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It's solved! Democratic race prediction: Neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama will win

OK, here's what's going to happen in the messy Democratic presidential race: Neither one of your favorites is going to win. They're gonna tear each other apart to no successful end.

It'll stay stalled into the convention in late August, while John McCain and Condi Rice raise money Former Tennessee Senator, vice president and Nobel and Oscar award winner Al Gore in India before returning to save his Democratic Party from self-destruction in a political stalemate between New York Senator Hillary Clinton and Illinois Senator Barack Obama for the Democratc party's 2008 presidential nominationand get the Republicans united and organized.

In Denver, the Democratic superdelegates, like the unelected elites they are, will gather in great worry, maybe after an inconclusive first round of general balloting.

And these big names will pick not the best candidate nor the one with the most delegates or, actually, any delegates or any popular votes.

To solve this self-destructive stalemate, they'll pick someone who denies even being a candidate, the least-worst candidate, somebody hardly anyone can really object to, except the Clintons.

They'll pick one of their own superdelegates, Al Gore, Mr. Party Elder, Mr. Nobel Prize, Mr. I-Got-Screwed-Out-of-Victory-Last-Time and Mr. Trust-Me-the-Globe-Really-Is-Round-and-Warming and I'm finally gonna get a chance to do something about it from the White House. The Draft Gore folks will be ecstatic and the Democratic blogosphere is already excited.

To keep the Obama zealots in the tent, Gore in turn will pick Barack Obama as his vice presidential running mate with the silent understanding that Big Al will ....

bow out after one term and the then-51-year-old, totally experienced Illinois guy can inherit the wind, while Al gets back to his lectures and slide shows for even larger fees as an ex-president.

Hey, it's not any stranger than all the other things that are happening this cycle. And it saves Gore all the expense, travel, fatigue, fundraising, phony handshakes and hassle of actually competing in primaries. Let's hear your scenarios below.

Sure, Gore had his own Bosnia sniper moments by inventing the Internet and everything else Ben Franklin didn't patent. But Hillary Clinton can go back to the Senate's sniping and shove Harry Reid out of the way as majority leader. 

Until all that happens -- remember, you read it here first -- Gore, the Democrat's ill-fated nominee for president in 2000 who won the popular vote but lost the balloting that counts in the electoral college, is now contending that global warming doubters remind him of those who think the moon landing was fake or the world is as flat as it looks on a map.

This is the sort of stuff you'll hear this Sunday evening when the 2000 loser appears on "60 Minutes." Gore, who's on the other flat side of the Earth at a climate conference in India this week, says he'll give the profits from his book and film, "An Inconvenient Truth," to support a $300-million global advertising campaign to boost awareness of global warming.

Gore, who waffled a long while about another run at the White House and then repeatedly ruled it out, which we don't believe, still answers the perennial question as the current campaign drags on over minimal policy disagreements.

To try to make some news, the "60 Minutes" reporter tells Gore that some prominent people, including the man who succeeded him as vice president, remain unconvinced that global warming is man-made.

Gore replies: “You’re talking about Dick Cheney. I think that those people are in such a tiny, tiny minority now with their point of view, they’re almost like the ones who still believe that the moon landing was staged in a movie lot in Arizona and those who believe the world is flat. That demeans them a little bit, but it’s not that far off.''

Some of the ads that Gore's Alliance for Climate Protection will air will feature an ecumenical odd couple, the Rev. Al Sharpton and the Rev. Pat Robertson, as well as odd political bedfellows Nancy Pelosi and Newt Gingrich, and a pairing of singers who flank both sides of the country music dial, Toby Keith and the Dixie Chicks.

-- Andrew Malcolm and Mark Silva

Mark Silva writes for the Swamp of the Chicago Tribune's Washington bureau.

Photo Credit: Raveendran/AFP/Getty Images

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What a fair game !! An excellent demonstration of how America's major "export product" works. What will Americans say if Mugabe did the same?

Goodness gracious Mr. Malcolm...

With all that has developed within the Democratic campaign, it is difficult to detect whether this article holds validity or not.

Had this been posted say about 4 months ago, I would of dimissed it as pure sarcasm.

However, the current scenario may prove that you and Mr. Silva may not be too far from the truth. Should this occur, then the L.A. Times seemingly have two potential prophets on its staff and didn't even know it.

All I know is, I read it here first...we'll see what happens.

