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Look out, Huck, Ron Paul's people are gonna be furious

OK, Disciples of Paul, here's the chance you've been waiting for to get Mike Huckabee, the only remaining contender between your guy, Rep. Ron Paul, Ron Paul Republican Party candidate for presidentand the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, that nobody senator from Arizona, John McCain.

Do you know what Huckabee wrote on Tuesday? You won't believe it. Seriously.

Because he needs the publicity and doesn't have the money to buy much advertising to convince the rapidly growing number of Republicans who see the former Arkansas governor as a lingering nuisance who can't take a hint that his presidential hopes are over, smoked, done, dashed, cooked, fried, kaput, finished, completed and hopeless, Huckabee has challenged McCain to a debate. Hey, it only cost a stamp.

Huckabee's letter says: "I believe a Lincoln-Douglas debate so that voters can better understand our views on critical issues such as health care, education, energy independence, terrorism and national security is just what we need."

Of course, the Lincoln-Douglas debates occurred in....

a U.S. Senate race. There were seven of them, each three hours long. (That was in the 1850s before commercials for bathroom breaks.) And, also, the Republican lost that race.

But nevermind, Huckabee wants the spectacle of a debate before next Tuesday's March 4 primaries, when his campaign hopes could become absolute cinders. He'd also like your online signature on the letter for publicity.

But here's the real outrage that will rock the Internet in the next few hours. After paying the now-required tribute to Sen. McCain as "an American hero," Huckabee writes:

"Now that the race for the Republican nomination is down to just the two of us, I believe this is the time for a real discussion about our vision for the future of this great country."

The two of us? As in 2? One more than one and one less than three? Huckabee has no idea what he is in for, dissing the party's other remaining candidate. Just watch the comments section below for a taste. He's completely disregarded the existence of the 10-term libertarian-like congressman from Texas. Who may not have a realistic chance of beating McCain either, but don't tell that to members of the Ron Paul Revolution.

Paul, by the way, has consistently raised more campaign donations than Huckabee for the last year -- five times Huckabee's total in the third quarter of 2007 alone and more than any other Republican last quarter, nearly $20 million.

Paul has been spending a good deal of time recently in his home 14th District where, like Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich, he's facing a serious party primary challenge next Tuesday because he's been spending a lot of time not in his home 14th District.

But that doesn't mean Paul's countless thousands of fervent followers are tied up. Huckabee doesn't know the meaning of evangelical until he runs into Paul proselytizers. First, they will spread word of this Huckabee outrage within their chatrooms, meet-up groups, phone chains and message boards.

They will start leaving hundreds, then thousands of comments on blogs like this. They will, of course, politely remember that this blog has resisted the mainstream media ignorance and written often about their man. So they will direct their displeasure at the Huckmeister.

If the Paulunteers can discover Huckabee's e-mail, he'll get an electronic earful. And once they find Huckabee's campaign schedule on his website and realize that the former governor is also in Texas these days, they will march on Huckabee's campaign events as they did Rudy Giuliani's.

And remember what happened to Giuliani's candidacy.

--Andrew Malcolm

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Are we supposed to be surprised that Huck says there are only two? When there were 10 they said there were 9, when there were 7 they said 6, 5 they said 4, I think you get the picture. McCain will ignore Huck's challenge.. I say Ron Paul should take the opportunity and tell Huck that he will happily debate him at any time, but honestly I think he wont do that until his primary is over. I think we'll all be hearing a bit more about this cause McCain ain't got it wrapped up yet.

The best move HUCK could have is actually call RON PAUL and set up a debate, invite McCain and when he doesn't show let it be the real debate. THAT WOULD MAKE NEWS!
He should have announced on SNL so it wouldn't be ignored by the MSM

Ron Paul's message is what I support so deligently. He is the first politcian to stand up, speak the truth and not back down when scrutinized or ignored. They are all scared of him because he wants to give the power back to the people. The only tool they have againist him is the media. They have the media in thier pocket so they can say "just ignore him, he'll go away". That is not the case, we're keeping up the fight!

