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Have it your way: Ron Paul must go! Or, Ron Paul rules!

Because we always try to please our readers here on The Ticket, we have a special two-for-one offer today that, for a change, is worth exactly what you paid for it. (Ron Paul fans can just skip to the second part of this item):

1) Wonkette, the D.C.-based gossip website, has an absolutely hilarious item up now on Chris Peden, a small-town city councilman in Texas who's running a well-funded Republican House primary campaign to oust Rep. Ron Paul. Peden you've never heard of. Paul you know as a perennial loser in recent Republican presidential primaries around the country, running behind even Mike Huckabee as a Libertarian-like, antiwar, anti-government, pro-Constitution candidate, whom Fox News deemed not good enough for a prime-time debate.

With the headline "Kick Ron Paul Out of Congress," Wonkette shows total disregard for the wrath of Paulunteers who've earned a well-deserved reputation for militancy in devotion to their 72-year-old candidate, both in terms of campaigning and wasting their hard-earned money by fueling the former OB/GYN's hopeless presidential run in state after state.

Yes, he got some second places in a few caucuses. But while he was speaking to large and small crowds in wonderful places such as Iowa and New Hampshire, people back in Texas' 14th Congressional District, such as Peden, were wondering what's in it for them?

Wonkette, with no pretense of objectivity, heartily endorses Peden and describes him as "a tall, handsome, charming young conservative with a fluent command of local issues from NASA to rice farming, and whose easy demeanor and embrace of English-only legislation will thrill all but the most hardened liberals."

The site even sent a special correspondent to the Texas district near Houston and publishes a number of photographs of Peden campaigning. The site describes Paul this way: "To most American political fanatics, Ron Paul is just a goofy hobbit whose hilariously doomed online presidential campaign provided standout entertainment in a year that offered a wealth of hilariously doomed campaigns.

"But to many of his constituents in Texas Congressional District 14, Ron Paul is just a blame-America-first attention whore who completely ignores the people who put him in office."

Wonkette also points that Peden points out that over Paul's 10 terms in Congress, he has introduced 351 pieces of legislation. Only six ever came out of committee and zero have passed into law. Every term, Paul just reintroduces the same doomed bills, Wonkette says.

The website also refers to Paul's challenger as "Future Congressman Peden."

-- Andrew Malcolm

Ron Paulunteers start here

2) The notoriously irresponsible satirical website Wonkette has launched a completely unprovoked attack on Rep. Ron Paul, the 10-term principled former doctor who stands firmly for a strict interpretation of the Constitution and bringing our boys and girls home from military assignments abroad.

In a complete mockery of professional journalism standards, the biased website publishes an outrageous online article that actually endorses the congressman's challenger in the Texas primary election next Tuesday as part of its "news story." It describes this inexperienced "city councilman" as "handsome" and "charming," as if that should have anything to do with representing the state's 14th Congressional District.

It ignores the congressman's long record of fighting for the rights of his constituents and that every term he continues that fight by introducing the same legislation, more than 350 pieces in total so far . The so-called article doesn't even mention Dr. Paul's Air Force service nor the nearly $20 million of fund-raising success from dedicated donors last quarter in Paul's valiant struggle to downsize an out-of-control federal government that ignores people's rights, the Constitution and invades other countries.

There are no quotes from the good doctor in the article either. It's so typical of the mainstream media's vast left-wing conspiracy to ignore the only Republican candidate to oppose the war and make sense while doing it.

It calls Paul's opponent a "CPA," which stands for Certified Public You-Know-What. The article calls the good doctor, who has delivered 4,000 babies in his career, "a barking loon."

And it says this youngster politician claims to be qualified for Congress because he's delivered one baby, his third child. What is that about?

The Revolution will not be televised!