There aren't enough superdelegates to elect Gore... even if all of them vote for him. You still need 2024 to be the nominee.

He'd be a great vp for clinton though.

Everyone would forget about Obama in a week


Another Clinton-Gore ticket? And, Bill Clinton, the potential first gentleman?

Then Hillary's theme of convincing America's voters to rally for "change" even becomes more believable, right? Were you born yesterday?

Wake-up Toto, you aren't in OZ !

Al Gore the Nominee with Barack his VP?

Draft Al Gore is the same thing I wrote to CNN
and the DNC a few months ago.

It is my understanding that the elected
delegates are "'locked in" and pledged
to their candidate ON THE FIRST CONVENTION

All the so called "Super Delegates have to
do is to abstain from voting on the first ballot.

Then ,when it becomes obvious that neither candidate
has enough delegates to win the nomination outright
on subsequent convention ballots,
then all the elected delegates and "Super Delegates"
become free agents who may vote for whomever they
choose--even so called "non candidates" .

Gore-Obama '08 OR

Gore-Seibus '08 (sp?)
(Kathleen Seibus the Governor of Kansas)

would both be great tickets that
could beat MCain and the Republicans.

MCain would just be a third term of George W Bush
(more of the same and complete denial on Iraq
and on the bad economy).

The Clintons are showing themselves to be
very poor sports and very sore losers.

They are using the Karl Rove playbook to
try to destroy Obama.

Their "sense of entitlement" to the White House
is the height of arrogance.
(And , I voted for Bill Clinton 2x so I am not a Clinton basher).

The Clinton's had their chance in the 1990's
and they did not accomplish anywhere near what they
wanted to accomplish, but it was their own fault.

It just proves to me how overrated they were/are.
If they were so smart, then they would have run
a better, more efficient campaign and not arrogantly
expected a coronation of Hillary as the nominee.

They spent (wasted) an ungodly and record amount of money
and they had no organization in 40 of the 50 states?

And, they knew or should have known exactly what the
delegate rules were and how to run their campaign.

Alternatively, if the Clintons are so smart then why did they
not work to have the delegate rules changed back to
"winner take all" in many of the states like the Republicans did?

They had eight full years to lobby for delegate rules changes
yet they did not even see it as a possible issue,
which again proves my point that they think they are smarter then
they really are.

And, the Media constantly builds the Clintons up as being such savvy politicians.

I do not buy it and it looks like the majority of Democrats and Republicans do not buy it either.

Al Gore has already ruled out a vp spot. He recently said the only elected posiotion he would ever accept is the presidency.

If Obama doesn't win by the third ballot, he could be convinced to accept the second spot on the ticket behind Gore. Then he could request that his pledged delegates and superdelegates vote for Gore/Obama.

It won't be Gore/Clinton because that might alienate the supporters of Obama . Especially if they feel Obama has been screwed over. Obama's biggest supporters are new voters and African Americans, two groups the Democrats need to win in November.

Gore/Obama 08 experience and Judgement

(Nobody's talking about Gore for VP here.)

I suppose that if there was a Clinton/Gore ticket, they could recycle all of those bumper stickers and posters from 1992.

Gore never claimed to have invented the internet. That was a false GOP talking point. Is all your information that accurate?

Oh come on, now. All you have to do to debunk the "Al Gore invented the Internet" nonsense is check Snopes:

This seriously calls your credibility into question.

Be still my heart. Gore/Obama has been my dream ticket for more than a year! I am an independent. Though there is nothing that would make me vote for John McCain, I am no fan of Hillary Clinton either. If she is the nominee, I may have to stay home on election day. I have never stayed home on election day! Obama is a good choice but there are still many in America not ready for him. VP would give him the experience but also give some of our citizens a chance to be eased into what I see is a step forward for our nation.

Gore/Obama '08!

when the curtain parts, to some it will seem like ron paul appeared out of nowhere.

This is a big country with lots of moving parts. We don't need any more complications. The Domcrats will have their delegate soon enough and that will be plenty of time.

Why this story is getting airtime is beyond me. This will never happen in a million years: Al Gore doesn't want the job, and #2 millions of American voters will rise up in the streets should the party elders even TRY to strip Barack Obama of his well-earned nomination.

I think you're onto something here -- Gore/Obama after the third ballot. I also think McCain's health will fail under the strain of the campaign, and either Romney or Gingrich will step up to the plate, so it is Gore/Obama vs. Gingrich/Rice.

