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Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, in their own words

If you can't get enough of the Barack Obama-Rev. Jeremiah Wright and the Obama-Antoin "Tony" Rezko sagas, the folks at The Swamp have posted the full transcript of their sit-down with Obama, which began Friday, and in which both men came up. In a nutshell, Obama needs to work on his "people" radar.

Then over at MTV, the kids sat down with former President Bill Clinton. Among the highlights: A little smackdown from Clinton after he was asked why the man who ran on the promise of hope in 1992 is so dismissive of it now, in 2008. "A lot of young people here, you don't remember, you don't care, but there's a reason we teach history in these universities," Clinton said. "It actually helps you to avoid making mistakes in the future."

Learning from the mistakes of the past -- an interesting theme for Clinton to take up. And you have to wonder if the lecturing tone is the right one when you're trying to woo the college kids from the Obama camp.


-- Scott Martelle

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This is remarkable. Its great to see college students interested and involved and asking some pretty tough questions. Not such a walk in the park for clinton but so cool that he gave them the freedom to ask such pointed questions of him.

When Clinton moved to NY and ran for the senate, she said she had no intention of running for president. Clinton claimed that she just wanted to do a good job for the people of NY. Today she says words mean something . Ahhhh for the good old days, when Bill was saying "I did not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky!" Just think! If Clinton gets back to the Whitehouse, there will be the first, first man AND the first, first perjurer! Like Jimmie Dean says about his sausage "makes ya proud every time!"

What is this, it's great? Is this part of a show? Are there other world figures on the hotseat?

I love this discussion as well and it shows that the Clintons have nothing to hide.
Would G W Bush ever do this? I seriously doubt it.

Matha Davidson
I have been reading your posts for the past week or so
and when there not long winded ultra-left diatribes, your
messages sink to the lowest level of anti Clinton caracter
assasination.You are some frustrated person and chances are you will fall into severe depression as more
unsavory details of the J. Wright and L. Farrakhan scandals cause your candidate's odds of getting the
nomination to evaporate.
Cordialy, VK


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