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Look out, Huck, Ron Paul's people are gonna be furious

OK, Disciples of Paul, here's the chance you've been waiting for to get Mike Huckabee, the only remaining contender between your guy, Rep. Ron Paul, Ron Paul Republican Party candidate for presidentand the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, that nobody senator from Arizona, John McCain.

Do you know what Huckabee wrote on Tuesday? You won't believe it. Seriously.

Because he needs the publicity and doesn't have the money to buy much advertising to convince the rapidly growing number of Republicans who see the former Arkansas governor as a lingering nuisance who can't take a hint that his presidential hopes are over, smoked, done, dashed, cooked, fried, kaput, finished, completed and hopeless, Huckabee has challenged McCain to a debate. Hey, it only cost a stamp.

Huckabee's letter says: "I believe a Lincoln-Douglas debate so that voters can better understand our views on critical issues such as health care, education, energy independence, terrorism and national security is just what we need."

Of course, the Lincoln-Douglas debates occurred in....

a U.S. Senate race. There were seven of them, each three hours long. (That was in the 1850s before commercials for bathroom breaks.) And, also, the Republican lost that race.

But nevermind, Huckabee wants the spectacle of a debate before next Tuesday's March 4 primaries, when his campaign hopes could become absolute cinders. He'd also like your online signature on the letter for publicity.

But here's the real outrage that will rock the Internet in the next few hours. After paying the now-required tribute to Sen. McCain as "an American hero," Huckabee writes:

"Now that the race for the Republican nomination is down to just the two of us, I believe this is the time for a real discussion about our vision for the future of this great country."

The two of us? As in 2? One more than one and one less than three? Huckabee has no idea what he is in for, dissing the party's other remaining candidate. Just watch the comments section below for a taste. He's completely disregarded the existence of the 10-term libertarian-like congressman from Texas. Who may not have a realistic chance of beating McCain either, but don't tell that to members of the Ron Paul Revolution.

Paul, by the way, has consistently raised more campaign donations than Huckabee for the last year -- five times Huckabee's total in the third quarter of 2007 alone and more than any other Republican last quarter, nearly $20 million.

Paul has been spending a good deal of time recently in his home 14th District where, like Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich, he's facing a serious party primary challenge next Tuesday because he's been spending a lot of time not in his home 14th District.

But that doesn't mean Paul's countless thousands of fervent followers are tied up. Huckabee doesn't know the meaning of evangelical until he runs into Paul proselytizers. First, they will spread word of this Huckabee outrage within their chatrooms, meet-up groups, phone chains and message boards.

They will start leaving hundreds, then thousands of comments on blogs like this. They will, of course, politely remember that this blog has resisted the mainstream media ignorance and written often about their man. So they will direct their displeasure at the Huckmeister.

If the Paulunteers can discover Huckabee's e-mail, he'll get an electronic earful. And once they find Huckabee's campaign schedule on his website and realize that the former governor is also in Texas these days, they will march on Huckabee's campaign events as they did Rudy Giuliani's.

And remember what happened to Giuliani's candidacy.

--Andrew Malcolm

Beautiful Republican woman

         Typical Ron Paul supporter

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Summer, name calling can be so desperate and immature. You poor thing. Even Huckabee hasn't even got that much media attention. Paul and Huckabee have been downplayed by the media. Don't blame Huckabee, blame the media. The media is asking Huckabee to be on their morning shows. Since some person that commented on this thread said, Ron Paul has raised more money than Huckabee, maybe Ron Paul should advertise for himself, since he has that much money. Duh!

Huckabee is a tool whose best ideas came from Ron Paul. Hucka-bombs? Yeah, blatant rip off of Ron Paul's Money Bombs. Constitutional amendment to clarify birthright citizenship, Ron Paul's idea. Huckabee is a fascist who couldn't play the preacher role because he's not even convincing at that. Huckabee is a fool and if he thinks he's got a shot then he's deluded too. The media has picked their candidates and no matter how many votes are cast for someone else one of the stooges will win.

Hi Andrew,

This thing is much bigger than Ron Paul. You don't change the world overnight. We are tired of the liars, thieves and murderers printing their fake money, running an idiot-creating educational system, poisoning us with whatever industrial waste by product they want to put in our water, lying to us constantly through their fake, controlled media outlets, sending our best and bravest to get their arms and legs blown off for complete lies, stealing our private land, flooding our job market with illegal immigrants that they beg and plead to come across our border destroying our middle class, and running the show from their little underground bunkers with their sniveling sycophants sniffing as far up the backside as they can go.