But Hillary go back to the Senate and take Reid's seat? No way. The Democratic caucus doesn't want her any more than the US voters her. She'll go back where she's wanted and appreciated: governorship of NY.

Them's my predictions. F

McCain/Rice? Now there is a ticket I would support.

Obama is a blank slate that people project their fantasies onto. Clinton is, well, you know.....

Gore is a fabulist. His policies would wreck our country, almost as badly as Obama's.

We need adults in the White House, not power hungy children.

Flat earthers? A tiny, tiny minority? How ignorant are we, actual scientists with degrees more advanced than Mr. Gore, who dare to objectively examine conflicting data and come to different conclusions?

Does Algore not read the news, or is he just so isolated and deluded that he has no view of the outside world?

Many, many people are skeptical about global warming, and there is growing evidence that the earth isn't warming, and if it is, man is not the cause.

Algore's entire life and legacy are consumed with global warming. In an absolute vacuum of objectivity, he witch hunts those who dare to disagree with him. One cannont have an honest opinion that disagrees with him and not be treated as a liar and/or an idiot.

Remember this: in the late 18th century, the brightest scientific minds believed that blood letting was the standard of care for most ilnesses. George Washington died this way. Metaphysicial certitude is dangerous in science.

It is my belief that the global warming issue will appear very differently by the end of the year. Algore's carbon credit interests will be exposed for the scam that they are, and he will go down in infamy.

The end will be brutal, swift, and unsympathetic.

"Sure, Gore had his own Bosnia sniper moments by inventing the Internet and everything else Ben Franklin didn't patent."

Ha, ha very not funny. Is this a political blog written by reporters for one of the nation's highest-profile "serious" newspapers, or a bad conservative opinion rag from a medium-sized community college.

While a reliable laugh line for the far-right, the Internet canard was long ago disproven. The man never claimed to have invented it and he DID, in fact, write key legislation for its development. Reporters with any care for the facts should not be mindlessly regurgitating RNC press-release fodder as fact -- and that's exactly where this urban legend started: RNC headquarters.

Unless, of course, you're trying out material for a stand-up gig at the Republican Convention. They think that crap is hilarious.

The snopes quote reads that Gore said "I took the initiative in creating the internet." I've never seen how the word creating is a whole lot different the inventing. There is a subtle difference obviously, but both cause something that wasn't there to be there afterward. Additionally I believe the quote was about a bill sponsored by Gore that led to standardizations in the Web. While the web is all most people ever see of the internet is it only port 80 of 65,534 possible ports. A more responsible quote from gore should have gone something like this "I gave some of your tax dollars to some guys that were instrumental in developing an early web browser called Mosaic that no one actually uses anymore." If you compare the quote Gore made in the snopes reference with what actually occurred it is a much larger difference then the definitions between "created" vs "invented." Which is why I am one of the people who take a little liberty and when referring to Gore and that quote, I paraphrase and say he invented the internet, because the word invented is much closer to what he said he did, then what actually happened.

Been posting this same info. everywhere, trying to get everyone prepared! It often ends with discussions on trolls, Fox talking points,blah, blah... people need to understand, neither Hill or O are electable!!

"I think that those people are in such a tiny, tiny minority now with their point of view..." Let's see. That would be the Al Gore who made Ds in science in college, and who has increased his net worth by a factor of 50X since getting into the "carbon credits" racket, and who refuses to debate any of the fully credentialed atmospheric scientists who are skeptical about his doom scenarios. Yes, I'm very impressed.

Wow, one can only imagine what Gore-for-prez would do, in the general election campaign, to the 'man-made global-warming' issue.

1844: the Democratic convention, unable to decide on a nominee after the front-runners slaughter each other, begins to coalesce around a Tennessee senator named James Polk...

History repeating itself? Except I don't see Gore serving only one term. He's young enough to go the distance. And if he's the Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread, Obama would be happy to serve eight years as the Apprentice and be the first African American President in 2016. --that is, assuming that you honestly believe Gore is so super-special that he can win two terms.

Interesting idea; the more people say it, the less crackpot it sounds!

John Derbyshire at NRO has been beating this drum for several months now - so, even if this happens, people have heard it elsewhere first ...