-- Andrew Malcolm

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who ever doubted experienced media people are capable of simulating, emulating, feigning, faking and inventing whatever bias for whatsoever or whosoever?
irrelevant. the job is not to earn colorful ribbons or medals or gold stars or poolitzer prizes when it comes to truthfully reporting (or not omitting or distracting from) informations and facts of purport in a comprehensible manner. cynicism is the horrible, whorable counterpart of defeatism. to have the wisdom and honesty to distinguish between things that might be approached lightly and fooled with and can take some twisting and bias according to taste and preference, and those that can not without heaping great responsibility on yourself in influencing the course of history (which is also your own) in one way or another, is a skill that cannot be taught. and for all it's worth, never bought.

Paul is beating Peden 63% to 30% according to an independent, scientific poll released today.

Poor Wonktards.

He has a very high, whiny voice that wavers when he lectures Ben Bernanke. I hope he retires soon.

Key not-funny-joke-music...waa, waa, waaaaahhh....

The second week in March everyone but the Pediots will be asking, "Peden who?" (see, I can make up words, too).

Andrew... you're awesome, you made it clear for us; Wonkette and Peden are just the coming together of whores.

the Revolution continues...

this race is begining to devide alond racial lines,if it was"t from the start,we canot choose a president based on affirmitve action phychology,proven qualifications matter,not the skin color of a person,please someone inlighten me if it is otherwise

Well, that was certainly balanced, to say the least!

Also a good object lesson in journalistic spin, too.

However, Wonkette should not be taken seriously at all. Neither should Peden. He's done on Tuesday.

Thank you for your article.
Ron Paul is an honorablem, humble, intelligent and courageous American.


"wasting their hard-earned money " fueling his campaign demonstrates that the author does not understand the supporters. I do hope that people do not judge his actions with such little understanding.

These articles fuel me on to donate more. Won't you please join me?

Also the ridiculous endorsement by the Galveston daily news at
feeds the fire.


Make fun buddy.

If you want the R3volution hits, why don't you do stories we would actually like? Like say, a story about Aimee Allen's awesome new video that's available on youtube.

Or how 'bout Ron Paul schooling Ben Bernake?

Or the lovely new agreement to allow Canadian troops on our soil under Norcom command?

Or the fun litte RFID pac-man experiment in England?

Or the sleepover Bill and Hillary had at Lord Evelyn de Rothschild's house?

No, no, it's just endless silliness.

I guess that's all Rupert will let you get away with. (This is a newscorp property no?)

Truth is treason in the empire of lies.

You're a loon just like Wonkette -- bunch of 12 year olds.

Peden is not well-funded as Paul (over $1M at this point) since his donations come from his private funds.

Paul is leading Peden 60%-30%

Ron Paul is the most principled man in congress. Did it ever occur to you that we don't WANT more legislation passed? 99% of it is unconstitutional anyway.

So bitching about that is just proving out his good points, and is not a negative.

I think with $20M behind him in the last Q and $8 or so more in this Q Paul is a force to be reckoned with and has started a movement across the USA that will not die...

You rinos might be willing to give up your freedoms to the UN, but we all are NOT about to.

This 60-year old female is ready to LOCK AND LOAD.

obaba is the ultimate should of ,would of,could of,candidate,he makes monday night quarterbacks look contemperary

Wonkette is to journalism as KFC is to fine dining.

Bored today, Malcolm?

Paul was only running to get more money and exposure to keep his job in Congress. He has no fire to stay in and has already mentioned he is concentrating his time in Texas. His true colors showed at the end as well. the only true conservative who is fighting until the end is Huck. Romney bailed when it got hard and realized he couldn't buy the election. Huck is still in it to win it!! Take it to the convention Texas and Ohio!!!

Andy, what? this is really, sad, Hey man if you want to be a hero, Go after McShame, This little man is so dirty, he should be in add for , "Tide", and I do mean little 5'7, No Short People 08

You had me on the floor rolling with this one. Seriously. Thank you for coving Dr. Paul's campaign. I'm always up for some good balanced political satire.

FYI, when I search google news, I always use this search string. I guess that tells you what I think of wonkette and thespoof.

"ron paul"

Go Ron Paul!

Cade Thacker
Roswell, GA

The only real problem Ron Paul has is that he is just in this to represent his district and try to change the course we are on.

Anybody notice the hit the dollar took yesterday?