We're sick of PNAC, the CFR, the Bilderbergers, the Club of Rome, the fake environmental movement, the fake Free Trade bs which is really controlled trade that benefits a handful and ruins the rest, and the crap spinsters with their thousand dollar suits and their meaningless promises that always result in the same destruction of who we are.

We're sick of their little electronic voting machines that give them any result they want.

Their system is already dead because they've turned to the last resort of force or threats thereof. They've exposed themselves for what they really are: a bunch of perverted, twisted sociopaths. We're done with it.

(Darin, will handle the rest of your comment in coming days. Thanks for the tip.)

Summer, you poor thing, only a desperate and lowly person would stoop so low as to name call Huckabee.
Blame the media, not Huckabee. Huckabee gets calls from the morning and evening shows. is it his fault no one calls, Ron Paul. Think about it.

(Actually, as we've written here. Huckabee has a very experienced and good communications strategist, Kirsten Fedewa, who actively solicits the invitations from countless shows and priceless national exposure. She's saved the campaign more than $100 million. Which makes your point, Mattie, that you need to be proactive in the current political world. You need to go out and hustle to earn the attention, which not every campaign has done effectively. Sometimes there's a reason for being ignored.)

the LA times has writers with this type of insight?! viva la LATimes!!!

he said it all!!!

i got nothing to add!!!

ok. i'll shut up now!!!

Hard to tell what's wrong with the Republican Party when they can't recognize the best man to come along in over a century. That's the power of brainwashing for you - not to mention the human animal's unfortunate tendency to extreme stupidity. The Ron Paul Revolution's work is progressing nicely but the education and de-programming of the masses is still not over. Much remains to be done. We can however take heart that Gandhi's efforts succeeded despite huge odds against him, taking several DECADES to actualize some semblance of what he had set out to accomplish. Patience, Perseverance, Integrity and Good Humor. These are the tools we use and with which we'll win.

PS. August 2008 is tentatively "No-Driving Month" to let the ever-loving oil industry know that we are not amused. Spread the word!

HULK CRUSH!!!!!!!!

lol. But really, we're not like crazy terrorists, we're just speaking out against blatant obfuscations and censorship. Man, it's never been so hard to be a patriot, right?

Plus, Huck is a creation of the media, just like Giuliani and McCain. They're both tools, and stand no real chance of getting even a tiny percentage of the vote. Shouldn't McCains bid have ended 3 months ago?

One might get the impression that Huckabee is only in the race for the purpose of trying to keep attention off of Ron Paul. If Huckabee would just go home (as he SHOULD), it would be down to Ron Paul & McCain. That would make it a lot more difficult for the MSM to ignore Ron Paul. I would like to see a one-on-one debate between Ron Paul & McCain! McCain would surely LOSE. All Ron Paul supporters who can, need to go to all Huckabee Rallies & make Ron Paul's support KNOWN! IT'S ALREADY OVER FOR HUCKABEE, SO HE NEEDS TO JUST GO HOME!!!

Oh, and to the author of this GODAWFUL article, STOP CALLING US NAMES! We're Americans, we're people. Stop making us out to be religious zealot nutcases you ***!!!!!
That's just plain disrespectful. Would you say the same to Obama's fervent supporters. You discredited yourself by calling us a new, disgusting name every paragraph.

I am a hardworking American with not a lot of money in the bank and a life to take care of and I'm an atheist, black, republican constitutionalist who knows our economy is going down the drain. Call me a zealut "Paulite" again, instead of a voter, interested in my candidate,and you'll get the same treatment we're giving Huckabee and gave Giuliani, you tool!

I mean seriously, you should resign. Your writing was absolutely horrendous. You can't call that journalistic. My daughter writes better. And she's 2.

To Mattie(Feb 28, 2008 at 12:58 PM)

If Ron Paul received fair and equal coverage in the main stream media, like the MAIN STREAM PUPPET CANDIDATES DID, I can assure you he would have this election HANDS DOWN!!!