A brokered convention with Gore emerging as the nominee is very unlikely...yet NOT impossible! Not only would the delegate stalemate have to continue all the way to the convention (which seems likely), but also both Obama and Clinton would basically have to self-destruct as candidates to the point that the party consensus deems neither one electable (which seems less likely, yet not beyond the realm of the imaginable). THEN Al Gore certainly could ride on and save the day. I, for one, pray that this DOES happen. I have been a Gore aficionado since way back in 1988 and he has only continued to impress me more and more since then. The country, the world, our species and our planet desperately need his vision, integrity, brilliance, leadership and imagination at this crucial juncture in history. Again, I pray that the unlikely scenario of a brokered convention with Gore winding up on the top of the ticket WILL come to be. He could be the cure for a huge chunk of what ails us!!!

Al needs to donate money to a campaign to "raise awareness of global warming"?

Pray tell, far from the need to "raise awareness", most of us need to find a place where a different topic, any topic, is discussed.

Is there anyplace in America where we have a hope of escaping 24-7 propaganda about anthropogenic global warming, from rich guys who plaster the air with carbon from their private jets, while telling us we can't heat the house when it is 20 below outside?

The latest evidence is that we are actually in another period of GLOBAL COOLING! Algore is about to be grandly labeled as the enviro kook that he is. Presidential candidate? Pa-leeeze! That's just what the Dems need to slide into permanent obscurity.

anAL GOREtentive

Gore cannot be the compromise candidate because there are increasing scientific challenges to Gorebal Warming, there are several Gore fundraising scandals during the Clinton years, and because he does not solve the identity politics problem raised by the internecine Dem warfare.

That being said, we can build a profile of a likely compromise candidate. First, the candidate would have to subscribe to the economic and foreign policy pronouncements of both of the present candidates. That is easily done, as many Congressional Democrats share the same worldview. The compromise candidate will also have to stanch the bleeding caused by the identity politics practiced by both Obama and Clinton camps. This would have to be done in two stages. First, to counteract the black vs. female battle, the compromise candidate would probably be a black woman. Secondly, the compromise candidate must have a record of backing the Clintons while they were in office but must also be able to reach out to the far left wing of the party. She must be "authentically" black to get support from the Sharpton-Wright subset of the black wing of the party. She must also be a proven fund-raiser from both domestic and foreign sources (just as the Clintons are master fund-raisers from foreign sources). This all points to one woman, and one woman only. The perfect compromise candidate for the Democratic Party would be.......Cynthia McKinney!


Both parties are currently bereft of good leadership. That's unfortunate, but we must play the cards we hold. I go back to the argument between John Locke and Jacque Rousseau. Locke: Rights are inalienable and come from the Creator. Government should be a limited construct used to serve and protect the populace. Rousseau: Rights are those given to the populace by the government, which has final control over the populace for the common good. This is the essential American vs European argument. The results of the American view can be read in history since 1776. The surface issues are false moving scenery used by politicians to win favor and buy votes by promise of trinkets for the populace. Don't fall for that. Stick to the basics. Locke had it right, and Republicans, with all their many faults, are closer to Locke than Democrats, who are closer to Rousseau and the failing European model of less individual freedom and more central government. The last period of liberal Democratic long-term rule ended in 1980 for good reason. High unemployment, low production, usurious interest rates, high inflation and low citizen happiness were the result of the Great Society, which failed to make anything great despite the redistribution of $5 trillion dollars from ants to grasshoppers, as in Aesop's Fable.

Only a McCain voter could write an article arguing that Al Gore should be the Dem nominee. Guaranteed, if Al is on the ballot, this country will have the coldest fall in history leading up to election day.

>>> “You’re talking about Dick Cheney.

Al Gore couldn't tie Dick Cheney's shoes. Thirty years from now the world will recognize the wisdom of having brought democracy to Iraq and Gore will be remembered as some kind of political loon with a disproven environmental theory.

Gore's a joke.

What a disaster in the making, Enviroweenies and Identity Politics makesfor strangebedfellows.

What happened to the will of the people? Parachuting Gore in as a last minute potential presidential candidate for the Democratic Party is no more different than when he got broadsided out of the electoral votes. He didn't like what happened to him then, and is he seriously thinking that he can do that to Obama?

That's no more different than Hillary discounting all the states that she lost by saying that "none of them counted anyway" which is quite the insult to the people who volunteered for her campaign in these states and never mind the people who voted for her. I supposed they never counted.

