from Illinois by hundreds of thousands of votes in several states to look like she's catching up to him in this marathon primary election season. This one's going on so long because Democrats are such very nice people that they don't want any candidates to feel bad like losers. So they divvy up state delegates proportionately after an election instead of winner-take-all like those greedy Republicans, who've already got a nominee who's already off and running for Nov. 4.

So, anyway, the ex-president was speaking about himself and his wife too and suddenly, OMG, he was standing right there next to Ceena. It was, like, so unbelievable! So Ceena did what any conscious teenage girl does when excited: She reached for her cellphone and took this picture below. And then to show it to the world, she sent it to CNN.

Which reminds us, if you possess or get any such photos of you or friends or family with candidates during this important political year, be sure to e-mail that photo to Your Scene here at And they'll post it to make you famous. And if you're wanted by authorities, they'll know where to find you. 

We may also publish some of those photos here in The Ticket so that, as with Ceena, we can all see your nifty dental work and tongue piercing.

After all, that's what the Internet and democracy are supposed to be about.

-- Andrew Malcolm


                                                 Ceena Ford and her new BFF

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Ms. Ford better make sure she stays within a crowd or, like Mrs. Broaddrick, Clinton will be advising her to "put some ice on that".

Bill Clinton is still at the top of the popularity rankings of democrats! TOO bad that Obama does not recognize this! He left him out of economic plans by former Presidents? Why. He is jealous! Clinton had one of the strongest economies in many, many years than any other President! These Super delegates are jealous, too! The writing is on the wall! They would rather endorse an inexperienced candidate, with poor judgement ,than a Clinton. They just can not live up to Bill's likeability and they are jealous! Too bad Kerry! But as Kerry said, he endorsed Obama because he thinks "we need a black President." That is fine if that black President treats ALL races fairly. This one certainly appears to not believe that! Wright, Meeks and farrankahn! Kerry, would you endorse David Duke? Maybe because he is a white man! The Democrat Party is in a sad state! But fine. Let them doom themselves with Obama! Go Ahead! My vote will not be for Obma. No matter when this contests ends or if it had months ago!


Democrats NEED Clinton to stay in the race. OBAMA IS UNELECTABLE IN GENERAL ELECTION. “Obama marched with Farrakhan”Obama AND OPRAHS Pastor Slurs Italians in Latest Magazine ( Wright continues his Obama supported attacks on non-blacks now slurring Italians in issue of Trumpet Newsmag. Wright states, Jesus enemies had their opinion, Italians looked down their garlic noses at the Galileans, and Jesus death on a cross was a public lynching Italian style! This government runs everything from the White House to the schoolhouse, from the Capitol to the KKKlan of white supremacy who is clearly in charge. Every issue published Wright's rant against white people in which he covers a world that is controlled by white supremacy, a country that’s on its way to hell in a hand basket because of lying politicians, in a culture that still thinks 'white is right! He said young African-American Christians are more concerned about 'bling bling' than about freeing their minds and still Obama says I could no more disown him than I could disown the black community. According to his federal income tax return for 2006, Obama gave the Trinity United church $22,500 in contributions. Trumpet Newsmagazine started 80s, Wright is CEO and Wright's daughter, Jeri Wright, is the publisher. Requests for comments Obama camp of course not answered. Trumpet Nov/Dec edition, featured Louis Farrakhan, recipient of the Lifetime Achievement "Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. Trumpeter" award. Farrakhan has called Judaism a "gutter religion" and said Jews are "bloodsuckers. Many of the biased cable news pundits try to make viewers believe Obama's speech limited damage of Wright controversy, but the general election will show voters strongly disagree, especially non-black voters. Obama refuses to explain to the public why he would have someone as such a close spiritual advisor and mentor and why he would expose two young daughters to such hatefulness against fellow Americans. The problem Wright's comments are not theological views, but political statements. This is a serious issue for Obama in general election. As with each new utterance on the topic of Reverend Wright, Barack Obama confirms his own moral obliviousness and he seems to have disdain for those who are troubled by his own unwillingness to break with Wright, even worse Obama still insists Wright is a brilliant man, So brilliant, apparently, that he has uncovered the plot by white America to kill African Americans, so insightful to perceive the 9/11 attacks caused by American terrorism and his discerning observation Israel is a “dirty” word, and still in Obama’s eyes, Wright is brilliant. This, we are told by biased cable news pundits like CNN Obamaphiles, is not supposed to affect voters’ view of Obama’s judgment. Perhaps voters are embarrassed to tell pollsters they are privately offended. General election Republicans as well as independents and democrats are irked by this moral obtuseness even though media like CNN or Hardball cover it up with bogus Clinton attacks.

So why is Hillary struggling so much? She's got every backing in the party, the experience, the money initially any way, the name regonition, a former still popular president. An uknown, junior guy, witn no expereience, beats her up on all account except possibly in dealing with the engrained party machine. What's wrong with her?

WOW C'mon People is this a Newspaper comments Blog or a free place for prepared long winded BS to be posted by obvious professional bloggers for HRC?? I just thought I would drop by and now I remember why I don't come here. You call these Moderated? I know HRC Is Broke but is this the only platform she has? And WHY is your paper allowing it?


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