Wake up sheeple, this should be a sign that we are on the right path! Ron Paul is the only hope this republic has to survive!

Nice picture of Paul. I have no clue why Huckabee is so ignorant but once again he proves that he's too dumb to be president.
I would LOVE to see a debate on real issues between the 3 candidates. Paul is so far out of their league it isn't even funny. If the average voter would pay more attention they would see that.
God help us all if McCain wins the nomination.

on your ballot, write in RON PAUL

Thank you for writing about this issue...your right! Us Ron Paul supporters and there for supporters of peace, liberty, and equality...will NOT stand for this. As soon as Huckabee is gone, it's ON! We won't just continue to support his message and send him money day after day, but we WILL continue to march and go door to door...for Dr. Paul's words will reach every American rather they are a believer or not. We WILL continue to make sure people are understanding the truth behind the man. A vote for Ron Paul IS a vote for FREEDOM and LIBERTY!! Don't YOU forget that...

Ron Paul for President in 2008!

To the Huckabee supporters posting nonsense here: The only reason Huckabee and Ron Paul appear to have the same platform is because Huckster copied Paul's talking points and falsely claimed them as his own. Ron Paul is FAR more qualified than Huckster. Ron Paul delegates will NEVER vote for Huckster. They will be at the convention for months and will vote for Dr. Paul a million times, if that's what it takes. Get real! You people are supporting a charlatan.

Dr. Paul is the only honest person in this race. He is the only one who respects the Constitution; the only one who will end the wars; the only one who knows how to fix the collapsing economy; the only one who deserves our support. If Ron Paul is not on the ballot in November, I will write him in. I would never vote for any of the others. I suspect virtually all Ron Paul supporters agree with me. It's Ron Paul or bust. Literally.

This election should not be a popularity contest. This is literally about the survival of our country. If Huck and McCain had an honorable bone in their bodies, they would step aside for the good of the country. Ron Paul is the only person qualified to lead America through this critical time in history. Anything else will be total disaster. Mark my words! If Ron Paul is not our next President, we are finished.

My understanding is that Ron Paul has suspended his campaign while he runs for re-election in Texas as a Congressman. That would be why Mike Huckabee said there were only two candidates left. If someone said that there would be a debate between McCain, Huckabee, and Paul, Huckabee would be there in a minute. Ron Paul has an excellent argument but it is not the kind of argument that a man makes when running for President. The magnitude of the changes he wants to see cannot come within a single term. He wants to remake the world. That is why he is not taken seriously by most people.

I would love to see a debate between the THREE remaining Republican candidates. Perhaps Mr. Huckabee could begin by publicly apologizing to Dr. Paul for assuming he was no longer in the race. On the contrary, Ron Paul's message of freedom is the pace car in this least on the grass roots level.

Dr. Paul has made the most sense from the beginning of the race and a debate between the three remaining candidates will only magnify his insightful logic.

Ron Paul! Hope for America!

@David Anderson:
Ron Paul never "suspended" his presidential campaign. That is patently false. He has been in the race the entire time, so for Huck to say there are only 2 left in the race means either he can't count, or he's dishonest. Take your pick. Neither McCain nor Huck wants to debate Ron Paul, because they will both be demolished. There is no comparison. Dr. Paul would mop the floor with them.

And, in case you hadn't noticed, the whole world desperately needs to be changed. Dr. Paul never said he could do it all "in one term" but he can certainly get things going in the right direction. He is the only one who would do that, because he's the only one who works for the people, not for the globalist elite who are deliberately destroying America. Can people not even recognize their own self interest? A vote for anyone other than Ron Paul is a vote for the fascist New World Order and the end of America.