And perhaps, Barack being a black man, it's alright to dismiss whatever he's accomplished in the caucases and the primaries because afterall, he wouldn't mind would he? because he's not supposed to be in the lead right now anyway and how dare he's come this far, which denies Hillary's sense of entitlement. Yeah let's ignore everything and make him a VP candidate because he should be so grateful for the opportunity--had Edwards been the one that survived, would anybody be offering the same to him? No! Of course not.

Obama's perceived lack of experience is just an excuse as I wouldn't trust Hillary to answer the infamous three o'clock phone call because she may just get the facts wrong and misspeak. If she can misspeak when she's fully awake during the day, what kind of condition will she be in rousted up at 3 AM and the ensuing hours when she will definitely be sleep deprived. This is all very silly as she is throwing everything including the kitchen sink at Obama.

Well, whatever happens, Hillary's sense of entitlement is clouding her judgement and Al Gore with his Nobel Peace Prize is operating in a vacuum. Obama's campaign needs to stop sniping back at Hillary's desperate moves. Stay cool and just keep addressing the issues and just watch Hillary shoot herself in the foot. Or maybe she won''t have a foot to shoot anymore as it's landed in her mouth one too many times.

I would love to see a Gore/Obama ticket. Getting those two blowhards to lose bigtime in one shot is a conservative wetdream. And it would finally put to rest big Al's belief that he really was supposed to be president.

The sad thing is how behind-the-times this is.

Global Warming is already nigh-on-destroyed among climate scientists. It is, as usual, the politically activist scientists of other disciplines, and the politicians, and the media who aren't keeping up.

Amongst the contentions proven false in the last year or two are:

(1.) We're still getting warmer. (Nope. Actually we've been cooling almost a decade now.)

(2.) A positive feedback effect will escalate the effects of carbon. (Nope. Turns out there's a negative effect that's causing warming from carbon to taper off.)

(3.) Carbon is a leading indicator. (Not sure, but good evidence shows it may be a trailing indicator.)

(4.) It is economically feasible to implement carbon reduction and sequestration. (Nope. Would probably lead to millions of deaths from increased poverty, compared to a normal economic growth model.)

(5.) Implementing carbon reduction and sequestration would make a worthwhile difference in the amount of warming. (Well, that's half-true. *If* the worst-case models are true, then there's no way it would make enough difference to matter. On the other hand, if the not-so-bad models are true, it could make a difference...but then, if the not-so-bad models are true, the costs of doing anything outweigh the costs of doing nothing -- see #4, above.)

(6.) There's no greater threat, especially to poor societies. (Nope. It's near the bottom of the list, long after poverty and disease and illiteracy and lack of infrastructure and....)

We already know all this. It is old news.

About six months from now, the wiser politicians will finally catch on and conspicuously start talking about other things. About the same time, the mainstream media will start to catch on and publish/show pieces about all of the above ("for balance"). This (recall how the Iraq war was covered, early-on and later) is how they prepare the field for a change of narrative, you see.

Six months (a year, tops) later the media will have switched horses entirely and will be lampooning the few not-so-wise politicians who're still talking about it.

And three years from now, Al Gore will be talked about like that crazy uncle you have who prepared for Y2K by converting his house to propane and stocking up on guns and canned vegetables. A few years from that, his name will show up in a new 35th anniversary edition of Trivial Pursuit.

Meanwhile, climate scientists can get back to doing climate research, like they used to, instead of being constantly interrupted to offer quotes for U.N. bureaucrats to take out-of-context.

I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to it.

For those saying, "But, Democrats wouldn't do something like that! They wouldn't 'parachute in' a new candidate at the last minute!"

Two words for ya:

Frank Lautenberg

If Obama won the majority of delegates, popular vote - it would be hard to justify putting him in the VP slot to Gore, although a Gore/Obama ticket would be the only scenario in which I would be ok with Obama taking VP. What would probably keep people happiest is a Obama/Gore ticket - it would seem fairest - but in reality I would like to see them both as equals rather than one subordinate to the other - because I think they both have strengths to bring to the executive office. I would love to see Gore take the reins with the alternative energy, health of the planet issue, and I would love to see what Obama can do with righting America's relationship with the rest of the world. Because Obama comes from a post-partisan position and eschews special interests I would rather the buck stops with him on these issues, as opposed to Gore - so yeah, Obama/Gore would be a very powerful ticket.

Putting Rice on the Republican ticket
would be just like putting Harriet Miers
on the US Supreme Court.