None of the candidates understand the economy as well as Ron Paul.It's obvious this country cant afford to be in this war much less be in Iraq a hundred years as Mcain has stated.I hope more Americans wake up to the reality of this and realize the other candidates are in the race for themselves while Dr Paul sincerely wants to help this country.No one has been honest,he is the only one that has the courage to speak the truth and I will be voting for him even if i have to write him in on the ballot.

Ron Paul is the only true candidate in 2008

Just do not get it. Now how many delegates does Ron
Paul have? How many states has won? If Ron Paul
message is so grate why is not resignaing with the
American People? If Mcain is to be stopped Ron Paul and
Huck should join forces, and let Huck win TX - Ron Paul
Certainly has his own battle in Texas. What a bunch of
nonsense. -why should Paul get any media attention, he
has no numbers - If had the numbers it would be different. If you want to stop McCaine - Join Huckabee - he has a better
chance of beating McCaine in TX. Paul is not campaigning
in Texas. Big deal - has alot of Money - if does translate to votes -what is the point. Huck has one several states
on a shoe string budget - Paul has won nothing with 20 million - Give me a break - you want a brokered convention and Paul to have a chance - Help huck beat
kind of like Romney in Iowa.

I read the initial release of the letter minutes after it went public.Below is the comment I posted on the official release. Needless to say, it never made it past the moderator screening. I applaud all of those who have allowed themselves to "think outside of the box" to very mildly put it. A position of leadership such as the President, requires above all things, Integrity! In all things, at all times........................................................................................
.....Down to just Huckabee and McCain? I wasn't aware that Ron Paul had dropped out. I would have gladly signed this petition to promote the debate, however, the race IS NOT down to only these two. Ron Paul is still very much a candidate in this race and any petition for the Republicans to hold a debate should be open to ALL republicans still running for office. Unless one of these two men is scared of what a debate including Dr. Paul may result in, then why exclude him? Ron Paul is STILL IN IT. Many of Huckabees ideas are based on suggestions Ron Paul has initiated. Paul has more financial support from the troops in Iraq than any other candidate period (sorry for the bad news McCain). Ron Paul has won several of the debates he has debated in when there were far more candidates than Obama, Clinton, Huckabee, McCain, and himself still in the running. Quit writing off Dr. Paul as someone without a chance and as someone whoms opinions and suggestions arent real or viable. If you want a real debate, one in which some truth will be told and lies will be revealed, then invite Dr. Paul. If a fair election is what you truly believe the American people deserve and are entitled to, then have a fair debate. To exclude Paul conveys worry and fear of something by the Huckabee and McCain campaigns both. The news media has done an outstanding job of concealing and hiding Dr. Paul from the public eye in every oppurtunity it has been given. The American people deserve to hear the beliefs and intentions from ALL candidates in public forum. So I say, include them all, or wait until there are only these two left. I cannot accept the statement in this letter in regards to Huckabee and McCain being the only two candidates left as anything other than total untruth, as that is exactly what it is.
I believe the more debates, the better. Let's invite all of the major news outlets. Put it on public television so those without cable are able to participate. Every home with a television in America should tune in for this one. I myself can't wait. The American people deserve nothing less!

Suckabee is the Bible's definition of false teacher.
Didn't Lincoln have a tirade against blacks in those debates?
THe answer is yes... look it up dear.

Wow, the Huckabee website will not post my comment on how Ron Paul needs to be included in this debate! This country has not made me proud (Michelle Obama), this country has disappointed me time after time when it comes to the real issues, and Ron Paul is the only one who wants to address them. All the other candidates have the typical politician speech, "Lower taxes, cheaper healthcare..."

Haha, it is funny how Malcolm makes fun of us as much as he slams Huckabee. I can understand that; we are an amusingly predictable crowd sometimes! But I hope it'll be seen from the enthusiasm that even if we are frustrated now, we're taking this beyond 2008 and are thus far from true defeat. So it goes: They've won the battle, but not the war.