Wonkettes quality can be compared to cheerleaders at the special Olympics... Its about as commie as you can get. God forbid if you even say a word about Paul on their site. You will be cut off from being allowed to comment.

So much for free speech. G'damn commies.

Thanks for the article. I got a kick out of it.

Most of Wonkette's discussion is absolute subjective drivel, but the one point that stands out amongst the absurdities.

If a congressman is to be measured by the number of bills passed as the value of his worth, we're truly screwed.

The legislation needs to be refactored so there is less of it, not more.

Fact check, the LA Times is not owned by Murdoch. It is currently owned by the Tribune. Facts are always better than bat-shit crazy ramblings. Try it sometime.

Most of Wonkette's discussion is absolute subjective drivel, but the one point that stands out amongst the absurdities.

If a congressman is to be measured by the number of bills passed as the value of his worth, we're truly screwed.

The legislation needs to be refactored so there is less of it, not more.

Wonk who?

Wonkette has an absolutely hilarious site. You do not even have to mention Ron Paul when you comment on the forum to get your posting privileges taken away - all you have to do is argue for liberty or sound money and if an admin just happens to read that comment, BOOM, your account is no longer eligible to comment. And therefore when read the comment section on Wonkette's site they all sing to the same tune and follower than same sheep herder. That shit is so funny to me!

Andrew, count your teeth while you still have em. You androgynous yuppie.

(Oh, my, sounds like Chris didn't take his meds today. Thanks for reading the item. Hope you get a chance to catch some of the other comments on it from fellow fans of Dr. Paul.)

Excellent article! This is a perfect example how there are "two sides to every coin". A perfect example of how a subject can be written about..biased on either side. Unfortunately there is not enough space or money to do EVERY article this way. Most articles, of course are biased one way and that is why many Americans just do not believe the press anymore and just watch or read it "tongue in cheek".
Dr. Ron Paul's campaign just shows how someone who "used" to meet all the criteria of newsworthiness (ie, married 51 years, veteran, consistent voting record,integrity in his personal and public life, a whole culture and massive grassroots support, music, radio programs and most of all, to the political world, monetary support;) is totally ignored and blacked-out by the media and squashed by proved election fraud.
It is obvious that someone in the corporate and political world just did not want Dr.Ron Paul's truthful message on economics and returning to the American constitution, to get out and spread, thus losing CONTROL.
This attitude of the press and those in political leadership is a reflection of our current cultural spiral to fascism.

Peden is a non-factor already.


Overall: Paul +33 (63-30)
Women: Paul +37
Men: Paul +29
Under 30: Paul +64
30-45: Paul +19
Economy: Paul +56 (70-26)
Taxes: Paul +41 (65-24)
Family: Paul +37 (65-28)
Iraq: Paul +37 (64-27)
Immigration: Paul +26 (59-33)
Health Care: Paul +16 (52-36)
Hispanics: Paul +45
Other Minorities: Paul +59

Education: Peden +14

Well, I didn't know if it was owned by Murdoch, hence the question. But the rest isn't ramblings. Look it up for yourself. Everything I posted is true.

To sum up this article: Paul rules, Peden drools!

Thanks Andrew, I enjoyed this article. Satire is always healthy, and if we Ron Paul fans can't laugh at ourselves a little then we're in serious trouble. And still the R3volution continues. One thing though, I wish you would have included a snipit on Dr. Paul's tirade against Bernanke yesterday.

While we are laughing a little, let's not forget that major economic decisions are being made by an oligarchy of government financial planners that have an enormous impact not only on the purchasing power of Americans but also the prospects of sustainable, long-term economic growth. Positive or negative, keep the Dr. Paul articles coming and I'm sure I'll keep finding myself on the L.A. Times blog!

Check it out:

OK, I give up. What makes the Wonkette article funny?

to do with the American people. I wish one person could show me how they equate, but no one can. Ron's competition gets mad when he shows America how our federal gov't has failed us. Doing so also exposes how the media has failed the American people with their complacent attitudes in reporting the travesty of our ever more tyrannic federal gov't. Ron isn't running against McCain or Huck, he is running against the whole of modern gov't and media. I'd say he's done an amazing job given the real circumstances of his campaign.