She is an incompetent "Yes Woman"
who has accomplished nothing of
note except being wrong on most of
the major issues of our time
(and being a loyal friend who can
play a piano tune for George
W. Bush).

"Brownie" (FEMA Head of
New Orleans fiasco)
was a leadership maestro compared
to Condoleezza Rice.

Republican Cabinet Officials have noted
that Rice arrived at the White House
as if in a "time warp"
She acted like the Soviets still
ruled from the Kremlin.

She demoted and marginalized the
Anti Terrorism Czar Richard C. Clarke
who successfully advised Presidents
George HW Bush and Clinton.

She ignored all the 911 warning signs
and spend most of her time working
on the missile shield to save us from
incoming Soviet missiles.

The only problem with that is the
the Soviet Union had dissolved
long ago.

Then, since after Bush II's inauguration
in January 2001, Rice bungled the aftermath of
911 by joining with the Rumsfeld,
Cheney and Wolfowitz cabal,
who ,according to published books
by Republican Cabinet Officials,
were looking for any reason or
justification they could conjure up
for invading Iraq and removing Saddam

Then Rice, who has taught some college
classes at Stanford and should have
known better, recommended to George
W. Bush an invasion of Iraq on
"cooked" intelligence and without
justification under international law.

If one of her students had authored
a paper on such a folly as the Iraq War
it probably would have received
a "D" or "F" grade.

And, Rice agreed to send the only Cabinet
Official with actual military and combat
experience(Colin Powell) up to the UN to present
flimsy and bogus evidence that would
surely ruin his career

And, Rice and others ignored the experienced
Powell and experienced Republican former
Cabinet officials and a few Ex Presidents
including George HW Bush(in his memoirs)
and Gerald R. Ford(secret interview with
Bob Woodward before his death---Ford would
have told Rice if she had asked him in private)
when they argued against the invasion of
Iraq and the taking of Baghdad.

Now in Rice's 7th year in office, she is
finally trying to engage in some Middle
East diplomacy?(too little--too late).

Democrats and Independents would love to
see Rice on the Republican ticket so that
she could finally be vetted on her
numerous errors in judgment, faulty logic
and total lack of any concrete accomplishments.

I do not know why the Press has given
Rice a "free ride" for 7 years with virtually
no critical analysis of her performance.

Rice has stated she is preparing to return
to Stanford to teach.

Just what our country needs: another generation
of students who do not think critically or creatively,
but only learn "how to go along with
flawed policies just to get along" with their

There you (the press) go again ... using unflattering photos of people you don't like in your articles. How childish. It's amazing how Obama always looks like the second coming in his newspaper photos. Even the one with Rev. Wright.

Too all the members of the Flat Earth Society who showed up to this thread to flatly (no pun intended) deny the reality of global climate change: are you even for real? Wow.

I found this post while trying to feed my post-election withdrawls and want to ask, politely, if there was ever a retraction of this peculiar bit of speculation. Given the final outcome of both the primary and general election, this posting is a good example of inflammatory rhetoric thrown out (up) on the internet, completely devoid of logic or foothold in reality, and then never mentioned again. I'll be satisfied if there ever was a retraction, I'll search for it, but I doubt I'll find it.

It's interesting isn't it. I remember watching Obama in some of the very first Primary debates and thinking, he doesn't have a chance, Hillary's an idiot.. who are these other boobs? Now I wonder what has happened in the time since then that's produced this totally mysterious man in the White House. The McCain ticket was a rolling disaster and is now a burning wreck... Is it fair to say any worthy contender could have taken this match? I don't know. I hope that President Obama is truly as post-partisan as he demands he is. If not, we may be at the beginning of the end of the United States as a economic powerhouse which could certainly have very serious complications for the leadership of the Western Nations as a whole. Now is the time to gird your loins..

It's interesting isn't it. I remember watching Obama in some of the very first Primary debates and thinking, he doesn't have a chance, Hillary's an idiot.. who are these other boobs? Now I wonder what has happened in the time since then that's produced this totally mysterious man in the White House.
The McCain ticket was a rolling disaster and is now a burning wreck... Is it fair to say any worthy contender could have taken this match? I don't know. I hope that President Obama is truly as post-partisan as he demands he is. If not, we may be at the beginning of the end of the United States as a economic powerhouse which could certainly have very serious complications for the leadership of the Western Nations as a whole. Now is the time to gird your loins..


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