Just to add one to the thousands of comments. ;)

I found it deplorable that the main stream media (msm) almost completely blocked out Ron Paul, so I blacked them out! Yeah, called up DISH Network and cancelled my account. They asked why. I said they were great and provided excellent service and was extremely satisfied with them, however, I could no longer financially support "Constitutional terrorism" through them paying FAUX (fox) news and Communist News Network (CNN) for biased and colluded "content" (lies). I can, for now, find the truth on the internet. This too will be censored in the future as Ron Paul's R3VOLUTION has struck fear into those who would sell out America and enslave its inhabitants.
Please Google and watch:
"Freedom to Fascism"
"The Money Masters"
"Maxed Out"
"The Monopoly Men"
"Money as Debt"
"Loose Change"
Get the education you can't get in school!
Thank you Ron Paul for re-igniting the fire of FREEDOM!

" Typical Ron Paul supporter"

Since it was written in a sarcastic timbre. I have to wonder after looking at the photo.

"What is wrong with her being a supporter?"

She looks good to me. Yumm *

Wow! I didnt expect to see so many comments. This is so inspiring it makes me want to start my own country. One where you are not allowed to even talk about the government being involved in the everyday citizens lives! One in which there is some sort of document that tells you that you have rights that simply cannot be taken away.

OH WAIT!!!! I live in that country! I live in that nation of hope and prosperity! Now all I need to do is get my fellow citizens to pick up a sign or a gun and make sure the goverment hears you!

That's ridiculous. Both Huckabee and McCain are cowards. They are afraid of Paul's message for truth so rather than try and fight it, they are ignoring it. Deep down, they know he's right and that they can't give him a fair chance or he will beat them.



Ron Paul has raise more money, than Huckabee in every quarter Without the help of the Mainstream Media. Huckabee is on Morning Joe 3-5 times every month. Ever since the Beginning Huckabee has bashed Paul, saying that Paul really has no support just a couple pissed off Libertarians. Perhaps Huckabee fears Paul b/c Pauls true conservatism.

Mike Huckabee is the American brand of evangelical fascism. His followers are blindly obedient to his Christian babble about what someone once told him about the Constitution. While I can respect his faith and conviction, he should have the intelligence and the integrity to stand up for the Bill of Rights. If he can't defend the Constitution of the United States of America in his actions, then what makes him think that he can legitimately do so before God and all of us come 2009?

Ron Paul stands for an ideal and an integrity that so many of us have been begging for our entire lives. Now that we see that such is possible in politicians, we will never quit until we see the Revolution transform our government.

When will you all realize that spreading rumors that Ron Paul is dropping out does you no good. We know he isn't giving up and we know WE AMERICANS aren't giving up and letting any other Nazi candidate run this country.


Mike Huckabee is the American brand of evangelical fascism. His followers are blindly obedient to his Christian babble about what someone once told him about the Constitution. While I can respect his faith and conviction, he should have the intelligence and the integrity to stand up for the Bill of Rights. If he can't defend the Constitution of the United States of America in his actions, then what makes him think that he can legitimately do so before God and all of us come 2009?

Ron Paul stands for an ideal and an integrity that so many of us have been begging for our entire lives. Now that we see that such is possible in politicians, we will never quit until we see the Revolution transform our government.

Huckabee is going down.

God knows I adore Ron Paul. But he will not win this election. Because this country is not run by the people. It is run by the deep pocketed elitists of our country (who own the media and the politicians). Its time to focus our energy on taking our country back. Our government no longer represents RULES us. Since when did the definition of democracy become socialism, facsism, imperialism, and monarchy. Wake up America, they are stripping us bare and enslaving our children.

This is ridiculous! Mike Huckabee had no right ignoring the fact that Ron Paul is still running strong in this race. This country is doomed if someone like Huckabee gets into office. I'll leave it at that.

to begin with there are 3 rep. canidates but only 1 true republicain who is ron paul !!!! its just to bad enough people cant get that through their heads but then again this is a media controlled country and every one has been brain washed to not realize what a true rep. is. McCain and Huckabee do and that is why they will never debate with Ron Paul because they know he is the only rep. left in the race. So if you want another puppet in office go with the other two if you want someone in office who gives a damn about you vote Ron Paul"think about it"

"If fascism ever comes to will be wrapped in an American flag carrying a cross" Not too far off, eh Huckster?