OK Andrew, ha ha very clever. Would you agree that an educated and informed citizenry is fundamental to a functional democracy? Would you also agree that our public schools and commercial media have failed us spectacularly in this regard? How would you like to go all the way with a Pulitzer? This is the story of the century. You can do better. Substance, please.

Why do so many people like Barack Obama??? I think it's because they are all white apologists, or black supremesists. Either way, I cannot support the man for one simple reason: He has yet to say anything "real". Sure, his complaints about billary snaking his platform points might be true.. but really that is the most substantial thing to come out of the man's mouth.

Have you ever listened to him? I mean REALLY LISTENED? I have never heard anyone say nothing with so many words. No real commitments, no promise to "secure" our borders (the only "secure" border is an armed border), improve our education, clean up the environment, or any other federal program allowed to go broke over the last 7 years. All I hear him say is something like, "The future of this great nation is founded in the dreams of our children". Sounds lovely but says nothing about how he intends to make the system equally accessible to our youth to help them see that future to fruition.

I don't know about you, but come November I'll vote for the guy saying things like, "I want to bring ALL of our troops home (from all other countries)", " I am going to end the war on drugs", "I am going to end the NAU before it begins". I feel anything less would be a betrayal of this country.


I have to say, you should run a workshop in cynicism. Exploiting a groups love of something for personal gain, all the while mocking the ever-living shit out of them. Truly, well done---a lesson in this country's gullibility, especially considering you've been doing if for 5 months.

But on another note: suck a dick. I sincerely hope your old ass retires/expires soon. Seriously, judging from you're picture you've got to be, what, 90?---just shut your old ass up already

It's not a vast "left-wing conspiracy" of the mainstream media to shut Dr Paul out of this election, it's a vast Bilderberg-conspiracy. Bilderberg, acting through their foreign policy arm, the Council on Foreign Relations, that is. I'd think all major media outlets have owners (and sometimes staff) that are CFR members. The CFR promote the globalist / one world government agenda, and are supportive of the war in Iraq and American imperialism. Obama, Clinton, McCain, and Huckabee, are all CFR-sellouts. They are members going along with the CFR policies, and their advisors are all CFR members pushing the CFR globalist agenda.

Andrew, you may be in the twilight of your years, but you have the ability to do something truly great for this nation, and We the People. Blow the lid. Expose it all. I'm sure you've seen enough in your time, and have been exposed to sufficient documentary proof to do so. Become more than a man - become a hero.

Yet another piece of worthless journalism. The repeated droll of "I won't vote for a candidate unless he is a frontrunner" and " I refuse to think and/or vote based on principle or moral objective on my own" is getting boring. These are the least of my concerns. What concerns me most is, how could anyone mock a man who raises awareness on how sick this country really is, and how far away from lawfulness we really are. This piece is another nail in the coffin of our Constitution. Shame on you.

Just keep laughing, Remember what Dr. Paul said--

--And one more thing I would like now to state on this day memorable perhaps not only for us Americans. I have often been a prophet in my life and was generally laughed at. During my struggle for power, the Neocons primarily received with laughter my prophecies that I would someday assume the leadership of the country and thereby of the entire nation and then, among many other things, achieve a solution of the Neocon problem. I suppose that meanwhile the laughter of Neocons in this country that resounded then is probably already choking in their throats.

Today I want to be a prophet again. If international finance Neocons within the NAU and abroad should succeed once more in plunging the peoples into a world war, then the consequence will be not the Liberalization of the world and therewith a victory of Neocons, but on the contrary, the destruction of the Neocons in this country.

-Ron Paul


For once, looks like you got it right.


(At last, one time.)

Is this group also watching for the outcome of the presidential election?

Politics is the art of preventing people from taking part in affairs which properly concern them.
Paul Valery

"I guess that's all Rupert will let you get away with. (This is a newscorp property no?)"

