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Why Obama's Wisconsin win is especially telling

Not so long ago -- like, earlier this month -- one of the dismissive talking points that the Hillary Clinton camp pressed against Barack Obama was that he was winning nominating contests in states the Democratic presidential ticket won't have a prayer of carrying in November: North Dakota, Idaho, Utah, Alaska, Nebraska.

Those triumphs, the case went, offered no clue as to whether he would be a candidate capable of putting together a winning electoral college majority later this year.

As Obama's winning streak has stretched to 10, that argument has subsided. And Obama's sweeping victory in Wisconsin should bury it once and for all.

As a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story astutely notes, the win "came in a 50/50 battleground ... that is a virtual must-win for Democrats in November."

How tight have the recent presidential elections been in the Badger State?

Al Gore carried it over ...


George Bush in 2000 by about 0.2 of a percentage point. John Kerry slightly improved that margin in 2004, winning it against Bush by about 0.4 of a percentage point -- making it the most closely contested state in that year's race.

In winning Tuesday's primary by 17 percentage points, Obama dominated Clinton among various demographic groups; exit polling showed he won men by more than 2 to 1 (while running even among women) and carried independents by about 30 points.

That latter statistic, in particular, should put to rest any dispute about which of the Democrats would be best equipped to hold Wisconsin for the party in the general election.

-- Don Frederick

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Hillary has not found the "Soulution" to winning any primaries lately. If she has Solutions like she says, I guess we will just have to wait until she shows us what they are. In the mean time we will just take her "Words" for it.

Hmmm, wasn't even Hillary's score enough to beat the entire Repubican show up ?

I believe that McCain has sold his sole to the devil (W) to get W's campaign support and campaign fundraising. McCain has accepted the following three conditions in exchange: *** He will keep the present corrupt cabinet and appointees;

***He will keep the war going;

***All W’s sham government/military contractors will be left unsupervised and un-audited. In return they will continue funding W’s elite inner circle of upper government GOP politicians including newly initiated John McCain.

Karl Rove, with access to confidential FBI files and domestic wiretapping of all candidates and their backers provided by W’s Department Of Justice appointees, is ready to start running smear campaigns on the Democratic nominee when he/she is officially named by the Democratic party.

Wisconsin cinched it. Barark Obama is the Democratic nominee. It's over. Clinton was blown out of the water. Her campaign is over, just she doesn't fully realize it as of yet.. Obama is the nominee. He won.

In fact, Barark Obama is our next president.
(in the contest with McCain, he'll win)

Get used to it, because that's how it is: Barark Obama will be the next president of the U.S.

It's not quite over...but it's getting tantalizingly close.

Obama supporters throughout the nation continue to canvass, hit the phones, and donate in record numbers.

I'm almost starting to forget the stinging loss the handed Obama in NH due to her last-minute smear mailings and contrived "tears in the diner" moment.

But not quite yet.

Elise in NH
The Obama Minute: quick, easy actions
to support Barack Obama's candidacy


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