Hucksterbee need's a reality brain check... Dr. Ron Paul is alive and well AND still running for US President. Shame on the "preacher" for speaking heresy! Thank you Andrew for pointing this out to your readers. Dr. Paul has my vote even if I have to handwrite it in on my ballot! Be well! :-)

The media keeps referring to McCain as an "American Hero" because he was a POW. Yet, they don't mention the "Vietnam Vets Against McCain" that are exposing McCain for what he is. He was one of the few Senators to block any investigation into the evidence that shows we still have American soldiers that are prisoners of war in Vietnam. The POW/MIA families even know the camps where their family members are being held, yet McCain has blocked any investigation into that evidence.

McCain is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) which is the group that is pushing the North American Union that will destroy our country and our freedoms.

Huckabee's top adviser is Richard Haas who is the president of the CFR.

Obama's top adviser is Zbigniew Brezinski who is in the CFR.

Bill Clinton is a member of the CFR.

Ron Paul is the only candidate left in the race that has no association with the CFR!!!!!! Ron Paul believes in our Constitution and our country and wants to get out of all of the world treaties that our destroying our national sovereignty!!! Research for yourselves what Ron Paul's message is all about.

The mainstream media has many people that are members of the CFR so they are silencing this message!

Actually, the thing about us Ron Paul supporters is that most of us can deal with Huck for the time being. McCain is the one we have much bigger problems with.

There is no doubt that Ron Paul is the true American here. I would love to see a debate between the three. Ron Paul would have no problem glossing over Huck... I say lets stick to the RULES....



Mike Huckabee takes his marching orders from the CFR. He will never drop out of the race before Paul does because if he did it would force the media to call it a two horse race and actually acknowledge the existence of Dr. Paul.

Ron Paul has more wisdom, integrity, honesty and plain old common sense than does all the other candidates, in both parties, put together.

I have been debating supporters of the various other 'pretenders' and all I can say is, "Man, Americans have become even more shollow and foolish than I ever dreamed possible."

By the way, we are not "disciples" of Ron Paul...we are passionately commited to the ideas of liberty, constitutional government and a humble foreign policy! Simple as that! We support him because he supports these core ideas with a huge degree of unswayed integrity.

Hey, RON PAUL IS STILL RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT. Think twice before you swallow the constant preaching from the mainstream media.

Theyre liars. And you know it. You honestly trust these news organizations that are owned by huge corporations that care less about the U.S Constitution or you as a citizen.

RON PAUL WILL BE PRESIDENT, If you get off your butt and be counted. WE CAN DO THIS. We are not going to be sold out to corporate interest and to people who break Constitutional law and deem themselves above the law.


Never EVER EVER give up. WE CAN and WILL DO IT!!!!!!!!!!

You hear me old man and old ladies? Young guys and girls? and all you lazy jaded people on your myspace and youtube accounts? WE CAN DO IT! ITS OUR TIME! ITS OUR CHANCE FOR THE AMERICAN CITIZENS TO GET THEIR COUNTRY BACK!!!!! We never had it under the current politicians , weve been SLAVES for decades and generations.

ITS TIME TO WAKE UP. Now get out of bed, and ACT!!!!! Walk the darn walk, for God and Country's sake!!!!!!!!

3,973 U.S. soldiers have died in Iraq, we are spending 275 million dollars a DAY to keep the war going, and the Canadian dollar is now worth more than the U.S. dollar. The revolution is just beginning. While Bush has played a key role in the problem, Congress is equally responsible. They all swore an oath to defend and protect the Constitution although few have actually done so. If we are going to continue to entertain the idea of democracy we must restore order by holding elected officials accountable for their actions. Instead of just complaining, do something, take action. $3.20 a gallon, if not now, when?

Even if Ron Paul does not win the White House in 2008, I am glad he ran. He gave me hope once again. Huckabee is a good speaker, but he does not understand the issues and is certainly no true conservative, even if he is better than McCain

Hey Andy, just one question.

What in the world made your paper endorse John McCain?I guess your answer would be that people make mistakes.
Shoot from the hip, and don't give me any political mumbo-jumbo.

America needs Ron Paul. I want my kids to know the truth about whats going on in their country. A government that would do their job. Not just debt.

Huckabee has never insulted Paul. And, as a Huckabee supporter, I have always recognized that Huckabee and Paul have essentially the same platform.

Governor Huckabee is better qualified, however. A vote for Paul is not wasted. Neither is a vote for Huckabee wasted.

There are only two ways to win at this point: outright with 1191 (or 1192, depending who's speaking) OR by deadlocking all the way to the national convention and winning there.

