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Barack Obama's White House remodeling plans

For sports junkies, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar saved the best for last in his L.A. Times blog posting earlier today featuring an e-mail exchange between the basketball great and a longtime hoop-aholic, Barack Obama.

The Democratic presidential contender answered a few serious questions that Abdul-Jabbar pitched him, which you can read here. But the end of the post contained this revelation: If Obama ends up moving into the White House early next year, some sort of b-ball setup will be added to the grounds (actually, given D.C.'s often wretched weather, we'd recommend an indoor court).

Obama's passion for the sport evolved into a bit of a superstition back in January.

He relaxed the day of the Iowa caucuses by playing some hoops and, of course, ended the night by celebrating his win in that contest. But he skipped a shoot-around on the days of the New Hampshire primary and the Nevada caucuses, both of which he lost to Hillary Clinton. So when the South Carolina primary -- an obvious must-win for him -- rolled around on Jan. 26, he made a point of playing (and later basked in an overwhelming victory in the Palmetto State).

-- Don Frederick

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That's right, L.A. Times, try to turn the attention of the masses to the opiate of sports when your endorsee for president runs into tough territory that he can't smooth-talk his way out of and you can't completely ignore. How chauvinistic can you get? Is it really front-page newsworthy that he swapped e-mails on a blog with Kareem (while you slyly hide elsewhere the more important item about Obama ducking reporters' questions about Rev. Wright)? Who cares that he's a 'hoop-aholic,' as if that has anything at all to do with his qualifications to be president? Obama has recently demonstrated not only that he's a liar, but that he sat by tacitly accepting for 20 years while his minister preached or praised hatred, racism, sexism, anti-semitism, anti-Americanism and homophobia, all under the guise of a so-called Christian church. Sure sounds like a ‘career-ending lapse of judgment’ to me (to quote Lincoln Chafee). It seems a bit presumptuous of Obama to be discussing his 'White House Remodeling Plans' at this particular juncture (and more than a bit sleazy of you to run such a blog headline, initially on the front page no less until you replaced it with the Lincoln Chafee headline. By the way, it took Obama nearly a year after joining the Senate to come out against the Iraq war and he only put forth a demand for troop withdrawal last January, coincidentally just as he was announcing his presidential ambitions). As to Obama's superstition, he may need to shoot an awful lot of hoops to avoid losing this time. The only glory he may be basking in may be his own overblown opinion of himself.

Many Democratic Free Masons have already agreed that if Obama becomes the Democratic Nominate for the Presidency of U.S., they will vote Republican.

They will not vote for a man who will not put his hand to his heart and say the pledge of alligance. He just stands there whlie everyone else does.

Then there the fact that his wife stated that she only now proad to be an american in over 20 years. The free Masons see this as an insult, She was not proud when we beat the communist in the cold war. She was not proud that anytime there is an natural disaster in the world and the U.S. is always one of the first to respond with aid. She is not proud that the people aboard flight 93 tried to stop the terroist and lost their lives on 9/11, before the plane his the Capital Building or White House. She is not proud of any of these things.

Then there is the fact that Obama is a member of a church where the preature is always preaching anti american surmons for over 20 years.

Also how about the fact that he claims not to accept an monies from oil companies, when in reality he accepted well over 1 million dollars from them. Since most of the oil is imported from nations that are anti american (iran, venezela, angola etc these contries want the almighty dollar so they sell us their oil). It make you wonder who actually controlls the oil companies.

This is not the kind of person we Free Masons want in the white house. America Wake Up. He is no good! If you don't like Hillary then write in the name of you local dog catcher. Anyboby will be better then Obama.

Hey Obama. Repeat after me with your hand over your heart facing the U.S. Flag and proudlly saying; "I pledge Agliance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under GOD, indivisable, with liberty and justice for all".

wow, that is good news.


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