Throwing out an accusation that a blogger for a newspaper is biased based upon who owns the paper and then actually being wrong about the owner is crazy. Your question was clearly meant to be rhetorical, and on the small chance it wasn't, it only shows you to be incredibly lazy. In the internet age it only took me 20 seconds to confirm that the Tribune Company was still the owner. Further, the LA Times has frequently had articles over the past year or so about conflicts between the paper and its owners, including the firings of editors. You would have to claim that you don't read the paper on which you are commenting. From all of that I can only draw the conclusion that you are making your accusation based upon your own inner monologue.

Have you seen Peden's website with its cross and Liberals are to blame for everything!

The sad part is BC democrats hide like they are ashamed of what they do.

BC democrats need to get their head out of their you know what and get a contender.

That was hilarious. Almost as hilarious as the Paultards who take this crap seriously. Thanks for that.

Thank You Mr Malcolm. I am glad to see that there are a few journalists with integrity that don't just jump on a bandwagon because it seems popular, or going with some candidate only because they will probably win. What seems to be RIGHT and LOGICAL is what I always go for too. We need more journalists that can think for themselves and aren't afraid of speaking TRUTH.


1. Paul is "anti BIG-government", not anti-government.
2. Our dollars were not wasted; educating the public is not a waste.
2. We already know what kind of whore Wonkette is.

And yes, Andrew, you do seem a little cynical and resigned. Is there any joy in life for you? At any rate, I hope you get the perennial joy we Ron Paul people feel for our man and his ideas; ideas that will never die.

Mr. Malcolm,

I appreciated this article, it's shows your sense of humor on things...and I celebrate you!


Because you play your readers beautifully, dancing the fine line on the most read on-line topic of the presidential campaign! You take no sides...I dig it.

I have to say, as a Ron Paul supporter, that I have faith in the fact that you get the RP message....while you may not agree with all of understand the principals and understand the underlying mission of the movement that has attached themselves to the man devoted to limited government, low taxes and national sovereignty.

Never apoloigize for being intelligent enough to get it, Sir.

I appreciate your time,

ahh the social experiment continues. . . .

i choose: neither.

I find this kind of 'humor' amazing! At this critical time in American history to trivialize and belittle a grassroots movement to restore respect and adherence to the Constitution is abominable and contemptible! Shame on you!

The Ron Paul Revolution isn't about Ron Paul (the man), even though his personal integrity and his Congressional record is praiseworthy. The Ron Paul Revolution is about hundreds of thousands of individual Americans becoming aware of their Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Natural Law and the principle of limited government. It’s about an increasing awareness of the usurpation of our God-given rights by politicians and bureaucrats and the expansion of government control and regulation into areas of the private and personal sector that are wholly outside the jurisdiction of the federal government. The Ron Paul Revolution is about individuals becoming aware of lost liberty and the ever increasing erosion of freedoms and rights … and responsibilities. Responsibilities that were intended for the States or the people themselves.

Your disparagement of the Ron Paul Revolution is a slap in the face to every freedom loving, Constitution supporting citizen of this country (which includes, I might add a vast portion of our active-duty military!) and indeed, a denigration of the Founders of this Constitutional Republic and the principles that they fought so valiantly to save. We are their posterity - defamation of ‘we, the people’ is to hold the very creators of the Constitution and this Republic in contempt. Again - SHAME ON YOU!

The Ron Paul Revolution grows daily across the nation, fueled by defamatory articles, newscasts and blogs that trivialize and negate its purpose and its goals. Whether you care to acknowledge it or not, the Ron Paul Revolution expands its influence in towns, cities and states - infiltrating the Republican Party, recruiting precinct workers, grooming candidates, disseminating literature and videos, emailing and blogging updates, news and strategies. Only a self-possessed fool could fail to acknowledge the change in the political climate that IS the Ron Paul Revolution.

It’s not Ron Paul (the man), it’s Ron Paul (the messenger) and that message is moving like a brushfire across the American political landscape. Long after Ron Paul (the man) has left the stage the Ron Paul Revolution he started and inspired will continue the work of the Founding Fathers - the restoration of this Constitutional Republic, the limited jurisdiction of the federal government, and expanded individual liberty.