Did you notice what happened after the day of prayer for Huckabee? Next day: NY Times article vs. McCain, DNC attacks spending limits on FEC agreement.

Prayer works, folks!

Ron Paul BABBY!

You guys are fools; instead of worrying about this election u should be getting ready for martial law hey!!is pretty much over who ever it is clinton,obama,Macain they are all bought already.We should be preparing to meet our maker that is the most important matter the soul.This NWO is gonna happened no matter what Or else gods word would be a lie and it is not so stop tryng to fight it let it happen in the End they loose anyways they will be punished justfully.So why worry in the end we the MEEK shall inherit the kingdom.
Be glad it is all finally coming to an end, i was getting really tired of this world for those who love the lord are not of this world or for this world.i understand u wanna do the right thing,but the right thing is to save your soul and repent.God almighty could care less about our politics,the only thing he is concern with is do u know his son Jesus.

(Right, well, I'm not packing quite yet.)

Just because you try to ignore that elephant sitting in the living room does not mean that it is not there. Huckabee and McCain are afraid to debate Ron Paul because they both know he will make them look like the idiots they are.

Why would Huckabee lie?

I am confused. Maybe he was confused. Maybe he thought they were going to debate whether they McCain and Huckabee were going to give up the presidency of give up politics altogether now that an HONORABLE, COURAGEOUS, MAN WHO UNDERSTANDS THE RULE OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW AND IS CONSISTENT IN HIS PRINCIPLES IS CHANGING THE COUNTRY.


Because of comments like this and this article. "Mr. Huckabee is not really aware of this countries true condition from these statements you wrote about. Really sad. He shows how strong he is by making nice to John McCain. " give me a break, if the guy who wrote the article says it's good to jump of a cliff, I think you would.

McCain debate Huckabee and if ron paul shows up thats ok with me.

There is only one man left in the republican race: Ron Paul.

First of all. Andrew Malcolm . Your wrong about Governor Huckabee ignoring Ron Paul. In fact most Huckabee supporters respect Ron Paul highly as well as Ron Paul supporters like Huckabee supporters.
Ron Paul has suspended his campaign unoffically because he has a real fight on his hands in the primaries of hiss senate seat in Texas.
Governor Huckabee would be glad to debate Ron Paul, but he believes since the glorifided McCain by the press has to be there to draw any attention.
To try to start a fight between Huckabee and Ron Paul supporters is sicking. The real problem is the McCain heads. That are being lead by their nose blindly.
I talked yesturday with Governor Huckabee and ensures me that he is going to draw a brokered convention, where he will fight for real conservative support and delegates.
At that time we will be tring to get Ron Paul delegates which we respect and respect Governor Huckabee.

Why do you think the media has ignored Ron Paul even after 8 other candidates (who received more respect and tv time) have dropped out? It seems to me that if he truly is incompetent include him in the debates and give him enough rope to hang himself. End of story....the cash cow would die. If not, let FREEDOM RING.

The news media's blatant disrepect is shameful. Dr Paul is a Medical Doctor, a congressman, a presidential candidate, a family man, a statesman and a gentleman.

I have seen flaky, foul mouthed, drug addicted, cheating celebrities treated with more respect. The media is not here as the free press, it appears to be a propaganda machine for big government.

Andrew, as a media professional, if you were Ron Paul how would you go about getting more "free" news coverage so that the American people would have the opportunity to hear all of the candidates?

Thank you in advance for your expedient response.
Rhonda K

(Well, we're not really in the business of handing out political advice, but as we've pointed out in other responses candidates need to be smartly proactive in seeking opportunities to be covered by the media. Sitting back and waiting on the front porch will cause to be ignored. As one example, when Dr. Paul's campaign broke the one-day online fundraising record last fall, the news was announced in a press release posted on the campaign website at midnight Sunday. No massive e-mailings to a carefully-prepared list of news media. Not the best way to attract attention. So none was attracted, except on The Ticket because we were checking the website all evening. Imagine, say, a news conference the next morning at 11 with a giant $6 million check being handed to Dr. Paul by some regular supporters. Do you think the TV cameras might have come?)

This election has just further prooved how rediculous our country's government is. Go ahead give us another George Bush, fools.

Ron Paul is the one who will wake up all the sheep still too jaded to look outside of their own little suburbs.

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