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Keeping score with the Democrats

Several media outlets have taken on the unenviable task of trying to track the delegate chase between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in the Democratic presidential race. And the hard-working folks at National Journal's Hotline have decided to do us the favor of periodically listing the competing figures.

They may vary, but the bottom line is consistent: the Clinton/Obama battle for the magic nominating number -- 2,025 -- couldn't be much closer. Indeed, three of the tallies pit Clinton ahead, while three others give the edge to Obama.

Here were the breakdowns, minus the scattered delegates won by candidates who have since ended their candidacies, as of this morning: ...

CNN: Clinton, 1,148; Obama, 1,121.

MSNBC (not including super delegates): Obama, 943; Clinton, 895.

ABC: Clinton, 1,128; Obama, 1,116.

CBS (not reflecting delegates potentially won at Iowa caucuses): Obama, 1,134; Clinton, 1,131. Obama, 1,143; Clinton, 1,138.

Associated Press: Clinton, 1,136; Obama, 1,108.

The only other candidate with more than double-digit delegates is John Edwards; most of the tallies give him 26, ABC's lists him with 40.

The number 537 will be forever linked to the 2000 presidential election: That's the margin by which it was determined George Bush carried Florida, and thus won the White House. That Democratic nomination number -- 2,025 -- could similarly become part of political lore.

-- Don Frederick

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I am so sick of the ignorant people of this country. The idiots have gotten it wrong in the past two elections. Each time they had a chance to elect a qualified, experienced leader. But being as ignorant as the majority of Americans are, they elected the Good ol' boy who talked through his crooked smile.

Once again we have a chance to elect a devoted intelligent experienced candidate to lead this country out of destruction. Hillary Clinton has worked, trained and given her life to be ready to lead her country.

But as usual the ignorant people of this country can't see passed the Good ol' boy waving his arms and constantly giving his "I got a dream" speech. When will you idiots learn. If you vote the Preacher Man into the White House once again in two years the idiots will be gathering and complaining.

I can't wait to see Al, John and Hillary sitting back popping open the bubbly and laughing at the ignorant Americans as they scream and cry about how bad their Good ol' Preacher boy president is.

Al, John and Hillary can be proud they proved their point and when America turned their backs now the real winners will turn their's and laugh all the way into their happy private lives.

If you add the scores up for each candidate and then divide them by the number of bean counters, you get:

Hillary: 1,096 delegates (6576/6)
Obama: 1,094 delegates (6565/6)

How about instead of voting based on made up numbers, we actually take a look at how these candidates differ:

OH NORMA! Such sour grapes! Don't you realize this election campaign is about change, and the Hillbilly is simply 'Politics As Usual'? Hillbilly is so divisive, that if elected, NOTHING COULD CHANGE!

Must the winning candidate have a majority of the total possible votes, or just a majority of those actually cast?

I'm wondering what would happen if super-delegates refused to vote until they had been able to examine tax returns, Library donor lists, archives of the First Lady's office - that sort of thing.

I laugh at the people of this country. They are so gulible. The majority of American people got theirselves into the financial mess with their irresponsible spend now pay never scheme.

When will Americans wake up. Remember the old saying "if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is".

Well, folks you just keep believing the Obama deal -- 0% down and no payments for 12 months. All of you remember that in 2 years. You wanted him at that rate and now the fine print real deal kicks in. Ah the American people are screwed again. Can't wait to see how the signs will look "Impeach Obama", "Impeach Barack".

On the one hand the Obama campaign is saying that we should not change the rules in the middle of the game and allow the Florida and Michigan delegates to be seated but yet they DO want to change the rules in the middle of the game and state that super delegates should not be allowed to vote how they want (which has been the rule for 20 years) but rather they should vote based on some other factor. Is the Obama campaign saying that the Florida and Michigan delegates should not be seated since those are the rules but the rules should be broken when it comes to super delegates?


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