The dogs may bark, but this caravan rolls on!

-Dixon Cannon

(Now, if you could just get the caravan to vote in sufficient numbers to win something somewhere.)

Andrew, I've appreciated your articles on Ron Paul. He is the only person I would trust to stop the Trans Texas Corridor (southern leg of the NASCO NAFTA Supercorridor). I still believe when we march on Washington in the Freedom March, we can make a difference and take back the GOP. But, if that does not happen, if Ron Paul does not run as an independent, if Obama, HIllary, McCain, or even Huckabee are elected, my family will not be here to vote in the general election. We are among the first who will be shaved off for the construction of the Trans Texas Corridor. We have decided to move to Australia. There are so many major corridors planned from Mexico to different points on the Canadian border, there will be nowhere anyone can buy land with confidence that it will not be confiscated for the Corridors. I've seen the NASCO maps, before they were removed from the website. And who would want to stay in a nation that will face the famine this one will face after they pave the bread basket. Your elected officials are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Spanish corporation Cintra, and Zachry, and while the CEOs of the multinationals will have food, because the super-rich never go hungry, most people will know hunger and privation. Americans won't understand why the food production is decreasing in our nation. They won't understand the ecological reasons that foreign farmers can't feed us. Americans will only know that their grocery store shelves are empty. They will blame the politicians they have voted into office. But, Americans VOTED THEM INTO OFFICE. Americans must take responsibility for failing to inform themselves of this, the single most important issue in the campaign. This issue that billions have been spent to push through at the expense of Americans, for the profits of foreign toll road companies and politicians. To those foreign companies, it means their very survival to build these corridors in the U.S. To the American people, it means their survival to prevent it. But Americans don't know that. So they make fun of Ron Paul, who only ran this race to try to save us from the vultures circling overhead. Good luck, all. This time next year, we will be trying to make a go of it in Aussieland and trying to learn how to live in a completely new place after having been born in Texas, every member of my family. After having lived here all of our lives and after planning to be buried right here on our land. When the best agricultural land in the world is gone, you can rely on the Chinese to starve THEIR people while trying to feed YOURS, but they can't produce nearly enough. No nation is more vulnerable than one that cannot feed it's people. Ignorance is bliss until the table is empty. In Australia, we can grow enough food to feed our own family, and some to sell in Australia. Americans will wish they had listened to Ron Paul, but it will be far too late.

Andrew, I am glad that you are mentioning Ron Paul. Even if your way of doing it is a little ... different.

Where Ron Paul connects, he wins. That is why he has, despite the best efforts of the neo-cons, won his district repeatedly, with increasing margins. If he was 'unelectable' he wouldn't have repeatedly won his district with such increasing ease, despite the efforts of neo-cons GWB, DeLay, Gingrich, etc to stab him in the back. If Ron Paul got the coverage nationwide that he deserves, no one would stand a chance against him. That is why he is being censored.

Please continue to talk about Ron Paul, even if you must take both sides ;)


To jbunniii:

"He has a very high, whiny voice that wavers when he lectures Ben Bernanke. I hope he retires soon."

Posted by: jbunniii | February 28, 2008 at 11:46 AM

You'd rather hear a polished phone actor voice puking lies? I LIKE Ron Paul's voice -- because he is extremely intelligent, courageous and honest.

I hope that the Federal Reserve, the house of massive counterfeit, the source of the decline of the dollar, retires soon -- no, I don't want to wait, I want the Fed to be slain. Ron Paul is the only POTUS candidate willing to do it.

So stop your whining, bunniii.

Bush says we are NOT going into a recession, it's just a "slowdown". The MSM along with a few Wonkers will repeat this over and over again until we believe it.

Just pretend you don't see all those foreclosures on your street, your empty gas tank and bare cabinets. Maybe concentrate on the WMD in Iraq. Those are hard to see, but use your imagination.

It's all under control. We won't need Ron Paul's silly ideas about fixing the economy after all, cause it's not broke.

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