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Sam Jackson skips the Oscars for Obama

Shockingly overlooked by the Oscars for his role in last year's "Black Snake Moan" -- he reportedly spent hours learning to play blues guitar, which ought to count for something -- Samuel L. Jackson still could have been a presenter at Sunday night's awards show. But he passed that up, too.

In the process, though, he might have sealed an invite to an inaugural ball.

On location in Louisiana for the film "Soul Men," he crossed the state line Sunday ...

to do his part to help Barack Obama's chances in Texas' March 4 Democratic presidential primary. Specifically, he stumped for his candidate in East Texas; his stops included a rally at Eddie Towles Telephone Repair Service & Phone Center in the city of Longview.

According to the local paper's account, Jackson provided a six-minute spiel on Obama for the more than 400 attendees. He also held forth at a news conference and signed autographs for about 30 minutes (perhaps explaining the crowd size).

If Obama ends up taking the oath of office next January, Oprah Winfrey, obviously, will have the pick of parties. But Jackson seems good for at least a couple of decent tickets.

-- Don Frederick

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I am so proud, as an American, to hear that Samuel L J would do that - how unselfish is that!! See, the message of hope is working, people are doing extraordinary things. For a HUGE Hollywood star to forego all that media attention to do what he thought was the right thing, is wonderful! I hope he does get a ticket to the ball!

Samuel L. Jackson is a seriously fine actor, a master craftsman. What is fascinating about the Obama candidacy is its genuine appeal to those who fall clearly on the right side the bell curve. Those who have endorsed this man's candidacy and shown a willingness to work to get him elected form one of the broadest, most diverse coalitions of supporters seemingly ever in the history of politics, at least in my lifetime. This country will change when Obama becomes President because the man will have a mandate from the urban, suburban, rural areas of this country across the socioeconomic spectrum.Obama's supports transcends race, color,religion, gender, income. Great things are possible when Americans do not merely settle for adequate leadership but strive instead for the best. Obama represents the best of what we can be.

Not mentioned in this blurb was the fact that Eddie Towles' building and repair trucks were spray painted with the word "racist." Mr. Towles deserves two tickets to the inaugural ball. He runs his own business and contributes to the political process. Men and women like him is what makes America great, not those who wear a flag on their lapel,

If I didn't already have a bunch of good reasons to respect Samuel Jackson already, I'd have some really good ones now. The reason DiNiro and Jackson are such great actors is because they are great HUMAN BEINGS. "For love, ye risk and hazard everything ye hath" -William Shakespeare. Samuel Jackson is a man who knows when to GIVE.

Well done Samuel! At your place, I'll do exactly the same. In these times of political cynicisme, Barack Obama clearly stands out to bring hope and restaure credibilty to American politics. Again well done Samuel!


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