(Actually, he did issue a confusing statement that led many to think he had suspended the presidential campaign to focus on the congressional one, including an appeal for funds for that one. Later, he tried to clarify, but the misunderstanding was already spreading.)

I think I have a crush on Andrew Malcolm now! Thank you for the coverage!!

(Well, now, that's interesting! Thanks for reading.)

RP said he was suspending his campaign to focus on his senate race. You can still vote for him and he keeps his delegates, but technically he is not in the running so Huckabee was right to say there were only two left. I like a lot of what RP says, but he doesn't have the temperament to be POTUS, of course neither does McVain. If Huckabee doesn't get the nom it's going to be hard to vote come Nov.


Whatever - get a life. Do you get paid for how many folks respond to your Blog? If so, then way to pad the numbers jack.

I can see your gloating and just can’t wait to tell us all (ha I told you Ron Paul couldn’t win)....

The IQ of America at the moment based off the primary results and retards like you in the media is fast approaching the below 70 mark.

Why don’t you cover the Oboma nut jobs???????

Are you afraid to do it?????

(We WISH we got paid by the number of readers! Next contract that's at the top of the list. Thanks for the idea.)

Just give me one good minute with Huckabee and he will never make this mistake again. Huck, you suck. You are a kiss up nobody in it for the glory that has long ago left the repulican party. You do not and shall never speak for me and if you have as little a chace of winning the nom as Ron Paul then it is too much for me. I would throw up on you but I was spent after McCain, Obama, Clinton, and Romney. You are a sad strange little man. Go back to you state and accept more gifts from special interest like you always do and continue to hope that the big dogs in Washington will throw you some scraps from the table because you are a nobody too scared to go after the goods for yourself. Ron Paul told me the truth. You told me the same with a lot of "God" talk mixed in. GO HOME AND LEAVE ME ALONE!

Mike Huckabee! You should be ashamed of your self. I know you know your bible sir so here you go'
Proverbs 6:14-19
14 Perversity is in his heart,
He devises evil continually,
He sows discord.
15 Therefore his calamity shall come suddenly;
Suddenly he shall be broken without remedy.
16 These six things the LORD hates,
Yes, seven are an abomination to Him:
17 A proud look,
A lying tongue,
Hands that shed innocent blood,
18 A heart that devises wicked plans,
Feet that are swift in running to evil,
19 A false witness who speaks lies,
And one who sows discord among brethren.

Dr Paul is a brother, and you should at least give him the respect of that.

I wish that they would have that format of debate since it would play into Dr. Paul's strengths. He can talk for great lengths of time without relying on rhetoric. He is able to convey his overall philosophy which guides his actions in public office instead of relying on lobbyists to educate and pay for corporate interests. Dr. Paul has inspired many Americans to become leaders in their communities. He inspires Americans through his message, not through rhetoric. Because his philosophy guides his actions, I cannot believe you would trust any other politician.

To Polly A and all you other Huckster supporters out there: For the last time: RON PAUL NEVER SUSPENDED HIS PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN!!! He merely shifted his focus, temporarily, to his congressional (not senate, Polly) campaign. There is a big difference. And Huck knew it, so don't use your BS about RP's "suspending his campaign" as an excuse for your guy's dishonesty. I'm sorry, but are you people that ignorant? Oh wait, you ARE supporting a lying preacher man, who flat out STOLE Dr. Paul's platform, for President of the United States, after all. How smart could you be? You are probably the ones who voted for GWB, the phony Christian, not once but twice! And Polly, to say that Dr. Paul "doesn't have the temperament to be POTUS" is about as absurd as it gets. What are you people thinking? Dr. Paul is the most mild-mannered gentleman you will ever find. He is also a devout Christian, although, to his credit, he doesn't wear it on his sleeve and use it for political advantage like your guy does.

Ron Paul is the thinking man's candidate. Ron Paul is the candidate supported by people who actually know what is going on in the world, and what must be done to change it for the better. By the way, he is also getting MANY more delegates than the "official" count shows. If McNut does not win on the first ballot at the convention, things will get very interesting. On each successive ballot, more delegates will be unbound, and thus free to vote for whomever they choose. Many, if not most, will eventually vote for Ron Paul.

As I said earlier, if Huck and McNut had any honor, they would stand down for the good of the country. Neither of them is interested in that, only in his own self interest. The big difference is that Ron Paul is not seeking the presidency for his own benefit. He is doing this for us, and for future generations, to be able to live in freedom, peace and prosperity. I hope you people eventually realize that, and join the r3VOLution, instead of making lame excuses for the others. This is not a game. The future of America and the world is at stake.

Sounds to me that the SOME of the candidates are believing what that main stream media is feeding WE THE PEOPLE!

The supporters of the other candidates are gonna have to wake up eventually before it is to late....., but I have that sick to the stomach feeling that they will be the ones that try to take credit away form those who deserve it if things get better, just like the candidates they support
Posted by: BentPerception

In the beginning of change, the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for it then costs nothing to be a patriot."

- Mark Twain

Ron Paul is the only viable candidate of the republican party who has the ability to go against the Dems for any chance to win. It is a clear choice when you actually toss out party line and look at the candidate in a real personal mentallity, and what the people want. Paul says it all, and the others only wish their message was as received as the Doctors. Ron Paul has the ability to unite all classes and bring in those who have never before voted in these United States of America and should be the Republican Nom. If not then he should run third party and take it all away from the 2 party machine. That is the bottom line for many of us. Of course they don't want to let the message out there for the entire public and these chats are llimited to the computer for a reason. It is called media censorship and it is a way to keep anything that is good from really grabbing hold.
Don Christen

Who cares what the Huckster said,wants,
thinks or does!Ron Paul 2008!

Ron Paul supporters are not the reason Rudy Ghuliani had to drop put of the race, no far from it. Remember when he was the RNC #1 and a media darling? So what the heck happened, he and Hillary were going to cruise to their nominations weren't they? Rudy is history because voters saw him for what he was, a sinister climber with a frightening sense of entitlement just like Hillary end of story. They are just as frightened of ballot fraud climber John McCain.
As for Mike Huckabee he is a side show con wrapped in Joseph's technicolor dreamcoat. The guy has been ripping off Ron Paul's platform the whole way so having him debate dear John himself further expresses the good doctors ideals without him even being there.

Join Stop the Matrix...It's a positive step for our cause..

It's an endevor of Trevor Layman..he is the one who helped in the success of the RP money bombs..Get involved.

Investigative Reporters and Editors Inc. report that Senator John McCain's personal fortune traces back to organized crime in Arizona, through his father-in-law. James Hensley was convicted by a federal jury in U.S. District Court in 1948 on seven counts of filing false liquor records.
**Senator John McCain's campaign and a Bethesda bank strongly defended $4 million in loans Tuesday as Democrats questioned their legality and said that the way they were secured requires McCain abide by federal spending restrictions.

This delusion is unbelievable. The Huckster has won more votes and delegates. That’s how the game is played. RP had plenty of time at almost all of the debates and managed only to convince a very small and insignificant amount of people. Why is this? Simple. Because he is a horrible candidate who cannot articulate a clear point of view and convert the masses. You claimed victory at the debates when no one rebutted his statements, how could they right. He’s got all the answers right. They didn’t have to. They let RP bury himself with his horrible public speaking skills. There were more important issues to remember. Do you really think there are no problems with a libertarian point of view? If there was this “real” groundswell of support and the libertarian views were being taken seriously it wouldn’t take more than a 15 minute prep talk and the candidates would shoot holes through RP’s libertarian philosophy. It is very fallible. Do your research. There is a reason why the libertarian philosophy is not in use today. It’s fundamentally flawed. Wake up out of your stupor. Honorable Ron Paul…give me a break. Delusional.

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